Why do Intelligent Non Muslims still Believe in their Illogical Scriptures

Zakir Naik


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There is a question from Rio from Indonesia. I'm an intrapreneur. If it is so obvious that other scriptures other than the Quran have many errors, illogical things and invalid things, why the smartest people of the world still believe in the scripture? Isn't it public by now that the scriptures have errors, fabrications, concoctions, etc. We all believe that God's word cannot be wrong. unless those words are human beings words. That's a very important question Marina from Indonesia, that how come the people when they know very clearly, that Quran is true compared to other scriptures? Why do yet non Muslims who are intelligent, and who have the knowledge yet follow

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the scriptures? Basically, what they have to understand that many times when it comes to faith, people get involved in blind belief.

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they may be very logical, they may be scientists of NASA, or they may be big doctors, heart specialists, but they do idol worship, in India we have so we wonder how come this is because there's so much engrossed with the society, that even if they know the truth, they don't want to offend the parents. Or they say that if we know the truth, if we followed may have to leave alcoholism, we may have to do three which we don't like.

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And if we read the Quran compared to other scriptures, Quran Minneapolis is safe, that will then not then understand.

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Current algorithm that can do that Will you not then understand many times, this is a book for people who understand the Quran is the most logical scripture on the face of the earth.

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And if any non Muslim, or any Muslim any human reads it, he will understand. But people when it comes to religion, they believe more in the blind faith, as though there is a screen put in front of the eyes. And this is the major reason that even though people are educated etc. They don't accept the truth. And it is a shaitan who whispers and prevents the person from coming to the straight path. So my request always will be that read the Quran with understanding so that you come to the straight path. And it is the duty of a Muslim that we should convey to the non Muslims who are intelligent, to understanding why intellectuals to convey the true message of Islam. And one of the

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best talks for such people is Quran and modern science compatible or incompatible and I've given this talk and it will be very beneficial for these people to come to the straight path