Stories of the Qur’an Moses, the Ultimate Victory & Reliance on Allah on the day of Ashura.

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The history and meaning of various popular titles and events related to Islam are discussed in this video. The title of Islam is the implementation of Islam in various countries and the importance of following it in achieving success. The story of the King of Egypt, which was born in a village and killed as a mother, is also discussed. The importance of water stroke and remembering who and what is important to remember is emphasized. The importance of fasting during the New Year and the need for everyone to be sincere in their actions is also emphasized. The segment ends with a mention of a new movie about fasting and the importance of remembering who and what is important to remember.

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lb Nyasha when FC latesh va worldwide SMA from vanilla to socceroo whenever there is headache or hublin amulet on kurama nakota will have obesity surgery recently only washed it off with Emily Sania. I mean, so I opted today handle a lot of time probably most of you were fasting yesterday or some actually amazing his Ashura was different days in different parts of the world. Some had Monday, which most of us yesterday some had actually Sunday, and some few are having it today. It all depends on the site of the moon.

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usually do is that's one of the reasons why you do it the three of the three, the nine and 1011 so you're on the safe side. Yeah, so you don't miss the 10th. So what I was thinking is something because we started with the stories of the Quran and something related to this month and to Ashura into the stories of the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala made us of course, think of the story of Satan's so the first question is, why do we fast on Ashura? I hope I mean we made

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roswaal a thought or serum entered Medina when he migrated. And then he found that the Jews are fasting on the 10th of Ashura. This is heavy, so here in the human body and other books, and he said, Why you are fasting. And they said, you're also allowed this is the day when say nimasa when Moosa was saved from Tehran, from Pharaoh, so He fasted, say no more sir. And we are fasting out of being grateful to Allah.

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And then he said, You know what, we are actually should do it even more than you know, Allah be more salmon, meaning mosa has way more right upon us than you, as a Navy as a, let's put it as a colleague, as an OB, as an observer law as a servant of Allah. So all this comes in. That's why Ashleigh the 10 days of Muharram, we fast Alhamdulillah Oh, Blimey, but what's happened on the day, the 10 day off our shoulder is this is the beauty of it. And the last panel with Allah put it in different places of the Quran. But there is one place in the Quran where this story is in more detail. Before I get to this part you the first question we always have to say, and I'm sure anyone

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who reads the Quran, the story of Satan or Moosa is the most frequent story in the Quran is almost I mean, I wouldn't say every but

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two thirds, if not more of the surah of the Quran, the name of say, nimasa is there, let alone the story. And that is done. And then the story is 10 times the stories 10 times his name is way more. Yeah, because there's the story and there is his name. So the story actually, and this is the beauty of the story of Sedna Moosa has many number one different places of this earth. And number two, it takes us and this is one of them, probably only story in the haoran where we had him when he was born. When he grew up when he became a younger man, when he got married, when he had to leave there when he became a prophet, then when what's happened when he was saved from Pharaoh, then when his

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people turned again back, and then what he did with them, so there's a lot of parts of the stories, the saving of him in the day of Ashura is actually came in two places only in the detail, the number one detail came as Photoshop, their posts. That's where you see exactly what happened in details, of course, the details of the horror. So before we come to this, what was happening very short, and then I'm maybe next week or one Allah ever opens, we'll go to the other side of his life. So as you all know, he was born in the village or in the town where Pharaoh was the ruler, and Pharaoh out of the love and the greed of power. He didn't want anyone to take it from him. So he said any boy was

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going to be born is killed. And Musashi. nimasa was born and say there was a loss, antis told his mother, put him in a small coffin, throw him in the river or take care of her. She did, who picked him up Kerala.

