Yasir Qadhi – The Message of The Quran #17

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The success and bondiveness of Islam is highlighted, with men being viewed as oppressed and valued. The importance of praying for death and avoiding false information is emphasized, as well as the need for parents to let children know when entering houses and avoiding dressing. The importance of following rules of behavior is emphasized, as well as the need for men to have a certain amount of control. The speaker also discusses the importance of women in the Islam community and how they are viewed as oppressed and valued.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, blessed to be here who sent down the Quran to us as a healing and divine light and they sell out and sell and be upon the one home the angel Gabriel commanded to recite. Allah is our refuge from all calamities, and his remembrance gives us courage at times of fright. He has sent angels to surround and protect and pray for us and our deeds do the right. We asked him to have mercy on us on judgment day and our faces make bright today inshallah Tada, we're going to be doing to Surah Surah Tell me known as surah Noor. As soon as there is a mucky surah around eight pages long less than half a juice and 118 verses. And the primary focus of

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solitary Moon is the characteristics of the middle of the people of Yemen, and how Allah subhanho wa Taala protected them in the past, and how they shall be protected in the hereafter as well. Hence suited mcloon discusses the reality of Iman in Allah subhana wa Tada. And it refutes key arguments of those who believed in it for morality of God. As well there is a sub motif of the reality of death and of the Day of Judgment. And the sooner it starts off with a very powerful series of verses, which is a very common point of recitation for amongst the hora. It describes the believers in seven characteristics. Number one called me known successful indeed are those who have a man in a

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law and so you have to have Iran in a lot to be successful. Notice here successful no conditions, no clauses, no time clause, no ifs, ands, or buts, the successful people are the believers, the believers are successful. You want to be successful, have a man in a law, you shall have success, every type of success that is worth having every type of success that is permanent, every type of success that is a genuine success. Who's going to get it or the minion if you're a believer, you've won who are the believers. So who are the believers, you have to have the man number two, I live in office a lot to him harsh your own, that they have assure they are concentrating, they're humble in

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their prayers, that number two, that they are the ones who are avoiding useless matters. I didn't know who more I don't, they don't waste their time frivolous issues. Then number four, there are those who are continual in their charity. They continually give charity, it's not just a one off. It's not just a one check. They give and they forget about it. They're continuously giving charity. Number five, they are safeguarding their chastity except from their spouses or their dependents. for them. They are free of blame. But whoever goes beyond this, they are the transgressors. Number six, those who are faithful to their trust and they keep their pledges and number seven, those who

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safeguard their salata prayers, these people, they shall be the inheritors, what shall they inherit, they shall inherit for the dose itself the highest level of gender, wherein they shall dwell forever. So Pamela, these seven characteristics that are mentioned for the morning, noon, every one of us should have a checklist of our lives versus this list, every one of us this should be on a roll. These are the seven characteristics. How much of these do we actually meet and by the way of the seven, the first and the last of them two out of the seven, they deal with not the quantity of Salah, but the quality of Salah they deal with the ones that are consistent in their Salah, they

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protect their sign up, they maintain the level of horseshoe and there's Allah Subhana Allah, some of us are not even praying regularly. How then can we meet the characteristics of the seven, the seven their characteristics, the first and the last? They are they have horseshoe and salah and they're making more half of the of Salah. And both of these are deep words. So think about those words and their implications to achieve a level of God consciousness of, of thinking of Allah and also to protect the prayer and protecting the prayer means you do it properly, fulfilling its requirements, doing its conditions, and being conscious of how you should pray, being conscious of the time of

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prayer. These are those who protect the prayer and two out of the seven deals.

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With the issue of Salah, the next portion of the surah, which is a relatively long portion, we're going to just skim over it because we've done similar portions and other suitors. So there are verses 23 to 50. It mentions the stories of some of the prophets of old of Norse and of Moosa and irisa and others. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in verse 44, from Allah said, notice within our title, we sent our messengers in quick succession, one after the other, lots of messengers came, every time a Prophet came, they rejected him. This is the reminding of a lot to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you are not the first, lots of profits came and the general default

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rule, people don't want to follow the profits. Because it's difficult. You have to give up your lifestyle, you have to conform to something that is against culture. And so the general rule is that truth is not accepted easily by the people. And Allah subhanaw. taala reminds us that they split themselves up into many different groups, meaning many different parties, many different religions, every single group was happy with what they have. This is verse 53. And so Allah says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, let them wander in their bewilderment until the appointed time comes? Did they assume that in furnishing them with wealth and children, that we were racing to give them

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good things? In fact, they have no idea of the reality versus 55 to 56? In other words, did they assume that just because life was good, that Allah was pleased with them? Did they assume that just because they live lavishly that allies are just showering his happiness on them, they have no idea. And again, this is a common motif of the entire Koran, that the beauty of this world is not an indication that Allah is pleased with an individual. The fact that an individual has wealth or power or fame means nothing in and of itself. The pious can be rich or poor, and the evil or the wicked can be rich or poor. That does not translate into a loss of blessings. So Allah is saying that these

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people think that just because they have all of this, that we are racing to shower our blessings on them, they have no clue home law. Yes, Sharon. So then who are the real believers who are the ones that are actually believing in a law? Verse 57 onwards that those who believe there are those who mean Harsha turabian mushfiqur. When they are in or fearful of their Lord, there are those who believe in the verses of Allah subhana wa Tada. There are those who do not worship any besides Allah. And then verse number 60. There are those who give what Allah has given them they give from Allah has given them and their hearts are trembling. What boo boo, Majid attune their hearts are

