Tom Facchine – How To Become An Indomitable Ummah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of showing support for one's cause and avoiding corruption in politics, as well as criticizing mainstream media for "unsure" and the use of "unsure" to describe situations. They also discuss the political and social dynamics in the UK, Australia, and the US, including pressure on elected representatives and resignations from established parties. The speakers emphasize the need for educating politicians and representatives on the negative impact of social media on people's movement and advancements in racism, as well as the use of their leadership and weaknesses to show appreciation for guidance from the Prophet and the return of the (inaudible)-Representative movement. The conversation also touches on the history of the conflict, including the use of hammers and the use of hamsters to push back against the conflict.
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Sula, Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us 1400 years ago that the OMA is like one body, that when one part of the body complains that the entire body reacts with sleeplessness and fever, and we're feeling that now more than ever before, but one of the good points is that that pain that we feel is a sign of our Eman. It's a sign of our faith and it's a sign of our unity. And it's also a call to step up and act. Join us every night this week at 9:30pm where inshallah that's Eastern time. 830 Central time we'll do two things. We're going to collectively find solace in Allah subhanaw taala and his plan, and we're going to learn how to

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actively contribute to the betterment of our world. Join us, ask your questions, explore how our faith is the light in the darkness that gives us the strength and the courage to face any situation. And today's conversation. I'm delighted to have two wonderful and esteemed guests with me, Sammy Hamdi and Makarios Smith, who need no introduction. Welcome to the program. I'm so honored to be here, but a coffee cup. So how we're going to do this tonight, we're going to break it up into kind of two sessions where we're going to talk to each one of you individually for maybe 15 minutes. I've got some questions that I've prepared, but it's mostly going to be you taking the floor. Anybody who

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has questions, please leave them in the comments. We're going to be selecting questions, we'll have a brief q&a, a break for a brief q&a after each speaker is done. Then we'll come back all together and we'll do a larger q&a after I add some commentary of my own. First we'd like to direct and the theme for tonight is towards an unbeatable, right or an aroma that is indomitable, or undefeated.

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Turning to Sheikh mkhaya Smith, you know, one of the things that that I wanted you to maybe give some voice to was, what is a Muslims duty to contribute to society. A lot of times we see these things, and we have a very consumerist attitude towards them the way that the media is structured. It's part of we call it a live feed. It just is something that we consume, like we're feeding off of it. And really, our deen asks us to do more. So could you speak perhaps to what is a Muslims duty to contribute to the society around them? Yeah, this means I will have that Allah, wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Woman wala, I'm delighted to honor to be here, and to be able to

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contribute some way to the struggles of our people. You know, the Prophet taught us to hate the evil strive against it in whatever capacity we can. And we are all trying our best to to stop the evil that is around us in whatever way we can. And so your question is a very interesting one. The question is, what is the duty of the Muslim? What do we owe to society we what do we have to give back and there's one Prophetic narration that really speaks to me right now, which is, it's a long narration, but I'll just paraphrase it for the sake of time, which is, the Prophet said a lot, it was salam, he taught us that all of us are like this, all of humanity is like this group that's on

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this Safina, this, this ship. And we're all on this journey together, we're all going to a distant destination together. And in the process of a lot he was setting them said just by the drawing of lots, some people on a higher deck, and some people are on the lower deck, just by the last that they drew, that's where they end up being. And so the people on the lower deck, every time they want to get water, they have to go through the upper deck to get water. And they have to, you know, inconvenience the people on the on the upper deck, and the prophets of Allah to set them say that said that at one point, they kind of get worried that you know, we keep inconveniencing these

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people, why don't we just make a hole in the bottom of the ship. And this is where the metaphor gets extremely powerful because it's truly speaks about the right the the responsibility we have in this moment, all the time. But especially in this moment that we're in right now, the prophets of Allah to send them said that this group in the lower part of the deck under the deck, they say, you know, why don't we just make a hole in the bottom of the ship so that we could just take water from the bottom and it's a horrible idea, obviously.

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And they think it's a great idea, but they don't understand how detrimental This is to the entire society. They only see the benefit that it brings them right they only see what it brings them not the entirety of our society. And and I think this metaphor is so power Imam and restart Sammy, I think this this metaphor is so powerful, because the Prophet said if we if the people on the upper deck just leave the people on the lower deck to make this whole if they allow them to cause corruption to spread evil and do what's wrong. Then hella cool Jamie and the Rasool ra Serato. Sammy says everyone's done in that case. And so Imam Tom this this this this

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Hadith to me really speaks about our responsibility to society right now we have to be those voices of truth speaking up and grabbing the hand, there's one more Hadith that really comes to mind about our responsibility. And its own sort of haka volume and Ahmad lumen, that also it set out to a Saddam, he said, help your brother, be he a oppressor or oppressed. And in that moment, the Sahaba they were kind of like, thrown off and they said, you're sort of Allah, like, we understand how to help an oppressed person, but how do we help notice the word help? And this is the key how do we how do we help the oppressor, right, and this goes to show the mentality that we have that mentality is

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like, we're removing something that's detrimental in our society. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, he said, a grab the hand of your brother, this is how you help the oppressor by stopping them. And so right now, as we lift our hands, and we lift our voices, and we speak, we are bringing clarity to society, we are bringing good by trying our best to remove the evil that's going on. Now, that's, that's extremely profound. And I think, especially, you know, with the Hadith of the boat of the Safina, you know, it's it's countering the perception that Muslims are a fifth column, right or mighty, in fact, and we also ourselves, I think, have to be sensitive, we have to be sensitive to

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being sort of colonized by this mentality that we are trying to redeem and and say that, right now, it might not be on the terms that are, you know, that broader society imagined that they would be saved upon, but you know, your default position of wanting good and having goodwill towards the people around you that what better thing could you give them than truth? Right, and to show them the error of their ways and to take them out of the position of wronging themselves? How many times in the Quran does Allah subhanaw taala describe the oppressors as people who wronged themselves? So that's, I think that's immensely profound. Now, when it comes to contributing, okay, there are

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certain obstacles, actually, there's several obstacles, and those obstacles come from a multitude of directions. One of the obstacles that I hear on the ground is that some people, they have sort of a balkanized attitude towards the things that other people are suffering suffering. So whenever some, whenever a group of Muslims takes their turn, right, the sort of question that is asked is, well, why should I care about their issue and they didn't care about mine. So how do we how do we respond to this this type of attitude, I mean, subhanAllah

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just this just the mentioning of It enrages you and makes you so upset because at a time like now when the why the NIA of the OMA is needed more than ever the unity of voices focused on one thing at this is not the time at all to focus on well my issue to get the the lives our lives are at stake here. This isn't just talk, this isn't we don't have the privilege of debating what's the most important issue right now. That's not what's happening at this point. The only focus is and there's another thing, there's another thing Subhanallah while I actually met Nico shenana, Coleman, Allah, Allah adeolu, like, never, ever allow your emotion to take you from focusing on the Hulk have a

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moment of the justice of a moment. So there could be these different segments of our community that truly and I feel the pain when their issue came up. Maybe it didn't get the global response that that this issue is getting, and I and I understand that right. But don't let that take you away from the thing that God wants from you right now. And what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us right now, undoubtedly, there is not a Muslim on this planet. There's an Imam, there's an a sheikh, there's an activist Arizona analysts, there is no Muslim on this planet that doesn't agree to that, for the most part, that now is the time for us to all be together. And now's the time for us to focus our

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voices on one issue right now. And it is the massacre and the attempt of genocide of our Philistines, brothers and sisters. If not, if not for that for your love of bullets for your love of of those who love the of the of the Quran and all these things. So

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I understand Imam like definitely Subhanallah it is definitely definitely there are these moments where people say okay, well, my issue didn't get this focus. But for now, I asked the brothers and sisters man put that to the side. Put that to the side. Now is not the time for those things. We don't have the privilege of having these theoretical. What about isms? What about this? What about we don't have that privilege right now, right now is raise your voice as loud as you can. And let every person that you know, be a Muslim or not Muslim know that what is happening to our brothers and Philistine is wrong is genocide. And we will not act like we did after September 11. And just be

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quiet, right? No, this is incorrect. And we have to we have to speak up and so

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I appreciate that.

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Question. And it's important that we get ahead of these conversations before they before they start to materialize. Yeah, definitely. And I appreciate your strong stance on that. And it also occurs to me that we have to break the cycle, right? Because that's going to be everyone's mentality, right? It's kind of like a Kantian ethics thing, right? It's like, if everybody were to have that attitude, then we wouldn't, we'd be trapped in this sort of attitude for forever. And we've got to break the cycle. Yes, we need to show up for all of our brothers and all the sisters and all the situations that we face. And this is an opportunity to actually break out of that cycle, and start thinking

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automatically start thinking as an omen thinking collectively and acting collectively. So that, you know, you go from

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the next issue and the next group takes their turn, then we're ready because we've already been thinking So collectively, sorry. Yeah. I love that. I love that what you said thinking automatically, right and breaking the cycle. There's a clear Hadith where the prophet was speaking about the Watson and the otter, the Watson is the one that's joining the relationships. And the Bata is the one that's breaking it. And he teaches a very important rule, which is, it's not enough to only be fighting for people's causes, helping people reaching out to people when they're reaching out to you know, the true Muslim because we're doing it for the sake of Allah, the true Muslim, even

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if you didn't show up to my cause, I'm showing up to your cause. Because it's not about you. It's about what I'm doing for the sake of Allah Subhan Allah to Allah right. And that's where we got to dig deep right now and realize that that there's one focus right now and then one focus one, that and that takes a tremendous amount of spiritual maturity and sincerity that was about Allah may Allah grant us that.

