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Islam and followers, the best exemplary Muslim is a beloved prophet Mr. Lawson, better exemplary Muslim. So sister, some people may looking at Muslims may go away from Islam, some people may come closer, therefore the right ways to judge the authentic sources. And though the media is against Islam and his sister it said, You have people like Salman Rushdie writing books at necrosis those who have read they know what the book is about. So I sell 100 lights Aliceville

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whatever happens happens for good 100

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though is standard, the prophet his eyes, nose Billa yet there are hundreds of people accepted to stamp only because of salamanders this book

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allowed his ways he can even let the devil do his job.

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He has his way.

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So he has his ways how he does the job. Many people only became Muslims because the

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and those who are away from Islam may be extending them. That's a different thing. But the amount of you know people did more research you know, people said he's wrong, that this that whether right or wrong again refer to my video cassette, I've given that penalty right or wrong. But when people started having different opinion, when the Westerners when they want to form their own opinion, they do research and when they research the lives of the Beloved Prophet hamdulillah accepted Islam.

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You know, the Western world, as I said, the maximum, which they criticize in Islam, is the woman's rights in Islam. I've given a talk on woman that's in Islam, modernizing outdated clarifying the misconception, and do you know today

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amongst the Westerners, more women accepting Islam than men, if Islam subjugates the woman, how come more Western a woman accepting Islam than the men?

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You know why? Because when they do research, and some people do research, for speaking against Islam,

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for example, Gary Miller can get him around the rewards. He was given the Quran today called mistakes and entitled to God mistakes he couldn't he accepted Islam.

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So there are many people who right to criticize Islam. They read and then realize the truth is something is so different people are humbled and Allah subhanaw taala gives them a different way. Some people look at Muslim and accept Islam. Some people do research and accept Islam, some people to attack Islam. They take a step. And one of the best supporters of is somehow that Mr. metallography is with him. He was one of the strangest enemy before

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a prophet prayed that among the tumors, may Allah be pleased with one of them. May Allah let one accept Islam and hamdulillah. So the different reasons and different things, many people's problems are solved regarding dyes doing the job.

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I don't think so. Maybe I'm doing a job. We are the Muslim we aren't doing our job.

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In fact, Islam is a religion, which is the missionary religion. Allah says in Surah chapter three verse one Renton, punto cara,

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or Muslims, we had the best of people ever for mankind. That Marula was modeled in Houghton and Monica with Amina Bella, because they enjoyed what is good and we forbid what is wrong and we believe in Allah. Allah causes the best of people because they are supposed to enjoy what is good and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah. Every Muslim is supposed to die, if not a full time die at least a part time day. How many days do we have full time in the world we can count on our fingertips. It's a shame on the Muslim ummah.

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But Allah has given a promise my which ended my talk series of chapter 16 verse nine. So they talk about chapter nine was territory and sort of Fatah chapter 14 verse 28, that Islam will prevail all the other ways of life with or without you with or without me that rubbish that via Allah doesn't require you and me to make his Deen prevail in the world or in the West, the rubbish that we are.

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Allies giving us an opportunity to do a profit job and to earn a profit rewarded make hay while the sun is shining. Believe me We are not doing our job.

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We Muslims as a whole. We should be people who do maximum Dawa. But the Christians we know then 60,000 Christian missionaries Crusaders, raising the death drop the word full time

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and hundreds of 1000 more while supporting them. How many Muslim Do we have a full time days? How many It's a shame on us. But Allah with or without you with or without me? Allah says in the Quran in surah Mohammed chapter 47 was started Wine Festival Oh, yes.

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Suma live in Uppsala. If you do not do the job, Allah will substitute in a place and other people Suma live in Uppsala, and they will not be like you know, we think well we have one of the key to heaven two gentlemen. If you don't do the job, Allah will substitute your place and the people to my life and I'm sorry come and they will not be like you

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With the university and they are so bad, Allah may make them the debaters tomorrow

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I love his substitute you is not the job, Allah will substitute as if not be the job. Allah doesn't require you and me to do the job, the rubbish that we are His giving us an opportunity to do a profit job and to earn a profits reward. So where die is concerned, I would say that we are far below even the passing level, as oma as a whole, we are not doing the job. There are few people

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under lamella give them more life and health. But as a whole, we have very few Muslim dies. So sister orange say that Tao has been a job Allah has done to is always through his thing. If if we would follow the Quran, then there will be many more hundreds and millions of more day. That's what required hope dance

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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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Thank you, our current speaker for this very genuine and educative lecture who have given us

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My question is,

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in fact, the first part of the question is already asked by the system. And you have answered it that is the role of Muslims.