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Honestly, the the the beauty of the story of seda Moosa is if we live it as a human being, it applies to almost every one of us, if not the whole story, parts of the story, or one time this part of the story, this time, one part of the story. So just what I told you, this can be a mother, who loses her child, a mother who goes

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Through difficulty, a human being is being challenged by somebody of power and what to do just this part. So picked him up from his wife ESEA said, You know what, don't kill him, keep him, he may be benefit of us. So they kept him. And then Allah brought him back to his mother breastfed, grew up, left, went to the city killed demand, not yet a profit. Then he became a profit. Now coming here, so he came through the prophet in Egypt. And Pharaoh was the king. Pharaoh was not a rich man. Pharaoh was not a president that he's elected every four years. He was federal. Right? And what's the why I'm saying this because he said a statement. No one else said it. And he said hon Kamala, I am your

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No other amount of power. In the Quran, we see said what he said specifically, one, and the other thing if you just follow what he said, right? And then one of the times he says how long? He said, Herman Herman is his assistant, you know what? Build for me a huge building, let me go up and see who's this Lord with our organs? Right? Another time He looked at his people, and now he's like talking not in a very arrogant way, hidden arrogant way. Right? And but he was talking to their brain, to their mind, to their wisdom, oh people, don't you see on the king, I have everything. Everything is all the rivers goes under me and served for me. And you want to follow this thing.

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mahane nothing. person, at least at some have a little bit of gold. This is exactly in sort of let me get a little bit of gold. So at least he has a value. This is one of the many more but these are like the idea. Allah said to Moosa, you're going and you're going to go to him and then there is a beautiful dialogue between him and Pharaoh and then we are coming close.

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That time they are society or they are nation of magic of magicians, and this is their miracles like now when you come to this day and as you say, we are it time. So Allah said, okay, and the stick of Moosa stick of Moosa had so many functions other than a stick, teaches you and me when our last pile with Allah wants to use something, way more than what he created it for that we think he's capable. So a 10 can be a weapon of war, and can be a weapon of peace, and can bring someone to highest level and can put someone to the lowest level. It's just 10. So the stick of Moosa is repeated he as a human being looked at the stick a stick well I still carry I mean, he Keanu So what's this in your

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right hand? Allah said this and so far, he said, there are sorry, my stick. That's what karate I lean on it when I walk. Well, Who should we allow on me? And I go into my sheeps with it. Well, if you hum audible her, and I use it for others, that's it. Allah didn't say anything, throw it became the

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snake. So here you are, this is all in details for the SRA, but this is not the issue. Then this magicians came in and they came in and they are very sure they will win. And then the first thing they said, of course, they made a deal. What are we going to get if we went there will fit our own. Right? And he answered, you will get anything you want. Right? And then Allah, Allah Na Ma na comida Lebanon mo karabi? Absolutely, you will have a reward, not only materialistic rewards, you will be the closest people

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to the king. Okay, and very different dialogue in different stories. Remember 10 times this one is at least two three times in the quarter. And then he said one time he says what other times the magicians speak. So they say okay, he said okay for all.

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And then it became just makes you all notice. So he threw our head through, and then he swallowed them all the sticks will have them all. Now this is the first thing we learned from the story. Immediately those magicians who had the promise of all dunya who were looking forward to become the closest ally to Pharaoh, those who were all their life believing that Pharaoh is the king. The moment they saw this and we are a big army.

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We have believed in

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The Lord. They had didn't see him. There is no Oran there is nothing. Most I did not even tell them. Especially in this historian sorta sharada the poets are yo Armin NaVi Robbie Robbie, Robbie musawah. Immediately, we believe. And when you read the commentary, it is beautiful. They say because they were the only one who they know they were doing magic.

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Everybody else they think they were has a power. They were the only one they know on sorry, they didn't. We're not doing magic. They were just fooling people.

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So when they saw that their foolishness, or their lack of power, was overcomed immediately immediately came to them. He is different.

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He is someone

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Holloman Nabil, Robbie, Robbie musawah. Now I want you to feel this, what is wrong. Now this is in public suppiler law, how Allah make things for people what they plan and what they do, turn against them against them. Because Phil only asked for this to be public.

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He called he called him and says, You know what, and this is insult ba You know what, let's make this public. Let's get everybody. Mo polymorphonuclear Xena, we were going to plan this day, this time, while you're showrunners we're gonna bring everybody in the morning. So if your own loss was public,

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now you have a lot of public in front of everyone. It's not one or two. So his response. Now there is there is ego, there is loss of power, there is loss of

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control. And Allah knows this inside him he knew. And we don't we don't know this, but probably inside him he knew he was profit, but his ego. And then of course, I'm going to kill you, I am going to torture you. And if you read the torture, when I always remind myself, what did we go through for to believe in Allah. And he said, I am going to torture you in a way each person right side, I'll kill I will chop the right hand and the other side I will chop the left leg and the other person I'll do the opposite in everyone. So look at the torture.

