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The Quran says in Suriname, chapter number six was number 38.

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We have made every animal that lives on this earth

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and every creature which has wings and flies in the air, to live in community like the human beings. Today we have come to know that the animals and birds like the human beings, they to live in communities.

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The Quran says

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chapter 16, verse number 68, and 69

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It is Allah subhanho wa Taala was taught to be to build its cells,

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in hills, on trees, and human habitations.

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And to eat of what the earth produces, and to find the spaceship part of the Lord with great skill.

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It was recently just a few decades earlier, that a scientist by the name of fun fresh

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he got the Nobel Prize for describing the behavior and the movement of the bee.

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what does the Quran mean by saying it has taught the bee to build itself in history human habitation Is it about your criticism and find the species part of the Lord with great skill.

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Today, after science advanced after von Frisch described the movement of the bee, we have come to know that whenever a bee

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finds a new garden, or a flower, it goes and tells itself Oh be the exact direction of that garden and flower so that it could collect nectar by a process known as the B dance portfolio of companies in the Quran says it has taught the B to find this patient path of the Lord with great skill.

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Today, in science we call it the B dance.

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And previously we thought it was the male B which was the worker B.

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Today we have come to know

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that it is not the male b it is the female B which is the worker B and the gender used in the Quran in surah hell, chapter number 16 verse number 60 and 69 is first Loki and Cooley meaning a female be no wonder Shakespeare in his play Henry the fourth.

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He mentioned about people talking among themselves about the B that the soldier B the male soldier B they go and report to the king. Today we have come to know it is not the male bee which is the soldier B they are the female bees, which are the worker bees and soldier bees and they don't report to the king but they report to the queen. Imagine even the gender of the worker bee the soldier bee is mentioned the Quran and the female gender which have come through recently.

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The Quran says is for a normal chap number 27

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verses 17 and 18

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before Solomon marched his host of

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men, gins and birds

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and when they approached a lowly Valley offense, one of the and said oh he ends get into the habitations, lest Solomon and his host will trample you beneath the feet.

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People will think what kind of a fairy tale book is the Quran? The ants speaking among themselves, no, we are fairytale books. So what type of book is a foreign the ants talking and speaking among themselves. After science advanced we have come to know the animal or insect which has the closest resemblance to the human being is the and

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the ends bury the dead the same way as human beings do. They have a sophisticated method of labor in which their supervisors, managers, foreman workers, etc. They have a sophisticated method of communication.

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they very often even meet to chat. They have marketplaces where they exchange goods, no souks. We are marketplaces, even answer what marketplaces with exchange goods

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and if in monsoon during rainy season, if while storing the grain, if the grain gets wet, the ends get the grain in the sunlight to dry. As do they knew that humidity

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will cause the rotting of the grain.

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And if the grain begins to bud, the chop of the bud as though they knew

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That button will cause the rotting of the crane. Imagine, Quran speaks about the lifestyle of the ends 400 years ago which we have come through recently.

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The Quran says in Surah

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chapter 29, verse 41.

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As to those who take for protectors, anyone besides Allah subhanho wa Taala they build for themselves houses like that have a spider. For verily, the house of a spider is flimsy. Besides the Quran saying that any human being who takes for protectors, anyone besides Almighty God Allah, the building for themselves houses like that of a spider talking about the web and house of the spider is flimsy. We know that the web is a very flimsy house. But besides this, today, we have come to know that many a time the male spider is killed by the female spider. The relationship of the husband and wife is not good in the spiders.

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So besides the Quran talking about the flimsy physical nature of the house, of a person who take for predicted besides Almighty God is also talking about the relationships in the house.