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Switching gears a little bit, many people have likened this scenario that's unfolding and Philistine to a David and Goliath situation or to a Musa Iran situation. I know many people have talked about how many lessons there are from the story of Musashi Saddam, and the showdown he had with crown. I wonder if you have any thoughts on that or reflections that you could benefit us with? Yeah, this means I would have the law. I mean, listen, brothers and sisters. You know, I was at a rally yesterday, Sheikh Omar also the man was there, the whole Dallas came out around the world, people are coming out we are we are not just talking, we aren't just we aren't only making dua, right. We

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are also lifting our voices as we lift our hands is the slogan I'm using for it, we lift our voices and we lift our hands. And with that said, with that said, I think what we all need to realize though, every Muslim listening to me right now needs to realize something really deep in your heart. We always have to turn back to the Quran and the Sunnah, to give us our guidance in these moments. We have to we have to we have to, we cannot wait, this is the time when we need that the most. Right? This is the time when we should be most connected to the keytab of Allah and the sunnah of our hubby. And so, you know, Imam Tom, there was one. There's one moment in the in the story of

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Moses, I think the entire story speaks so much about what we're watching right now. And so if I could just share one thing and the reason I'm sharing this, I want you to understand, when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was making his law, I'm gonna I'm gonna go into this narration but hear me out. When the prophets of Allah de Sena was making his little

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Soraka was chasing the Prophet, he wasn't Muslim at the time, he was chasing, he was chasing the prophets of Allah, he was sudden. And he says that I was I was behind him. And I was I was many, many, many

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yards behind them. And I saw two people. And I saw this one person who kept looking back at me, right, and then another person who was just walking straight. And then he says, As he got closer, he says, the person looking back he kept looking, checking to see how close I am. And the other person just kept. But he says, As I got closer, I could hear the person in the front walking straight, was just reciting Quran and he tells us later that it was the Rasul Allah hottie was salam that was just walking, reciting and the one looking back was aboubaker This is profound it is so powerful because there's a bounty after his head there's a there's a killer after him. But that Quran Allah Masha

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Allah Quran Ravi of Peruvian, I like make it the thing that guides us yada. So with that said, let's look at one moment from the the Moses Pharaoh story that I think we can gain insight from and here's one more thing you mom, Tom, forgive me for my digression. We're enjoying it. Yeah. Here's another thing. The beautiful thing is that when you read about it and realize this isn't the first time it's happening, you're like, Man, this ain't my first rodeo. I'm from Texas.

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My first rodeo so when

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We read about it in the Quran and you're like Subhana Allah, Allah already told us this. He's already showed us this. And so let's get into this Subhanallah what kind of metal Omen Tomi fit own? At Ted little Musa coma who you see the fill out? Whether our ally attack crazy verse soda out of verse number 127.

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That Councilman of Pharaoh, they say to Pharaoh, a total Musa. Moses is trying to leave with his people. He's trying to liberate his people. He's trying to liberate his people, Subhan Allah, and what does the mellette the councilmen say? They say, are you going to leave Moses and his people to so corruption in the land? First point we got to understand is what they called corruption. We called liberation.

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Moses was sent only to liberate Benny Swati and only to bring them out of that oppression. But from the vantage point of Mela, you said fill up man, if your facade filled of these my liberation, I'm causing corruption all day. That's right.

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If your facade is my liberation, then I guess we got we got we got issues, what leaves it fit off? So first thing, that that that spinning of it out of the making it seem to be facade, making it spinning it to be other than liberation, that alone right there, it's not the first time. And to me, when I read those verses, you know, my heart smiled, that yada yada and hamdulillah and then the verses go forward, all as an oxy lubaina When I started UniSA home, I mean, he was better than what people are doing now. Now the villa, he said, I'll keep their sons alive and I'll, I'll slaughter their sons, and I'll keep their daughters alive. Now, here's the key.

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We're in a phone call home call here. Don't look what Pharaoh said. Indeed, we have power over them. Though. Here's the problem. The Muslim is amazing. Algebra and Geometry movement. You know why the Muslim is amazing. When the Muslim is the subject of oppression, he realizes that the one above him doesn't have true power because there's one above him.

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And when the believer is the one in power, we never oppress why, because we remember the one above us that has power. So no matter where we are a hot is a hot

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and in this moment right now, and it's it's hard to talk about.

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But right now, there are brothers and sisters of ours, looking up.

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But we don't realize they're looking above the planes to Allah.

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They're looking above the planes, the planes above. They're looking above

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right Subhan Allah.

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Allah Musa li omy Moses is speaking to me and you through the prophets of Allah Allah has said I'm through through decades of centuries of revelation he's speaking to you he says yeah call me is that angel belie was to be true. Seek help from God guys. And I'm saying this after all of us guys, all of us have been at rallies we've been posting we've been sharing we've been sending money we've been doing what we can but on top of that, if you lose your spiritual connection you've unplugged everything from the source of all guidance. He says it's the angel below he was below look at the next words in an orderly Allah UD to her Manisha

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mean a daddy will ask him look, the earth belongs to God he'll give it to who he pleases like all of this Subhanallah the verses speak so powerful. So um, you know, I just thought these verses right here so to start off, I want our audience to remember we are being active we are doing what we can we are getting the most accurate and detailed analysis from our stars here and other experts we are have political activists who are leading us but our spiritual connection when they describe Sahaba for Hassan and been in the heart but at nighttime Ruhani connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. So I just want us to get connection by understanding this Allah subhana wa Tada has already told us about

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this, and we must stay connected to the GitHub of Allah while we stay active trying to bring change in the world. Allahu Akbar, Mashallah. I mean that those are very profound reflections. Thank you so much for offering them up and sharing them with us. It's really couldn't ask for a better segue to, I think our segment with with SAS please because because I think we're going to take a few questions first, just to give some some air to the program. But, you know, so many things to touch on as Sammy can keep them in mind as we go forward. The first is language games.

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I mean, if you're in the the Battle of discourse, it's all about language games, what you call a thing, it might win or lose the battle. Right? So we're, we're talking about, you know, is it, you know, what is occupying what is terrorism? What is this? What is that right everything that we call something. And obviously we know that the opposition is extremely crafty, and how they wield the language to set them up to win the debate. And I was on a local radio talk talk show this morning. And that's the first battle that you have to win, you have to win the language battle. So making sure that we understand what that language battle is. And then having all of our activism and all of

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our actions tie back to our sincerity and our devotion, our worship, that is the key and there is no success without the * successful I suppose. That's also another thing that I had already had written out to get into it with Sammy. But let's let's take just a quick break for some questions. Before we get into that. Amen. A asks, what do we do in the West? Are we betraying our brothers and sisters? I'm guessing that the implication is here that because due to virtue of the fact that we're in the West, I'm sharing content and making dua as much as I can. Is this enough? And that's for either of you. If either of you would like to feel that?

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How about God you are like it took land. Yeah, the prophesy Salam in many narrations he would try, he would give his best effort. And he would say, y'all, this is my George, this is my job, this is my job.

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Do everything you can do everything you can. I'd love to hear from him. You know, Sammy here inshallah he could share some light on some practical tips. I think some of our activists have been organizing the rallies. I think the rallies will lewat him I was speaking to some of the some of the people we see some change coming and I was listening to Sammy who enlighten enlighten us in sha Allah. But please, please.

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Welcome welcome. I think, first of all, thank you for having me. And thank you, it's great to see friendly faces, mashallah and faces that I watch on YouTube do and I'm Yvonne. Mashallah. I think one of the things that to answer the question directly, I think it's better to have the Israeli Defense Minister, the former Israeli Defense Minister answer this question. In 2021. When the Israelis were bombarding Gaza when they went in when they were saying that this was a terrorist threat, when they were mobilizing their million dollar PR industry to try to really paint the Palestinians as animals and to assert that the bombing of Gaza the destruction, the slaughter and

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the lake was justified. Bennigan's hit a problem. And what he did was he summoned the directors of Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram, to an emergency meeting, the meeting was held very quickly within 24 hours. And he or he commanded or he asked them, and he pleaded with them, to take down hashtag Palestine to take down Palestinian content. The Israeli Defense Minister who oversees all of the mobilization, who has the PR, under his command, was asking the social media platforms in which ordinary people, ordinary Muslims were posting, he was telling them guys as part of this effort, it is breaking our control of the narrative breaking our control of the monopoly, we are telling you to

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take this content down. And this is why when the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah, Allah, Allah Selim says, belly who I knew will say conveyed something from me, even if it's just an error, because he knew the value of what conveying even an A A can make. When the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says manera, I'm in Cameroon current value will be added, He who sees something that is wrong, let him change it with his hand. And if he cannot, with his hand, let him change it with his tongue. And if he cannot, with his tongue, let him condemn it in his heart. And that's the weakest of he already says that Amen. You're in the second category, you're not in the lowest you're already in that

