Paradise #2 – No Accountability

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The first people to enter Paradise will not be held accountable. And that is a large portion of the OMA. In fact, it's so massive, we can't really even number them. You've perhaps heard of the Hadith of the 70,000, who enter paradise without any accountability. But the reality is, it's much more than that. With the each of the 70,000, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam tells us there's another 70,000. Now, if the number is literal, that's at least 4.9 billion if it's not literal. It's much more than that. But more importantly, is this. The main trait of the people who enter Jannah without accountability is that they put their trust in Allah. Can you imagine? After everything

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you've done in this world, you're forgiven for all the times you've sought forgiveness, you repented sincerely, you made it to the afterlife and Allah subhanaw taala still permitted you to enter Jannah but on top of all of that, you did not have to go through the hardships on the day of Justice, the Day of Judgment, the Day of Resurrection, you didn't have to experience any pain on that day or suffering you are safe, shaded protected by Allah subhanaw taala is mercy. And on that day, people will suffer and struggle, but the believers will be safe. The believers will be shaded under the Throne of Allah and may Allah make us amongst them. Lama Amin there is no punishment. There's no

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accountability, enter agenda and peace with hoodoo hubby Salah enter agenda without any high serve no accountability. How would you feel in that moment? If you knew you were amongst those people? You worked so hard in this life, you sacrifice so much? Was it worth it? It is the wisest thing to strive for with everything you have in this world. Everything Allah blessed you with here in this life, it's a test. So don't let it distract you from your purpose rather use it so that you are amongst those who enter Jannah without any accountability. Allah subhanaw taala promises us that whoever has a fear while living this life, a fear of the next life and therefore you prepare for it,

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meaning the believers you won't have any fear on that day. But whoever has no fear in this world towards the next life, so therefore they're heedless, they don't care. They're arrogant, they reject and they're lazy. What happens? They will have a fear on that day. Allah subhanaw taala protects the believers from having to fears may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who enter Jannah without any accountability, any punishment whatsoever Allahu Mami