Ahmad Saleem – Eight at Eight #009 Warning! Scissors from the hell fire

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The concept of "has been revealed" in the internet book "by happy by happy but it is a book, it has been revealed, and the net result should be that you should act upon it." A woman recites a book of ALLAH and tells a person who is alone that they should help someone. The woman tells them they have the power to protect them and that they are on the SunGeneration act. The speaker emphasizes the importance of practicing hardening and avoiding taking action. The speaker also mentions a teacher's advice and mentions a YouTube playlist for daily life.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh oops Mala Al Hamdulillah was salatu salam ala Rasulillah we're back

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Welcome to the next and the last episode actually off the five rights of the Quran. So in the past we've been talking about the multiple rights of the Quran we've said that there's five rights that are Quran has the first right is that we listened to it. The second is that we recited the third is that we memorize it. The fourth is we ponder upon it. And today we're going to talk about the fifth right which is connected to the fourth, right, which is that once you ponder upon it, once you think once you reflect once you have a connection with Quran, the net result should be that you should be able to act upon it. You know, put yourself and try to strive and try to connect with the Quran. But

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connect with the Quran in with our actions. Allah subhanaw taala he says in the Quran, multiple places, I don't want to you know, talk about all of those verses, they're all there for every single one of us. But just a gentle reminder, Allah subhanaw taala says, if for example, were her that Kitab and Anzahl now who this is a book we have revealed down Mubarak County. Again, Allah says, this is a Quran, it's a book, it has been revealed. And the beauty of this book is it is Mobarak it is blessed it it is blessed by Allah subhanaw taala then Allah subhanaw taala says, But Debbie arrow, follow it. Right? You want blessings in your life, for the Quran, what all I learned come to

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her moon and then when the process of acting upon it, try to attend Taqwa with it. And if you do so, Allah says, there's a hope that you will Allah will have mercy on Ulala come to Herman so that you may be you may you may be from those whom Allah has mercy upon you. Amazing, so fat who we must follow the Quran.

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Today I want to talk about a very very scary Hadith he says,

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you find this hadith in by happy by happy but it is a Hadith that Imam sorry chef Afghani has said this hadith sahih Nevertheless, the hadith is really powerful and I just wanted to share this, where Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says he says, I was brought Prophet sallallahu Sallam says

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Carla sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam who turned to Laylat gustaria V I was brought to a place where there was something happening and Rasul Allah was brought to a place.

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Allah Coleman.

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There were a group of people that were sitting there, and what's the condition of these people? What's wrong with these people? Allah's prophecy with him says, I love bombing to Corrado Shiva. Oh, whom beaming Rob beam Bhima Adil Meena now that their lips, their lips were being cut, you know, so their lips, these sections, their edges of the lips were being cut with a fire, scissors, a scissor that was made of fire.

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And every single time they were cut, their lips would reform and the scissors would cut them again. Their lips would reform and the scissors would cut them again. For the Prophet sallallahu Sallam It was really scary for him to see what's happening. So he says for false prophet Sallallahu sallam said to Jibreel yeah Jibreel Oh Jibreel Maha Shula Who are these people really scary scene Who are these people? Allah Who taba automatic. These are people who stand on the pulpits and they give Ottawa a living Anya coloane if I alone, their biggest problem was their problem. The problem was that they were rude to people not always their problem. Ella Xena coloane they were people they used

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to say things Minaya Fido and they used to tell people half off Allah subhanaw taala but when they would be alone themselves, taqwa was never part of their life. They will tell people give sadaqa but when they were outside, and they had opportunities to give sadaqa they would never get give sadaqa when they would be in situations where they could help someone they will tell people, you should help someone it is better than doing your takeoff. 70 years in the message of Nabi SallAllahu sallam, but when they would be given an opportunity to have it, do it off, sorry to help somebody else. They would say no, now my cup of tea. Right? And then what would happen? Allah Subhana Allah

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profitable Salam says, Well, yeah, Corona keytab allegedly I said I'm says via Corona Kitab Allah, this is the point we want to get at and they would recite the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada.