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And in another place in the Quran. The people of Moosa who just believed he said they said we were tortured and we were humiliated before you came and now we are again and we cannot do this. Now. What okay now, this is in the house.

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We have revealed to Moosa an s3 Big Daddy move in the night, Leyland in the night, take them and move Where?

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What is going to happen

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that's when you have the belief when you know Allah Subhana Allah will never let you down upon Allah This is very hard every time you read this story, say nimasa you wonder when I left this this with this small test and when he says if or when he says it's gonna be better even when I say this to myself. So he told him Oh, hang on, I mean that was revealed to him. Now remember say the Musa Karim Allah. He was the only prophet who Allah talk to him, talk to him. And he said, Take them and he didn't say you are going to be saved.

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Look at the I'm going to say it another way and translate to our Hangout in our mooster and sta body nakumatt turbo Moosa revealed to take my servants meaning those who believed take them in the night, but you will be followed.

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Relax, make you stronger. That makes you even more scared.

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When I tell you, you know what we're going to we're leaving the night, right? But I am sure they're going to follow us and

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you're more careful but in the coma town, meaning they will follow you. Now how many people left with Moshe?

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They say it's about 630,000 people left. Yeah, huge.

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Now if you're around, came to him. Now you can imagine I think of you when you have someone who really keep making you upset. And the more you get upset, the more your reaction is more brutal and cruel. So hello, hello. Now it's worse now he lost. Now they are running away from him. So now he has to keep his ego. Right for our celebrity medallion hatchery is

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start sending sending messengers. I need everyone to come.

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Right? And then there are a few people look at the ego. There are a few people but they upset us. So we need to take care of them. There are 640,000 of them. This is exactly the Quran. In English we metal polygon, there are few people who really were nothing were in your room, but they upset us and made us angry. So we're going to take care of them, meaning for them, and for everybody else, don't you they're doing so how many people came out with fit on I mean, there is different numbers. But the one I found that email about is 760, just in front of around 760,700 60,000 in front of Pharaoh

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going including on horses, including full armed army

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and Moosa is going moving and they are behind them, they reached a point at about maturity in the morning, around left, because you know the day you can see them, they are 700 to 6000 more so, early morning and they say once the sunrise, he left and took all this interest with him.

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And then what happened they can very close. And that term in the Quran, Allah who is color of harbor Musa in a language are

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they going to come and get us they saw them eye to eye,

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eye to eye, how much is the space. So this is the

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eloquence of the Quran in Allah budokon if they didn't say we are seeing them, they didn't say there are two clauses as they are going to come and catch us with Roku meaning when you are running, and I'm running behind you when you say when you're very close, you're almost there.

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In the mood of those people who just believed, who just left everything because they knew Allah is the truth. They know syedna Moosa is the NaVi starts having faith in Allah Morocco. Now the response of St. Mimosa. Now I need you to feel it, millions behind you and you are taking a lot of people with you and you are going to the sea but you don't know what's going to happen because so far Allah did not tell you and I'm going to tell you the draw so you know Moosa did an amazing draw he here

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he lives to see

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and then say the most of course talks to a lot and talks to others. So he said see and he has has his stick with him but he's not using the stick he said seeing him open up

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and this he said no. Why should I do it for you? I was created before you

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Japan Allah done save Mimosa turn to Allah and before he made the dry he saw that the sea became very wild the waves are very becoming high and there's a wind you can hear it and then he turned to Allah and says the following so I'm gonna read it and yeah mankind public will issue one will call renewal equally she was currently no by the coalition. He turns to alliances. You are the one who you were there before anything was there and you are the one who makes everything and creates everything. And you are the one who is going to stay after everything is going

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and what is what what did he say the DA DA DA DA Maharajah

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give me a way out.

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Give me a way of Now remember, this is the 1000s millions behind you include Pharaoh and he promised His people that this is what a lot told him Leave, leave meaning you're saved. And even in one of the commentaries, they said the the one of the righteous people with a more manual Alif around the from the believer from the people of Iran looked at him and says, You ever told us to leave? Where are we going?

