Zahir Mahmood – Don’t Let The Rat Race Suck You In

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the regret regret of dying and the regret of working less on CGM. They explain that people have regretted their decisions and regret their work, causing them to lose their momentum and become upset. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of reflecting on the regret and working less on it.
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They say the second biggest regret people have is that when they dying

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is that I wish I had worked less CGM

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all your life, you run after the rat race you're running after the dunya I wish I could get more work. I wish I could get a better job. I wish I could get you know more money. Nobody. Nobody has ever had a regret when they are dying when they are dying, that we wish that we had worked more

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that we wish that the millions I earned it. Billions, nobody. All the nurses, all the doctors who look after patients when they are dying, when they are terminally ill. They all say that the one on the second biggest regret is one

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that we wish that we had worked less why?

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Because see when you're running after the dunya, and everybody around you is doing the same for you fall in the rat race.

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But when you are dying,

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that's the moment that you will reflect. So you will walk out of here and you will hear the hotbar and you will go back your rhetorics, you will go back to your duniya you will go back to doing whatever you've been doing. And you'll go back to work and you're forgetting about this. Because you got no time. You don't want to take out three hours and think about your life. Yeah, you know what, maybe I need to take a step back. You're not going to do that what you're gonna do, you're gonna go out of here, and you're gonna go your rat race, but the day the doctor tells you if you have that dog, if you have that moment, they said you got two months to live.

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Then you will reflect

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then you will reflect everybody reflect and they look over their shoulder and they think you know why life. morning to evening. I had no balance for it middle fifth dollop

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I no balance. No time for my wife. No time for my children.

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See, the biggest regret is what I wish I showed more love and affection and time with my children. The second biggest is I wish I'd worked less because you're running after the duniya day and night. You have no time for your children.

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You have no time for that thing which is important. But the day you know you are dying. Then that dawns upon you

Lest You Regret It Deeply Before Your Death

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