Will the Zakat of a person be accepted if he gives it to an ineligible person by mistake

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Will the Zakat of a person be accepted if he gives it to an ineligible person? By mistake?

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If a person does occur to ineligible person by mistake, surely Allah subhanaw taala Allah Allah says in the Quran, he does not catch the servants of Allah if they are and if they forget, by mistake, then shall life be forgiven. And then added mentioned in, say Bukhari, one, two in the car, added number 1421, that once a person went out to give answers,

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and he unknowingly gave arms to a thief.

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Next day, the people started speaking, that he gave arms to a thief. So he said, Oh, Praise be to Allah, I will give charity again. So again, goes out. And unknowingly, he gives charity to an adulterous

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so next day, again, people start talking, oh, he gets shouted when adulterous. So he says, oh, Praise be to Allah. I'll give it again. So unknowingly, the third time, when he goes out to give charity, he gives it to a rich person.

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Again, people start talking, oh, you're getting charged, which person will Oh Praise be to Allah.

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And he asked me Allah subhanaw taala that he made a mistake. So they're the person who comes and tells him that inshallah it will be accepted, you may never know. You give it to a thief, to an adulterous and to rich person. You may never know, your charity may prevent the thief from robbing. And he may come on the street, but you may never know the child to have good actress. She may stop doing adultery, she may stop doing sexual intercourse and make him on the street but you may never know the charity you gave to the rich person. May Kindle in the heart of the rich person that he was spending his wealth in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. So again, based on this idea that the Nia

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was good. So if a person makes a mistake, and it gives a card to person who's not eligible, as long as he tried his best to find out the truth, even make the mistake, Allah inshallah will accept his account. But if he's in doubt, you should make an inquiry, but by mistake he forgives then inshallah Allah not responsible and is a cosmetic surgery. Excellent. Thank you.