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Ours wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah.

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Allah, Allah He was so happy he married. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the creator, the Sustainer of the universe, Most Merciful, the most kind, I should have Allah Allah, Allah I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanho wa Taala we send our love our greetings and salutations so beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family and his companions and to all those who follow his suit until the enough time Allah grant us to be amongst them. I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us our sins of this past week, the grandest jumar to be an expiation and a guiding light for the week to come. May Allah have mercy on this oma Allah Subhana Allah have mercy

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on this Alma Allah have mercy on the sama and grant as to see beta days and we are in sha Allah.

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We digress from our story of Nabhi musala salat wa salam. And usually we like to complete a series when we do it. But time sometimes, you know, forces us to change our theme. So we'll continue with our story and our history of Nabhi musala salat wa salam, even not next week or the week to come. Because events in Palestine and at Mosley. laksa requires us to talk about these events it requires for us to discuss the issues pertinent issues in the oma and I found that what's currently happening, myself included. It's sort of happening. We're not too sure what's going on. A lot of people looking at me with strange foot like puzzled what's happening in in Palestine. What's new,

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and that's a scary thing. The fact that we don't know what is happening that last week was the first time in almost 50 years that Joomla was not held at Mozilla for almost 50 years. Jamal was not held. And if Chris I don't know what happened today, Friday, I don't know if they had Joomla in the masjid. But if they didn't have Joomla today, it would be the first time in over 1000 years since the Crusade, the two jamas will must at monster laksa. So these are scary things. And these are major events that's occurring. And it's something which as an oma, we seem to be very much detached before when I grew up. And when we grew up Palestine was always the hot issue. And with Syria and

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all the other issues, we've sort of become numb. We've seen it it's we don't know what to do powerless, but we shouldn't stop talking about it at least and at the very least make dua so we will just play a quick video.

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Just this will give you a back an insight as to what happened last week, and why we find ourselves in the kind of situation that we do. So what happened last week. This is a video no sound.

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Not to show how clear the picture is.

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No, there's no song.

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There's no sound, there's no sound.

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I'll summarize what basically the video is showing, just for a quick really short video.

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So just to recap, basically what happened last week, just before Juma a group of Palestinians three of them, they attacked the Israeli soldiers at the masjid Allah Allah why they did it? Is it permissible impermissible different discussion? Were they justified not justified? Were they provoked unprovoked? Allah Allah we don't know. And we say obviously, it's not permissible for anyone to just randomly attack a police officer, or to randomly take matters in your own hands. We don't allow these kind of things. This issue of jihad is a different topic altogether. It is something that is from the AMA and collectively, must be determined by the senior leadership of the

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Muslims. Nonetheless, three Palestinians and we know that they are living under oppression and whatever suffering that they have. They attacked Israeli soldiers at the masjid at much Luxor, which resulted in clashes, the three of them were killed. Two Israeli soldiers were killed. And as a result, the Israeli authorities took

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Over the compound the Aqsa compound which we'll talk about in sha Allah, and they stopped Juma from happening and they kept it closed for I think two days and then they reopened it on Monday. And when the masjid was now the complex was reopen, it is now very, very fortified by the Israelis, these security cameras they is they are metal detectors. So what this shows what the problem is and why the Muslims in Palestine are upset is that an axon it was agreed that the Al Aqsa compound even though Jerusalem is basically controlled by Israel, Al Aqsa compound will be under the auspices of the Muslim authority, the walk. Jordan basically has authority over the masjid they the custodians

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of the masjid. And once you enter the compound, basically its Muslim guards and security that's in charge. So it's like a foreigner or a person outside coming into your house and installing security cameras and putting metal detectors in your house and saying this is for protection purposes. We say that Israel has no authority to encroach on the sovereign,