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As to the topic has how the western reverting to Islam, I was waiting when you are giving the roles of the reasons why they are reverting to Islam, I was waiting for you to mention that they are also Muslims who are playing the game. But I waited all in vain. And that's why I was coming here to ask you about the role of Muslims, what are we really doing in order to make those people revert to Islam.

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So you have answered that one, maybe, and maybe you will shed more light on it. Now,

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the second part of the equation is

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taking the West as such, sometimes for me to becomes very difficult, very hacked, so much so that there's some of them there who do not believe in scriptures, they will have scriptures manuscript and so on. So it becomes very difficult for me to deal with such a people to convince them and make them revert. only very few people of your caliber maybe can succeed in doing that. So what can we do actually, in this field. And on top of that,

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I attended your talk there in UI, you mentioned that there are also some in the East versus in India, who have claimed divinity.

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There are multitude of them there. So those ones, how can we deal with them? They don't have the street journal, or they don't have the Scripture. But again, they are they want to reveal to give us the scriptures because they are gods. So how can you convince God to believe in another god? Thank you.

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Basically three questions. The first one is about dava that what is the role of the Muslims in spreading Islam? Secondly, how can you convince those who don't believe in scriptures talking about atheists? And thirdly, those who claim to be God like in India, how can you tell a god about about the scriptures?

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The first part I already answered, just edition when I said that Muslims aren't doing up to the level, that doesn't mean Muslims aren't doing any job. There are Muslim organization in the Western world, that good organization like is now Aigner. hamdullah that doing the job, but not what they should not that that organize a Muslim as a whole what they should be doing and not that only Westerners should do the job. Muslim toto mash up the job. And not only blaming the Muslims in America, etc, Muslim as a whole omashola job. So as oma as a whole, we are doing up to the level which we should do. But there are good organization Also, I've been to the west several times.

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Islam, he has a wonderful school. One of the best Islamic schools that have been to Islamic foundation in Leicester is nice in USA, Islamic Society for North America ignites the Islamic soccer for North America hamdulillah there are organizations, but not what we should do up to the level. There should be many more, not just a few handful.

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Here the second question, how can we convince those people who don't have scriptures and third is who makes scriptures who don't?

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Who don't have scriptures or who don't believe in God? I get

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better as how can we can receive a scripture like Bible Christians, Hindu, the Vedas we can talk about the Scripture. How can you convince any theists

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if you were there for my talk today, after

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numerator, I told you the master key was what? Surely Moran chapter number three was 264. We say that Allah will tell me things of our environment, come to common terms asked us and you.

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The Master Key for Tao is come to common terms as been essential. So whether that how will we talk to any atheists?

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had any commenter between atheists have in common terms?

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How will we speak to anything?

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When I meet any theist, the first thing I do is I congratulate him.

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I congratulate an atheist, you may have advice for this arcade, congratulating an atheist, I congratulate him because he's a Christian because as a Christian, that personal Hindu Buddha father is a Hindu, many Muslims because Muslims, this atheist is thinking that is coming from a religious background, maybe a Christian or Hindu background is coming from Hindu background. When God is fighting another god, the gods life is taken away and God takes 12 years to save his life. How long would it take to save me? If I'm in problem, and God is crucified on the cross? So it starts thinking how can you believe in such God so it doesn't believe in God? I congratulate him You know

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why? Because he has said the first part of the Islamic Shahada La Ilaha there is no God.

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What I have to do is prove to him Illa Allah which I shall do inshallah, so half my job is done with the Hindu and the Christian, first esoteric man with a God that a worshipping is wrong and then put the correct concept of Allah subhanaw taala here half my job is done. He already agreed there is no God.

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So my job is easy to congratulate Laila, there is no God, but then you should prove a lot which I shall do inshallah. And there are various techniques should in Microsoft, is the Quran God's word, grandma design, how to do it. And just in brief,

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asking the first myth suppose if you have an object, or machinery, which no one in the world, let's see, if I delete it, yes, it is brought to you for the first time in front of you.

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This machinery, this object, no one in the world has seen no one first time is born in front of you, who will be the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of this object? Can you guess? Who will be the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of this object? Can anyone make any? Yes?

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Let me go any other guests?

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The Creator person who makes whatever answer they give you tell you the maker, or the Creator, or the manufacturer or the producer somewhat similar. Keep it in your mind. The first person who will tell you the mechanical object with no one else in the world is the creator or make or the manufacturer. Now you asked him, How did the universe come into existence? So he will tell you that the science has told us initially there was one primary enabler then there was secondary separation, though the Big Bang, which gave rise to galaxies, planets, and the President was talking about the Big Bang Theory. That's how the universe came into existence. So you tell him, but this is already

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mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago, in Surah ambia chapter 21 verse number 20, which says, Avila Mirella Xena, do not the unbeliever see unless Mr. Bhatia will construct construct nama that the heaven and earth are joined together, and we close them asunder? Who would have mentioned about the Big Bang Theory talking about which was discovered yesterday in sand? Yesterday, Mr. T is back 100 years back. Quran mentioned 14 years ago who could have mentioned that? So he will tell you, you know, maybe it's a float.

