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delinda Hina Meadow who want to stay in who want to stop Fierro? When are we gonna be learning Cerulean fusina woman sejati Molina Maria de Hilah hufa now Melinda woman you little fella ha de ella. Y shadow Allah Isla in la ma who lashari luxury color. Why shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah he was Zulu. sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Sleeman kathira yeah yo holla Dina tabula haka to party while at mo tuna Illa. And to Muslim moon. Yeah, yohana

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como la de falla. Takumi Neff Singh wahida wirkkala amin has iwgia wobba thermen humeri Jalan Kathy Romani sir what's up Allah hi lovey TESSA aluna be here or harm in namaha can Allah como diva yeah yo holla Dena Manu tabula Hawa, pulu Poland sadita Yo, la Come on man, silicon, Zoo, vacuum, woman You

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are the man and my dad. Always we begin with the praise of Allah.

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We send our prayers of peace upon our nebby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify that none is worthy of worship Allah azza wa jal and that our nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his worshiping slave and final messenger. I remind myself in you of topo Allah, and I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah gives you an eye, an increase in our love for him, our fear of him. And now we're hoping His mercy Allah whom I mean, I wish to welcome you back to the first Juma of term for the final term of our 2021 academic year here at El amin college. And as we begin this term, I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us to complete it with good health, with great accomplishments

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in our faith in our adherence to the truth in the practice of the tradition and soon of the prophets. I tell them, that Allah keeps us healthy and prosperous, and allows those of you who are transitioning in their final year with us our year twelves to end it today with good Aflac and how you that you have a transition into future endeavors that makes us continue to be proud of you for many, many years and decades to come along. I mean, I wish to begin by telling you the story of a zebra.

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You say that's a strange topic for hook button. jomashop.

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zebras, as you know, are white with black stripes or black with white stripes depending about how you look at them. And one of the strange things about zebras is that animals that are the prey of apex predators like lions and leopards, they usually want to camouflage themselves in the area that they habitat and live. Those of you who are studying social sciences and biology, you will know that zebras are in areas of savannas and tall grass that is normally tan in color greenish in color. So it's surprising from an evolutionary perspective that a zebra is white and black.

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How does it hide itself from the lion which does camouflage itself in the grass?

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lions and leopards and jaguars in the grass, they're very stealthy. They're colored the same as everything you see around them. And they can sneak up on the zebra, the wielder beast without being detected coming from a place where their scent is not smelled.

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But zebras are camouflaging.

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They're camouflaging themselves with others that look like them.

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What does that mean? See you and I we might be out in the desert out in a Savanna. And we got lost from our tour group. And it's just you and I.

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And all of a sudden we hear a raw a lion roar. And the ryan weaken sense is beginning to stalk us. He thinks we're food we're dinner.

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Now you and I we might start running.

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I do not need to be quicker than the lion to escape. I just need to be quicker than you. Does that make sense?

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Because the lions gonna have one person, one meal, and it's either going to be you or the other and that's how zebras think they camouflage themselves with each other. So the weakest zebra, the youngest zebra, the zebra that is likely to be the target identify by the lions that are hunting it is marked not by its color, by its shape, by by either doing things different than the group.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the same thing about you and I.

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He said, The Wolf,

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it hunts the lamb that is furthest away from the flock.

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When you're away from the masjid, when you're away from good Muslim company and friends, when you're away from the word of Allah, when you're on your own and isolated and doing your own thing, and want to be different to the rest who are doing that, which is right, and you choose that which is wrong, you become the prey of the shavon, who in the example of the Prophet sallallahu, wasallam says, The wolf attacks the lone sheep, so does the shaitan Allah attacks the believer who strays from the Jamaat,

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and I want you to think to yourself about the race you make with yourself, not others, to be of the first people to come to the masjid and masala first, Allah, the race, that you have to be the first person who arrives in class, to sit at a place where you're not distracted, to be of those who is first to complete their duties and their homework and their chores at home, to be the first to protect yourself in the greater good of doing good deeds.

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And one of the great things that you and I have here in our school is that we've come together protected within our walls within our gates within our Islam, seeking to be better when we exit than when we entered.

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And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows you and I courage

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to continue to become better. Why do I use that word courage.

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is difficult.

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It's easy to not make a change. It's easy to go along with people who are doing the right the wrong thing. It's easy not to attempt something hard. It's easier to fail than to be successful. It's easier to push away your homework and say I'll do it another day than to spend an extra half hour at night finishing it before you sleep. It's easier for you to pretend that your mom doesn't need help at home to mop up or vacuum the house before she has to go to work in the morning so that you don't come to a filthy home and a full sink. The next morning when you wake up, it's easier to turn a blind eye. When you see somebody being bullied or disrespected. And just by you standing up for

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them, that it can be something that makes a difference for them and you and our culture.

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It's easier not to have courage. It's easier

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to just let the days go by until you depart our school and hope

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you will have success on the outside without having demonstrated sub on the inside see that word sub.

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Sadly, it's falsely translated to just being patient. being patient sometimes give you the it's a it's a bad english word to describe something. Because a patient is someone who sits in hospital waiting to get better, right? When you say Oh, the patient is waiting for the doctor. The patient is waiting for the surgeon. The patient is waiting for his cast to heal and bones to get better. It makes you think that to have patience, you're just sitting and waiting. But for us as Muslims, patience is action.

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And it's courage.