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second category. You're already in an elevated status when you're sharing that content and pushing in the light. And you pushing it not somebody who's got 1000s of followers, you as the individual you your Twitter account, or x account, you and your Facebook or Instagram or the like. You're the reason Benny ganz summons tick tock Facebook and Instagram to tell them to take down content. And you're the reason that the European Union, some of the officials who are sympathetic to Israel are trying to push a motion to reimpose restrictions that some of the social media have lifted because they believe that they are losing the narrative war. And one of the reasons that I'll make a very

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bold claim, because based on my analysis, in terms of the politics, the reason there hasn't been a ground invasion yet, is because the Israelis are concerned that the narrative is not yet in their favor, that everybody in the world has seen the destruction that the mark that they've done, and that because of protests in London, in Chicago, in Canada, in Bangladesh, in Pakistan, in Rome, in Berlin, in

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Paris in all of these capitals where protests were not supposed to take place, there's a deep concern that the public opinion is overwhelmingly against Israel. And that's why they're very wary that if they go in with a ground invasion, as it stands if they go in with a ground invasion, and uses the EMA and and everybody here at Yaqeen Institute, and everybody else making the efforts if they go in with a grander vision, and these people and yourself are showing the world that Palestinians are human, not the animals that Israel has been insisting for so many decades with its monopoly of the narrative, then they will permanently lose global opinion. And that's why the second

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US Secretary of State Blinken, when he went to Tel Aviv to show support, his intention was to go to Tel Aviv and come straight back to Washington. But the Intellivue he announced he would launch a regional tour. And if you open Washington Post to the today's article might have a time difference. I'm not sure what's today and tomorrow. But if you open the Washington Post article, you'll see blinking pleads with US allies in the Gulf, to rein in the public backlash to rein in the public opinion. He asked the regimes to help him to get us to stay Amen, to stop publishing the content to stop talking about the Palestinians to stop raising awareness to stop doing what for the first time

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since 1948. convinced the neutral convinced the one who was on the fence that this Palestinian is human and that he has legitimate cause. And that's why I think sometimes Muslims undermine their agency they undermine the power that Allah subhanaw taala has given them, Allah even amongst the Prophets when a foreigner Baba Hondata jet that we elevated them in terms of status. Some prophets convinced their populations and Allah gave them success, such as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Some of them were promised success but never saw it, such as Ibrahim Ali Salam when he was told your progeny would be like the stars, some prophets, they saw their people

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destroyed Saleh Ali Salim who saw and designers shape and the like Allah subhanaw taala deliver success as he wishes when he wishes in his own span or whatever he wants, Allah does. But the striving is one thing that I always strike and I know I've gone in terms of the answer to the question, but I really want to emphasize this point. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, and I was younger this used to always strike me It used to hit my head a bit woman or rather Jen woman, or the janitor was Santa has, well, who I mean on Fergana sigh You who mascara? Allah didn't say what Cannington the teacher mascara? What kind of mascara? Allah says, What can I say you homeschool?

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Allah doesn't say that the role of the result is rewarded. He says the striving is rewarded. He who strives for Jannah and is a movement. Allah says the striving is thank the striving, because Allah is saying, it's not you to decide whether you succeed or not. It's not you to decide what the outcome should be. It's not you to decide what course should be taken. Your decision is whether you want to strive for it. Your decision if you want to take the steps within the powers that are available to you, in order to achieve what you what you believe to be Justin right. And you hope that Allah will guide you on that path, where if you're veering, He guides you back to the path, and

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that's why to answer the question bluntly, and then wrap up with this. You're asking yourself, What can we do I feel like I'm betraying or the like, but wala Hilaire de la ilaha illa, who Blinken and Netanyahu sit together in a war room, trying to find the strategy to get uses the man to be quiet. They are trying to find the strategy to make sure that not Samuel Hamdi or Imam Tom vecino or Michaela or Smith or designers to get them to be quiet. There is no it's not about the big accounts. It's about the small ones like you, because the more you retweet and share, the more the algorithm favors your posts. When the algorithm favors your post. It goes higher on the homepage. When it goes

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higher on the homepage. More and more people see it. And one of the things that I found quite fascinating. There is a very prominent analyst he's noted he's often believed to be the father of the political risk industry that I work in a guy called Ian Bremmer, prominent political analyst in the US, Ian Bremmer posted on Twitter, and he said, I've never seen the levels of disinformation in my life regarding his conflict. What he means is, I've never seen so much pro Palestinian content, get onto my feet from the algorithm. I'm used to the sanitized version. I'm used to the pro Israeli narrative, and I am stunned and shocked that the Palestinian voice has broken through and wallah

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Hilaire de la isla ELO. It has broken through because of people like uses the Iman because of the ordinary Muslim who sits on his phone and says, Yeah, Allah, I want to use the powers that you gave me to make

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difference. I feel that I am weak, but I am striving, I am striving within what I have. And Allah has rewarding that striving. And he is thinking that striving. And everybody can see that the occupier and Congress is losing the war on narratives. That's why they have to spread fake news about atrocities that were committed, despite never giving proof. Consider this. We are being told by the Israelis what is happening, but being shown by the Palestinians what is happening, the reason being is the Israelis have nothing to show about what is happening that will prove their accusations. But the Palestinians have all the features and evidence in order to show and

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proliferate on social media. And that's why I think that the reality is that when I'm looking at things unfolding, I'll be honest with you, I'm speaking from London, I'm not, I know you guys are in the US. But it's unprecedented. The loudness with which the OMA is roaring. It's unprecedented, to see so many 1000s of people across the world, take to the streets and have everybody see that they are taking to the streets, as well. It's unprecedented. So much so. And that's why when you look at mainstream media itself, they're using the word unprecedented. But the reason they're using the word unprecedented, is because they've never seen a phenomenon of the Obama moving as one body. It was

00:31:23 --> 00:32:04

supposed to be divided. It was supposed to be weak. And now it's like a roaring, irresistible wave. So much so that CNN has had to apologize for its coverage. BBC has had to apologize for its coverage. Journalists peddling fake news and had to come out and retry to rescue their integrity by admitting that they fell far short of journalistic standards. And the reason they did that is not because they were scared of the Israelis, Israelis congratulated them. They weren't scared of the Americans by then is openly supporting the Israelis. They weren't scared of the Europeans. It's you. It's the pressure you put, it's the loudness that you wrote with its you kept going on their back,

00:32:04 --> 00:32:45

demanding the proof demanding the evidence, undermining reputation, really going through and analyzing, investigating using social media in an unprecedented way that they using the word sorry, it's not even an unambiguous apology. They're saying We apologize, and we're sorry, and we should have done well, and that's because of you who were told that you had no power, you who were told that you were insignificant. That's why and I go back to the first point, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam les anticlinal however, he does not speak from emptiness or the like in the hula he knew where he is somebody who Allah has revealed to So when he says belly who annual area he

00:32:45 --> 00:33:26

saying that the even the most basic individual if you have no power, convey even an area for me for it will make a difference. And that's why I think to answer your question directly, sister, amen. And also to address some of the points that I had hoped to address in what Imam told me I was going to ask, it's this point. The unique thing about everything that's unfolding before us is the fact that the overwhelming force and battle is not being fought by the politicians. It's by us when Saudi Arabia which has been removing the word colonizer from its official statements, because it's been pursuing normalization of ties with Israel, when it goes back to calling Israel a colonizer. When

00:33:26 --> 00:34:04

the Saudi Crown Prince leaves the restrictions on DUA and the haram. With regards to Palestine. You will have noticed some Imams have been taken off their member and the light for criticism of his policies. When he lifts that it's not because he's changed his mind over normalization. It's because the overwhelming public opinion is making him hesitate and making him believe I don't want to be caught on the wrong side of this public opinion. When the UAE comes out with a statement blaming the Palestinians have the Blinken, Secretary of State has called them and said to them, please give me a positive statement. When the UAE then announces aid to Palestine afterwards after the backlash.