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Imagine only him. He made this to art and then he turned to them and he says killer in my ob say again.

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No answer the draw yet. But he made the draw. He looked at them and says no. A lot. No, he didn't say a license with me is a law in America with me is a law sia Dini is going to find a way out for me.

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What a belief is this immediately in the surah immediately if you read it, next is for a hyena you know Moosa now the second Revelation the second talk first one leave this one is immediately

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hits the sea with your stick

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immediately some fellow if you I looked at actually some pictures of it some people start imagining what really happens now if you look into the sea the bottom of the sea What do you see?

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Have you looked into the bottom of the sea? Of course it is dark but what is the geography of it

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actually mountains

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mountains if you go down, down down, they are like mountains because the earth went a lot create, it's like this, and then water came in and then became scenes. So that depth is actually mountains and in between mountains is always passing, right that's how it is you have big mountains and then you have where in between? Here what a lot did, he said this word killer in my or beside it? No, he didn't shook up. He didn't say What did I do? He didn't say why did I leave? Immediately there is no sign of way out. But he said this job and he knows Allah heard him and he turned to his people and he said a lot with me is my Lord. He's gonna guide me. So he hits the sea. Can you imagine? I mean,

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if you had a swimming pool in the house, not even just one filling, fill the sink with water and hit with a stick. What's gonna happen? Nothing splash on us. Imagine this is in fear. 1000s is with you. And the enemy is just behind you. You see him and they see. So

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the see became 12 parts.

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And each part, the waves move to the side, and they are so high, and last Potala made the sea like ice, so it doesn't move.

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And the bottom of the sea is there. And in another place or losses in solid, or

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Yasaka, the latter half of Durotan

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probably not rebola coppery Humphrey Bahia bossa nova Hopwood dokkan wala Tasha, we're gonna make it

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dry. Pass. Don't worry, you're not gonna drown.

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And this is the sea. So Allah Subhana Allah make the two huge, massive mountains. Bold Allah use the word bold, and abode in the Arabic language is not mountains, mountains is jivas. But when you say a boat, that means it's a huge it's not like the skyline. It is not huge, but because it is wave. Have you seen the tsunami? Of course we all seen the pictures of the tsunami, how high it was. What is it 20 feet, 50 feet. This is not massive. But then when tsunami is there, what happens? They go up, up, up, up and then they fall down. This is not enough for the 600 1000s to move. So Allah made it go up and the raw and made it. Ice so doesn't move. So the people off Fira can move the people of Moosa,

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I'm sorry, can move. So they moved. In the same story. Of course, Iran is very close. So it's following them very close. And they said in one of the scholars, they said a lesson jubilees and Do re was between them between the people of Moses and Iran. Here. He looked at the people of Moses and says, hurry up quickly.

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And he turned to the people of your own and he said, people in the back quickly come in we all together.

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When the last soldier was coming out of the sea, from Sedna Musa and the last soldier from Pharaoh was entering the sea. Allah made this ice massive mountain water again and that's how they were drowned. So imagine it goes up like that. Have you seen people who just surfing right it's the same few want to imagine it like surfing they go up and then it goes down. So when it's when it's up alarmist as an ice, so it stays till all the people move. And all the fear around people are in there and then he made its water again and went on them.

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The people of Moser Benny slay the out of the fear.

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They didn't believe that Pharaoh, Pharaoh can die.

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Imagine Allah what's in their heart. So they said to Moses, we don't think he died.

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Basically shoulder shoulders. So Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's how we still have up till these days. We have there we have their bodies, yes, a lot pantile from all the 1000s and 1000s brought around out on the shore. And even they said he was like, random color. And the people of the new slide showed saw him.

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Come in here, and they and look back. So now you learn this story. What do you mean? So you'd know moose? I say the word on kennela in Marissa Mayer with me, my lord. Many This is they call it is a special met me with me. So there's this special people who everyone Allah has with them. Right? Allah knows everybody. Allah knows what we do. A lot is engulfing and we can he can see everything we're saying we're doing we didn't. And we will do. That's everybody. believer was them non Muslim castle. So this is not what Satan mo Sal was talking about. He was talking about the special one. And they call us Maria told him, when a law protect you, you only

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when Allah who is from all these 1000s you, he saves you. He you he gives you. And you wonder why? In this case, that's what Allah did. He protected him. But he didn't do it immediately. He protected him, he saved him. But he didn't do it right away. I was reading this and I was thinking couldn't the last panel with Allah The moment the magician's believed and feel our own sound and says, You know what, these people are really making us angry, let us kill them. Clinton was pantalla at that moment to bring the seat on them.