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Next time

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you asked him what was the initial state

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of the Celestial matter before the universe was created? He will tell you, it is gas. You tell him this book, The Quran says to refer to the chapter 41 verse number 11 that it was decanted for smoke. So you asked me the diet around, he will tell you that smoke is more appropriate than gas. If you know the science when

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you ask them what the shape of the earth he will tell you this theoretically.

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So you asked me to discover this. If you know the Stanford he will tell you in 1577 Sir Francis Drake was the first person who sailed around the earth to tell him crunchiness Reynolds yet chapter 79 was the Mati. What are the Basilicata haha and thereafter we have made the earth actually referring to the egg of an ostrich which is not round like a ball. You tell him the Quran says the earth is not round like a ball. It is saddened from the top and buzzy from this end. So yes, yeah, that's correct. It is yours theoretically. You're telling it is wrong. Quran says Joe spherical 400 years ago, who could have mentioned that? I a prophet who wrote the Quran, he's intelligent person.

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Now he may say something to the light of the moon, its own light reflected light, he will say reflected current sensor for Capricorn if I was 16 when I was starting to school, the sun was stationary. It denuded aborts axis Quran says in Surah chapter 21 was the mortality who was the Calico layer one Hara.

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is Allah who has created the night and the day where some sarcoma, the sun and the moon column and he has bone, each one traveling in orbit has its own motion. Quran says the sun revolves and rotates. In school I didn't learn that.

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I was totally deluded about the axis. It was stationary. He will know latest discoveries in science tells us that the sun also rotates and it takes about 25 days to complete one rotation kukuda mentioned the Quran

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asked him, he will pause like that. Quran speaks about biology. Every month he made from what whoever did that. Quran speaks about watercycle how the water rise falls under clouds clouds moon interior or the falls down and the water cycle is completed. Quran speaks about salt and sweet water. There are two types of water salt and sweet water between the battery different test pass suited for current average 25 was 53. And it's read chapter 55 was 19 to 20. Quran speaks about geology that made the earth as an expanse was double tada and the mountain that takes strain about chapter 17 verse six and seven. Who could have mentioned that keep on asking.

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And the only answer I can give you

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It can't be the fluke

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because the theory of probability to turn material probability that the chances that if it's a fluke, for example, if I toss a coin,

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the chances that I'll be right is one out of two, it can either be heads or tails. And if I make a fluke guess the chance they'll be right is half one upon two. If I toss a coin twice, the chances are I'll be right both the time is half into half is one upon four is 25%.

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If I toss a coin twice chance they'll be right all three times is one upon two into one upon two into one upon two is one upon eight is 12 and a half percent. Similarly if you use this probability theory

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to the Quran, that what are the possible shapes a person can think of, for the earth.

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A person can think of about 20 shapes, it can be square it can be flat it can be quadrangle, it can be rectangular, it can be triangle it can be spherical shapes, the chance when someone makes a wild guess it's correct is one out of 30 let us moon can be own light reflected light chances someone makes a guess it's correct is one upon two chances both are correct is one upon 13 one upon two is one upon 62 person wants to make a guess everything is clear of what in the deserts of Arabia person will first think of sign of would have some other metal, aluminium maybe iron and maybe person can think of 10,000 things with living creatures can be made of chances that he makes a wild guess and

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it's correct is one upon 10,000 chance that all three are correct is one upon 13 to one upon two into one upon 10,000 is one upon 60,000 if you calculate point 000017 is point 01 7% in three things that has come 2.017% if you put up all Quran speaks about 1000 verses about science and mathematics tells us if point 00 if there are 50 zeros, it is equal to zero. So chances are it's a wild guess is zero.

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Who could have written that? He will tell you, creator, maker manufacturer, this creator we call it the last

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I just told in short. For more details refer to my video cassette is the Quran Gods with various techniques, various techniques to prove the use of Allah subhanaw taala third question where the post is, how can you prove to a God that what the Scriptures are wrong, etc. in my talk, I gave you a litmus test for theology through a class chaplain 112 was fun to follow. So you tell him that if you have God, do you pass the test? Suppose someone says that this is a gold jewelry. I want to sell it to you 24 karat gold. What do you do when you buy it?

