Quranic Seerah #03 Iqra – Revelation is Reborn

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I ask Allah azza wa jal, the mighty and majestic in his infinite mercy and generosity to be pleased with you all.

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And I asked Allah as he has gathered us in his house together as in his Paradise, and I asked Allah to allow us to hear the Quran recited with the voice of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself. Rather I ask Allah to permit us by His grace, to hear the Quran from the Creator of all voices himself. subhanho wa taala.

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So we continue as promised with the Quranic Syrah, the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as cited in the Quran.

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And now, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is at 40 years of age. He has grown as an orphan in an illiterate society, as a shepherd of sheep and then a tradesman. By now he has gotten married and had children who Khadija are the Allahu anha that wonderous woman, and Allah has caused him to become averse, just uncomfortable, put off by the norms of Mecca, the norms of polytheism, the idol worship and the immorality. And so he would try to be away from the city as much as he could. He would seek solitude and guidance with Allah in a cave, the cave of Hera.

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And he would stay there for as long as his resources would allow, until ultimately, Allah azza wa jal sent to him the angel Jibreel Allah He Salam, and he grabbed him and he squeezed them over and over again in the mouth of that cave. And he kept telling him it cannot recite, and he kept saying, I don't know how to recite. I was not trained, I wasn't educated. I don't memorize poems recite what, until finally he cast into his heart and cause them to utter out of his mouth. The very first words of the Quran to come down it Quran Bismillah big, the Haluk recite, read in the Name of your Lord who created halacha insane I mean Allah, He created the human being from a clot of blood, if

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aura Bukal Kromme read and your Lord is the Most Generous unless the Allameh Bill column who taught humanity through teaching them the usage of the pen I lemon in Santa Mala Mia Olam, he taught the human being everything they know.

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He ran back to his wife, howdy GOD, ALLAH, Juana trembling, and he said, I don't know what's happening to me. I fear for myself, I'm going crazy. I'm getting sick, I'm going to die. I don't know what this is. She takes him to her cousin watercop Nofal, who was like one of the only people in Mecca proficient in Hebrew Scriptures, and like scriptures of old and he said to him, no doubt, this is the Nemos This is the messenger angel that God sent to Moses, He has sent him to you. And he said, What is that and eventually told him, I wish I was younger to protect you. Your people are gonna go to war with you. They'll never accept this message. They'll never accept what you're

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And a few short while later, Watarrka himself dies. And the revelation is interrupted for a short while.

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How does this revelation being reborn has not happened the world is in darkness since the confusion that occurred and the lifting that happened with Jesus peace be upon him 600 years prior now, for the first time in 600 years, and for the last time until the Day of Judgment, Revelation is back. Revelation is reborn. Allah has opened the skies and begun to shut down the Quran. subhanho wa taala. How does this incident prove the truth of Islam? Well, in so many ways, to be honest, one of the easiest ways is the suddenness of how it happened. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the most unlikely place on the face of the earth walks back home. He doesn't say it is time, right?

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He doesn't say I am a prophet. He doesn't even know what's happening. All they saw was Salaam. He's articulating to his wife, she goes and consult someone else. The suddenness of it. And the unsure ity of him initially of it is of the greatest proof. So this is not him. He didn't concoct this idea. Salatu was Salam.

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But the greatest of proofs you can take from this incident? And how in the world do I crunch this into five minutes is the Quran itself. This is when the Quran started. And the Quran is the greatest proof of Islam. I said to you a few nights ago that the number one reason statistically was the strength of Islam and its impact in the world. That wasn't the time of the Prophet SAW Salem. But if you fast forward,

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it is actually the Quran. From so many different angles, so many different dimensions. And he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually for

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told this, he said every prophet was given a sign through which the people would recognize really from God, endorsed by God, this, this person has been elected by God for a message. And what I was, especially given my unique sign was this book. And as a result of it, he said, I wish I'm hopeful to have the most followers out of any profit on the Day of Judgment. So it is the Quran, He foretold it's happening. And statistically, even the Pew Research Center when they were serving what makes Islam the fastest growing religion, it's always like read the text myself. It just makes perfect sense, the moral and intellectual greatness of the Quran, that is the number one reason how do you

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put together a message that can resonate with everybody at once the people of the East, the people of the West, the people of the pre modern world, the people of the postmodern world, you know, you can have like an expert today that knows how to argue against one false belief system or another Right? Like you can have a Muslim that's really good at you know, polemical debates with

