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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Sam, where are you from, and we'll begin shortly in sha Allah Tala.

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So we have a competition, which is we either hit 100 people or the top of the hour so we've got four minutes if we can hit 100 People then we will start even before we hit the top of the hour, yesterday.

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We hit well we got to the top of the hour first and the day before we got to a 101st so you can participate in getting to the 100 by sharing this hour starting a watch party on your page or your whatever

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salons where you're from and we'll begin either we hit the number or the top of the hour and it's been we've got a good Facebook live for you today. It's called

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what is it called?

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Abandon you are not

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sedans we France and stuff like that

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for dawn on ACHEMA sedan.

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So we either hit 100 people, or top of the hour, three minutes, can we hit 100 people before three minutes? Let's find out. You can do your share by sharing Monica Weligama Sadam

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and we also have the fun riddle, which is I have bubbles, a pipe and a mouth to drink my soap What am I? You know what I'm going to do? I'm only going to answer the riddle at the beginning of the session. So whoever wants to know the answer has to

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tune in soon.

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Not delay.

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Are they going to Sudan Lubna? Nope.

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Watching from Mecca and then was that enough?

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CMC and Nigeria Alec Massara homodimer in Kashmir Valley Mr.

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Milazzo oligomer Sam Hava in San Jose. Let's interestingly spell it with two V's. Where are you from? Hover in San Jose. Sad. Are you going to slam Lebanon Toronto? I like mustard. Am

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I smart Hamdulillah. Good to hear you're feeling better. Hadik Muslim ID Wallach Muslim, Barry van perryton Alec Messina Hamza London Arctic Muslim. Smart Aleck and Mr.

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30 More people are we going to start before the top of the hour.

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David Bodek Muslim Health Canada somewhere are going to set up his salon in Spain or like a Muslim male girl in Toronto 20 more people and then we'll get started

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What do you think how many days to say bye bye to COVID I don't I don't think about stuff like that person in Aberdeen Scotland Malik Muslim How about Nigeria thanks for tuning in.

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About the law like Mr. Ram.

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Hammer diamond says is the answer to the riddle washing machine.

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The no clothes

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hover is from Turkey. Nice. Nam be in Uganda or lick master Amster to be the Annika masa

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booboo, our at IDI and we're about to hit the top of the hour and we're gonna get started. How bright is in Regina? As Matt says dishwasher for the for the riddle no the answer to the riddle is the answer to the riddle is I have bubbles a pipe and a mouth to drink my soap. What am I? The answer is bathtub. The answer is bathtub. I have a bubbles a pipe in the mouth to drink my soap.

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Your bathtub. Alright, let's get started. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah on earlier Sunday Mala Anna bad As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Good Morning Vietnam. Having said that in a while and I think

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it's, it's good to get my tone a little bit higher because my mom said that my video is I'm talking a little too quiet. I have to raise my voice. So

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when I was a student in Medina University in my first year in the dorms, I was like 1718 years old, and I had two roommates and we would in Medina work is like to lar time and then you rest and then after also go to the masjid go to the Harlem and Medina and then spend till evening then come home that was kind of like the day there's always a chi Lulu a siesta, as they say in Spain. So this was after this. Yes, there was also a time when my roommates had gone out for Salah and I went to the bathroom, and the bathroom was outside our room. And when I

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I came back to my dorm room. It was locked. And I didn't have the key I went to the bathroom didn't have the key and my roommates had left and they lock the door. And they went for answer prayer. Now I got a problem here because my roommates always, always never without, you know, exception, they always go to Mr. Nebo, we after also prayer, they don't come back to the room. So I'm like, I don't have a key and I'm in my pajamas, my bathroom slippers. And I like messed up. So I had an idea.

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I said to myself, you know, this is only the first floor and I can do a little parkour and do a little climbing up the walls and I can get into the balcony. But the key is the balcony door needs to be opened it needs to be unlocked so so I did my little parkour it was a little you know, I'm with bathroom slippers and PJs and try not to rip and it's really dusty. If you know how like desert Medina, you know, things are dusty and whatnot and things haven't been touched in forever. And then I finally jump up onto the,

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onto the balcony, and I go to the door, the balcony door. And I you know go to open it. Yay, everything solved. I gotta open it and unlock the door. And the door is locked. The balcony door is locked. So this is me.