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When you buy it, who's the first check up for this true or not? You will check in with a touchstone. You will go to a jewel Ryan says he says a man who wants to send me this jewelry and he's telling his 24 karat gold will go to a jeweler he will take your jewelry and rub it against the touchstone and we'll match the color. If it matches the 24 karat is the 24 karat. If it matches the 22 karat he will say 22 karat if he didn't get he will tell you it in karat. It may not be gold at all, because all that glitters is not gold.

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So example of rightness which I gave us Rajneesh for example rajnish He's the Almighty God put him to desktop for a class.

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Allah, Allah sama, la mela mela Pernambuco loco for now

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let's put to test that say he's allowing only his resignation and only for anyone any anyone who claims to be God, whether it be Jesus peace be upon him or

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anyone who put to test normally you don't use the main God if he inserted

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like Quran says for Anam chapter six was 100, revile not those whom they worship God besides Allah, less than that

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ignorant Devil Devil Allah subhanaw taala. So to these people who say that they are gods, you check them out the touchstones for a class and you can prove that they aren't God. So if they aren't God the scripture big right out of the question at all of them. So first

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I have a clarification to make. I the Hadees that you mentioned about marriage being half the deen. I just wanted to know is it getting married completes half your deen or the entire process of marriage how you deal with marriage how you deal with your husband or wife the whole marriage? Right from you get married to the rest of your life or just the fact that you've been married his half? Sister? That's very good question that nobody that matters can be tough for Dean Does it mean that only marriage competes Harford Dean, or the whole process, etc, etc. As I mentioned, that when the Prophet said marriage competes offered in human that marriage promises for promiscuity, from

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fornication from identity after that. Marriage is a full process various honey, the beloved Prophet said that when you marry, who normally look for four things, well, beauty, nobility and virtue, and when you marry people look the beautiful or the boy handsome, how wealthy he or she is, rich family, shake families, a family, nobody family. And last is virtue. Prophet said the most important of all these four is virtue. So when you get married, the whole process itself to look for a virtuous five, or a virtuous has been how you get married, a beloved Prophet said, the best marriages that in which the least expense is made. We have marriage in the Muslim mind, many countries, they spend hundreds

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and 1000s of dollars and

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also maybe several, they spend excessively. Quran says in Surah Surah chapter 17 verse 2526, that differ a spendthrift are in the better of the devil. So choosing a life partner, how to get married and simplicity in Sona, all this, then how you bring your children after marriage, be loyal to your wife. Not that after marriage for adultery, yet you're completing half your deen. The Prophet said the best of you is he who's the best to advise how you treat your wife. The Corinthians chapter four verse 19, treat your wife with equal and kindness even if you dislike, even if it is like the Quran says Tita with equity and kindness. People you have dowdy in the eastern world in India, from the

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woman and Islam we have to give my hair if you get married, then you have to be a good husband. After you get married, you have children, you have to be a good father or a good mother, all this process in Toto, which is related with marriage. If you do all of these, these constitute have the need to be a good mother to be a good father, to be a good husband to be a good wife, not to be extravagant, all these process to abstain from adultery, homosexuality, promiscuity, all these nearly constitute how the teachings of Islam therefore, Beloved Prophet said, marriage completes hostler didn't mean to marry and follow Islam in all those aspects. inshallah harsher didn't become

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Okay, I you were just talking about the West is just not right, and I am a convert or revert in your words.

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And before I converted, I had a very bad pitch about this. I mean, I I saw it as if I hated Islam. And the reason was, because like you said, because the Muslims that I dealt with, I mean,

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I feel that since we are talking about how to, you know, do the Dawa, to non Muslims. It's very difficult even for me to even talk to my family because of the picture that we portray to them. I think that it's if you're talking about Islam itself, okay, fine. It's it's very, very good religion, it is the only true religion. But

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don't you think it's wrong to always criticize other religions? I mean, that approach is, like, really wrong. And when we criticize festiveness, so much we do that I mean,

00:23:57--> 00:24:38

whatever you say about rapes, and all those things that occurs in Muslim countries in the Middle East, in countries that might not be reported that much, but it goes on. So why do we always pick on them and the other? The other thing is that about women, you are saying that non Muslims say that Islam such subjugates women, because there are so many things in the Quran that, you know, refers to males and females, but somehow, whatever that refers to males is just ignored. And everything that refers to females is pressed so hard, like you were just saying that virtuous has been in wife. But no, I mean, I've only heard it when I've read all the books is like you're supposed to get in a

00:24:38--> 00:25:00

virtuous wife in not I mean, everything is due to a women only. So why do we do that? It's very difficult to convince a non Muslim because we do that. And one more example is, you know, that I was told, that Rasul Allah had, you know, he gave equal hand in helping his wife in housework and all those things, but why don't why do we only have

00:25:00--> 00:25:18

books on how to be a good wife. Why do we ever have lectures or anything? How to be a good husband? You know, like nothing. Everything is only pressed on women. Women are supposed to be doing this doing that. That's what the religion says. So maybe that's the reason why we are putting off non Muslims.