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Not only remember the story of syedna Moosa, and this is one of the reasons it's repeated in the Quran. Because it is with Benny sorry, and he went to through the same difficulties or Swati thought or cinemas going through.

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Right and then that's when anytime there's an incident, where are sweaty thoughts Oh, Saddam was telling people, of course, calling people to Allah and they were hurting him. And the Sahaba came to him feeling sad for him. And he said my brother Moosa was hurted way more than the

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power. So you wonder why Allah subhanho wa Taala the secular in everything and this is actually a sort of Sharla every story of the prophets and ended up in Arabic Allahu Allah zizo Rahim, your Lord is almighty, he's All Merciful. So he did not do it right away. He, he lets him go through the test. He lets him feel the difficulty because he was not alone. And responsible for himself only. He was have a nation behind him. Plus, the whole religion that is scary. What What is a lot teaching me in you.

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This is what I this is what we learn from the stories stories is beautiful to tell. And you say well, one last kind of thought and his mightiness that's absolutely wonderful. But what do I anew learn that Allah brings victory in different ways that what we think or what we plan and what we want, number one, number two, he really look and see how much we rely on him. That's why I titled it as the Unlimited, resilient, reliable reliance on Allah. He wants to see how much you really believe that Allah will save you will save you will save me because we can save things. But when the moment comes in, how many stay firm on this, like say numsa? How many. So he wanted to show us that what I

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want from you, as we call it, a sip of your follow up, that you are sincere in asking Allah subhanaw taala and you are sincere in your reliance and wait is going to come is not going to come right away could be coming right away. But we're saying those that didn't come right away. In fact, what came right away was the trees was the shop, the possibility of losing. But then when he turned to him, this is why I wrote the duality is when he turned to him and he said you are the one save me a lot immediately save him. And this reminds me of exactly the same what else

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happened with the Roswell is

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in bed

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and they're in the Battle of birder the Battle of budder which most some of you probably most of you is aware of, it's the first battle that happened in Medina. And then it was completely unequal. There were almost 1000 1000 of the nonbelievers was freaky, and there was only 300 of the Sahaba 300 and these are it's, it's not like that is the 1000s behind and these came out, it's the that's it. Few stayed in Medina but the majority went with us why they saw to us and one of our sweaty thoughts was Sarah saw the mushrikeen he saw the nonbelievers and he saw the numbers he actually was worried

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now you're going to say sorry salon should not be worried and was what he sought to sell should not be afraid but I'm going to read to you here you are in budget and I want you to compare it with the job of Satan mo says almost

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it's almost the same so he looked and he was very concerned because of this a 300 will be killed there's nobody else

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is nobody else who's gonna carry this disease this is it this is normal. So he looks at the last panel and this is a very one of the reasons we kept we put our hands up and they said in whether he put it up that you can see his pitch is exhilarating.

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And he turned to a line he says the following and there's many dramas with this one is in Muslim and we turn to alliances Allahumma and Disney mal act in your last show me and give me what you promised me a long acting email, opt in twice your law Give it to me, give it to me like no matter what and, and then he turned to him and says y'all know, if this group of guy who will worship you want to source

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this before the battle, if these people will die who will worship you on this earth and they won.

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And this is one of the amazing things 300 people with minimum weapons. They didn't have an all these nonbelievers and with the Abuja Hello Abu lahab all these came in with all their artillery and all their weapons and everything they can, and these are only 300 the power off to things relying on the last panel and not only relying relying would do with certainty yochanan belief that he will not let you down what ever happened he will not let you down because he knows you are sincere with him. So when you come to Ashura and Spellman, amazing also the beginning of the year

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it's the first month of the year Muharram and it is a sacred month. It's a must that we are supposed to do a lot of good deed and we should stay away. Totally if we can, as much as we can from this radius, philosophically mafia hinda do not throw do yourself Do not disobey Allah in this module in this one in this is the first month of the the 10th day that's the time now remember who choose times

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who choose one happens what Allah if nothing is coincidence panel.

