Abu Bakr Zoud – When are you going to ask about Allah?

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Either carry bear the Omni when my sleeves asked you about me. You see my brothers and sisters in Islam, the beginning of this air. When my sleeves asked you about me? I'm embarrassed my brothers and sisters in Islam. When are we going to ask about a law? When a lot you see when my sleeves ask about me, then I mean, when are you going to ask about the law? When are we going to ask about him? When are we going to come back to him? So how do

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you see what's the compensation of most people today? people today everyone's interested in everyone's affairs, people today that are interested in the private life of others. This is the questions people asked today.

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You know, did she who did she end up married? Did he divorced, the cheap divorce? What What happened? ended up happening with you any news? What's the latest and this kind of jealousy, token backbiting, and slandering and gossip? That's the talk of people today. That's the questions of people today. Whether you go to cafes, or restaurants, in the newspapers, in the magazines, in the radio, on TV, even in an massages, even in the masjid. People are talking about everyone and everything except the law, except those who lost social has saved from this ignorance and continue to discuss about the loss of Anahata Allah Allahu Akbar, that's the talk. That's the talk and that

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fuels and preoccupies the life of people. We talk about each other, we ask about each other. And what we speak about the bad of each other. We asked about the bad what ended up happening with you what happened with her what's the latest law socially miss a single either Allah Gary bear the army. When my sleeves ask you about me? A lot wants you to ask about him. When was the last time you asked about last question. When was the last time you spoke about Allah subhanho wa Taala? When When was the last time your father your mother spoke to you about Allah? When? When did you speak about Allah soldier as a family? When was the last time you did this? So Pamela, when, when was the last time

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you learned something new about a lot of soultion that you never ever knew before? What you've that's like a dead end. If you look at the case of the prophets and the companions, the entire life was preoccupied with knowledge of loss origin. Ibrahim alayhi salam, at one point of his life, he says a big need for mold that he calls out he asked a lot on our show be how you revive the dead musala he said Mr. barrini

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Oh, my Lord, shooting yourself so that I may see you look at these questions. These are people that you will love that love the law that recognized the laws closest to them that look at the questions. Have you ever reached that question in your life where you wished to see a lot of social right now where you are musalla you said I've had this wish already in his life and he asked what either select a bed Yanni, when my sleeves asked you about me, and this is actually the reason for why it came down was because of all the alarm I know the king total loss of Allahu Allah yourself in one day. And they said to you now also the law or messenger of Allah, aka lacuna, Fernandez, he is our

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Lord close so that we speak to him in secret, and by Eden fanatee? Or is he far away from us so that we scream aloud to him. So then Omar solution revealed this area, and he said, when my sleeves asked you about me, I am knee for in knee curry, lava, my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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For most of us, when we don't take worship seriously,

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when we don't make a big deal out of sins, when we don't make a big deal whether we missed a prayer or not, whether we missed a day of fasting or not, when we don't make a big deal of that. You know what the reason is? Simply The reason is because we do not know who Allah is. If we knew the last portion was, these matters wouldn't exist in our life.

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And in order to worship loves origin properly, you must love Allah.

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And in order to love Allah solution, you must learn and know about him subhanho wa Taala. And in order to know about him, you must seek knowledge about him. And in order to seek knowledge about him, you must ask about him. This is why a lot of soldiers address the root problem in this area. He said asked about me, what are you gonna carry that the army just asked about me? So how long most of us most of us, if we were told, if you were told right now, this second get up and speak for 10 minutes about a law and do not repeat yourself at all. You know what the reality is most of us would start

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If I told him to get up and speak 10 minutes about a law, describe him to us and

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tell us information about him. subhanaw taala 10 minutes. Do not repeat yourself. Most can't do that. Yeah. If I was to say to you get up and speak 10 minutes about a friend, you'll have to queue speak for 20 minutes without realizing, you know what he loves to eat, what his favorite food is where he likes to travel, what his hobbies are, what he likes to learn what his query is, when he begins work. Why, why why would they be able to speak 10 minutes another best friend of yours, because you love him? You love him.

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But if we were to talk, get up and speak 10 minutes about loss of vision, you can do so. Why? Because we truly haven't loved him. subhanho wa Taala yet, we haven't learned about him to love it. How are you going to expect to love a lot and recognize the costs and neediness of a loss surgeon in your life. If you don't read about him, if you don't know about him subhana wa Taala if you don't ask about him, this is why I'm telling you my brothers and sisters in STEM solution is this in this air. What is their set and that guy bad the army. When my sleeves asked you concerning me. A lot is telling you ask about me out

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