00:25:20--> 00:25:58

Sister, that's a very good question. very relevant. She said that, uh, hamdulillah she's a reward. I'd like to congratulate her Alhamdulillah and she said that she had a very wrong picture of Muslim before and understand my talk. And many people, when they look at Muslim they'll know like to become a Muslim. I said my dog and handler, a lady with a dad and Shakespeare Islam. And she said that the talk was based on how to talk to the west. The talk was why the West is coming to a summit rather than based on how to bow to West half brother Cassidy dealing with that. I'm going to set on misconceptions about Islam. How specifically, dow amongst the West is a different technique. today.

00:25:58--> 00:26:04

My talk was not how to dow. It was the reason why West is accepting Islam, and I'm calling a spade a spade.

00:26:05--> 00:26:45

And you said sister very rightly that you should not criticize religion. Quran says that in Suriname, chapter six was reviled not those whom they worship God besides Allah less than the ignorance Devil Devil Allah subhanaw taala Michoacana also says in Surah Surah chapter number 17 was the Mighty One and the waffle jar was Apple bought it in Nevada Karnataka, the truth is elegant falsehood false would perish for its nature false what is bound to perish? You said that I was criticizing the Western world. And talking about x y Zed sister criticizing means actually what I would say that without any proof, what I was quoting is statistics of America. So if Americans want

00:26:45--> 00:26:49

to criticize America, and if I'm quoting them, then why are you blaming me?

00:26:51--> 00:26:56

criticizing means what you're actually what I would say that picking up points and twisting them, like the Westerners do.

00:26:58--> 00:27:00

I'm sorry, I'm leaving them again. But that's the fact.

00:27:02--> 00:27:10

After call a spade a spade, and the Westerners are calling a spade a spade, and they are proud to call a spade a spade, just you know, we are bold, we are truthful Alhamdulillah.

00:27:12--> 00:27:47

It may not go down the throat, that's a different thing. They showed in the media, the woman has subjugate, etc. And I've given a talk on that to clarify. So since the what I was doing, I was quoting FBI report written not by Muslims, my the Westerners, quoting statistics coverage, not by Muslims, by non Muslim Westerners about adultery about incest, I'm only quoting their statistics. And when I talk to them, they cannot say as accurate as criticizing, because you know why? I'm quoting from their statistics. If I say ha, Mr. Mr. Lee said this. So there is your response pulling a fast one. I'm not putting a Medallia's will stand by I'm quoting

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their statistics. So therefore, I'm using my Headmaster.

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And besides the saying that even rape takes place. In other countries, it's not reported sister outlet disagree with you. Rape takes more in the western country. It's not reported there. You know, it is so common. rape is so common, it's not both reporting. I've been to West hardly read any cases of rape. It is so common just in day to day life, it's not reported system. If it is reported in news brief, if a rape take place in other countries, headlines, it does take not that doesn't take place. It takes place throughout the world. Leadership is where you're talking Muslim countries, it does take those Muslim countries who do not follow the Islamic law. It takes place the least rate of

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rape in this country system, which country, least rape in the world, it's in Saudi Arabia, please trip, it may be technically zero. So I'm not saying it is nil.

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There are black ships in the community throughout the world, but the lead state of rape in any country in the world. It's in Saudi Arabia, the least state of robbery in any country in the world. It's in Saudi Arabia, yet there may be other Muslim countries who don't follow Islam. So they are pseudo Muslims.

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Regarding reporting, if it takes place in other countries, it comes in headlined because rape is something which is a stigma in America. It's a lifestyle.

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Like as the doctor said, a patient comes I have a video doctor says and I have nothing great. There's a shameless, according to me that she's not one of them. It's fine. So sister and I'm calling a spade a spade. I have to call it I use the best word public property, but that's the fact. So people may say criticize, but have to call a spade a spade.

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And that's the reason the Westerners like it, and hamdulillah so regarding your first thing that I'm criticizing them, I'm quoting the statistics. Like for example, Quran says, Do Tao with sigma o de la sub replicability novel Moses that has now Masada, military arson, invite all the way of the Lord with wisdom and brief preaching, and argue with them and reason with them in the ways that are best, most Gracious, Beloved Prophet said to the Christians, while atiku Salah sufferance says that, when you tell a Christian do not say it in at this topic, it's better for you. Even if you said in the best form, he's bound to see

00:30:01--> 00:30:20

See, when you take out the force of a person, the best way you say he's bound to feel heard, and I tell a Christian, why do you worship Jesus Christ? Even if I say with love and care, he's bound to feel hurt. So I have to say in the best way, which is acceptable, but he's bound to feel hurt. Not that I'm going out of the way to incite them. I'm giving the statistics

00:30:23--> 00:30:41

regarding a second party, during a third part that why do Muslim scholars and speakers speak about woman woman only picking up most of the woman and not talking about what rights men have to do? Sister I think you should see microset woman legs in Islam. And after I give that talk, people say when I want to give a talk men's rights in Islam.