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quivering, knowing that they're going to go back to their Lord. These are the people Allah says they are racing and winning the race towards goodness. These are the people who will reach first into paradise. So this is a beautiful verse that describes the believers. There's an interesting Hadith related to this verse that our mother I showed her the law one has, she said the other sort of a messenger of Allah, Allah mentions these people, their hearts are trembling when they give charity, so they're giving charity and their hearts are trembling, and she's innocently asking a messenger of Allah, why are they terrified? If they're giving charity? Are these the people who are drinking and

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you know, fornicating and doing these major sins, so therefore they are terrified? And so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam smiled and said, No, oh Daughter of us, acidic whenever he was in a playful mood, he would call Arusha or daughter of a civic, her father is a severe winter severe or daughter of acidic No, these are the people who fast and who pray and who give charity and then they are terrified. What if Allah does not accept from them Subhan Allah, look at what and how our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam interpreted this verse, this is the real level of piety to do everything that is required and then you are doubting, you are wondering, will Allah accept or not?

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Have I done something wrong or not? was a sincere or not, because to doubt, your own piety is really the essence of piety and to feel confident of your piety is the essence of arrogance. Why? Because Islam means humility in front of Allah, the meaning of the word Islam is to submit to Allah. Let's now move on is this lamp Islam is submission to Allah. How can you submit if you think you are the most pious and the most mighty submission means that you are humbling yourself and to humble yourself means that you are not certain about your piety you hope you want to be pious, you hope that insha Allah you're a pious if you put in the right effort, but you're never certain you're

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never sure. And that's why the Quran describes them. They give up their wealth, and yet their hearts are terrified.

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So the profitsystem said they're doing everything they're supposed to do, and yet they're not fully certain shall Allah will I be forgiven will not be forgiven. And this is the essence of piety. Look at the piety of Roma mahapatra de la Juan, someone whom the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam guaranteed he's one of the 10 people going to gender. He's one of the shadow Bashara and yet still, he was worried, you know, in his tail off in the time of his khilafah he was worried Am I of the hypocrites or not? And he begged her they fed that did the prophets of the Law Center mentioned my name amongst the list of the hypocrites or not Look, he is somebody who has been told he's gonna go

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the agenda. Still in his mind. He's like, maybe something I didn't fall short. Maybe this may be that and there's that doubt coming and it is healthy to have that level of doubt because it keeps your humility in check. Anytime that doubt goes away. And anytime you start ascribing piety to yourself, realize you aren't you cannot be pious, the one who feels guilty, the one who's struggling, the one who feels that you know I have some good deeds, I have some bad deeds and May Allah forgive in sha Allah that means you have a pulse. That means inshallah Eman is there in shallow data and you keep on struggling and going and your path is a good path in sha Allah to

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Allah. In the next series of verses. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the reality of death and what will happen to those who rejected Islam when they when they die. Those who as Allah says in the series of verses verse 66 onwards, when the verses of the Quran recited come to my other acaba con tenki. Soon you will turn your backs and you would walk away arrogantly heartily wisetech Videla v Sameera into June, you know spending the night and frivolous pursuits and not paying heed to the verses of the Quran and supanova this verse here, even though of course, it primarily applies to those upon those who rejected Allah. Still, as believers let us ask ourselves how many times have we

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wasted entire nights and frivolous pursuits not paying heed to the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala was tech billionaire he Sam Iran damage your own time is precious time is limited. The wise person takes advantage Yes, playing and entertainment has a role in our lives. But when our lives become primarily about playing in entertainment, and we abandoned that which is far more noble, surely that is not a sign of wisdom and surely will have to suffer the consequences for that as well. The command then comes in sorted and what means that they should have followed the profits on the last Friday he was selling them but instead the kurush they rejected him on false premises on lies on

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doubts that they knew were not true. The Quran challenges number 70 onwards that you know this man, he's not a stranger amongst you. The Quran asks them you know that he is not a madman, you know, he's not crazy, you know, he's not possessed, you know that the lies you're inventing to reject him are lies, these are lies, you know, they're lies, how can you reject this person and you know, his credibility? And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, a powerful verse about the reality of Truth and Falsehood about the reality of ethics and morality. Verse 71, what are we tab is

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the first set that is similar to an older woman fee him if truth conformed to their desires, that heavens, the earth, and all that is in them would have gone to ruin and become corrupt. If truth were subject to what they thought was true, then the whole world would be in chaos. Truth is not subject to a group of people's whims and desires. Truth is above with a group of people say it is Allah subhanho wa Taala, who conforms to us who confirms upon us what is morality, what is truth, and we already see in societies that don't believe in a higher being in societies that have left religion, in societies whose morality is not rooted in religion, we have seen so many social ills we

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have seen the fabric of society ruptured from its very core, because it is so easy to go from one misguidance to a worse misguidance. And this is what Allah is saying, If truth were to conform to your desires, then society would go corrupt the heavens and earth would go corrupt. And frankly, we see this now in many of the lands of the world, that truth is no longer what even the religions said, Because generally speaking, all religions have a similar understanding of morality. And these days that understanding has been rejected and mocked and ridicule and alternatives have come and we see the reality of this law who was done. The surah also mentions many of the blessings that Allah

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has given mankind and this is a standard motif of many of the meccan surah is verse 78 onwards, that he is the one who has given you a some hour of solder will have either hearing and sight and feelings or thoughts. Hi, Lila Mata Sharon. So little gratitude do show he is the one who has multiplied you on earth and to