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you know, the independence of Alexa. And as a protest, the Muslims have said, so long as Israel puts up the security barriers and the guards are controlling the area, we will not go inside the masjid and we will make sure that outside as protest, and that's basically what's happening. Israel must decide are they going to take out and take away the the security forces and give back control basically to the Muslim authorities? Or is there going to be a clash? And I'm Allah subhanaw taala save, you know, any bloodshed and grounds to be resolved peacefully, but how did we get here? How did we get here and inshallah today and next week and maybe the week they after, I will try to

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summarize 4000 years of history in about an hour or two, as to the history of an extra module AXA and the city of goods,

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the blessings of Jerusalem, the city itself, and the masjid in particular cannot be overstated, that it is a harem. harem is those three special designated land lands where Allah has said in this area, no killing, no fighting, what is halal outside is haram in the you know, when the Haji who goes on Hajj many ways Iran is in the state of prohibition. He can't do this. He can't do that. He can't do XYZ. Allah has basically put Mecca Medina and Jerusalem in a state of permanent Iran. You can't do as you please You can't take the flowers kill the animals in those areas, let alone the people of those areas. So Allah has designated these three cities as being haram sanctuary will add I mean, if

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the animals are protected, then the Muslims and the Jews and the Christians and the atheists everyone in that land is protected. It is as we know the first clip Allah in which the prophets of Salaam performed Salah for almost two years, he faced Beatty luctus as his kybella before the carrabba Beatty, lockless was the Qibla of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and the name Jerusalem. Where does it come from? It's a Hebrew word order Salim like Salam darussalam basically it means the city of peace and perhaps it's the city with the least peace in the world. But it's the city meant for peace Lila, I mean, for everyone, it is peaceful everyone, Muslims, Jews, Christians,

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this is how that city should be.

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A Buddha wrote the alarm in a hadith which is found in Bukhari and Muslim. He said, I asked the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what was the first Masjid basically on earth? And the Prophet said the most of her arm was the first then which was what after that, then the Prophet said mercy. laksa was in Jerusalem. And a Buddha asked how long was it between the two? And they also said 40 years. So we know that the Kaaba was the very first place of evader for mankind even before now the Adam, Mecca was the place of worship, for insan and in the history of mercy luxol we know that NaVi Brahim and very few other people will talk about had the honor of building the

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machines in that area. Very few people. So the V Brahim had the honor of rebuilding the caravan in Makkah, as we know and that's why the projects are going to visit Mecca now in the season of Hajj. He had esmaeili Mecca, and while he lived in Jerusalem, him and his heart both Muslim

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and they must see NaVi NaVi Brahim Elisa Lam. He lived in Iraq, and we miss people rejected him, him and his family left Iraq. They lived in Palestine. That's where he lived. That's when Abraham lived and died. And that's where he built his Masjid. Masood Azhar

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and Abraham's progeny. His son is Huck had a son Yaqoob had a son Yousuf, they live in Palestine, and that was the city and that was where they lived, and that they were the founders of that area.

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And then we know the story of Nabil Yusuf. He lived to Egypt. And when famine occurred in Palestine, when Palestine was struck by a famine and abusive was a minister in Egypt. We know the story. He told his father NaVi Yaqoob, the grandson of NaVi Brahim. Oh my father, you and my brothers leave Palestine and live with us in Egypt. And that's why bunnies are ill the children of Yaqoob nebia, who is called Israel if the word is wrong, he is Yaqoob. That's his name. When he saw the sons of Nabil Yaqoob, when the sons of knbr qub, the brothers of Nabil Yusuf left Palestine, they settled in Egypt. And then after about 600 years, Nabi Musa comes along, because this tribe of bunnies raw eel,

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were being oppressed by the pharaoh in Egypt. So they live their land, they came as refugees to Palestine to Egypt, and then fear around began to replace Vanessa, and that's our story of Nabi Musa is about this group of people. Why Allah ro brought Nabi Musa up was to bring Bani Israel out of Egypt, back to the land of, of canal or back to the land of Palestine.