00:30:43--> 00:30:57

And in that case, I'd say what the husband should do to the wife. And then today, if you heard me, when I talked about the job, I made the same statement which you made, that normally Muslim speakers, they speak about Egypt for the moment, but Allah speak first of the job for the man.

00:30:58--> 00:31:18

So why the other people do that you have to go and ask them I cannot answer on their behalf. So if you want to see a neutral approach 100 of Islam, you can hear my videocassettes, and they will find even in a woman that Islam, I spoken how a husband should be able to the wife, more of that educating even the men and many men, they don't like it, and they say, Now when we will give a talk on men's rights in Islam.

00:31:19--> 00:31:28

So sister I've given talks Alhamdulillah Islam believes in equality between men and women. But equality doesn't mean anticavity

00:31:29--> 00:32:08

men and women are equal, but they aren't identical. And if you hear my talk, I've spoken about spiritual rights of the woman of social rights. I spoken about economic rights, about legal rights, about political rights, about Educational Rights, I hamdulillah and tried to explain that hamdulillah Islam believes in equality between men and women, equality doesn't mean inequality, if you compare to the Western world, again, give you statistics, quoting what they believe. The Western talk of women's liberalisation is that thing but a disguised form of exploitation of body degradation of honor, and depriving a soul.

00:32:09--> 00:32:50

The Western society claiming to uplift the woman have actually degraded to a status of concubine of mysticism of society, butterflies, which are mere tools in the hands of pleasure seekers, and fixed marketers, which are hidden behind the colorful screen of art and culture. The Western world claiming public domain have actually degraded, it talks about, Oh, you want to uplift the woman, etc? What are they doing? Surely many of whom have won the Western world. It's only in the name of art and culture. It's a colorful screen, but behind them, you know what's happening. You want to change the road, don't a man can do this. woman can do this. Men and women are equal, but they

00:32:50--> 00:33:04

aren't identical. Men and women are different in physiology, that different biologically, for everything a man does. No man cannot do. Everything a woman does a man cannot do what we cannot say okay, even I want to give birth to a child I cannot. I'm different.

00:33:05--> 00:33:27

And do not Islam. The status I'll just quote, a couple of examples have been met off in Islam, where love is concerned, and companionship for the parents. Our beloved Prophet said in say Buhari, one, number eight, in the book of other chap number 200. Number two, once a person came to the prophet and said, who deserves the maximum love and companionship in this world,

00:33:28--> 00:33:59

for the Prophet said, Your mother, the man asked who next? The Prophet said the mother, the man asked after that tool, the prophet said for the third time your mother, the man asked after that to the fourth time The Prophet said, your father, that means 75% of love and companionship. three fourths of the love and companionship goes to the mother. The remaining 25% one fourth of love and companionship goes to the Father. In short, a mother gets a gold medal. Mother gets the silver medal, she also gets the bronze medal.

00:34:00--> 00:34:03

The father has to be satisfied with a mere consolation prize.

00:34:06--> 00:34:07

See, these are the teachings of Islam.

00:34:08--> 00:34:09

The Prophet taught us

00:34:10--> 00:34:15

I cannot do mother get so much respect. So I was wondering about Toys R i can't.

00:34:16--> 00:34:31

So men and woman, as I said, are old or liquid, but they are indicate for example, if in a classroom, the two students A and B, both of them get 80 out of 100 both come out first. But if you analyze the question paper, the question paper has got 10 questions.

00:34:32--> 00:34:59

Each Carrington marks an answer to question number one, student a gets nine out of 10. So student a is now out of 10 and student B gets seven out of 10. So in question one, a has a degree of advantage a student be in question two, B gets nine out of 10 he gets out of 10. So in question two, B has a degree of advantage. In the remaining eight questions both get eight out of 10. So overall if you add up both get 80 out of 100 both

00:35:01--> 00:35:08

But in question number one, he has a degree of advantage and then be in question to be had the degree of advantage.

