Zakir Naik – Why do Muslims emulate Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the practice of sunatera, which is supposed to emulate Prophet Muhammad's practices. They question why people should follow the Prophet's advice, as it may not have any benefits. The speaker also discusses the importance of doing negative points and getting additional bonus points for Muslims.
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Now now this is with regards to the practice of sunnah. I am told that it is actually emulating the practices done by Prophet Muhammad. And

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if we're only supposed to bow down to the formless God, why do we follow practices which are done by a human incarnation, particularly things like growing your hair to a certain length, which may not have a particular significance in terms of benefit, or kissing the hazardous word when someone also declined that you're just a stone after a prophet Muhammad didn't kiss you? I wouldn't do this either. Brother. That's very good question. That's a good question that when we agree, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the Almighty God. Why do you have to emulate him? Why do you have to copy him? If he then conditional, he's not in condition of God. So in your central human in a human

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form, the other human being is the best human being, but he's not God. Why do we follow because Almighty God I said that. Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter 459. A to ALLAH, Rasool, obey Allah and obey the messenger.

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God has said God said follow the Prophet you follow, for example, and the boss of a company, I tell, follow my general manager.

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Know you will say if I followed your ad manager, Boss, boss, he thinks,

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a boss says you have to follow

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unless the general manager goes against me. And if you're just in general manager never go against me. So similarly, the prophet will never go again the teachings of Almighty God, it is because he the messenger was God, the Messenger of God for us.

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So when you emulate him, it gives us more blessings, but we can't worship Him. We love the Prophet, we revere Him, we love him. We obey Him, but we don't worship Him. So people who go to the lie Why didn't you stay in all this this is wrong is Nova mentioned the Quran to Buddha? There is no Hadith saying good Durga.

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And the second part, this difference of 100 is what I just said again, because the Prophet cashed it I'm emulating it doesn't become the Ferb. It's not compulsory, you have to do it. So not means you will get blessing, but infinite. If you don't do there's no negative point in further you have to do it. If you don't do it, negative points, like pray five times you have to do don't do negative point. So not means if you do plus points if you don't do negative points, so these are additional bonus points. So if you want bonus, you can do it not compulsory. If you don't do so no one can say that in a good Muslim. So when you do it, you get additional bonus points. And a good Muslim tries

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to get more bonus points. When no one gets paid for sin, therefore become the Sunnah of the Prophet cashed it. We are guessing even if you don't get it yet then no problem. Hope. Thanks very much.

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