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We will get to this in our story of maybe Moosa, but eventually we know that Iran will be defeated. Allah will bring bunnies or ill through the Red Sea into the desert and guide them to Palestine and Allah will say Palestine I have given you this land of Palestine into it. But when they got to Palestine, when they got to Jerusalem, they found that they were people living they already buy nice Royal Navy most people found that there were people living there. So Allah said these people are precious, they are like Pharaoh and basically you can make jihad against them

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and then the pennies right you'll sit to Nabi Musa is have Antara puca you and you Allah go and fight we sitting here we don't want to fight jihad, you and your logo. So because of that Allah said color for in the ham hora Mattoon Allah him I have made Palestine haram for them for benissa in all of you haram you will never intake now. I gave it to you. You don't want to obey my command. So I've made it haram for you bunnies are ill, or buying a Santa for 40 years you will not indeed Yachty hoonah fill out you will be lost wandering in the desert for that saddle comienza 16 so do not feel bad about the people who are disobedient to Allah. So now bunnies are in undeniably Moses guidance,

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leaving Egypt beating around get to Palestine they refuse to fight jihad, Allah makes it hard on for them. So now this group of people bunnies that are ill, the offsprings of Nabil Ibrahim, they are left in the desert for 40 years. And Allah decreed that every single one of those people who left Egypt haraam for them to enter Palestine. Even Abu Musab Nabi Mousavi Harun. We're not allowed to enter Palestine, how long? All of them are to die in the desert. And they children the next generation got now an opportunity to reenter Palestine. So Allah said, Now you have an opportunity to enter Palestine once again.

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And often Abu Musab passed away, Nobu Prophethood passed in Abuja and we'll find maybe you shall not mentioned by name in the Quran, but he's mentioned inserted calf with Peter Elisa Lam. That'd be Moosa in the story of hidden inshallah we'll get to that. He's he has a servant, a boy, a, an apprentice. That's what seemed with him. That's never USIA. So whenever Musa died, maybe Harun died you share became the Nabi of Bani Israel. So Allah says whenever you share you and the next generation bunnies are ill, you are allowed to take Palestine But once again, unconditioned, you must fight adjust jihad, adjust jihad. And Allah said whenever you share you have from Assam until

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malherbe to conquer Palestine, if you don't conquer it within the time horizon for you, once again, if the sun sets Haram, you cannot enter Palestine once again. So this group of bunnies are ill a much better group of bunnies are better than the followers of Nabi Musa, with the followers of nebia Lucia. So they made jihad. And as they were fighting jihad, the walk of Muslim almost came and the sun was about to sit and they had not yet won the battle. So maybe you should sit to the sun. You are a servant of Allah, Oh son, and you do the command of Allah and I am a servant of Allah and I also have my job. So allow me to do my job. And the prophets. Allah says in the Hadith in Bukhari,

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the sun has never stopped. Ever for any man besides USIA when you want to conquer baited Noctis. So then the sun paused, allow the sun to stop sitting for one hour, and that's all he needed, and then the conquered Palestine. So this is the only man in history where the sun stopped sitting whenever you shall cease do a little sand stop and let us conquer Palestine. So they conquered Palestine. And for the first time since LeBron MBC. Your sister Yaqoob bunnies are the children of

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abeokuta back in the ancestral home of Palestine.