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him You shall be gathered, and it is he who gives life and brings death. And To Him belongs the alternation of the night and the day will you not understand, always the blessings of this world are linked immediately to the belief in a law and the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then Allah challenges the theology of idolatry, the theology of those who worshipped false gods, that you know these religions that have this hierarchy of gods, and they're still around, even in the old times the religion of the Romans, the religion of the ancient Greeks, the religion of the Arabs of old, they had a pantheon of gods lots of mini gods, demigods, sons of Gods Daughters of gods, and then

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there was always one supreme god. You know, the Greeks had their Zeus the Romans had their Jupiter, right, even in, in classical Hinduism, there is, you know, the One God amongst them, they're not all the same. And so Allah azza wa jal is criticizing theologically, those who believe in multiple gods that how can you believe in one supreme god and lots of mini gods? look at verses 84 222 verses 91? Again, I'll summarize these that Allah is asking a series of question, ask them to whom does the entire earth and everything in it really belong? They will say Allah, ask them who is the Lord of the seven heavens and the Lord or the magnificent throne? They will say Allah asked them in whose

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hands is the dominion of all things, who controls everything? Who is the one who protects and cannot be protected against what would you do to weather your child while he if you truly know they will say Allah? So then why are you doing Why are you diluted? Why are you misguided? How have you been bewitched? If you believe that Allah subhana wa tada is the ultimate and supreme How then can you worship and dedicate your life to these mini and semi and semi gods, all of this is nonsensical. And then Allah brings that one verse that is the subject of many theological treatises. many books of theology have been written about this one verse and in fact, an entire philosophical doctrine of the

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proofs of the existence of only one God rather than multiple gods have come from this verse, and the term is denilla, tanana, or the evidence of the impossibility of there being multiple gods, verse 91, summarizes this beautifully. That metacoda law home invalid in one Mark Anima human ILA, neither has a law Begotten Son, nor is there any other God besides Him. By the way, notice how the concept of having a son is equated with the concept of a multiple of Gods because in the end of the day, the net result is the same, you're destroying tawheed and both are manifestations of a type of shirk. Then what does Allah say, if that were the case, if there were multiple, multiple gods, even though

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they have a coup de la habima, haka, every God would have withdrawn with what that God has created. And they would have gone to war with one another to gain supremacy. When I love Allah whom Allah Subhan Allah Glory be to Allah for above, it is what they ascribe unto him. In other words, a lot is saying that if there were multiple gods, this universe would not be the way that it is. It is impossible. And even in our own world, it's impossible that you know, more than one person is in charge of any major thing or the captain of the ship or the CEO of the company. There's always one person that has to be the final person in charge of it. And Allah subhana wa tada saying, Look

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around you the harmony of this world. It's it's interconnectedness. It's symbiotic interdependencies, if you call it you want to you want to call it the synergy of conformity if you like, like everything is in perfect harmony together, the synchronization is truly unbelievable. And the more you study physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, the more you're astounded, and then realize all of these fields are not separate, they are interconnected. In the real world. Physics is not separate from biology, which is not separate from astronomy. In the real world. All of these sciences are themselves interconnected. And the more you study them, the more you realize the the

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desynchronization is simply impossible to even achieve, except by one being clearly therefore, this demonstrates that there is only one entity, one God, one all powerful being who is in charge of everything. And this is what the verse is talking about the impossibility of a multiplicity of Gods This is called DeLeon antimatter. This The next section then returns to the topic of death and judgment day and you have some of the most powerful passages in the Quran. And once again, this section is a favorite of the Quran surah of the Quran, verse 99 onwards that had the EDA hadn't had a home remote to then when death comes to one of them, they will say, Oh my Lord, send me back so

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that I can do good in what

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I have neglected, I didn't do good I want to do it again, can law that is not going to happen. This is the decree that Allah has already said, woman will lie to you by phone, and in front of them is a barossa until they are resurrected. And I have just given a very long series about the reality of the bars of this one verse, I given many lectures about the reality of the borders of witches, the timeframe between death, and between the blowing of the trumpet, and Allah mentions the word borders over here, then Allah goes on. When the trumpet is blown, there shall be no relations between people on the Day of Judgment, and no one will be asking for another. So who's ever scale of good deeds was

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heavy, that person shall be successful, and whoever scale was like they didn't have anything to show, those people have lost their own souls in jahannam, they will be living forever. So here we have another clear manifestation of the regret of those who spent a lifetime doing nothing, they regret that's going to happen when the Angel of Death comes, and they see the angel of death. And there are some milliseconds left, and from our perspective in the person is about to pass away in that person's frame of mind. It's as if they're able to negotiate, they're begging or pleading, they see the angel of death, and they're begging the angel, give me some more time, I didn't really take

00:31:22 --> 00:32:01

advantage. And Allah says, No, it's not going to happen. Once the Angel of Death comes, there is no going back, you have one opportunity, and you took advantage of it or you did not take advantage of it. So the question is very clear to all of us, when the Angel of Death comes to me or to you, and it shall come to every one of us, you know, we do realize that right? What's going to come to all of us, when the Angel of Death comes, will we be at least knowing and excited, nobody likes death, even I should ask the process. We also nobody likes death. And the President said, Whoever is excited to meet a law, Allah is excited to meet him. We're excited about the pleasure of a law agenda. Yes, we