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And I'm in my pajamas, my bathroom slippers on a dusty balcony on a first floor. I don't know how I'm ever going to climb down. And my friends have left and the doors are locked. And I have no solution to this problem.

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And then I remember the verse of Allah subhanaw taala in which Allah azza wa jal says, M Aug born and move forward, he died.

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And who else except Allah answers the call of the one in distress except ALLAH, who else can answer that call except Allah and I recited that verse and I raised my hands to Allah subhanaw taala and I said, Oh Allah, I'm in distress, and nobody can help me except you.

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And you know, like, through my through my hot hands, as I was making my my hands and then there was like some some trees and then there's the road in front of me. And through my hands, I could see my roommate walking down the street with the keys to the apartment. He never comes back after awesome. This is like the first time he's ever done it in his life. And as I'm making the door, he's walking back to the location to bring me the keys the answer to my dog. So today inshallah Tada in the past few days if you've been tuning in with us, I've been kind of going deep with

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the distress the profits of a lot of Saddam felts when he received revelation for the first time. We spoke about how he said Zen Maloney cover me up, we spoke about how Allah subhanaw taala told him to stand common Leila Illa kalila confer and then we spoke about how Khadija by the Allahu anha responded to the province that a lot is and and we spoke about how the province of a lot is said I'm his feelings yet expressed his feelings and you didn't hide them and you didn't say Just leave me alone and let me deal with this on my own. And today inshallah Tada. I want to continue that in the verses of Allah subhanaw taala because after the prophesy, some received revelation, the revelation

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didn't come for some time, didn't come for some time after that, until the Prophet said a lot is started yearning for another interaction with a Gibreel for another interaction with the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada until the point where he felt that Allah was angry at him.

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That Allah had abandoned him and that Allah was angry at him which made the Prophet sallallaahu Salam feel sad. And then the verse of Allah subhanaw taala was revealed sorts of Baha which is a sutra that most a lot of Muslims if not most Muslims, memorize which Allah subhanaw taala says, well lo ha, what laning us? Now what that got on book on up on in this in this surah Allah subhanaw taala is testifying by the Doha by the daybreak Malwa dakara booka Wanaka, that your Lord has not abandon you, nor has he forsaken you. He's not and so the word forsaken. I looked up some synonyms for it so so forsaken is like lust power, thought it hasn't abandoned you. He hasn't forsaken you. He hasn't

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ignored you. He hasn't deserted you. Now what Darko Booker won out caught up. So

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nowadays when everybody's reflecting on this COVID and stuff like that, I get really ticked off when people have an attitude of hey, this is all punished

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meant, and we're all horrible people. And it's about time we got our due kind of kind of talk. I really get peeved by that. I get peeved by that because in my early days, I met people that always had that attitude, which is, you know, Allah hates us or is going to punish us. And we're all horrible people and what is because my conclusion to all of that is, okay, then what's the point of worshipping Allah, if we're all going to hellfire, and Allah is mad at us. And it's all punishment, then hey, you only have a few years to live in joy, because you're going to hellfire anyway, according to you people, right? Because that kind of talk doesn't lead people to hope. It actually

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just kind of emphasize so somebody is already in isolation, somebody is already in a traumatic experience. And then on top of that, you're gonna go and tell them hey, you know what, this is a punishment because you're a horrible person. And you should feel even more guilty. And hey, would you like an extra dose of trauma while I'm edit? Great, I use this minbar really effectively. So that's why that really bothers me that kind of talk because it doesn't lead people back to a less potent, it only emphasizes and it's what's the word? inflames the trauma. Okay? So this is, I want to tell you that just like that verse of Allah subhanaw taala says, now a doc out a booker will not

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cover that you Lord hasn't forsaken you. I want to extend that to all of you here, that Allah subhanaw taala has not forsaken you Allah subhanaw taala has not abandoned you, Allah subhanaw taala has not