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And they would love them and they would begin their own settlement in their own city

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for 200 years and then time would go on and the kingdoms around Palestine would invade them and attack them and they would defend this area, and they were weak, they weren't strong. And then came a time when you know the story of David and Goliath. This massive army with its hero, dilute Goliath was about to invade Palestine. The Venetia l didn't have a king, they didn't have a leader. So Allah subhanaw taala gave them a king and he gave them an MBA. Then they fought Goliath and we know a young boy in Abu Dhabi who defeated Goliath. So now Nobita, who becomes the leader of money, so he, he becomes the Nabina King, a new age in money throughout US history. We outlaw made the king and

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then a be the same person. What great, what a great honor to have that you political leader and your religious leaders, the same men. So two centuries after the Israelites into Jerusalem, Nabil Dawood to control and he brought together the tribes of benissa L. And Allah gave nebby dealt with this thing called the taboo, the Ark of the Covenant, a special box, which Allah gave Nabi Musa, something of an Abu Musa inside it is the, the angels carry this box, it floated without people carrying it inside the psyche. And as mentioned in the Quran, that this was given to Nobita wood this was a sign of his kingdom of his moon, and avida would now reinforced and strengthened by nice

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or ill, and after him, Allah had blessed nubby benissa it was the greatest king of all time. nahi Sulaiman nahi. Suleiman now becomes the king of the NaVi that would, and he would now build in Palestine, the massive Masjid a special kind of measured, mostly, Luxor was always the it was a massive, a basic machine. But now maybe sooner or later to Salaam, Allah had not only given him, no Baba, he wasn't only an abbey, he wasn't only a king, but he ruled the jinn as well. And the jinn have the power as we know to move objects, big objects. So Allah allowed him to build a magnificent Masjid a temple, like what is the temple it's of course we know it's a Masjid, the Ministry of luck

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saw. And he took a massive area inside of Palestine to build this massive and magnificent Masjid of Muslim saw. And something that we don't know what his muzzle locks are. And if you look at the image on the next slide, that square

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in the orange box, all of that is Alexa. So in Palestine, if you go to Jerusalem, you'll find in the city like a little flat Hill, like a mini table mount a little flat Hill, and it's about 300 meters by 500 meters three 500 meters down by 300 meters was a massive area, this entire plateau or this entire Hill is basically Mozeliak. So all of that is the harem of Mozeliak saw. And on this hill, Nabil Suleiman both he's managing a massive magnificent measured both by the gym. Imagine the mothership built by the gym, and perhaps the most encompass the entire area, much bigger than the original Masjid that was there, but this entire area is mostly saw. After Nabi Suleiman had passed

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away. And we learned from this from benissa as well, they began to divide form sects call each other caffeine debate about this and that change the laws not follow the Sunnah become attached to the dunya. Eventually they split the country split into two. They had a country to the north called Israel in and a country to the south called Judea. So like the Muslims have today, the Jews split into two different nations, the Jews of Israel and the Jews of Judea, and Palestine, and Muslim exile was in Judea in the south. And not long after that. 20 years or so after they split, Israel he was invaded. And soon after that Judea was invaded as well by a people called the Babylonians, they

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invaded Judea and now too far, invaded Palestine. And they took control of the masjid, this magnificent Masjid of NaVi Suleiman the Babylonians into it, and they massacred the people of aneesa in killed the main enslaved women, and burnt the masjid to the ground. And Allah mentions this in the Quran for either our Ola, Houma so Allah says when the sick when the first of my two promises, allows you to buy easily, twice, you're going to disobey me and twice I'm going to punish you, and twice they're going to destroy the masjid. The first time Allah says, but as a better learner will eventually even for Joshua Hillel, Dr. McCann awada oola so when the time and the promise came the

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first time we sinned against you, servants here could be obviously everyone is the servant in the slave of Allah, even those who disobey Allah

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Even if this is the slave of law, that an enemy and those commission those under the command of a law, they entered and they destroyed the masjid, whether they were to follow adam, but they came in and they destroyed the masjid. And they enslaved by nice or ill. And this was a promise fulfilled. And in fact by nice, thank you once again basically lived as they lived under Iran. They lived under oppression under the Babylonians.

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And for the next 500 years or so. So this is about 500 years before in Ibiza. This is before in Ibiza, so we talking 2000 2500 years ago, the Jews love as an as a subjugated people, they never had a country of their own.

