Why do Muslims have Non-Vegetarian food Can a person be a Vegetarian and yet be a Muslim

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Hello Dr. Jagannatha My name is mind Kumar and I am by qualification MBA and BA for Thomas Cook at fault. My question is regarding non vegetarian foods.

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It is allowed in Islam, animals all living beings. So don't you think that it is violence? And my second question is that is it compulsory in Islam to have non veg food and cannot pure vegetarian person can follow Islam

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with the Mahesh Kumada asked a very good question. He said that in Islam, you allow non veg food, your kill animals. Why does Islam give permission to kill living creatures? And Thai not Muslim be a pure vegetarian? Brother. Before I answer the question, I'd like to tell you, a Muslim can be a very good Muslim even by being a pure vegetarian.

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It did not compel say in Islam, that you should have non veg food is not compulsory. But since Allah says in the Quran and gives permission for a person to have non veg fruit, and for me that chap number five was number one, it says that each of the four footed animals which have been made lawful for you, it's mentioned through an L chapter 16, verse number five, that you can eat the meat of the cattle. It's mentioned for a moment on chapter 23, verse number 21, that in the cattle, we give you a drink, which is good for the humankind, and of the meat you can eat. So when Almighty God gives you permission to eat the meat of the lawful animals, then why should we not have now coming to the

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logical reason why Islam permits you to have non rich food.

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If you analyze non veg food, it's rich in protein, the human body

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it requires 23 amino acids, out of which eight are not made in the human body, it should be given back to on a diet which are known as essential amino acids. Now these all eight essential amino acids are present in no kind of vegetable food together.

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It's only present in flesh food.

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So the non veg flesh food is more nutritious as compared to vegetables. Furthermore, if you analyze, if you see the set of teeth of the herbivorous animals, the cow, the goat, the sheep, they have got flat set of teeth. They only have vegetables, they don't have fresh food. If we analyze the set of teeth of the carnivores, animals, the tiger, the leopard, the lion, they've got pointed set of teeth. They have canines that have teeth, not only a flesh, they don't have vegetables. If you analyze the set of teeth of the human being if you go in the mirror and see we are human beings, we have got flat teeth, as well as pointed teeth. If Almighty God wanted us to have only vegetables,

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why did he give us this canine teeth? Why did he give us this point is it for what

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but natural to have non veg food to have the flesh food. Furthermore, if you analyze the die system of the human being, if you compare it

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to the herbivorous animals, cow goat sheep, they can only digest vegetables, the die system of the carnivores, animals, Tiger leopard,

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Lion they can only digest flesh food they cannot digest vegetable, the digestive system of the human beings can digest both it has more understand big understand it can digest vegetables as well as flesh food. It can digest both. So if Almighty God wanted us to have only vegetables, why did he give us the die system you can digest both?

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As far if you analyze many of the Hindus think that Hinduism prohibits the eating of flesh food.

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In fact, if you read it mentioned Manu smithy chapter number five was Timothy Almighty God has created some animals to eat and some to be eaten. If you eat the animals that have been created to be eaten, then it's not a sin. Murderous with Egypt. Number five was someone that even says that Almighty God created some animals for sacrifice, killing them in Ersin.

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monastery the chapter five verse 40 says that killing sacrificial animals for sacrifice is permitted. It is a law of the God. So in Hindu scriptures, it's permitted to have non veg food. If you need a way the other and the other scriptures, sages and funds made non waste food they will eat beef.

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If you read my Bharath

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undershirts and BB chap number 88 When the Pandavas together, judicial who the eldest brother of the ponder, he asks Bheeshma that What food should we given yagna in Pooja in sacrifice, so that our ancestors will be satisfied to beach my replies that if you

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Give herb than shrub than vegetables, our ancestors will be satisfied for one month.

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If you give them fish for two months, if you give them meat for three months, if you give them hair for four months, if you give them God for five months, if you give them begging for six months, if you give them birds for seven months, if you give them deer for eight months, and the menu continues big menus,

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it says if we give Buffalo for 11 months, if you give the flesh of cow,

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our ancestors will be satisfied for one full year.

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And if you give

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red meat of God, or meat of rhinoceros, they will be satisfied and exhaustively. So according to hindu scriptures, eating non veg is not a sin. It is because many of the Hindus were being influenced by the Hamsa philosophy of not killing any living creatures, they started accepting it. But even the philosopher Ahimsa as you said, that killing living creature is a sin. Brother, do you know that even plants have what life? Do you know that brother?

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So if you say killing living creatures, and killing a plant is also a sin? So why do you have plants?

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I agree. Agreed Very good.

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Furthermore, there are some people who say, Okay, we'll get rid of that, again, I agree that plants have got life, but the plants can't feel pain. Therefore killing a plant is a lesson as compared to killing animals.

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The point to be noted is that today science has the demands. And we have come to know even the plants can feel pain. But the cry of the plant cannot be heard by the human being. Because human beings here, the frequency that they hear is from 20 cycles per second to 20,000 cycles per second. Anything below and above this range you cannot hear. So there was a farmer in America who converted the calf the plant into the human frequency. And you could come to know when the plants were crying when they wanted water. There's another person who came and argued with me and told me whether he'd agree with you that plants have got life, plants can feel pain, but the plants have got about two

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senses less as compared to the animals. Therefore killing a plant is a lesser thing as compared to killing animal. I'm asking the question whether suppose your brother, your elder brother, he is born deaf and dumb. After he grows up,

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and someone comes and kills him, so will you go and tell the judge me Lord, give the murderer less punishment? Because my brother had two senses less he could not hear you could not speak. Will you say that? In fact, you will say give the murderer a double punishment. He could not do you could not speak my brother was masu he was innocent. So in Islam, it does not work like that two senses or three senses. The Quran says in Surah Baqarah Chapter number two verse number 168, eight of the good thing they have provided to you, as long as the food is halal. It says for you, you can have it.

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And furthermore, I personally have got no problem. If the non Muslim don't have non veg, I've got no problem. Only if they tell me eating non veg is a sin. It's a crime by the time I give the reply. Otherwise, if the non Muslims in India, they don't have non merge, it's beneficial for me. If all the non Muslims in India start having non wage then the prices of mutton and beef will rise. It'd be more expensive for me to have it. The personal I've got no problem. Hope that satisfies your question brother. Yeah, definitely. So now, if you want, you can learn to be a good vegetarian. If you want you can eat non veg yourself. Eating non veg will keep you more healthy.

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You're gonna but even if you want to be a pure vegetarian, it's not a sin. Hope that answers your question brother.