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Zakir Naik
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I will just mention one more last prophecy about the Kalki Avatar.

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And he's been prophesied as called Keota. In the past what Purana

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can do 12 a day to shlokas 18 to 20. It says that he will be born in House of Vishnu gas,

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a noble soul a Brahmin who the chief of the village of sambala

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he will be called as the Kalki,

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wanton Amerindian and trendy faith that he will be the Supreme Lord of the Worlds

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he will be given supernal knowledge and character and will be given eight special characteristics, eight special qualities

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he will be given

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a steed, a horse, by the angels, and he will ride a horse carrying a sword in his hand, and he will defeat the enemies and will be helped by the angels. He thought the prophesies in backward Purana

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can do one or the three show cause 25

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that he'll be born in the cube.

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This call Keota reborn in Kallu, in which the kings will behave like robbers

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and he'll be born in the house of Vishnu Yas and will be called as colicky. Same Kalki Alta they've been mentioned in the colicky Purana in chapter number two was number four, which says that he will be born in the house of Vishnu yas

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Kalki Purana chapter number two was number five says he will be helped by four companions in spreading his religion

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because he Parana chap number two was number seven. It says that he'll be helped by the angels in the battlefield. Bulky Parana chap number two was my beloved says that he will be born in the house of Vishnu. Yes, in the womb of Sumati and Kalki Purana. Chapter number two was no 15 says he'll be born in the first half of model month. You can only give a talk on Kalki Avatar. I'll just mention the points in brief that these prophecies, what do they say? Point number one, that it says that the name of times the Father will be Vishnu years, Vishnu years if you translate me the worship of Vishnu worshipper of God and the name of mama Salah son and father was Abdullah which also means

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worship of Allah worshipper of God.

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Why number two,

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the name of the mother of Kolkata will be Sumati Sumati if you translate into English, it means peace and the name of masala Sol mother was Amina which will translate into English with peace

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further says that he will be born in the village by the name of some Hala Somali futons it means a place of serenity and peace and similarly masala surah. Born in Makkah, it was known as the determine the place of peace and serenity.

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So it is also mentioned that will be born in Makkah, it further seeds will be born in the house of the chief of sambala House of the chief of Makkah between Mohamed Salah Salem was born that he was born in the house of the chief of MCDA born in the Pradesh family. It further says that he will be born on the 12th day of the first half of the month of model and we know mama Salah Salem was born in the first half of the lunar month of Robbie our on the 12th day.

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This prophecy that he was born on the 12th day of model is the same as 12 they have a beer way. Further it says that this Kalki Alta

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he will be a final messenger exactly what mentioned the Quran in surah Aza chapter number 33 was number 48 says Makana Muhammad Ali Baba Marija Alikum wala rasool Allah has been a cannula coalition Ilima, which means that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is not the father of any of you men, but it's the Messenger of Allah, and he is the seal of the prophets, the final messenger, Allah is all knowing full of knowledge. Further it says that this girl Keota he will get knowledge from Parshuram that's more Mighty God in a mountain and we know how masala Salam the first revelation he got in gotta Heda Joplin rule the mount of noon

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in gotta Hera and Prophet He further says that he will go towards north and come back and we know masala Salah migrate from MK cannot work for Medina and he came back to Makkah victoriously.

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Further it says that this Kolkata he will be an example, the whole world he will have an impeccable character as Allah says in the Quran in surah Kalam, JR

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Number 68 Verse number four that verily Tao our standard on the highest standard of character.

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It further mentioned he'll be given its special qualities and inculcate Purana. And power Khurana. The eight qualities mentioned is wisdom, self control,

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respectable lineage

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revealed knowledge, valor,

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gratefulness and measured speech and the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem was known for all these eight qualities. Furthermore, as mentioned, he will be a teacher of the world as Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Saba Chapter 34 was number 28 Mama Ursula AKA a lack of fertile Lynas, but she didn't want to zero that we have sent the knot but as a universal messenger, giving glad tidings and warning them against sin, but most of the human means they do not know.

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It further says that this called Keota he be given a speed

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by Almighty God and we know how masala Salam was given the Quran by which he did the mirage that the ascension to the heavens. It further says this culture will dive right the horse and will carry Assad and we know masala sallam, he took part in most of the battles most of them which afford him self defense. And even though he was a leader, he physically took part he rode the horse and even caught the sword in the right hand.

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Further the Prophet he says that he will be held before companions to spread the religion the dean and we know it refers to the four qualifiers to qualify rationing. Hello, hello Tamar. Hello, this man has totally MATLAB up with them all, who later became no qualified, actually, Rightly Guided caliphs must have Islam who spread the region further.

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It also says that this call to tar will defeat the enemy and guide the people to the right track and we know how masala salaam defeated enemies and he guided the Arabs from your Medallia the use of ignorance, he guided them to the true path. And the final point mentioned is that he will be held by the angels in the battlefield and we know masala Salam was held by Angel several battles, including the Battle of other witches mentioned the Quran inshallah and Imran Chapter number three verse 123 125, as well as Surah unfiled chapter number eight was the meat and nine. So this prophecy of Calcutta, the last and final messenger, be fixed no one but the last and final messenger Prophet

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Muhammad peace

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