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From the time of Nabhi, Sulaiman, really, the bunnies are ill, or those who claim to be bunny. So they lived as an oppressed people under different kingdoms First, the Babylonians. When Alexander the Great, the Greeks in the Persians and the Persians were a little bitter to them. Then the Romans took over the Romans in the time of Nabhi, Elijah to Salaam, the Romans were in control of Palestine, and throughout the story throughout the history, Allah sent them ambia and something for us to learn that even though maybe look at look at our times, we look how weak we are. Maybe Abraham lived under oppression, maybe Moosa lived on the ground, maybe Isa lived under Roman oppression,

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that basically most of the ambia throughout the history, they were loving against, you know, a subjugated colonized weak people, very few times, we find an AVI Suleiman where he's the king and he's in control and to be dealt with very few times. In fact, all of the NBA you could say, besides the few exceptions, live in a time like we living in a week, subjugated people under the foot of oppression. This is the sooner the ambia, Allah sent them newbies to guide them through and help them fix their problems. But they didn't follow the MBR. So Allah gave them a chance Allah sent them the Messiah, the one who Allah promised them a man I will send to you a newbie that will rule this

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world that will give you a Zen strength. The son of Nabhi is the son of Madame Elisa to set up the beast Elissa to Salam. But if you follow Him, He will be the Messiah, he is the Messiah. And they came and he came at a time when Palestine was ruled. Jerusalem was ruled by the Romans, the Romans that time were not Christian Christianity didn't exist that time. They were what are the Romans worshipping? They're worshipping Zeus and Hercules and all the mythological planets and many, many gods pagans, liberal pagans. So this is so Nabil Isa came at a time when the Romans ruled Jerusalem, and the Romans allowed the Jews allow them a degree of autonomy. The Romans said, Look, you can have

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your own ama you can have your MJC you can have your places of worship.

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Don't just don't challenge our authority. We are in charge you follow the laws and you can live as you want. So when Debbie Isa came up, and he challenged the Jewish clergy the amount of money surreal, and see that you people are corrupt, and it's time to get back to follow the suit of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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It wasn't the Romans that rejected in Ibiza, it was bunnies.

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And before then a B before Nabi Isa, they had killed NaVi Zakaria and nebia already there already. Now that gone to the point where when the MBR came, they said you people are loving your week you're divided your priest follow the NaVi Allah is going to give you a liberation. When they didn't like the NBA, they simply killed the Navy. This is something which many you know spider law, this is the extreme height of anger to Allah subhanaw taala when he sends you an AVI to guide you out of it, that you kill them, and that's why this email hamdulillah one of the things that makes this Mao special is our love for Nabil Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, even though we don't follow him as soon as

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we should. We love him

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in our hearts more than any other Ouma love the Gambia, 1500 years later, he's still very, very special in our hearts. So this group of people, not only the reject NaVi Isa of the bloating, clear science, after that made the ayah Allah sinned as our Messiah. Until today, the Jews the Jews believe in the Messiah, in fact, the concept of Messiah, Messiah, meaning the one who will bring salvation to the world is a Jewish concept. It's not something which the Muslims or the Christians it was in Bani Israel eels Torah, that a time will come a Messiah will come and they've been waiting because they rejected the original Messiah they still waiting for the Messiah. So now he salicylate

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Swan came and they rejected him and in fact, they try to we know crucify him. So Allah save them save the visa, but as a punishment for them often, he said lift the dounia

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About 70 years later, the Jews rose up and they followed a false messiah against the Romans and they lost. So the Jews to the Romans into Palestine for a second time, as Allah mentioned, and destroyed the masjid once again, and completely subjugated them. In fact, the Romans went so far to say From now on, Jews are not allowed to live in Palestine and they were kicked out of Palestine, not by the Muslims, by the Romans. for 300 years, the Jews were not allowed to live in Palestine, and to really show and humiliate the Jews. Not only did they demolish the masjid at Mass lochsa but the Jews made it a rubbish heap, the rubbish heap of Jerusalem was massive laakso they filled it with garbage and