00:34:04 --> 00:34:44

That's because of public opinion. You are making a difference to him and everyone listening to this stream is making a difference. Everyone sharing it, retweeting it, everyone sharing content, retweeting content, everyone amplifying the voices of Palestinians, amplifying the voices of the activists amplifying the voices. It all of this is making a huge difference. And that's why I think in terms of tangible some people might say, Okay, fine, it's higher on the algorithm. I truly believe that ground offensive hasn't happened because the narrative is not yet in favor of the Israelis because they lost their grip in it. I believe that Blinken traveled all those hours from

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

Washington to Tel Aviv and the regional powers because the public opinion is not ripe and he's desperate for it to be changed when CC met with blinkin CC who whatever your opinions about him, cc put the cameras on and lambasted blinking with a lecture

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

I'm telling him you came here and you said, You're a Jew. We've never oppressed the Jews in this region, rebuking him in public. It may well have been a political stunt. But it shows you that public opinion is in such a level that the leaders of the region do not want to be seen to be against the Palestinians. They don't want to be seen to be aiding the oppressor. They don't believe that there is any political expediency in setting aside the public opinion as they used to doing in favor of the Occupy and that's because we are conveying Wello area because we are retweeting because we are sharing because we are shouting, because we are being loud because we are mobilizing because

00:35:40 --> 00:36:20

they are seeing that when you guys did the stream, with our way made Angelman there almost a man may Allah reward them both. Within one day, it got to 230k to 40k they're seeing these numbers and I know because I was hoping and thinking Muslim podcasts would would wish the same levels inshallah. But the point here being is they're seeing those numbers. And they are saying, You know what, something hit a bad is happening in London, only 10,000 was supposed to take to the streets. The police were ready for 10,000 More than 50,000 marched through the streets of London, causing a panic that even the politicians had to respond to. When you look around the world that despite France,

00:36:20 --> 00:37:00

trying to ban pro Palestinian protests, the protests still took place. When you look at Rome, they deployed the police to push the protesters back, more protesters came out because there's an irresistible wave. And that's why the EU itself, Spain has come out and said with the EU Wonderland does not represent opposition. We don't support Israel unconditionally. One Delaine put the Israeli flag on the European Parliament, the head of the European Commission, the European foreign minister, Joseph Burrell told the press conference she has no right to do that she has no right to speak on behalf of the EU. We decide foreign policy, not her when when when there is a spillover of

00:37:00 --> 00:37:42

differences. That means that the divisions internally are so great and so fierce that they spilled over into the public. In other words, even the EU itself as a result of the public opinion as a result of what we're doing. They are tripping over themselves and contradicting one another with regards to the stance that they are taking. So the question here is this Eman uses the image question implies that I feel a sense of weakness. But what Allah Hilary La ilaha illa who the Israelis are feeling your overwhelming power, the EU is feeling overwhelming power blinkin is feeling your overwhelming power bin Salman is feeling your overwhelming power. Bin Zayed is feeling

00:37:42 --> 00:38:21

overwhelming power. Erdogan is feeling overwhelming power. All of these governments are feeling the overwhelming power of the public opinion. And that's fine. I'll finish on this point. The greatest tragedy of this OMA is not that it's weak but that it believes it's weak when everybody else believes it strong. The greatest tragedy of this OMA is that it believes it doesn't have strength when the world still sees that it adds strength and that strength needs to be contained. I think it all boils down to this. Allah subhanho wa Taala will decide the outcome as he always has, in his own way when he wants in his own terms. The question that we ask ourselves and assist the man is asking

00:38:21 --> 00:39:03

a very poignant question, and one that all of us are trying to fulfill here is given that we have the choice and striving how are we choosing to strive and because this OMA chose to strive over this past week, because he chose to strive to break Israel's monopoly on an ad to break the occupies monopoly on the narrative. We are seeing a resounding success in it. And I promise you, no matter what the outcome of what happens, even though it's heartbreaking, what's watching unfolding Gaza, Bloomberg Front Page Two days ago was the fallacy that Israel can normalize with the Arabs, without talking to the Palestinians has been blown apart, the Palestinians can no longer be ignored, the

00:39:03 --> 00:39:40

cause is no longer dead. The Palestinians are no longer a dying breed. Instead, the causes roaring last week we were looking at Netanyahu raising a map at the UN in which he erased Palestine completely, and then telling the people that normalization with Saudi will be the greatest deal since the end of the Cold War. Today, if I asked you last week, you felt despair about the cause. Today, everybody around the world, every policymaker in Europe, they're sitting with each other and saying we told you so there are officials turning around and saying we follow the Americans. But hey, look, the Palestinians are here. The Spanish Minister has come out and said Netanyahu should be

00:39:40 --> 00:40:00

brought in an International Criminal Court. And we asked our EU partners, you can see that it's not just the Muslims denouncing it. It's non Muslims have been affected by your push in this war of narratives, and we are winning it and that will have sweeping ramifications for how any peace deal or de escalation comes about the

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

Reality is this and I promise to finish on this point. The reality is this. The reason Netanyahu is bombarding Gaza is not about bombarding Gaza itself is not because he wants to bombard Gaza itself. But because he's in a hysterical panic, that last week, he was telling the world that Palestinian cause is dead. And now the world is saying that it's alive. He's trying to pound the spirit and eliminate this roaring spirit that people are saying the Palestinians are alive. And that's why the Gazans are saying we're not leaving, because they recognize that they score the body blow on Netanyahu, they know Netanyahu is lashing out, and that no matter how much he lashes out, he can't

00:40:41 --> 00:41:21

wipe away that humiliation. He can't wipe away the damage that the Palestinians have done, the moral damage that they've done. The idea being that this Palestinians who was supposed to be weak, who was supposed to have been abandoned, who was supposed to no longer have agency have delivered the greatest body blow to Israel's image since 1948. When Netanyahu is attacking Gaza, our hearts are breaking the death toll and the way that buildings are being damaged, but I promise you Netanyahu is not doing it from a position of strength. He's doing it because this OMA has done something that has the potential now to change the entire course of what's taking place. And I'll finish on this

00:41:21 --> 00:42:00

example, in 1945. The French was celebrating the liberation from Germany from after World War Two and they were writing a charter every man is born free and the like in the UN Charter and the like. And then the Algerian took to the streets, believing Masha Allah these guys are writing a lovely charter, every man is free. We want independence as well. According to the French declassified documents, they said that the number of Algerians coming out it will threaten us we're already struggling in Indochina. So we need to better these Muslims. We need to batter these Algerians, we need to massacre them we need to deliver on them a lesson so that they will never take to the

00:42:00 --> 00:42:40

streets again and they will never challenge us. In one week they killed over 30,000 The French said they killed 12,000 The Algerian city killed 50,000 Afghan for the middle number 30,000. Let's try to avoid the exaggerations and they will convince that after they massacred them in the same way they talk about Palestine that the cause is dead. They will never take to the streets again. They will never come out again. Their dreams for liberation have finished brothers and sisters 17 years later. 17 years later, 132 years of French occupation colonization was finished and the Algerians took to the streets and they said yeah, Mohammed Millbrook Ali. Yeah, Mohammed Prophet Muhammad sallallahu

00:42:40 --> 00:43:13

alayhi wa sallam McGrew Carnac LJ Raj Utley, Algeria has been returned to you in Mr. LA City nuestra after hardship comes ease. Allah is the One who knows I have faith my relationship with Allah is a positive one. Allah knows what he's doing. Allah who's all aware, Allah for those who are sad about the deaths as well. Remember, there was a lovely picture so on Facebook of the show, the ghost of a baby girl puts her hand around her or her father who is alive and she says yeah, I'd be lesson I'm happy where I am.

00:43:15 --> 00:43:19

I'm happy where I am. I'm happy with what Allah has given me.

00:43:21 --> 00:43:24

I'm happy. Let us in. Well attack Subhan Allah the

00:43:27 --> 00:43:28

Bella, Bella,

00:43:29 --> 00:43:33

musical fairy Hina they are happy very enough

00:43:36 --> 00:43:44

wisdom Sharon in the villain me have to be me or telling people like us you haven't met them yet? They're telling people like us. Allah hopefully.

00:43:45 --> 00:43:48

They are not feeling any fear or sadness.

00:43:49 --> 00:44:28

Your steps you're gonna be number two min Allah he will firstly let me obsess on. So they are saying that the Mema and Baraka Allah has given us is such that do not be sad for us. We think Allah subhanaw taala has abandoned the OMA he's rewarded the Shahada. He's rewarded them immediately. There's no Limbo he's rewarded them. The question is for us. I know Allah subhanaw taala knows what he's doing in his Hickman is wisdom. The question Yes, it's the Eman and everybody here is what do we do within the powers Allah has given us and I swear to you later, hello, I'm Hamdulillah I swear by Allah,

00:44:30 --> 00:44:59

that Israel is bleeding with social media to take your posts down, that the Europeans really are as in your opinion, are pleading to have your post down. And if it didn't have power, they would never take the time to do that. If it didn't have power, they wouldn't dedicate so much to it. And I think that is because the people that uses the email and final sentence that the Israeli grand invasion has not happened yet, because they're concerned that the narrative is not in their favor. Yeah, Eva de la bella who insanely then and Mohammed will say some

00:45:00 --> 00:45:37

Thinking about the proper house to sell and even if it's just an area because we are changing the global opinion, and I'm telling you from what I've seen in my lifetime, and even what the elders are telling us, this is unprecedented. The shift is unprecedented. Human Rights Watch is now calling the Israeli regime and apartheid regime. It never used to amnesties calling Israel an apartheid regime. It never used to. Apartheid is being used on the Congress floor. It never was used on the Congress floor before. These are victories that we should appreciate. These are victories that we should celebrate, because they're not victories that have come from top down the victories that have come

00:45:37 --> 00:46:14

from the OMA mobilizing, and the OMA saying we will never die, that we are ready to mobilize for the sake of the Ummah and I will finish on our promises the final sentence, what I love more than anything else, is what this course has shown us, the OMA from Malaysia, Australia, all the way to the US because I'm going to say that we in London are in the middle, not you Americans, we're not going to go east will go west, will you come by London and sha Allah and I hope to host all of you in London inshallah. But the point is from Australia all the way to the Americans, I remember had a comment in the thinking Muslim podcast, and somebody said, we are upset that you didn't mention

00:46:14 --> 00:46:51

Colombia, Colombia standing with the Palestinians. They've kicked out the Israeli ambassador. They were telling me Sammy, don't forget, there are people in Colombia standing with the Palestinians as well, between Latin America standing as well. Allah has changing the hearts and they are terrified that the hearts are changing. And the reason they're changing is because of our efforts. May Allah reward us for our efforts? And May He give us the Tibet May He give us that? That's that hard that that steadfastness fastness, not only to continue doing it, but also to appreciate the power Allah has given us. However small you might think it is there in the law, he I lean to Allah, it is great.