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Christian doctrine. But how do you even before some of these things even arise, the Quran comes and effectively able to untangle to deconstruct to refute 1000 false beliefs at once? Think about that. How is it able to do that? That's not that's from one angle, from another angle, of course, is the language of the Quran. And how do I crunch this once again, in a few seconds, the Arab we're at the peak of articulation, the peak of rhetorical expression, they used to call non auto by Jim, I just means mute, you guys can't speak. They know the rest of the world couldn't communicate like them. But when the Quran comes down, they start calling it magic. And meaning It's Supernatural. Like, we

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don't even know how to compete with this thing. We can't we've never done anything good. We all recognize that we can never produce anything like it. And that's why our only thing is just throw the word magic at it. And then that didn't work and they reach for their swords. If they reach for their swords, that once again is proof that they were failed by their words. Why would you go to the swords? Why would you kill your family members? The Quran could not be competed with linguistically and then you think even historically, they said you know what, we're gonna go to Medina, some people know the total of their the Hebrew, we're gonna get some facts and we're gonna stump Mohammed. They

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told him ask him about Joseph, he can never know about Joseph not in the middle of Arabia, right? He gives them 111 versus called pseudo use of the chapter of Joseph, go ask him about the boys in the cave. There's no way he can know about those Seven Sleepers that were lost in human history. He can't know anything about them. Allah says not no knuckles. So alayka, we will tell you their story, then so the gaff comes, doesn't just tell them the story. So the gaff tells them the part of the story that you guys behind closed doors are debating about. You guys said they're three and the dog was four. And some of you said it was five and the dog was six. Some of you said it was seven, the

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dog would not even the story. I'm telling you about what you guys are disagreeing about? And also you guys disagreed about the cave, Should we turn it into a mosque or not turn into a mosque, and then some of you are strong arming. And all of that is in the cloud? How does he know? I mean, Sato salaam, people became Muslim in his time, because he knew that in Africa, there used to be a prophet named Yunus of no Mehta, and they were sure there's no way you could know that. How did you know about UNICEF in a meta prophet Jonah, small nuggets of facts, kernels of knowledge. So there's the accuracy, there's the moral intellectual greatness, that definitive guidance and provided the

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comprehensive guidance gave people the accurate, it was just too much, and it continues to be too much. And hamdulillah for the Quran said Hamdulillah. Nothing like it, nothing ever will be. The last thing I'll say here in these two minutes. That's surety, what about purity? What can we take from the lesson of the cave? That if you want to be guided, if you want to be a prophet, go live in a cave, right? That's the lesson. You're supposed to laugh, but also, I'm thinking you're gonna believe me. I'm very scared right now.

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You know, they say one of the shields I saw one of the students missing from class, and they said to him, they said to him, he went to go live in a cave to sort of purify himself.

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So he tracked him down. He's like, What are you doing out here? He said, you know, Allah gave me a sign. I saw a blind bird of a bird that could see came and was putting food in the mouth of the blind bird. So I knew that Allah could provide for me the same way he provides for the bird. The chef said to him, why did you choose to be the blind bird? Right? So don't don't misunderstand the signs that come from Allah. This incident of a sign of Jabril Alehissalaam coming in the cave does have some applicability to us, which is what? Why did it squeeze? Why was it in the cave? You need to give room for the Quran to settle in your heart. I'll end with this one higher because we are in

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the age of distractions and we're shuttled from one distraction to another. We don't even manually go to them anymore. Allah says pull in NEMA, Lacombe Wahida

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Say to them Oh Mohamed, I'm only giving you one admonition here's one thing that will fix everything, all your resistance to the Quran, the resistance of your heart he said to them, and to whom or the law he methanol or for Radha Thelma to the effect Kuru that you stop to como means stop walking right stop for God as individuals or in pairs stop the crowd stop the grind, stop the noise. Stop the news feeds right? Just stop for God. As individuals alone give yourself some alone time or as pairs max right as pairs to monitor for Kuru and just didn't think deeply mabie sahibi comin Jinnah, this man Mohammed could not have been possessed. This is clearly a Warner, about something

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that is worth more of our attention. If you're able to block out some part of your day, your time your weeks, your months, your years, you will see your heart transform and bless it weighs in sha Allah does like a local animal Salallahu Salam Baraka Anabaena Muhammad wa ala early heat or Safi