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NASA. And they built a huge temple, a huge temple to the God of the main Gods Zeus or Jupiter. And this is how it was worth 300 years. And in fact, the name otter Shalimar Jerusalem was changed to Eli capitolina the name of Jerusalem was even changed. That's why you find and this is a side note very interesting, you find in the Hadith. Now visa Salama, let's speak about Jerusalem because the name Jerusalem was on a disk called Eli. This was called the city ILA, because that was the name that the Romans had given the city.

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So the Romans ruled it for 300 years banned the Jews from loving way. And they made massive Luxor basically a rubbish heap. And then a emperor of the Romans became Christian, a man called Constantine. He became Christian. So he was the Romans were pagan, they worshipped idols. And this man became Christian, the Christianity that we know today, and he now comes back to Jerusalem, and he relaxes the law is a bit more lenient to the Jews and the Christians. And he removes the temples of paganism. And he builds churches. And he basically built the basically the harem of the Christians. The most sacred place for the Christians is a church called the Church of the Holy

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Sepulchre. They believe that's when Ibiza was was crucified. Obviously, we know he wasn't crucified, but they believe this is the area and they built a church they called the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Roman Emperor Constantine built this about 300 years before now vehcile salaam 1700 years ago, and now but so Mozeliak saw the area was so used that the sheep to the Christians this wasn't a holy place to them. They obviously the New Testament is not about bunnies are not about Nabil Suleiman not about the masjid. It's all about Jesus and the Trinity. So it's a new kind of so the Christians are now ruling Jerusalem for 300 years. And then 600 years often Ibiza, a law St.

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Louis Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and vehcile salam would travel to Palestine on the Israel in the Mirage and he will perform a Salah. So the time we all know the story, he went to Muncie Luxor to make Sora but there was no magic luck, so much luck, so didn't exist. He performed the Salah with the MBR at the masjid, which Allah had reconstructed nwbc laymans Masjid for him, in a manner which we cannot understand beyond like the rest of the Asana Mirage, we performed Salah, but in reality that mercy did not exist. It was a garbage heap. And after the prophets also lamp and the cffc Naboo baccharis a normal, the Muslim Ummah began to expand, and the Muslims won a great

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victory against the Romans at the Battle of Yarmouk harden Walid sayfullo below and engineered one of the greatest victories in the history of mankind. And he basically removed the power of the Romans in Syria and Palestine. And now Jerusalem. Jerusalem is without a leader. Jerusalem is conquered by this new group of people, these Arabs in the desert and the authority of Jerusalem. They look these are rabbis in Jerusalem. They are pagans in Jerusalem. They are priests in Jerusalem and obviously the Christians being controlled. Jerusalem was run basically by the Archbishop of Jerusalem. And when he heard the Muslims had defeated the Romans, he said, we don't want bloodshed

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here in Palestine. We will give over the city to you Muslims, but we want your halifa we want your leader to come here personally. We're not going to give the key of the city to anyone except your leader, which will say normally on the line, say now Madison Medina, and we get the news his armies in Jerusalem say, You must come to Palestine Oh halifa so enormous. Okay, no problem fine. He comes by himself with a servant just him and a servant. This is the most powerful man on earth. So that will go through the desert, just me and my servant, and we will share one camel or a donkey. Some even say the donkey. This is how the most powerful man in the world in the world comes to conquer

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the city of Jerusalem. And as they are walking through the desert, say normally said it's only fair that for an hour or two

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Two hours I ride the camel and you walk. And when it's your turn, I'm not gonna ride in the servant walks the entire journey. So they alternated, one hour say normal walks, one hour he rides. And when they enter Jerusalem, it was the turn of the servant. So the servant says Yamuna, when we come into the city with me riding the camel and you walking, there is no face fake. You ride I will walk and this is our say, not only into the city of Jerusalem, and when it gets to Jerusalem before he meets the, the Archbishop of Jerusalem, he meets his generals Sahaba these are Sahaba and they say the army meaning you can't go and meet the leaders of the Christians looking like this, who came from