00:46:51 --> 00:46:52

I'll leave it there. And

00:46:53 --> 00:47:13

I know I speak for everybody when I think the questioner for enabling us to hear the response. Mashallah. And I know we have some, we have some footage actually, from some of these. This turnout, this unprecedented wave of automatic solidarity and feeling and thinking and action if we could go to go to that and play that

00:47:20 --> 00:47:25

this is unprecedented. Allahu Akbar. This is unprecedented. Allahu Akbar.

00:47:27 --> 00:47:29

Only 10,000 was supposed to turn up.

00:47:31 --> 00:47:42

The numbers suggest more than 3040 50,000 tender on LBC, which has been very pro Israel in its narrative. The reporter said there's at least more than 30,000 Here

00:47:48 --> 00:47:58

this is an Omar whose hearts are alive. Yes, Malaysia, masha Allah this is so when people say that it looks bleak or the OMA is weak. This is an omen that believes that strong this has been looking at the hearts

00:48:06 --> 00:48:08

This is my home here, Masha, Allah.

00:48:10 --> 00:48:16

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. The energy was was amazing. All everyone's focused on one thing Hamdulillah.

00:48:24 --> 00:49:08

So, Sammy, we've got to keep you talking, because we benefit so much. I want to, I want to have everybody feel the inspiration of the moment, and start to think ahead, because we know that the opposition is strong and cunning. Okay, so we, there's, there's two things that I want to touch on. One of them is, okay. What should we be doing to further build our capacity? Okay, what should we be doing to further organize and amplify this moment so that we don't lose an opportunity? And then after that, we'll get to obstacles and barriers and things like that that we need to look out for. But is there something where we can be amplifying these things that we're already doing or building

00:49:08 --> 00:49:10

capacity even further.

00:49:12 --> 00:49:45

The first thing that's worth noting is don't don't underrate any particular Avenue, if it is pressure on your on your on your elected representatives. Here in the UK, for example. A lot of the MPs are under heavy pressure. We're seeing resignations from some of the established parties, because they're terrified they might lose their seats in the next elections, letting your representatives know that this is a serious issue. The second thing is, and one thing that I admire about this online social media is how it reacts very quickly. They are shutting down hashtags, new hashtags are emerging. They are shutting down keywords and now they are changing the way the

00:49:45 --> 00:50:00

keywords are happening. Being able being up to date in terms of what's happening, because it sounds simple, but it breaks the lock that they're trying to impose in terms of how they're spreading the message. The third is to keep yourself aware, to study the history and be aware until

00:50:00 --> 00:50:38

As of how to communicate that, one of the things that's worth noting, there is a tendency sometimes for Muslims to believe that this is a civilizational struggle or idea of Islam versus the rest. But it's also worth noting that this is justice versus oppression. And that I think that element, that framework produces very different consequences when it's presented. When you argue that it's justice versus oppression, you win over allies, you win over the neutrals, you win over those who sympathize. You tell them that Islam is synonymous with justice, that Islam is synonymous with everything that is against oppression and injustice. And that allows them to buy into the vision and

00:50:38 --> 00:51:13

help to amplify what we're trying to do in terms of to try to promote the correct narrative, the correct history of what's taking place in Palestine. Some people will say, What are you talking about? What does that mean? What I mean is, is that when Allah subhanaw taala says woman X and O column and Medina Illa, Allah, well, I'm Ella Saleh and waka in an email Muslimeen. The best call is the one who calls to Allah He calls to Allah via the justice. In other words, this isn't a war on Muslims, as Lindsey Graham is trying to assert. This is the war on justice. This is about there was a really interesting tweet that people were like by by somebody called Mohammed the mmm, he's a

00:51:13 --> 00:51:50

Tunisian analyst. He said, when you look at the statement by US, UK, Italy, Germany and France, and they're standing by Israel firmly, he said, these are three of the most brutal colonial empires of the past 100 years, and two countries with the history of moat with the greatest history of fascism, the IDB, knowing your history, so you can debunk in that you're aware when you're responding to people, you're saying these are not the ones who identify the criteria of what's right or wrong. We also have a legitimate state to it. In practical terms, what that means is this. You've seen the pictures of the protests, the pictures of the rallies on the streets, you've seen how it moves the

00:51:50 --> 00:52:29

hearts, you've seen the Malaysians jumping up and down. Don't underestimate your presence at these gatherings. Don't underestimate your presence at these protests. It may well be that your Government doesn't react, it may well be that your local constituency or county doesn't react, but everybody else around the world like Samuel Hamdi, they see it they get inspired by it. It makes them get out of bed and say you know what things are bleak. If Amen, Tom and Ema Michaela doing it on the other side of the world. I'm going to get up off my bed at 3am in the morning, I'm going to join them on a stream because I want to do my part as well. When the Malaysian see they say subhanallah all the way

00:52:29 --> 00:53:10

in America born and raised and then raising the flag for Palestine for Palestine. I'm going to do it as well. Do not underestimate the power of encouraging one another with deeds, the power of encouraging one another. And also don't underestimate who is seeing your action. Allah subhanaw taala sees it and he has the ability to amplify it. Think about it this way. Allah in the Quran says women are Layli for 200 BNF Isla de la I say of Africa, Boo karma karma Maha Mudra. In the nighttime do the tahajjud for Allah may elevate you in status. The implication here is elevate you in status in this world. So a private act elevates you in public, a personal act between you and Allah elevate

00:53:10 --> 00:53:45

you in the eyes of the people, which shows that Allah is capable of elevating a simple act that you believe to be simple. You may think that going around and talking to people and telling them about Palestine is a simple act. But and Allah it's great, because you've seen the videos go viral. All it takes is for one video, many of you will have seen that DeSantis I think his name is the rival for Trump, the Republican candidate. He was in a superstore and there is an American citizen. Yeah, who are your brothers and sisters, non Muslim citizen in the supermarket, saying to him that in my life, I've always supported Israel. But I've been following Al Jazeera can't do the accent or the like.

00:53:46 --> 00:54:27

And I've seen that I've seen what they're actually doing. And I can no longer support this. We're breaking the fourth wall, we're breaking that barrier. And that video alone that viral video, there will probably only 20 people present in that supermarket. More than 1 billion people around the world saw it. And when I saw it, give me the impact of it. When I saw 20 people in a supermarket talking like that, that makes that reinforces the idea that they're losing their grip on the narrative. And that gives us a roll back. You know, it gives that morale back into the body. When you started even from when you started with the lovely saying that the OMA is one body. The reason

00:54:27 --> 00:55:00

why it's one body is because if I'm cold on the left hand and right hand is warmth, I feel that warmth and it starts coursing through my body and the warmth of that hand can come from anywhere. It can come from Dallas, Texas, it can come from London, it can come from Paris, it can come from Berlin, and also there was a video of a Gazan journalist Maha Husseini. I think her name is she and her phone battery's about to die because the Israelis have cut the electricity hoping that nobody will be able to see the potential ethnic cleansing. And she says, Well, this is my last message.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:38

Don't stop shouting, don't stop talking about Palestine, shout on our behalf talking about raise our voice, because they when they see our voices being raised, they take hope and encouragement. They see the Amaze mobilizing on our behalf. And this Omar mobilizing has tempered the worst of what we've seen. I know that sounds extraordinary given what's happened in Gaza, but we have tempered the worst of what could happen. There are other things they could be doing. But we're keeping this cause alive, first the Palestinians are and then us in terms of what we're doing. Don't underestimate that. Pressure your congressmen and women pressure your local representatives, bombard them with

00:55:38 --> 00:56:13

letters, bombard them with emails, pressure your Imams, let them use the football photo area, to raise awareness in terms of what's happening, when there are opportunities to take to the streets peacefully, because we don't need violence to to spread our message, take to the streets in numbers so that I in London can see it here. And we Muslims here say no, we won't let the Americans outdo us, we will hold our own protest here. And then the French reply and say we will defy macrons ban will take to the streets as well, until the European Union as a result, they have a meeting and they say guys, we are importing the conflict to our countries. We don't want to import this conflict,

00:56:13 --> 00:56:48

Israel, Netanyahu, that's enough, that's enough, the price that we're going to pay is too much stop your grand defensive deescalate, exchange the hostages and get the Palestinians out of this mess that they've done. It all links. It's like a snowball that it all and that's why I think that a lot of the issue and you hit the nail on the head, in terms of what we're doing. The reason why it differs for everybody is that Allah has given everybody a special set of skills. And I'm not quoting to take a movie, I'm saying it genuinely, every Allah has given everybody a certain set of skills. There are people like you, Imam, Tom and memakai, who have a member to talk to the people. There are