00:35:10--> 00:35:22

So men and women are equal, but that advocate. Suppose a robber comes into my house comes to rob, I cannot say, I believe in women's zip. I believe in equality movement, I would tell my wife or my sister to go and fight

00:35:23--> 00:36:01

to Allah says in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was the material certify that Allah has given more strength to the men. So men have a degree of advantage when it comes to physical strength. So it's healed to protect the woman. So it strength, men have a degree of advantage. As I give the example, in companionship, the mother gets more respect than father. So in some aspects, men have a degree of advantage. In some aspect, women have a degree of advantage over all men and women are equal. as you rightly said, sister if you read the teaching of Islam, they handle a very good don't judge Islam, by the followers, it won't be judged, judged by what our beloved Prophet Muhammad Allah says

00:36:01--> 00:36:19

himself. So do you should do sister if you said that the Islamic books etc, talking about what has been should do etc, inshallah you do research and you give talks, Mohammed laminin, shall Allah I will help you and you will be more effective because you'll be able to divert speak it has no effect.

00:36:20--> 00:36:50

So, the thing is that Sister, I do agree there are black sheep in a community, what we should do, we should pick up the good points and we have been good people or more of them are good than bad. We have to sit exemplary of the good people and the best example the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah and inshallah for a more neutral view. As you said that people the speakers will talk about human women should do this men should do that. I request you what Micah said and inshallah you will change comments.

00:36:53--> 00:36:53


00:36:58--> 00:36:59

Loads as I

00:37:01--> 00:37:08

tried to understand earlier, actually mentioned about Western leader

00:37:09--> 00:37:11

afraid of Islam.

00:37:13--> 00:37:17

Even during Jamia,

00:37:18--> 00:37:23

the leaders of Geneva, are not afraid of Islam and is and why they fight Islam.

00:37:24--> 00:37:27

They are more afraid that when they see

00:37:29--> 00:37:30

when they see the Shahada,

00:37:31--> 00:37:39

they know that they have to change. I mean, most of the leader of the world cannot accept the change. So

00:37:41--> 00:37:59

most probably why the leaders of the west or any leaders of the world is afraid to the tool is said Islam is because we cannot accept the change. And I think the biggest change they have to step down. And also

00:38:00--> 00:38:02

those leader they have to

00:38:04--> 00:38:04

in a way.

00:38:06--> 00:38:46

Although is in America or anywhere in the world, students pose the question that why should the western leader be afraid of Islam and the leaders of Dahlia, they weren't afraid of Islam. I'm sorry, brother. I failed to disagree with you. I'm sorry. I disagree with you, the leaders of the pig leader, the time of the Prophet, they were really afraid of Islam, the only thing they were filled off for this lamp, therefore the doors the Prophet that we will make to the king of Arabia. If you give up this message of monotheism, we will make you the richest man in the world. The Prophet gave the reply, even if you play the sun in my right hand and the moon man left, I will not

00:38:46--> 00:38:56

give up this message of Islam. The leaders were afraid, afraid that their kin and 30 Gods will have to battle for one God who will come to Mecca

00:38:57--> 00:39:19

who can buy all these other things in which they fell in the name of idol worship. leaders were very scared later on Alhamdulillah truth had to prevail, then accept Islam. Therefore the Quran says target the leaders of a foreign currency currencies target the leaders of a farce target them if they accept 1000s of followers.

00:39:20--> 00:39:38

So therefore, I said most of the leaders of Western world afraid not all we have good people also, speaking good thing about Islam. Some leaders like Prince Charles said some few good words his Nia Allah knows best. I don't know what anyone's near. Some minister of of UK now spoke some good things about Islam.

00:39:40--> 00:39:53

So brother, as I said, the leader that failed know why. You said it's so easy to have to accept Islam. It is not that easy, rather easy from our point of view, from their point of view difficult if they accept Islam, who will fill their coffers.

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

You understand that if the leaders have kurush at that time, most will fan

00:40:00--> 00:40:09

mean the other leaders, the average new the richest man if they accept Islam, who we brought on to them, because in Islam, all human beings are equal.

00:40:11--> 00:40:49

He will have to embrace the slave changing lifestyle. They were afraid to change their lifestyle. Similarly, they accept Islam. All human beings are like one brotherhood and hamdulillah afraid that they will have to come down from their status in which they're living in an ivory tower, which is afraid that they'll have to give all these things just to bother for Islam. But finally when Allah gives the Daya, they prefer having a mention in that Hara, then I mentioned here as the best example I can give you again is for lady Quran phase of Asya mandla be pivotal, as mentioned in chapter number 66, was similar in that she prayed to Allah subhana wa Taala that

00:40:51--> 00:41:15

please make mention for myself in the agenda in exchange for the luxury in this world, she was the wife of the most powerful supposed to be most powerful man in the world, Pharaoh. But yes, she prays to our last minute Allah, I would like to barter all these riches etc. For a mansion in the Hara in the agenda. Sandra when Allah gives Daya, let him be the biggest leader. He accepts Islam for dakara hope.