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the desert to get some clothing. We told him about our halifa say no more this great Sahabi and you dressed like a Bedouin cinema got very upset. And he grabbed one of his generals, and he said, we will we before Islam, remember we we will, we will killing our daughters, and we're fighting over camels. And then Allah sent us Islam. And when we held on to Islam, look at us now. Allah made us the leaders of this world. And the minute we forget, that's the minute we let go of that Islam always gonna put us back we were in Jamelia. That's the answer to Palestine. So he normally is giving us the answer. So he enters the city, and they give him the key. And now for the first time

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since Nabhi, Isa say normally listen to the Satan or Omer declares an edict that Jerusalem is free to anyone and everyone and the Jews who were banned. The Jews were kicked out of Jerusalem, you are allowed to come back. And the holy places of the Christians are for him. The holy places of the Jews are for them, the holy places of the Muslims or for them, and he goes now to Muncie locks off the place of Missouri locks off, and what does he find a garbage heap? Right? There's no magic, there is just rubbish. And he stands there. And he begins to pick up the dirt, put it in his throat, and he starts carrying the dirt out himself. And one by one the people of Jerusalem follow his example. And

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they clear the entire area of the ninjas and forth with his own hands, say now more of the Alon removed it. And now we have an empty plateau and empty Hill. And he admits this rock and we which we'll talk about inshallah, next week, and he asks, we should build a message here, we should we build this message, and say now more of the Alon of the consultation with Sahaba. He built a message towards and we will show perhaps next week, the the pictures, he built a measure towards the southern side meaning facing the Qibla right to the end to the south. He built the majority and that is the masjid which we call Muslim AXA. It's not really much luck. So it's much it's cleverly, it's

00:32:50--> 00:33:37

managed upside normal. And I ended up with a Satan armor of the alarm as a unique honor. He built machinery by hand. There was no magic number when it came to Medina. They bolted by hand he bolted within a visa salah and he bought mazie locks all by hand as well. And he extended the Haram in Makkah. Three of the harems a normal deal on that honor. Everyone makes salah and he gets a credit. Even something we say the MBR only something that nobody Brahim had that honor say Norma had that honor. So we'll talk inshallah about Islamic rule. So for 1500 years since a number this oma we have been in control of Muslim Luxor until the past 6070 years. And it will show you what was it like how

00:33:37--> 00:34:01

did we rule the city? How did we treat the Jews and the Christians and those who didn't agree was how did we rule that city compared to what has happened now? And how did we lose the city? From the time of say normal? It's a shock we've lost it, how did we What happened? And how do we inshallah we go back to this legacy of our time in sha Allah Allah Subhana Allah forgive us and have mercy on us. Allah grant us to see better days in this oma

00:34:03--> 00:34:44

just a few announcements Hadji greetings those who will follow who will visit the greatest Masjid on Earth, the most of the Haram inshallah we asked him to make dua for us. And just our brother Abdullah Abdullah Abdul Hadi, Dolly and his wife will be leaving the 23rd of July, July 27 of July, all the way to Adams 28th of July, Hassan Sally and wife on the second of August Tarik Ali and wife Louise and the second of August alborada. Abu Mohammed Bashir is in charge and the room will be leaving and his wife Nigeria will be leaving on the sixth of August and was CIF Ali and wife Niihau will be leaving on the ninth of August. So we ask Allah to grant them a safe trip and a safe return.

00:34:44--> 00:34:52

Mahajan, Maqbool and Mebroot Allah keep them in our doors and in sha Allah returned him safely amin was Allah signal Mohammed

00:34:54--> 00:34:55

amin Salaam Alaikum forget