00:56:48 --> 00:57:20

people who all they can do is retreat and share that's significant. There are people who have the ear of the policymakers. There are people who have the ear of the commercial companies, there are people who have the ear of armies. Everybody has a certain set of powers. And the question is not what can we do collectively because collectively raising awareness. It's what you can do within the powers Allah has given you in the Muslim ecosystem. Sister Eman is pushing the posts in the algorithm by liking and retweeting. You're raising awareness on your Korean Institute. I'm trying to tell political clients that it's untenable to continue as they are, and that they have to

00:57:20 --> 00:57:56

acknowledge that the Israelis are on the verge of causing the biggest calamity to their cause. Since 1948. Everybody is doing what they can and collectively, Allah is bringing our efforts together. Amen. Tom, if you told me yesterday that I would be sitting here with you, on a panel discussing this issue, I wouldn't have thought about it. I thought, well, maybe next year, if I go to the US, I'll go and see him. Allah has brought our efforts which were in parallel, and we found our paths crossing on this particular a, neither of us planned it. But Allah is the One who is piecing it all together. You don't need to know how you're going to piece it together, Allah will do that. What you

00:57:56 --> 00:58:30

need to do is strive with what you can do. Everybody has an email, everybody can send a message. Everybody can go to a protest. Everybody can raise awareness, you can do all of that. What's preventing you from doing it not us specifically, brothers who are with me, but the ones who are listening, what's preventing you from doing it is your faith in your ability to bring change? The reason I brought the A about tahajjud, how when you do a private act, Allah elevates you publicly, if that's a private act, imagine what Allah does with a public act is Allah who can elevate and we're in the age of social media, anything can go viral, including the video of the Israeli woman

00:58:31 --> 00:59:06

for channel 12. When she says that when they entered my home, they didn't harm me. They calmed me down. And they said to me, we don't hurt you because we're Muslim. Now, can I have a banana pleases? Once you did, of course, you can have a banana. That video went viral. And that's why the Israelis got upset, because the fact that went viral in a room of just six, seven people, that incident went viral. And because it went viral. That's why the Israeli started peddling fake news. Because what they were terrified more than anything else, is not that we're going to take up arms or do anything. No, they're not worried about that. They're worried that the world is going to see the Palestinians

00:59:06 --> 00:59:45

in a way that is very dangerous for the Israelis, and that is that they will see the Palestinians as human, as magnanimous they will see Muslims as people who are humans of the aim of a clerk. That's what they're terrified of. That's what we're breaking. And I think that to answer the question directly, do what you can and I'll quote Martin Luther King to show how justice can transcend how justice is synonymous with Islam. It reduce it and I grew a session more Kodama Muslim. Justice is the essence of dominion and ignore Tamia said that Allah does not allow Islam to exist within justice, Allah who will allow a just state to exist without Islam, but will not allow Islam to exist

00:59:45 --> 00:59:59

within justice will Allah doesn't tolerate Islam with oppression, Allah and believes Islam is synonymous with justice. But in this context, I want to quote Martin Luther King for non Muslims who are listening to this because I've come to realize that a lot of non Muslims are listening to these

01:00:00 --> 01:00:44

stream's Martin Luther King said that if you can run, run, if you can't run, walk, if you can't walk, crawl, but by God, keep moving, do whatever you can don't stop in place, move and it's because we're moving, that these changes are taking place and may Allah subhanaw taala deliver victory for the Palestinians. May he reward us striving. But more important than that, may he instill in every one of us an appreciation of the powers that He's given us to be able to bring about this change for Allah He Muslims and I warn you from here on this puppet, Allah says in surah Amara Anirban Allah to the Calobra bad it had eaten our hablan emila Don't Kurama in the cantle Wahab Allah do not take us

01:00:44 --> 01:01:18

away from this Deen after you have guided us don't take your Eman for granted. Don't take your guidance for granted for Allah He Allah gave it to you as a privilege not all right. And the Prophet sallahu wa salam warned us that a man may be on his deathbed and Allah will take him out of this Deen before he reaches him and then he's condemned to the Hellfire to show appreciation for this Eman to show appreciation for this guidance. We have to show appreciation for the powers Allah has given us. And when Allah says in the Quran will enter or do near Matala. Hila to sue her Suha when you if you were to count the blessings of Allah, He would never finish counting them. He didn't say

01:01:18 --> 01:01:57

Oh, you who are the elites? Were introducing amatola to sue her. Oh, you would media platforms. We're introducing amatola Hila to sue her. Oh, you with power. We're introducing amatola hella to swear No, he made it general which is directed to every single person, because everyone has the power to do so. And I'll finish on the sentence when the Prophet went when Abu Sofia and stood in front of Heraclius and Heraclea said Who are those who follow the Prophet? Who are those who are elevating him? Who are those who are conveying his message? Who are those who are causing this wave that has made Koresh go into a hysteria to repress the Muslims. He said it's the lowest of the

01:01:57 --> 01:02:38

society. It's below Alibaba Hi, Ravi, Allahu Allah and membership bill. Jana, who was a slave, it is Abdullah have numerous rude about the Allahu Taala and one of the people of Jannah, who was a shepherd. Don't underestimate your ability to make the change for Allah, Allah in the Quran and his examples. When you open the Quran, you find that it is people similar to those who we tend to look at, oh, we're not we but who people tend to look on us lower in society. It's them who delivered the greatest revolutionary changes in the Quran and in history, and it's them who Allah celebrates in the Quran, when they say May at work. Only only the the weakest of society follow these prophets.

01:02:38 --> 01:03:06

Allah is saying those are the people who made those waves in the life. Don't underestimate your ability and handle it when making the change. Let's keep going. Mashallah. We have a question here that came through and I'll pose it to both of you. Maybe shake. Shaking the car, you can take a crack at it. First, it comes from one last dose of a needle. What tips do you have for talking about the Gaza genocide with those around us, especially in a school setting?

01:03:08 --> 01:03:49

It's been handed off set up to cinema Rasulullah, especially in a school setting. I think exactly what was that Sammy said SubhanAllah. Realizing the power of your voice. Our schools are supposed to be these bastions of open speech and safe spaces. They've been used by other groups all the time to be places and platforms to get their voice out to let their agendas be heard. Now more than ever, is where we use that stage use that platform to get our our our voice out as well. These places have always champion that we are the places of free speech we are the places where you can say whatever you want, you could have whatever opinion now is not the time for us to cower, decide back and to be

01:03:49 --> 01:04:28

shy, now's the time to raise your voice louder than ever and the encouragement that you're going to have to draw from the power in the source that you're going to get encouragement from is seeing that the rest of this world every one, every one is putting up what they have, whatever they have, you know, as as Sandy was speaking, subhanAllah I was reflecting and I thought about that moment where to book happens. And the battle of two book was just this crazy battle where the prophet needed every resource possible. Much like the moment we're in now where every voice was needed, every thing was needed. And one of the things this is the moment where we will not have been far but on the hola

01:04:28 --> 01:05:00

Hawaiian, he had always been trying to to be a little better in righteousness and aboubaker As we know, and he said today I'm going to beat him today is going to be that day. And what's amazing. What's amazing is when he arrives the prophets of Allah who it was telling them he asked him a question and I know many of you have heard this narration but I want you to look at it differently. The prophets of Allah who it was send them he said, Yeah, Omar, what did you leave behind? He didn't ask him what you brought, because everyone has a diff

01:05:00 --> 01:05:39

Bring capacity of what we can bring. But what we can all raise for each other is how much we left behind. And so leave no stone unturned is what I'm trying to say. It's amazing that the Prophet never even asked how much did you bring? Because that's not where it's sacrifice is the sacrifice and the struggle and and the thing that we prove our sincerity to God with is what we what we left behind. And so what does he say? He says, I left half of everything behind, then then went up, boubakeur arrives, he says, How much did you leave behind till today, we actually don't even know who brought more. We don't know whose posts went more viral, we don't know whose voice reached more

01:05:39 --> 01:06:22

people we don't know which which mean that was put together and and crafted by a graphic designer got more traction. But what we do know from that moment, is who sacrificed the most who brought left the least behind. And so my advice here is schools have always championed, we are the bastion in the places of free speech, you can say whatever you want here, it's time that we use that for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And justice and others feel empowered, knowing that what you're saying is for the sake of it is for goodness, and for and for justice, and, and that alone, inshallah should give us the strength to use this, the schools and in that platform, and another thing I'm saying

01:06:22 --> 01:07:03

about the schools, is, we have to understand the impression ability of the people that our colleagues in school, these are people that we can, we can speak some common sense into, right, the younger generation were the people that follow the prophets of Allah while they were setting them. And the younger generation was always the generation that were able to have that cognitive flexibility to accept that truth when it came. So now's the time, now's the time, more than ever, to speak to this younger generation about justice call this out what it is, and, and I shared something the other day, which is, you know, I used to study American history and look back at what happened

01:07:03 --> 01:07:47

to the Native Americans and the Trail of Tears. And I used to think to myself that you know, that maybe the people didn't know, maybe they didn't know. And now I realize that we have to speak up more than ever, because the same way that people were going to passively allow genocide to happen. And now because we're raising our voices, they're having to pull back, we have a we have a job to do we have a job to do. And so the Hadith that I began with today, earlier was on sort of caca volume and Alma bloomin, the prophets of Allah holiday was salam. He said in this profound Hadith, he said, help your brother, help your brother, help your brother be oppressor or be oppressed. Take that

01:07:47 --> 01:08:31

message to the people take that message that we are helping humanity by showing everyone we do not want to repeat history where we're a genocide of people have been that won't happen while we're here. While on our watch, that won't happen. And so I just want to echo everything that was started was saying our Satya Comins must score our efforts. And there's one more thing it seems that sister eemaan Her question, and hamdulillah it seems that sister Iman, I think moistly Volcom? It seems that SR e mons question is an important one, which is it doesn't seem like I'm doing enough. And I think her question is min Jana Villa that her question came early. Because I know every single one

01:08:31 --> 01:08:36

of us feels, I want to do more, I want to do more. And this is what I'm going to say.