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One of the best things for your mental health that makes you better as a human being that gives you energy in life is to put yourself in situations that are difficult for you. So panela some of our high school students I had to speak to them personally to get them to sign up for the foreign competition. So that you I don't want to go up on the stage you know, you get a little bit old

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There used to be okay when I was in year seven or eight and chef and now when

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I don't want to make a mistake, everybody's gonna

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you can you can coast through life, you can get away You don't have to go on the stage. But I can tell you that that becomes a part of your character becomes a part of you looking for the easier way out. And for us as Muslims, the easier way out is never the correct way out. If it is something that doesn't allow you to do that which is right or that which is better in life.

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Career courage is not just something in the heart, but it's an action and a determined thought Subhana Allah, as life moves forward, you are going to need more and more courage, you are going to need more and more suffering, you are going to need to push yourself when your parents don't push you, when your teachers don't push you, you're going to need to say I'm not going to accept the 60 I'm not just gonna say 74 is good enough, or I was just one point off that a, it's to say to yourself, if I can get this far, I can go further. And if somebody can do what I can do it, and if somebody hasn't done it, maybe I'm the one that can accomplish it.

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The sky is literally the limit.

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And there is nothing that you set your heart, your mind and your Nia to except you achieve it. That is the word of the prophets. I send them enamel and

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your actions will only be achieved if you had intentions. Your reward will only be given if you really meant it. It's not just something you don't give charity by accident. Oh I didn't even know. I just put some money that I didn't know. The NEA is that you want it you want to give you wanted to hurt at times you want to give so it's not just something that I gave what I'm able but I give more than I can lentinan biru you will never become better in your relationship with Allah had that don't fool me matter a boon until you give from the things you desire and love the most.

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is what separates

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the weak from the strong.

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It's what separates the one who falls asleep when they should stay awake. It's what separates those who will be great fathers and husbands and wives and mothers from those who are going to coast in life and achieve little I pray that Allah Subhana Allah gives you the stepping stone to achieving courage and to do that which is right because it's right not because others are there to tell you and to stay away from what is wrong because it's wrong not because there's somebody there observing you and holding you to account or Selena whom I was selling was it robotic Allah say Aegina Mohammed

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akufo the hair that was still federal law Hello Ollie Maddy, welcome, first of all

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Milena v Avada Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh tasleem. As I look out in front of me today, I see some of my most beautiful and favorite students Mashallah, sitting near nearly 1000 of us. And I want you to know that the names you carry, they come from a heritage of courage. So as you sit here and your name is Ali, the name and he isn't given to you just because it's a beautiful name, but because it represents a man of courage. If you're sitting here and you had the name bilad or isma or Taha or Akhmed or Mohamed Salah, how do you sell them? It's not just because it's a beautiful name or your parents thought that's a name that fits

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Australian context.

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You are given that name because it has a story and has a life to its own.

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And your parents when they gave you that name, they gave it to you so that you can try to live up to it.

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You can be sitting here and your name is the name that the one who was given the nickname The sword of Allah Harley Davidson when he worried

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you can be sitting here and you're sumaiya the first woman the first Muslim

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to lose her life.

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He said La ilaha illa Allah in the face of evil,

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you can be here and your name is billon were stones were piled on your chest, to suffocate you, in the fierce eat of the Mexican desert, to break your spirit, and to make you less encouraged and less of sovereign, so that you say a word of Cuf.

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But it was, I had an ad, it is only a law that I will worship.

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You can be sitting here and your name is Hussein.

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And you traveled to face an enemy

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of your grandfather and your father. You lost your life in a moment in the desert fighting for truth, remembered until today.

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You can be those who have been given the names of the illustrious Sahaba. And so having yeah to the prophets, I sell them. But if you don't live up to it, if you don't carry that heritage, then the shame is not for them. But for us in not moving forward. Take pride in who you are as a Muslim, Be courageous in your Islam. Make the difficult decisions, where you turn away from the friendship of someone who's calling you to Olam calling you to disobedience of Allah, calling you to disrespect of your parents, your family, your culture, your school, turn away from somebody who's not leading you to a path that is so often will stop him

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and choose

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to be part of the flock and the owner of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The strongest zebras are always found in the middle of the pack.

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The strongest zebra is the one who's in the middle camouflages himself with everybody else. The leader of the pack is actually in the middle there. They don't go out on their own. And that's where they find the greatest security and the greatest piece. The profits on the law and he will sell them would give two advice to our oma when he spoke to you as a person. In the Hadith, the prophets I send them he says that an individual, they should look at themselves as part of the body of the oma that when one part feels pain, the rest of us feel pain. Now we see ourselves as one, we should see our whole community together. And then when the Prophet spoke to the oma, he said to look after the

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weakest in it as individuals, both needs must be met.

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And if you're with the big group doing the right thing, Nigel, you will be from those who are saved in this life and the next. But if you're the outlier, who's moving away from the Gema you will find yourself away from the profits on the law, why don't you sell them and in the difficulties that life will they in your path? May Allah Subhana Allah brighten your life and bless your day and your night. May Allah allow you to complete this school year with us in good and return us renew to us in the coming years. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect our year twelves as we feel welcome today that they have a good end to their amine and li si career with us that we get to see them and love them

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further outside the school grounds. May Allah Subhana Allah make all of you he mams for the faithful in years to come. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect our staff and our students, our parents and our teachers, that Allah Subhana Allah leads our principle our board to that which is pleasing to Him, determines us and our management from that which is sinful. And then Allah Subhana Allah opens our hearts to that which is good to those who follow it and lets us see that which is wrong so that we we we will be distant from it Allah whom I mean, had our son Landon Javi Mohammed Salah sallallahu wasallam in Allah How am I gotta who you saw Luna Allah Navy? Yeah, yo hell Davina Manu

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Sol Lu Allah He was suddenly motus Lima akuto they had that was such a little line I'll be many welcome Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Habibi. Now whenever you know Mohamed went after him Assad