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have another synonym for it

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has not ignored you. And I'm going to prove it to you. Because Allah subhanaw taala I have three verses and there are many more verses that I can prove this to you is that the same is applies to us that Allah subhanaw taala hasn't abandoned us because Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, and ujjivan talwani that that same verse that I said all those years ago on the balcony hoping for that key is what Allah subhanaw taala says to all of us who and watch this. This is so beautiful this Sofia, ALLAH SubhanA data says Amin Jeevan, matara, Ada da Wei actually for Su, Allah subhanaw taala says, Who is it that responds to the to the distress person and animal power is the person who has

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no other avenue no other solution, when he calls out to him who else except Allah answers the call of the one who is distressed has no avenue. When he calls out to him? We actually for Sue and who else except Allah removes the ill removes the ill and I just stopped there for a moment because I said Who else except Allah removes the ILL.

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So if you feel ill, how can you turn people away from Allah when to Allah is the solution to Allah subhanaw taala is the solution and he hasn't forsaken us. It's a return to Allah subhanaw taala next up is proving to you that Allah hasn't forsaken you hasn't abandoned you is that Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Allah Allah you don't want to know whom you've done own. I see.

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Mother Walton, a woman wanting malaria to overwinter on a homea that gun, Allah subhanaw taala and I've mentioned this in some of our Facebook Lives, who is it other than Allah or Allah your own? Or are they not aware that they are being tested year in and year out? That they're tested in every year year in year out once or twice mandala? 10 Omala attain? So with the test comes Allah subhanaw taala says, Some Manhyia tupuna Allah who knew the Quran, and yet they still don't repent to me, they still don't remember and remind themselves in turn back to Allah Subhan Allah so Allah hasn't forsaken you when a fitna test comes upon us, actually what is required of us is to turn back to

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Allah subhanaw taala because he's waiting for us. And Allah homea the Quran that we should do Toba we should repent and we should hope and Allah subhanaw taala because that's the benefit of fitness is that it brings someone closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. The next up and the final point that I'll remind you that Allah subhanaw taala hasn't forsaken you hasn't abandoned you hasn't ignored you is the verse of Allah subhanaw taala

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put in Yeah, anybody and levena is awful on

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forcing him to talk on open let the you

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know law hillfields Doing all that Jimmy are in now who wants food or cream? Well, Allah subhanaw taala says

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I'm just remembering

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You know, I go with some. I travel with some of these doomsday preachers, and I don't call them doomsday preachers. I mean, they just like to emphasize that side of things. And I remember when Schiff and hudge

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and he said, he said in his speech, he said maybe Muhammad Sharif got this all right. And maybe this is all about turning back in mercy to Allah subhanaw Madonna, and reminds me of this verse and this verse reminding them of that incident. Allah subhanaw taala says, clearly a bad the Alladhina Estrada and foresee him say oh my servants who have transgressed beyond all bounds, le taco Natoma Rahmatullah. Never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. Never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah and Allah yo Federico Nova gymea Allah forgives all the sins so the bottom line that I'm trying to say is, it's not about that we neglect our sins and it's not about just hope like Oh ALLAH is gonna get us

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out of this, Hey, we don't have to do anything. Let's just watch TV and waste our time until that time comes. No, the answer is hope and Allah subhanaw taala returning to Allah Subhanallah Donna, the only one who can answer our dog the only one yes shift was soo who can take this ill away from us or raise it from us, we turn to Allah subhanaw taala with hope and knowing that all power is in Allah subhana wa Tada has hands. So implementation in your DAW in the coming days now and in the coming days, seek ALLAH subhanaw taala strength and power during this time, seek ALLAH subhanaw taala has power and strength, you are weak Allah is strong, you are weak Allah subhanaw taala is

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strong. So call upon that strength and call upon that power. During this time you are not alone and you are not forsaken. So that

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tomorrow inshallah Tata is Friday. See you then we are done. Hope you benefited

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Visionaire Ramadan is coming around the corner

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is coming around

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alright so now Manik what I'm going to love it