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Will I get the same Sawaab whether I Read the Quran in Arabic or in English?

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Zakir Naik

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The question Wi Fi Zan COVID My question is will we get the same suburb of reading Quran whether we did an English or Arabic since I cannot read Arabic fluently

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a beloved prophet masala Salam said that every letter you recite of the Quran, you get some AP, and Allah is not one letter, it is only for the letter, love with the letter higher the letter you get 1010 10 has not had its ups. So for every letter we recite the Quran, you get 10 blessings. As far as this thing is concerned, surely, it's only when you recite the Quran in Arabic, not when you read the translation. But naturally, when you read the translation, you will get syrup but not the same at all. As you get an Arabic the swab that you get for reading in Arabic is multiple times more than reading the transmission but point to be noted if that one is swapped for reading the Quran, the

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other is about for implementing the Quran.

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If you read Arabic and you don't understand how to speak, how can you implement on the message of the Quran? Well, if you read in English or Urdu or Bangla the language you understand the best, you may get a minute, a small percentage of Saba for reading it, but if you implement on the message, you will get multiple time MUSAWAH so reading Saba with one thing in which you get more in Arabic, but implementing is one thing if you read the Quran with translation, and you implement on the message that you abstain from the things which are haram and do the things which are commanded by Allah subhanaw taala surely the sub is multiple times more even than reading in Arabic. So the best

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I would say is that if you don't understand Arabic language, the best if you read the Arabic Quran in Arabic, and also read the translation, it is the best you're killing two birds with one stone so that you get the swab for reading also, and you also get the follow up for implementing the message of Allah subhanaw taala