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Why don't lot wants to remind me in the beginning of the year,

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right the new year resolution we all talk about who should we should and what does this New Year should remind me Let alone harsh or many, many things but one of the few first thing comes to your mind, we're still alive.

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I hamdulillah I can still rectify what happens and I can still do good deed number one. Number two, each one of us is tested, have been tested will be tested.

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If a lot of us did Moosa in this way and by the way, this is this is not the first test to say nimasa and after this, this is in sha Allah and another time we'll talk about a demo so there is even a bigger bigger test is going to come.

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So you say that says victory Alhamdulillah all these people with me 600 700,000 with me.

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After less than few years, even less. When Allah call signa Moosa to meet him. These people turned and start worshipping cough.

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So meaning if a last pantalla allowed a test what what a test to say nimasa Next is a Saraswati thought awesome and if you go on between them, all of them, then

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I am going to be tested but what does he want to remind me? The year is coming tests is coming. But also it's your opportunity to learn and remember our allies reminding. If I was able to say Russa I was able to save our Swati thought was set out, he cannot say mean

00:35:19--> 00:35:27

he cannot make me strong view on me. He can absolutely he can but he needs they again have saved nimasa

00:35:28--> 00:35:57

they are paying off save the most of that. Yes, you can remember all this all the time always when you see I remember one of the people who was with me this year in our office, and they made this job better when it was really raining. And at one point were really worried because these all these for judge all these people coming for a loss pantile and this draw came to her and she turned to a one says y'all Allah push it away from us, these people will die who will worship your

00:35:59--> 00:36:04

paneled wall when it comes to you. I mean, of course there's millions, but these people came to worshiping.

00:36:05--> 00:36:56

point is when you need something from Allah be sincere. Number one, have no doubt Allah will give it to you. Especially in the need and especially when it is in dire need. Most of the draw comes immediately. Not all the dwell comes immediately. But when you are in need and you are sincere, and you have fully believe Allah subhanaw taala will do that it is going to happen. So I showed up for me, and that's why I have to fast and how many how many day actually I need to fast because Muharram and that's another thing we have to learn. Well how long is the month that Allah Allah Swati thought was run said, No days more beloved to me, after Ramadan to first shahidullah as we know, they use

00:36:56--> 00:37:20

the fasting Please forgive me the fasting is more beloved to Allah, other than Ramadan is rahula he called it the month of Allah, this one the month of Allah, why fasting? You also have to think why fasting why not charity, so good deed. Why not doing extra for now? Why specifically mentioned fasting

00:37:24--> 00:37:27

controlled enough but because another had this of a last

00:37:28--> 00:37:36

resort to service heavy so could see what he says a full movie on a JV fasting is for me

00:37:38--> 00:37:49

and I will reward for it. How much Allah tells you you turned to me and asked me and I gave you it's a personal relationship now.

00:37:50--> 00:38:39

Say no Moosa did not turn to anybody. And contrary the people with him, they said you promised us nothing is happening. The seas in front of us are Swati salatu salam filtered, that there may be danger turn to a loss pilota fully Allah respond immediately How should I respond? Did you get the point. So the point is fast. Also because you they are will save you specifically then fast for him specifically and the reward is for you which is Allah said fasting is for me. Fasting is for me is for a lot pantalla so one of the beautiful things we do now if we could not fast yesterday or the day before, people have different reasons. And Allah knows we all wanted to fast then you still have

00:38:39--> 00:39:26

20 days. Today is day 11 there's still another 19 days of the month as much as you can fast and every time you fast remember save Mimosa and remember the difficulties he went when all your new go through difficulties is not what they went and when they are when a loss piloti Allah saved him and I always say this as you save save Mimosa as you gave this to to roswaal a saw to ourselves, you can give victory to us. You can save us you can do whatever I need. Even if it's a small What is the need? I wanted whether it's my child whether it is me it's whether it's my family, what he wants from me, which that's what we need to work on nicely. This is number one message or lesson from the

00:39:26--> 00:39:33

story of Sade nimasa is your truthful your dua to Allah subhanaw taala when you turn to us as your Allah

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