00:32:01 --> 00:32:37

want to be excited for that the concept of death is an unknown. Nobody can be excited for death itself, but we're excited for the blessings that's going to happen in general. So whoever is excited for that, when the angels come, they shall be happy because they realize that what is about to happen will be the eternal bliss. Do we want to be in that category or we seek Allah's refuge? The other category, which is the begging the pleading the attempts at negotiation? Oh, I'm sorry, I really wanted you know, give me another chance. It does not work that way. The Angel of Death has an appointed time. And when that appointment appointed, time comes, nothing can be changed backwards

00:32:37 --> 00:33:21

and forwards. The Quran clearly mentioned certain, clearly mentioned, there are two categories, verses 109 onwards, in the Hakata 30, a commentary body, one group and these were my servants, they will pray constantly that up diner Oh our Lord, Amen. We have believed for it. So forgive us and have mercy on us. And you are the best of those who are merciful. That is one category, making draw praying to Allah, what is the other category that has to move home cyprian. As for you, the other group, you made the first group the target of ridicule, you made them the target of jokes, until their ridicule caused you to forget my remembrance, Hector and so convicted, he will come to me in

00:33:21 --> 00:34:05

Hong Kong, and you used to laugh at them today, I have rewarded them for their patience. And these are the ones who are going to be the winners and the triumphant SubhanAllah. Another powerful series of verses Allah is saying to the first category that your patients had being mocked. Now you will be rewarded people made fun of you for your religion, people made fun of you for real religiosity, now you will get your reward. As for the other category, you spent your entire lives making fun of religion and religiosity. You spent your entire lives mocking the believers so much so that your goal could became to make fun of them rather than the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you

00:34:05 --> 00:34:40

took up so much time making fun of the religious people that you might as well have worshipped and what you would have accomplished much more but rather you busied yourself in making fun of the religious group. And by the way, the religious group look did not spend time refuting the mockers because what's going to happen? So panela, this is a matter of perspective, the religious folk kept themselves to the worship of a lot, and the people who didn't have religion, they made making fun of religion, their ultimate goal, and what happened with all of that. And also, by the way, of course, the context here are those who reject a line is messenger, but you know, there are those Muslims,

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

May Allah forgive and protect all of us there are those Muslims who they might not be pious, but they really kill the people of piety, and that is maybe even a bigger sin, then themselves struggling in their own piety. Dear Muslim, don't ridicule the pious, even if you're not pious, love the pious even if you're not pious.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

Perhaps that love perhaps that love will salvage perhaps that love will forgive you, on the day of judgment, perhaps your desire to be religious, will be in shallow data and incentive that you get something of the arc here. But whatever you do, whatever you do, don't make fun of the people of religion because of their religion, because you don't want this first to apply even partially upon you. And the sutra concludes by reminding us that when the people are asked on the Day of Judgment, verse 101 112, when they are asked, How many years did you live in this earth? How many years did you live, all that come live with and follow the either the scene and they see their book of good

00:35:38 --> 00:36:17

deeds, and they see their scales, and they find it to be empty. They've done nothing to show for all of these decades that they live, because what did they do other than enjoy the moment? What did they do other than live for the sake of this world? So when they come to the next world, they didn't prepare for the next world? They have nothing to show. So what will they do? They will then accuse Allah subhana wa Taala with a villa of not giving them enough time, Hollywood, now Yeoman, they said, Oh Allah, we didn't live many decades, we only gave us a day, actually, you gave us a part of a day, you gave us a few hours only. And then in their arrogance, or in their diluted pneus. Or in

00:36:17 --> 00:36:59

their foolishness, or in their terror, or in their paranoia, they will then challenge a lightsaber, there's a mistake being made. Go ask the angels who took a count of how long we had here. In other words, on the day of judgment, they're gonna go literally insane or crazy in a certain matter, because they will not believe that they had 5060 7080 years and they knew there would be a judgment day and they have nothing to show for judgment day. Don't be amongst those people prepare for that day. Do not be amongst those people who then accuse the angels or a lot of not having been given enough time. So Pamela, can you imagine a student has you know, five hours seven hours to do the

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exam and then they hand in the paper with nothing except their name on it? And then they say oh, it's not my fault. You didn't give me enough time. Everybody got the time everybody got a you didn't do anything. Don't blame the angels are Allah subhana wa Tada. That's something that is very clear in the Quran, that the people will come on the day of judgment and they will think they didn't get enough time even though they got all the time in this world that a lot of allocated for them. And then the sort of finishes in the hula, you have political capital, that the the disbelievers shall never be successful. And look at the contrast that the first ayah or the moon, the believers are

00:37:38 --> 00:38:09

successful, and the penultimate Ayah the disbelievers will never be successful. The sutra summarizes this entire motif and the final drop verse 118 will say this do I memorize this to rob bill Pharaoh Wareham Why don't the hydro raha mean, Oh my Lord, forgive and have mercy for You're the best of all who have mercy. This is Surah Al minion. We now move on to sort of a nor should it and more is a Madani Sora revealed in the middle of the Medina and phase.