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They would recite or add

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what I am alone, and they will not act and act upon it. I genuinely hope and pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he makes us from those people who takes Quran very seriously, very whatever little that you recite whatever you get to recite. One of the primary reasons why Quran has been revealed is that we ponder upon it. And the process of funding should lead you to this state where you want to say, yes, I want to act upon it. Now. I want to put this in my life. And many of us we're not going to be in a situation, we're not going to be perfect. Remember that? You know, one of my teachers, she explained to me so beautifully, she said, this is an uphill journey. So imagine if you had a car

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if you had a manual car, if you had a five speed sticks, ship, your whatever, a stick shift, manual car, what happens? A manual car, or even if it's an automatic car, if you're going uphill, for example, if you're doing one of those up hills and belt found in park and any of the other parks in Canada, those of you that are in Canada, you know what I'm talking about? Like it's really big uphill, right? If you're in the Middle East, you know, the uphill in Riyadh or the uphill that you would see when you're driving from the the natural route that uphill that you see all of that if you're doing an uphill and you're in that car, and you've got the car in the first gear, second

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gear, third gear, fourth gear, and now you're cruising, what is the condition that you need to be in to ensure that you cross this is that your your flow your your your foot is on the accelerator all the time. And if it's not, the minute you let go off the accelerator, what happens? Your car starts going down. All of a sudden, the car Takes a Dip and it starts going down or it starts slowing down and you're going up and it starts slowing down and then your decline begins. You know this teacher remind she said the journey of becoming a McDuffie and practicing in the Quran is similar to you climbing an uphill you can never stop. You're gonna falter you're gonna fall things are gonna happen

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but you can never ever ever you can never ever ever stop you know, hide as she mentioned that, you know, she says stuff that Allah may Allah protect us. That is so true. Because this is really interesting when she says stuff that hola Oh, for example, saying La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah because neither me nor you have the power or the capability to ensure and guarantee yourself and myself that I'm going to enter Jana, you can do that. You don't have that guarantee. You don't know that tomorrow, the person you look down upon the person you belittled because you had some little knowledge and you were somewhat practicing. You had a hijab and an OB on and you saw a sister or you

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had a beard and Masha Allah you were you're on the Sunnah act. And then you see this person you look down upon me say oh, look at this person. Yes, so Han Allah, Oh, this guy, he doesn't even pray.

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You have no guarantee that you are going to be on he died tomorrow. Because remember that the guidance is from Allah subhanho wa Taala it's not in your hand. It's not in my hand. Many of us that are watching this, you are going to be in a situation many of you would know that. Maybe you were not practicing back then. And then we've all had those dips where you go down and up. Don't ever look down upon anybody. And don't ever say Oh unhemmed Mashallah, having that I'm such a practicing, you know, you meet people just like Mount Marshall. I'm so humble. You know, I'm a very humble person, you know, mashallah, you know, I'm very humble, and I try my best you know, hamdulillah but

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I don't know if anybody that is more pious than me. Much love brother Asha Allah, may Allah protect you and I'm actually genuinely talking about a person that's on internet. Again, bottom line, I don't like mentioning names, I just just craps cracks me up. So the purpose of this hadith is when Quran is being recited, and when you recite Quran, understand that the ultimate purpose of Quran is that you ponder upon it. And pondering does not require you to have to have seen wandering can take place if you're just a mere translation, go to quran.com go to 10 zeal dot info, mere translation, you look at that versus i how i How can I implement something in my life, and you take that from

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there? And this is how it works wildly from Salam wa Rahmatullah Houma How are you doing? So bottom line just I can love her for the comment Homa messages us saying a Salam Alaikum everyone Bartok Allah Hafiz everyone. Now we are done the five rights of the Quran if you haven't seen my daily lives, you can go to go to YouTube and there's a playlist that I've created for daily lives. Love to hear from every single one of you. What should I be talking about? Because I'm making up stuff right?

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is not there's no plan here. There's absolutely no plan. The only plan is I need to talk to you guys for eight minutes at eight o'clock which never ends up happening because all of a sudden I have this and my kids want to do this and that, but my commitment is, as I said, every single day for the next 90 days, I want to be here. I want to be talking to you full of energy booster day, a Salam Alikum beautiful people that has that I'm copying somebody. But anyhow, I said I'm ready for what I'm going to lay over cattle. I'll see you all on the other side tomorrow. Somewhat at eight I said on Monday.

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