00:41:17--> 00:42:02

I'm coming back to the equality of men and women. In Islam, we are told in the Quran, course that men and women are equal in the sight of Allah subhana wa Taala. And that is also mean the rights of women are backed up by the Hadith of the Prophet where the mother is much more important than the Father, in terms of respect. But then, in the Akiko ceremonies, you're required to just slaughter one goat for the daughter and two for the sun symbol indicating when the sun is more important, because this does pose a question that why during our kikah, our two goats slaughtered for the sun and one goat for the daughter, sister. There are several say Hadees say that you can even slaughter

00:42:02--> 00:42:39

one goat for your son. It's not compensated, that's a man got four daughters and two goats for the sun. You can show driven man good for the sun. It's not that you should slaughter two goats for the sun. But what I can think of the reason is that because man in Islam is the breadwinner. Man, some is better now, that before a woman is married, it is the duty of the father or the brother. And after she's married, it is the duty of the husband and the son to look after her lodging, boarding clothing and all financial aspect. So yeah, a hamdulillah she is free from financial obligations. She's more protected.

00:42:40--> 00:43:09

So but natural according to my logic, I'm not saying this is the reason Allah Allah. Allah knows the best reason why to goats for for a son, but that's not only the case, maybe because he's financially most wrong. Therefore, a person is required to spend more money because of a son. That may be one of the reasons Allah knows the best, but compulsory to God for one son is not a scientist, scientist give you the option, either one or two. And for the woman, one no problem, if you wish, if you want to start a mo

00:43:10--> 00:43:13

Alice mother, Hannah Beloved Prophet gave adoption. hope that's

00:43:19--> 00:43:23

not true. Dr. Just you mentioned

00:43:24--> 00:43:29

that in the early days, it was stated that we

00:43:30--> 00:43:31

should target

00:43:33--> 00:43:35

the the leaders of

00:43:37--> 00:43:38

Abu Dhabi Alhamdulillah

00:43:39--> 00:43:40


00:43:41--> 00:43:43

present state of Muslim oma

00:43:47--> 00:43:50

as far as the quantity is concerned,

00:43:51--> 00:43:53

almost every fourth

00:43:54--> 00:43:58

person in this world is a Muslim.

00:44:00--> 00:44:02

And every third country

00:44:03--> 00:44:05

is a Muslim country.

00:44:06--> 00:44:07


00:44:09--> 00:44:10

what I see

00:44:11--> 00:44:14

that presently, what we lack

00:44:16--> 00:44:18

is the leadership of the Muslim ummah.

00:44:20--> 00:44:28

Am I right to say that we should target the leaders of the different states?

00:44:32--> 00:45:00

Good question that our humble Islam has spread throughout the world. And according to him, 25% of Muslims, every fourth person, and every third country is a Muslim country. But we lacked leadership. Shouldn't we have a Muslim leader and target the leader of the Muslim country, I do agree with you, brother. You should even target the kafar but I do agree with you that you should have a leader. Islam believes in addition, Islam believes in a meeting. Unfortunately, the khilafah was abolished.

00:45:01--> 00:45:03

Plastic rubber ducky, by the Westerner again.

00:45:05--> 00:45:11

It should be the form that khilafah shouldn't be there is some believes in khilafah and we should have a Khalifa

00:45:13--> 00:45:35

there are groups who just driving the level best to again have the system of malice, no doubt I give them strength and desire and they are doing the job. There are people who are trying to convince leaders of various countries, especially the Muslim countries, and they are trying their level best. And we pray that may Allah subhanaw taala

00:45:36--> 00:46:07

lead a leader emerge amongst the Muslim Ummah so that he can guide with the leader hamdulillah we can do wonders. So Islam as for leaders, so I do agree we should try and find a good leader who follows the Quran and Sunnah. Unfortunately, most of the today's political leaders in Muslim countries, most of them, they don't fit the criteria as a foreigner. So people are trying who will be the best. inshallah, May Allah help a leader to emerge, but simultaneously while they're finding leaders of the Muslim Ummah, and when leaders try to emerge,

00:46:08--> 00:46:21

the non Muslim try and put them down, they are trying their way. So we should try and find a leader simultaneously, even follow the other games of the Quran that we should target to confess abortion without assignment list, but I do agree with you that there shouldn't be a leader among the Muslim community.

00:46:22--> 00:46:27

Thank you very much for your patience, and your cooperation.

00:46:29--> 00:46:30

And your

00:46:32--> 00:46:35

time spent here, and our most.

00:46:36--> 00:46:40

Most things is to doctors are good for enlightening us again,

00:46:42--> 00:46:49

and enriching our knowledge on Islam, and also teaching us on what to do and trying to spread Islam.

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Shall we first give him a round of applause in our usual way of thinking?

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Shall we end the evening with the spooky forests around us?

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