00:38:11 --> 00:38:55

And it is around half pages, 10 pages 64 verses and because it's Methodists, obviously the verses are typically a little bit longer as well. And sort of the new. His primary goal is the preservation of the family unit, and the etiquettes of dealing with family life and some of the laws of internal family and domestic affairs. Also certain new occupies a very important role in this era of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because it was revealed after the infamous incident of the evil slander against our mother, Artesia, when the hypocrites they fabricated something very negative evil about the owner of our mother our issue, and they used it as propaganda. And so the hypocrites

00:38:55 --> 00:39:33

really they are the first to use fake news if you like it, this this notion of of using these types of things is something that the hypocrites mastered from the beginning of time, and the surah began straight immediately similar to an ns in a surah, we have revealed and its laws we have made obligatory, and we have made it very crystal clear for you the verses so that you can pay heed so that you can understand and then immediately, the punishment comes that those who fornicator men and women lash them 100 times and obviously this is done in the lines of the show. Do you know all of the penal codes of Islam, all of the codes that pertain to the crimes against society, these types

00:39:33 --> 00:39:59

of punishments, they are done, obviously, in courts of law that are judged by Islamic laws in Islamic lands. Obviously, no scholar ever says that these types of things are done by individuals ad hoc, that's not the way that this happens. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala states that a fornicator should only marry a similar type of person or even an idolatry. And then Allah says, but of course you cannot marry an idolatry and our scholars have rules or have understood from this

00:40:00 --> 00:40:36

that this isn't a legal ruling that if somebody for decades they can only marry somebody who is also fornicator, but rather Allah subhanho wa Taala is linking the act of fornication with something that everybody should find disgusting. And that is, and that is the issue of worshipping false gods. And so Allah azza wa jal is saying, just like you wouldn't want to marry somebody who's worshipping another god. So, you would not want to marry somebody who is continuously doing this sin. Obviously, by the way, if a person has done such a sin in the past and has repented, they should conceal their past lives, and it is permissible for them to marry anyone that is allowed to marry the next

00:40:36 --> 00:41:23

section, verses four to 10. It deals with the rules of accusing people of fornication. And Allah azza wa jal is stating that just like fornication is a sin. So too, it is a sin to accuse somebody of fornication without evidence, and what is the evidence for eyewitnesses to the actual act. And this shows that the bar of being punished for this crime is very high, unreasonably high, to be honest, in Islamic history, it has never happened that four people have witnessed such a crime and somebody has been punishing in Islamic land. And then Allah says in verse 13, if you do not have four witnesses, and use, make this accusation, you will be considered a liar in the eyes of Allah

00:41:23 --> 00:42:05

Subhana Allah, if three people saw such a deed, and this is a fornication, they're told to be quiet about it and do not testify. only have four people saw and they go to the court and whatnot, then it is going to be punished. And from all of this, we see very clearly and I've said this, and sort of in my head as well, the psychology of Islamic punishments is very clear. Yes, they are harsh, there is no need to sugarcoat, but they are meant as a deterrent, they are rarely applied even historically. And in fact, this this, this section is also a proof for this, the bar to be punished is so high, and then also in verse number two of the surah What does Allah say? While Yeshua Houma

00:42:05 --> 00:42:47

thought if at a minimum of meaning, let a group of people witness the punishment, the goal here is to deter others from committing such a crime. Therefore, the punishment is indeed very, very harsh. But to that one, harshness will translate into untold Baraka and blessings for the entire community. And the goal, of course, is very clear. And that is to protect the family and to protect the honor of the family, especially the honor of women. Now, obviously, that issue of witnesses, there has to be a concession if it is between a husband and wife, because if infidelity happens, you cannot expect the husband to go get four witnesses for examples when exception is made. And this is the

00:42:47 --> 00:43:30

famous verses of Leon or mutual cursing. And the details are in the section over here that in lieu of four witnesses. If the husband has seen this act, then the the spouse can then mention the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And give us some four times using the name of Allah that He is telling the truth. And the fifth time that in case he is lying, he will invoke the curse of God on himself or the below the villa. And the lady in her defense. She also has the right to say four times that I am truthful and he is lying. And the fifth time she will say that I was angry upon her if she is the one that's lying in this case, and this these are the famous verses of the art of mutual cursing.

00:43:30 --> 00:44:14

And you can look at the books of filth on the books of Sierra to find more details on this verse. Then after this follows a series of verses that deal with the slander of our mother. Isha. And to clear her innocent name, and the details of the story. I have gone into a lot of details in my theater lessons about this, and you can find them online. But to summarize some of those lessons, obviously the hypocrites they accused our mother Arusha of a heinous of vulgarity simply in order to get to the owner of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam obviously, their goal was to irritate the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the the Eliza then revealed or on to clear the name of our

00:44:14 --> 00:44:59

mother Isha in verse number 11. Allah says that those who produce the if the grave slander the blasphemy, those who produce this blatant lie so the fact that a law calls it a blatant lie, indicates that our mother Arusha she is completely innocent and obviously, and the people that said this are telling lies, and in this section here, verse 12, and 13, Allah subhanho wa Taala chastises the language is a bit mild of a chastising but a lot chastises the righteous who didn't spread it, but they let their minds wander and Eliza just says Why didn't you when you heard the news? You even higher or they thought the best thoughts Why didn't you block these evil thoughts and you think good

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

Your mother Arusha. And this shows us that the true Muslim, he tries to have the best thoughts of other people, he tries to find a way out and find an excuse for the people. So Allah subhanaw taala encourages those positive thoughts of other people. And then in the next section, Allah strongly criticizes those who actually spread it. And those who transferred it from tongue to tongue, the gossip the father, or the father that that these people did unleash upon without a strongly criticizes it. Allah says, what I said buena hyena, you thought it to be a joke. He thought it to be trivial, but a lot xojo knows it to be a very severe thing. SubhanAllah the dangers of gossip, and

