Zakir Naik – Why is Allah Referred to as ‘Allah’ and not by other Names?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A non Muslim sister wants to know why she is being referred to as Allah and why she doesn't want to disclose identity. The sister is confused by the title of a student of MDM and questions why she is referred to as a student. The sister explains that she wants to know why she is being referred to as a student and why she doesn't want to disclose her identity.
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This non Muslim sister she does not want to disclose identity, welcome. without disclosing identities, you can ask a question. She's a student of MDM. She asked, Why is Allah referred to Allah? Why not any other name?

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The sister has a question that why is Allah referred to as Allah and why not other names? The reply is given the Quran in surah surah chapter number 17 was the 110. It's mentioned the Quran curricula. Rahman Al Motta do follow us, Moses now say call upon him by Allah or call upon Mehta man by Whichever name you call upon Him. To Him belong the most beautiful names you can call ALMIGHTY GOD, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala by any name, but it should be a pure name, it should be a correct name, it should be a name given by himself, and there are no less than 99 attributes given in the Glorious Quran to say Hadith or Rahman Al Rahim al Karim al Hakim, most merciful, most compassionate, most

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wise, no less than 99 and the crowning one is Allah. And this message that Allah belongs the most beautiful names besides research are present in Muslim manner. And then it's also repeated in surah, chapter number 20, verse number eight and surah chapter number 780 and Surah Asha chapter 15, verse number 24, Allah says that, to Him belong the most beautiful name, but the crowning name is Allah. Now why do we Muslims prefer calling Allah by the Arabic word Allah instead of the English word God, the reason is sister, all the other names and words. They can be played around with.

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For example, the English word God, if you add s to God, it becomes God's plural of God. There is nothing like plural Allah cool, who Allah say the lava normally, if you add D SS to God, it becomes goddess, a female God. In Islam, there's nothing like male Allah a female ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has got no gender. If you add father to God, it becomes godfather. He's no Godfather, he's my guardian. There's nothing like Allah, Allah father in Islam. If you add a mother to God, it becomes God Mother.

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Then nothing like Allah. Mother, Allah Amin Islam, if you prefixed him before God, it becomes 10 God meaning a fake god. There's nothing like in Allah and Islam. That is the reason we Muslims, we prefer calling Allah by the Arabic word Allah. And that's the reason this word Allah is also present in most of the major scriptures. If you read the Sikh scriptures, one of the attributes given to Almighty God is the law. If you read the Christian Bible, in the Gospel of Matthew number 15, verse 34, in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter number 27, verse number 46, when Jesus case peace be upon him, when he was put on the cross, he cried out, Li Li la Sabbath Danny Oh God, oh God, why hast thou

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forsaken me? De Li Li llama Sabbath Danny sound like oh god, oh god by the forsaken me? No. But if you translate into Arabic,

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it says, Allah, Allah, Allah matar Thani, similar Hebrew

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and Arabic, they assisted languages.

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And if you read this Coffield visionary, it pronounces Allah also li also is Allah al Ah,

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so Allah even mentioned the Bible, even in the scriptures. It mentioned the way that there's a separate partition by the name of Allah Manisha. So this word Allah is also mentioned by name in the major world religious scriptures. This is the proper name of the to Almighty God hope that answers the question

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