01:08:37 --> 01:09:15

Same battle battle to book the prophets of Allah, why don't you send them? The Koran tells us that there are some people who are coming with a mood, a mood of wheat, it just needs a handful of wheat. And when they would come with a handful of wheat, then when I 15, the hypocrites of Medina, they would look and say, What will Allah do with this? What will Allah do with this? You We gotta go fight the Romans, and what are you bringing? You're bringing a tweet, and you don't even have followers, you're bringing it, you're bringing a post, and you don't even have anyone following you liking it. Right. And then when wealthy people came in broke everything, they would go, Oh, look at

01:09:15 --> 01:09:58

this show off. He doesn't have insincerity. The point I'm trying to make here is that the Sahaba, they did not let that noise Stop, stop them from bringing whatever they could to be a part of the change. And so to answer that question straight on, the schools are going to be where we win popular opinion. This is the place that that popular opinion is one and so we have to keep putting pressure on and our universities, these places that are supposed to be the place to call them out for their hypocrisy. How long are we going to not call these institutions out for the hypocrisy that we're seeing? So call them all for the hypocrisy show the double standards and and that's how we use our

01:09:58 --> 01:10:00

influence in our colleges and our university

01:10:00 --> 01:10:35

He's in Sharla. Excellent. We have another question. I think and I think to that as well, yes, I just I think that as well arm yourself with knowledge yourself with those Human Rights Watch reports Ami. So for those Amnesty International reports, arm yourselves with the facts that led them to call the Israeli apartheid regime and apartheid regime. Arm yourself with those statements of the Israeli Social Affairs Minister when she gives her reasons why Netanyahu should come to the International Criminal Court. She's not Palestinian she's European Human Rights which is not a pro Palestinian organization. It's a human rights organization. Arm yourself with this knowledge army so for your

01:10:35 --> 01:11:08

ability that when someone accuses you of supporting things that might get you in trouble say no here's the Human Rights Watch your report. Here are the checkpoints that they impose his way Human Rights Watch calls Israel and apartheid regime his way Amity the arm yourself with knowledge we are a people of knowledge of people of *. And some people will say that I am is only within the Islamic framework but people misunderstand what Islamic framework means. Islamic framework means the dunya and akhira. It means we're aware of what's happening around us Imam should be aware of what's happening around us to be able to convey the deen in a way that though that ordinary people can

01:11:08 --> 01:11:43

understand. The point being is that four out of all the colleges are there right and I know they're doing it. But sometimes the reason arguments get out of hand is because sometimes we lack the hijab, because we don't understand the issue or we lack it. Build your argument when Muslim women are O'Meara, the Allah Tala and went to Medina. He went on to the knowledge when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam chose him over the other Sahaba to go to Medina. He didn't choose his name out of a hat. He chose him because he believed that Muslim and Romain was well, with was eloquent. He knew the people he knew how to convey the message or the like, we Muslims associate ourselves with that

01:11:43 --> 01:12:18

knowledge. We don't need to be quoted about issues with regards to violence. So like that's not the point here. The point is human rights, which condemns the killing of children, condemned the killing of the elderly, condemns the blockade, condemns the open air prison condemns the arbitrary imprisonment of Palestinian then the demolition of home of Palestine tell you Where's the proof, say, well, shahada, he told me earlier, bring bring the proof from them. The point that I wanted advice, and I don't know maybe might not apply to America, but it applies in Europe, is we need to understand the Hajaj that is available to us. We know of course is just but we need the Hoosiers to

01:12:18 --> 01:12:53

defend it. When our beloved class is over. I know was Khalifa. One of his governors sent to him and said to him, yeah, Mila Momineen there are unruly people over his send me more forces to keep them in check. He responded and he said her son had been idle, fortified with justice, you don't need my forces. We don't need arms to fight this battle. We don't need Oh, and what we need is justice and hoses to backup that justice. So I would encourage everybody on this sentence to answer the question directly, what can we do in the schools, arm yourselves with that knowledge go and get those reports read the memory. Part of my job is to learn these reports. Part of my job is to is to memorize the

01:12:53 --> 01:13:29

events. Part of my job is to read the statements to read blinking statements to read in the light. And to see where the gaps are, where the holes are, if the Europeans are now in open difference, or open conflict between themselves over their stance over Israel, that's because that there is a difference of opinion over there. Let's push that difference of opinion because it's legitimate. By using the facts that are available in the reports that are available to us. Let's get that knowledge. We are not an omen of gehad. We're Omar Valen. And let's use that LM to really propagate the message. So so get those reports, get that information, arm yourself with it. And then I'll be

01:13:29 --> 01:14:04

honest with you in a practical way, practice in the mirror that arguments, sit in the mirror and get get through it, get that script in your head already understand and preempt those arguments. Because often what you find in debates, they want to corner you into something where they want to show you to be some sort of lunatic or American, but we don't need to be cornered with it. We can force the debate on our terms, we can force it debate to be about a civilian death toll about the kids who are killed about those that no longer justified we can talk about the international law. It doesn't matter if the International is implemented or not. That's not the point here. The point is

01:14:04 --> 01:14:43

international law still matters enough that everyone's trying to present themselves as being within international law, tell the world they're not within international law, mobilize the courts, the former prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is on Twitter or on X, publicly saying that there is enough evidence to prosecute Israel for war crimes. He's not a Muslim. He's not an Arab. He's not even European. He's gone to to saying that based on factual analysis, that's enough to bring nature to war crimes, go to the tweets, go and memorize his arguments and go and deploy them in the college campus and you'll find that they are far more ignorant there are than us and you will

01:14:43 --> 01:14:47

be the one cornering them instead of them cornering us. Allahu Akbar, Allah like

01:14:49 --> 01:14:59

I'm going through the question I think a lot of them are similar and there are a lot of them that you we already covered. So we have from Alia, nor have you found what have you found are the most impactful points to transform the view

01:15:00 --> 01:15:38

Have a non Muslim who they've been fed lied lies for decades, when you only have a short time to speak for them. Maybe we can take this as a final question if there's any sort of final reflections, and it's very similar to the previous questions. I had a bunch of questions, but I know I know some of us have to have to wrap up. Maybe we can use this opportunity to offer our final thoughts. Yeah, this one though. 100 on just final thoughts. Alhamdulillah we all benefited from each other's company is amazing gathering and encouragement for us and a moment of hope. Truly Allah in the nest of Allah, his buddy, the help of God is close, and his encouragement for us to all move forward. My

01:15:38 --> 01:16:22

last parting advice to myself and to everyone is a narration that's mentioned that a bad feel how much calendula to an ally. How did you know who and fitna those who are they so that was narrated to record it to upset that worship in the time of trial and difficulty is like a migration is like Hijra to me. And the reason I say that is our power are the battery that pushes us forward. The battery that pushed the Sahaba forward to the fighting and the cause of God and struggling and striving in the fight of God was that spiritual connection. And so when they describe and they, they, they, they they depict what the Sahaba looked like. They said that they were bond with Elaine,

01:16:22 --> 01:17:04

if you watch them at night, they look like monks the way they worship the way they pray, right? They were connected to Allah, but in the daytime. How did that that that the darkness of night time closest with God? How did that reflect? They became beacons of light in the daytime, they became beacons of light that could not be silenced in the pack of God, and so we cannot be one sided. And the reason I say that, the reason I say that telecoil a young man who who have been a nurse, if in your days of being the oppressed, you do not focus on God. When you are given power, you may become the oppressor. So stay focused on Allah subhanaw taala in these moments, use yourself use your voice

01:17:04 --> 01:17:38

become a light, a light to the people, and that guides them but keep that connection in our evenings in our nighttime. The last verse I'll quote, we'll call a Latina CAFO law just narrowly had a Quran well of ofI the Mother, why law Allah can totally boom, they understood that if these Muslims they connect it to this book of Allah and they read it with insight and and apply it, they'll have victory. The Quran is teaching us stay connected to the book of Allah and these moments of difficulty, use your voice become the light inshallah just

01:17:39 --> 01:17:41

bought a coffee cup, semi final thoughts.