00:45:40 --> 00:46:19

especially sexual gossip and sexual innuendos and these types of things. Look, brothers and sisters, you know, these types of, of crimes of lust and passion. They happen, you know, in many societies, and it this is the reality of of human nature, but you know, people spreading it, and people gossiping about it, it makes it 10 times worse than the than an actual slip up that might have happened. And we see this in the story of user. And we see a tear in the story of our issue that our show was innocent, but the gossip made it a whole scandal out of nothing. And how often is this the case that a completely innocent person, or sometimes a small mistake or a small slip up is

00:46:19 --> 00:47:00

exaggerated to something much larger than that than it needs to be? Or even a major sin, which was private between two people is then made into an entire, you know, social scandal? And again, of what to use, who benefited? What is the purpose of this gossip? gossip is one of the tools of shavon gossip is one of the tactics that shavon uses to make us feel better than other people and to make us have a self piety to ourselves and to get involved in the disrepute and the honor and the dishonor of other people. We have to be very, very careful. Allah says in the Quran, why didn't you when you hear this say sup Hanukkah, Maja Cooney, Nana and netta kenema, Bihar the subhanak, All

00:47:00 --> 00:47:44

Glory to Allah, we should not be discussing these things. This is in the Quran. Dear gossipers fear Allah, silence your tongues from these types of gossip? If you know or hear of a person doing a personal sin between him and a law between her and Allah, Who are you to go and spread to other people? What business is it of yours? Are you not scared of the Judgement Day? Are you not terrified that your sins might also one day be exposed? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in authentic hadith, whoever covers the faults of his Muslim brother or sister, Allah subhana wa tada will cover his faults in front of mankind on the Day of Judgment, personal private false, if you

00:47:44 --> 00:48:22

hear or find out, your job is to advise directly not to scandalized not to publicize. Now, by the way, obviously a footnote here and I have to say this, I'm not talking about somebody who is an oppressor or somebody who is a predator and who is harming innocent people. Obviously, that is a person that needs to be warned against. I'm talking about a personal sin, a personal slip up a legitimate and by the way, more than half the time it's not even an actual sin is or it's a small sin that has been exaggerated on speaking about somebody who has committed a personal sin in their personal lives. It's none of your business to go tell the rest of mankind. Obviously, if a person is

00:48:22 --> 00:49:02

abusing another person, if a person is taking advantage of another person in a manner that is more than just a personal sin, a private matter, that is a separate issue, and that has different rulings and verdicts. And that's not the time right now to get into this. Also, in this series of verses Abubakar has to do is reminded or the law of Thailand he is reminded to be generous and forgive those who spread the slander because one of the people who spread the slander was his relative that he would miss that he would give money to. And I will bucha became angry and sad. I'm never going to give money to Mr. Again. And so Allah said, forgive, look over, turn over a new leaf. Don't you want

00:49:02 --> 00:49:48

a law to forgive you? So Subhana Allah, forgiving others that have genuinely wronged us when we have the upper hand forgiving others is the way to earn a laws forgiveness, when we forgive others, Allah will forgive us. Also, perhaps one of the most amazing verses in this whole section. Allah says, Don't think this whole episode was bad for you. Rather, it was good for you that as a boy who are short but who highroller come, don't think that this was overall bad. It was overall good. Now, you know, if you study the reality of this incident, you see how much trauma afflicted the entire community. You see the Sahaba were crying in the masjid. Our Prophet system was hurt. Our issue

00:49:48 --> 00:49:59

could not sleep for days on end, she stopped eating food for so many days. And over after all of this stress, Allah says, Don't worry, it wasn't bad for you. It was good for you. And of course Why was it good in my life?

00:50:00 --> 00:50:42

To go into more detail but the hypocrites the reality was exposed. We saw how evil and sinister they are the people realize these people have no scruples How dare you resort to defaming an innocent young lady? How dare you go to that dastardly tactic of speaking about the honor of our mother Arusha everybody saw how evil the hypocrites were, as well the innocence of our issue was, was was revealed and Allah subhanho wa Taala praised her, and so many other benefits came from the incidence of the slander. So what we learned from this, the point of this all is that any tragedy that happens, any calamity that happens, no matter how bad, no matter how painful, no matter how

00:50:42 --> 00:51:26

traumatic, we have to believe that there is wisdom in it, and that overall, the wisdom and the lessons learned and the benefits that we're going to come out with are better and more than what happened before we have to always see the silver lining because Allah has told us don't think it was bad for you. Overall, it was good for you. Things happen, you learn things that you didn't know before. And this is the reality of any circumstance or situation that we are in. This sort of goes on in verse 26, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that famous verse that alphabetize will also be theano, or sabetha. Little hobby 30 will be the only one that fills the men or for filthy women and

00:51:26 --> 00:52:05

filthy women are her filthy men and pure men, all for pure women and pure women are pure men. And this means that purity attracts and filth attracts as well. And it also means when we're looking to get married, we should find somebody who is a righteous person that we can purify ourselves with, because when we marry a pure person that inshallah low tide will also impact us as well. And so the point being is that obviously, in this manner, likes attract, and the person who is pure and God fearing will want a pure and God fearing spouse, or the story has a lot of benefits. Again, there's so much to cover some panel, I'm just going to quickly cover some of the the aspects here that have

00:52:05 --> 00:52:11

the adapt, and of the laws and of the attackers that are found in the story. This story in verse number 32.

