Zakir Naik – How to Da’wah with Hindus

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of defending Islam during the current crisis, citing Mahabharata as a popular book and the new norm of "has been in every culture since the 1800s." They also mention a book called "has been in every culture since the 1800s," which describes the importance of having a strong military background. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to be strong in their beliefs to avoid confusion and danger.
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and it's very easy to devour very easy.

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In India, I have no problem with the news.

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I tell them that if you read Mahabharata mamora divano, the Sacred Scripture of Hindus, if you read Mahabharata, there are more verses of fighting in Mahabharata and in the Quran, multiple times more verses of fighting in the mamba than the Quran, with the new destiny. Nobody knows that fighting is truth again falsehood. So I said fame fighting even the Quran, falsehood, or then we have no problem in the Quran.

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So easy.

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If you read the Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavad Gita is the most widely read book among all the scriptures. It is a guidance given by Shri Krishna

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was considered as God by the Hindus to Arjuna in the battlefield,

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if you read Bhagavad Gita, chapter number one, verse number 4546 47, but with Gita chapter number one was 245 is a June, he keeps all his weapons on the ground in the battlefield, in the battlefield is keeps his weapon on the ground and faith, I would prefer dying unarmed, rather than fight my cousins. If you know Bambara, it's a story about cousins fighting among themselves, the bundles were five, and cover was 100, the fighting among themselves, so urgency, they would prefer dying unarmed in the battlefield than fight my cousin.

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A few verses later, but what Gita chapter number two, verse number two and three, Shri Krishna, Almighty God, of the Hindus, he gives us advice or region, how could you be so important? How could you be so scared? It is the duty of the Satria to fight?

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Who's saying that she Christian is telling.

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Arjun that it is the duty of the Satria to fight.

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Now, if I tell you

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that Shri Krishna is telling Arjun to kill

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his cousins, it will be devilish. It's getting out of context. What Shri Krishna is saying that for the truth, even if you have to fight your cousin, no problem. Be close to truth as Quran says in Surah Nisa, Chapter Four is 135 Yeah, you will live in a Amanu all you believe, stand out for justice as witness to Allah subhana wa Taala even if it be against yourself, against your parents against the relative whether it be rich or poor.

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But if I quote out of context, April sound devilish.

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And many of the critics of Islam they quote the famous hadith of Momo Salah Salem, which I quoted earlier, that our beloved prophet mo Salah Salam said, inside Bukhari, ye number four book of jihad Hadith number four, the fact that if a Mujahid is killed in the battlefield, he will go to paradise. Otherwise Allah will bring him home safely with remote and more booty. If you read Bhagavad Gita chapter number two verse number 37, Shri Krishna is telling her June or June

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bless blessing are those people who get an opportunity to fight

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and if you die in the battlefield, you will go to swag to paradise.

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Or if you come back safely, Allah will give you the booty of war. verbatim what is mentioned inside Bukhari Volume four Hadith number 46 is mentioned in Bhagavad Gita chapter number two was the mortality famine.

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When critics like Arun surely take out mistake in the Quran, they have not read their own infrastructure

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so easy I never a problem will speak into the majority of the news

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when the year Mesquita like only there may be some politician politician like creating fitna

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and discard the politician may not like my speech because you know that he was reading the Hindus and Muslims together. So they create that fitrah

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for the water bank, otherwise normally with a common Hindus, I've got no problem.

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I quote the scriptures for them to understand Islam better

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