01:17:43 --> 01:18:19

I think the most impactful point, from my analysis, everything taking place has been social media, I think that they brought about the unprecedented changes or the like, on terms of the final thoughts. The reason why I focus so much on perspective is I believe that if we alter the perspective, we will see so many more opportunities in order to really advance the cause. One thing I will say to those who are listening, remember, the world is moving towards a different trajectory. 80 years ago, the region was under official colonization, the French were in Algeria, the British were in Egypt. The Italians were in Libya, when World War Two finished and the allies were celebrating freedom and

01:18:19 --> 01:18:56

victory. They went back to suppress their colonies and to brutalize the people in the colonies, because they were arguing that freedom belongs to them and not to us. And then in 1960 to 1950s. There were independence movements that made official colonization, impossible. Freedom was not given. It was taken. So the point being is that the global audit change, they could no longer be official colonization. And we entered a period of semi colonization, where politically we were independent somewhat, but our economies was still dependent 2010 You have the Arab Spring social media revolution was easy. I'm originally from Tunisia, and from Sidi Bouzid where Arab Spring began

01:18:56 --> 01:19:30

Boise's is from the village next door, if you had told me that the Boise family would spark the Arab Spring, no disrespect, everybody would have laughed, Allah brought the changes from where hate the letter said you never knew where it was coming. And the authoritarian regimes fell and the like. The point is, is that we entered another period. If you look at the trajectory over the past 8090 years, I promise you, Your Honor, it's not one of doom and gloom. The chains are weakening on this OMA, we're progressing, we're moving forward, it may not be the way that you wanted us to move forward. It may not be the way that you wished we would move forward. But Will Allah here we are moving

01:19:30 --> 01:19:59

forward. The reason they're calling this situation unprecedented is because they've never seen anything like it since 1948. They've never seen a global opinion turn in this way. So suddenly, against the occupier and in favor of the occupied and in favor of the oppressed. They've never seen this before. It's unprecedented because of social media. And that's why I think that in the wonderful tapestry of history, which is dictated by the wisdom of Allah, the trajectory is not one of a downward spiral. It's one of moving upwards and it is the

01:20:00 --> 01:20:40

greatest honor as a Muslim and I speak for myself first, the greatest honor of a Muslim to be a vehicle however small capacity and might be to push this and break those chains on the monopoly and break those chains on our perspective with regards to freedom or the like, Muslims, we need to disown the defeat is trauma in the subconscious of our mind and recognize what is before us. We are mobilizing an irresistible wave that has the colonizers and the occupiers, sitting in the war rooms deeply concerned about their control of the narrative, we are making an impact, let no one tell you otherwise, we are making the impact. And if we look over at 90 years, and I was honored to sit with

01:20:40 --> 01:21:19

people who lived under colonization, and who saw independence as well, they will tell you it was a huge shift. It may not be perfect, but it was a huge shift. Don't underestimate those, see yourselves within this wave of history in which this is our time our generation to try to set the oh do the layup and a basketball. I don't know what you call it. The for the next generation to come up and slam dunk. We are part of the struggle we are one on one, but not an omen this generation of the past generations as well. So I will finish on the issue of the perspective. Let's alter the perspective with those who believe we are weak believe we are strong. And those sorry, those who

01:21:19 --> 01:21:56

believe we are weak, don't appreciate that the other side sees us as strong that the other side is now deploying a million dollar PR industry because we who thought we were weak are forcing a change that they're deeply uncomfortable with. Let's keep going with that change. And more importantly, Let's appreciate that we have the ability to make that change. And I promise you if we've made 10 times that change, tomorrow we'll make 100 times and the day after 1000 times in sha Allah Allah may Allah Radha efforts I'm gonna put in everybody's hurts. That's a bet we're doing it guys it may it may be harsh and brutal. And it may be there may be a tragedy unfolding before us. But I promise you

01:21:56 --> 01:22:15

we can make the impact and history shows this may well turn out to be the turning point in the course for liberation inshallah Allah Tala, I want to cheat because I had questions. One final question. And I'm I'm like her they thought I have to ask about the bad stuff. Is there any anything we have to look out for? Are there any traps that we need to avoid?

01:22:18 --> 01:22:54

There are two two things that I think that people should be aware of. The first thing is that there are ways there are narratives that people are trying to trap Muslims in, which is issues to do with Iranian support for Palestine, and to with issues related to stance on Hamas. The first thing about the Iranian issue is that it's important to note that the Iranians have denied involvement. The Israelis have denied that the Iranians are involved. And the Americans have said, we've seen no proof of Iranian involvement, don't get dragged into this issue of a regional conflict or Iran being the villain, and therefore the Palestinians must be the villains. All of the main actors are trying

01:22:54 --> 01:23:30

to say Iran is not involved, not necessarily because they believe Iran is not involved. But because they're worried about expansion of a regional conflict. Don't don't get dragged on a pointless issue. The second thing is when it comes to the issue of Hamas, they will always try to bring you on the issue hemas. But be aware, number one, there are 10 different Palestinian factions that were involved. Number two, in terms of the issue of why this happened, it didn't happen because of hammers, it happened because of occupation. It happened because of apartheid. And this issue existed even before Hamas was made even before Hamas was formed, even before it came up. No, this don't get

01:23:30 --> 01:24:08

dragged into this, that this conflict began last Saturday. It didn't. It started since 1940. Expand the goalposts. They're trying to narrow it, expand it, don't get caught into a mud slinging mud bath, you don't need to get involved in it, focus on the issue at hand, which is occupation, apartheid, which is the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, which is the death of the civilians, the death of the children, the fact that it's disproportionate by all forms of international law, the fact that it's not just Islam that condemns it their own laws, condemn it, focus on these things and focus on the allies as well, in using it as a cudgel to push back. Don't get caught on these

01:24:08 --> 01:24:43

points that the Republicans are trying to push the idea of terrorism and like, Don't get caught in it. It's not something you need to fight. It's not a battle, you need to fight, move the goalposts go to a different arena, go to the arena of apartheid, go to the arena of occupation, go to the arena of the civilian desk, and you will win every single time. Because the reality is this. Our support is not for individuals, our support is for the cause. The reality is this when they tell you hammers and hammers, who Sam Zamolo to the Palestinian ambassador, whose videos have gone viral is not Hamas. He's Palestinian Authority will stuff about Houthi who was on the Fareed Zakaria

01:24:43 --> 01:25:00

interview, where he gave that exceptional performance in addressing the issues of anti semitism or the like, and I urge everybody to watch it must have been who he is not him as he's on the other side with the Westbank Mohammed Al COVID, the activist he's not Hamas. He's in Jerusalem. He's the one documenting the day

01:25:00 --> 01:25:37

motion of homes or the like, all the evidence suggests this is not about hammers, but they will drag you into this issue of hammers in order to tie you up and handcuff you don't get caught in it. That's why we need to empower ourselves with the end, the issue is much bigger than that. And if we can push the arena or the stadium or the like to incorporate the apart and occupation rule, when every time that what we need to watch out for is the way they're trying to alter the narrative. Now, I'm seeing that a lot of Palestinians are having the invitations revoked to some of the mainstream media, because the media is concerned that the Palestinians have been so effective and that the

01:25:37 --> 01:26:13

videos have gone so viral. They're not sure what to do with the changing public opinion that is going in favor of the Palestinians. But the way that we counteract that is amplifying their voices on social media, Twitter and X haven't imposed the restrictions, when the EU said they want to impose restrictions, Elon Musk, whatever misgivings we might have responded with John Stuart sketch where he mentioned Israel and people jumping around and anti Semites and whatever. And they tried to shut him down, essentially saying, I'm not going to impose those restrictions. We still have spaces where we can talk and the light. But the point that I'm saying is, I'm focused on the war of

01:26:13 --> 01:26:50

narratives, because I know that's where it's really hurting the Israelis don't get dragged on points that one, you're not qualified to address. Two that don't favor you and three that are irrelevant. Hamas and Iran are irrelevant in the grand scheme of what's unfolding. This is a liberation war and an apartheid and the victims of apartheid in South Africa recognize apartheid, which is why they stand with the Palestinians, which is why they stand against Israel, focus with the Human Rights Reports that it's an open air prison. Use that to your advantage and you will find that the reaction you get is that it's not the Muslim who goes red and start shouting, it's the other side the bully

01:26:50 --> 01:27:27

the ones helping the oppressors, because they realize they have no Hoja but more terrifyingly, they realize that those neutrals watching you are saying you know what? Wallah that guy has a point you know, regardless what I think about Hamas and Iran Wallah, he has a point occupation and I've seen this happen before don't get dragged in those mud bots. We have the proof without having to get dragged into it and hamdulillah Allah has the Kerviel Hydra he's, he's reinforced this Just Cause let's focus on that inshallah. Allahu Akbar. Thank you so much for everything. I wish I could keep you talking all through February after that, but we will let you go inshallah. And a reminder to

01:27:27 --> 01:27:37

everyone watching we're doing this every night at least for a week. Okay, so 9:30pm New York time. 8:30pm Dallas time not sure what what time did it start for you, Sammy?

01:27:39 --> 01:27:47

3am To 230 Yeah, but about about two thirds degree area, but 200 ft makes 100 in London, you know, of course.

01:27:48 --> 01:28:11

A lot and we're going to be having discussions all week because this is really, as you said, unprecedented. You know, we are charged with the responsibility of being alive at this time. And we think about what is Allah subhanaw taala want from us. So we thank you so much for having us kick off the conversation may Allah accept from you and from us. So panicle Homoeo Hyundai Castro in La Isla de Anza still critical to the lake. And to all of our years Santa Monica going off to La

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