00:52:12 --> 00:52:52

It encourages marriage. For those that are single amongst us, we'll uncover a yamame income, who saw the Hail Mary, by the way, Malcolm, even amongst the maid servants and bonds amends that we have that a lesson, get them married, you know, the singles or get them married amongst you. And then Allah says in your corner, fukada you need him, a lot of them. In fact, if they are poor, a law will give them from his bounties and Allah will sustain them. Subhana Allah so much can be said here, but I speak now, especially to the parents, especially to the parents that do parents of young men and women, those that are physically and emotionally capable to get married, those that are going to

00:52:52 --> 00:53:28

able to get by obviously, the next verse says if you really cannot afford because it's one thing being dirt poor. And it's another thing being, you know, the standard of living will not be to the level that maybe you want, but they can still get by Allah speaking to that middle category here. Obviously, the next verse says, if you really cannot get married, then be patient until Allah gives you some well, because somebody who can't even have a roof over his head, how can they get married, but what we do, unfortunately, our culture's, we make marriage very difficult. And we put too many barriers, and we demand more and more. And these days it is especially the elder generation subpanel

00:53:28 --> 00:54:11

law, I guarantee you to your parents, most of our young men and women would be more than happy to live a somewhat difficult life together with one another with couples, husbands and wives getting married and struggling through some of life's issues, to have each other is worth more than having a few $1,000. Well lucky everybody who is young knows this, that you really want the company of your life partner, rather than to have a fancier car or a fancier house. And dear parents, listen to this carefully, dear elders don't make marriage difficult. Because if you restrict the halaal, then the Halong will increase. If you make the * out of problematic then Unfortunately, because of your

00:54:11 --> 00:54:52

own actions, the heroine is going to increase in this day and age we should encourage we should support and Allah is saying even if they're poor and by poor here it means you know they're going to be struggling but they can get by if even if they're poor, Allah azza wa jal will bless them and so don't make marriage difficult for those who want to get married. Verses 27 to 28. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions other aspects of etiquette. Don't barge into people's houses, ask permission, if you if you don't get any permission, don't come in and if you're told to come back at a later time, come back at a later time. Verse 29. This ruling does not apply to non residential houses like plazas and

00:54:52 --> 00:55:00

malls. You don't have to ask permission, you know to walk into a communal building versus 58 to 59. We are told specifics about

00:55:00 --> 00:55:37

teaching our children of when to enter the bedrooms and when to ask permission, you know, don't enter the bedrooms when they're older to understand don't even enter at any time. And when they're very young, we teach them as specifically those timings that we might be taking a nap or sleeping. We don't want our children to see something that is awkward for them. Verse 61, we are taught that there are no rules regarding eating alone, or eating together or eating with family or parents or uncles or aunts, that whenever you enter a house, you should say salam, as a blessing for everybody there. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us even this mundane issue, Lisa alikum janardhana takuji

00:55:37 --> 00:56:14

Amina wash data, there is no sin on you if you eat together or eat. You know, singly, by the way, Allah has not made any rules. Parents have the right to make their rules. So teenagers that are watching those teenagers whose parents are told you have to sit at the dinner table. Okay, Allah didn't tell you to sit at the dinner table. But Allah told you to obey your parents. And if your parents tell you to sit at the dinner table, then obey your parents. But the point is, all of these rules are in the Quran. So I had a lot that how many of us even knew that the Quran is telling us these rules of entering and exiting houses of asking permission of eating together or individually,

00:56:14 --> 00:56:58

all of this beautiful verses are in the Koran. And of course, some of the key verses that suta new is known for verses 30 to 31, that Allah tells the men and the women to lower their gaze, and Allah says that is pure for you, that is better for you. So the gays that is the lustful, gays, the gays that is inciting your sensual pleasures, when you feel that in your heart, you are commanded to lower the gaze and not stare at something that is inciting you. And of course, the dangers of allowing unrestricted, lustful gaze. This is something that we all know so panela, to have these desires, it is a part of being a human, but to watch these desires to pour gasoline on them, it is

00:56:58 --> 00:57:39

nonsensical, you know, to feel the urge, I mean, the sensual pleasure, it is there for a reason it is needed in life, and it is a blessing if fulfilled within marriage. But if left unchecked, and if left just to wander around, it becomes like a wildfire that destroys everyone around you destroys families, destroys societies, and you end up destroying yourself in the process. And so Allah subhana wa tada saying, lower your gaze, Don't even start the whole issue of this, you know, back and forth is just best to keep the gaze and the and the eyes down. And also in this regard, by the way, and it's a very important point that needs to be said that in these verses, so let me know that

00:57:39 --> 00:58:24

the lowering of the assertion or excuse me wrong, so to know that the lowering of the gaze is for both genders. And yet, look at the verses 3131 31 and 32. Look at the verses that when it comes to women, there is a much longer list of what is required of them. And it is very explicit here that let them not display of their beauty, except that which they cannot control. If they cannot control it is not their fault, but they should make the effort to cover up their beauty. And then while you're bribing the homeowner when you begin and let them draw their TMR over their chests, the word kaymar in Arabic is the word that is used for the cloth that covers the head, just like the word

00:58:24 --> 00:59:08

Hummer is alcohol because home or alcohol covers or clouds the mind Amr is the covering that covers the head, it is literally the Arabic word for headscarf look at any classical lexicon of the Arabic language, and you will see what the word female means. Now, this is a very long topic, it is highly charged. I understand. And there's no question that the headscarf is not the most important aspect of religiosity. There is no question that there are so many of our brothers and sisters who fall short, maybe in this aspect, but they have plenty of good in other aspects. There's also no denying that so many sisters and brothers who do dress decently, they're doing things in their private

00:59:08 --> 00:59:53

lives, or they're harboring thoughts and ideas or feelings of arrogance that are far greater sins than if they were to not dress in that manner. All of this is fine and it is a valid caveat. Nonetheless, when all of that is said and done, we have to be very clear. One of the Quranic commandments is decency for both genders. And the manifestation of that in women is slightly different than that in men. And that is because women are different than men and Allah subhana wa tada has given women certain powers of beauty and the privilege of a physical elegance and the privilege of a charm over the other gender that men do not have. And with privilege comes

00:59:53 --> 00:59:59

responsibility and hence with the privilege of that power that Allah has given women because

01:00:00 --> 01:00:34

Really that is there. And by the way, this is something that is undeniable. Look at how it is used in advertising in films and industry, look at everywhere, the man and the woman are not the same. And what the body does have one to the other gender is not the same. All you need to do is look around you and open not i'm not saying that we would literally look around you, I mean, metaphorically of stuff rather lower your gaze, obviously, but I'm saying it is well known and anybody who denies this, honestly, they're denying something that human experience and history and whatnot, it is something that cannot be denied. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala is explicitly telling

01:00:34 --> 01:01:19

our sisters, that one aspect of religion, not the only not the end all and be all, it's not the one but also let's not sugarcoat it, the Quran is very clear. While you're gonna be Homura hinda Allah, God will be hidden and let them take their head scarves and let them cover their chest areas with it as well. So anyone who says that the Koran does not command women to cover their hair, I say this gently, that person does not understand Arabic, it is as explicit as possible. The Quran explicitly mentions the word for headscarf, and that is Kumar and the women of the past would put their film out and throw it behind themselves. And Allah is saying, take your film out and put it over your

01:01:19 --> 01:02:00

chest area to cover the chest area as well. And all of this is done for the purity of families and for ingraining decency and higher and in our cultures how difficult this is to panela and then in verse 60, we are told that the elderly ladies those that are beyond the age of marriage, the elderly ladies, there is no sin on them, if they are lacs, about the rules of hijab, and then Allah says But even then, when you when your staff even if they are modest, it is better for them. Subhan Allah beautiful verses in suta note, we will conclude suta note with the verse that sweetener is named after I didn't tell you why it's called Sunita Nur. And we will conclude with that verse. It is

01:02:00 --> 01:02:10

verse 35, which is called ayah. To know the verse of light and Sunita Nur. And I have given a much longer hold up and a longer lecture you'll find it online about it.

01:02:11 --> 01:02:55

And I'm just going to quickly summarize and then a shallow tada we're done for today, I have to know is the most oft commented verse in the entire Koran. No verse has generated more literature and more to see and no interpretation. No verse has been subject to more treatises and books in Islamic history than the verse of ayah. To know, which is verse 35, of sudut. And note and of course, it translates as the verse of light. And of course, this verse is too deep to do justice to in this zooming over lecture, I'm simply going to summarize one primary interpretation that this verse is a is an indication of Allah azza wa jal being the ultimate guide for all of mankind, that Allah states

01:02:55 --> 01:03:35

that he is the light of the heavens and earth. And this means that he guides to all good that he compares his light of guidance that his light is the only source of light He alone is the source of all good, everything other than a law is darkness. It is a law who is new, and coming to a law is *, and Allah is the one who guides you to know. And the whole metaphor in this verse is about the guidance that Allah has placed in the heart of the Prophet sallallahu it he was telling them in the chest and the heart of the prophets, the law while he was setting them and he compares the chest of the Prophet system to the niche, which is a hole in the wall. And within that chest there is a

01:03:35 --> 01:04:16

crystal lamp which is the heart and within the heart, there is the candle and that is the man that is the man that is in the heart and this candle, it is lit from a blessed olive tree that is neither Eastern or Western meaning is not of this world so that all the tree it is the four R's that Allah subhana wa tada feeds to the heart of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that lights up the man and then the heart is as bright as the star. And so the prophets of Allah Hi Sam is being compared His heart is being compared to the star and Eliza do the same. What do you think the light of the Koran and the light of the job of the Prophet solo law is in the light of the tone of the olive oil and the

01:04:16 --> 01:04:59

light of this glass? What do you think if these two lights are going to come together Moodle, Allah nor light upon light, the Quran and the Sunnah, these are light upon light, yeah de la julio de Manya, Sha, Allah guides to his light whomever he wishes, if we want that light, we will have to turn to the speech of Allah will have to turn to the persona of the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah He was setting up this whole idea is a metaphor of a laws light meaning his guidance coming down to the color of our Prophet salallahu it he was selling them and then a law says woman me jalila hula hula run from Allah whom in new whoever Allah azza wa jal does not give light to shall never have light.

01:04:59 --> 01:05:00

We want the light

01:05:00 --> 01:05:37

Have a law. So let us turn to the Koran and let us study the persona of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam to get that light, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless us with light in this world to bless us with light in our grave to bless us with light on the dijamin day We ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant us light above us and beneath us, to the right of us to the left of us in front of us behind us. We ask Allah to envelope us in His light We ask Allah who is notice Mr. T was out that that yet women and I didn't know Nora now that he perfects our light and that he allows us to be guided in this world and in the next world, inshallah Tada. Tomorrow we will continue our series.

01:05:37 --> 01:05:40

Until then said I'm Wally Kumara barakato

Surah Al-Mu minun and Surah Al-Nur

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