Zakir Naik – Why Did not God Create Only One Religion

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A woman named Krishna Rao talks about her experience working as a general manager abroad and her desire to see a person named Jesus. She discusses the confusion surrounding Islam and the importance of submitting one's will to God. She also talks about the origin scriptures and the importance of submitting one's will to God.
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My name is Krishna Rao. I am working as a general manager abroad. Luckily today, one of my fortunately we have come here with one of my friend who has brought me here today. In fact, Dr. Zaki, I have seen him on TV. And always I had, I mean, this is a great opportunity that has God has given me to see him personally. And ask a question which always I had a doubt in my life.

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That why God didn't create one religion, or he didn't make one religion for everybody. So that piece would have been prevailed on this earth. He knew it, or he never knew about it, that these are the problems which are going to be faced by the last a very good question, very important question. Why did not God create only one religion? Why did he create all the different religions? So there have been no confusion, no fighting? And I agree with him? It's a very good question.

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And if you read the Quran,

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Allah says in the Quran in surah Moran, chapter number three was some 19. In Athena in Delilah, salaam, the only region acceptable in the sight of Allah as Islam. Islam means submitting a will to Almighty God. So if you read all the religions, Almighty God only sent messengers to preach one religion, all the messages that came right from Adam, peace be upon him, write down Noah, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, peace be upon them all, all the prophets, and a beloved Prophet said they have 124,000 messengers sent on the face of the earth. And it mentioned the Quran in Surah Fateha chapter 35 verse 24, what amen Almighty Allah Allah Viana z, there is not a nature a tribe to whom we have

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not sent a bond or a guide. Allah says in Surah, Raja muthoni muslimah seven, when he called the common heart and to every people have listened to wanna know all the messenger that came brother. They taught nothing, but submitting their will to Almighty God. And the basic message that all these messengers taught oneness of God. He did not beget you have got no mother, you have got no father. He's only one. They're nothing like him. But due to passage of time, all what the messenger has preached, it got corrupted. And if you heard my talk, I mentioned that most of the Scripture that came before the Quran, they got changed.

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And Allah says in the Quran, in several places, if he wanted, he could have made everyone submit his will to God, every one Muslim, see Muslim brother, don't take it as a religion. The real meaning of Islam is it's a Deen, it's a way of life, submitting your will to God. And Muslim doesn't mean a person who has a name Zakir Abdullah Sultan. Muslim means a person who submits a bill to God. If you submit your will to God in Arabic, I will call you as a Muslim. So don't go on the labels given sostanza care Abdullah, Muslim and Arabic means a person who submit his will to God, anyone who submits a meal to God, he is called as a Muslim. So all the messengers that came, they taught that

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we have to submit a will to God all of them taught monotheism, all taught, but by the passage of time, all the scriptures kept on changing. And that is the reason Almighty God He sent the last and final message the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And the last and final revelation glorious Conan. Now all the messengers that came before Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, all the revelation that came before the Quran, they were only meant for those people and for that time, by name for our mentioned the Quran, Torah, the Buddha engine and the Quran, Torah is avahi the revelation was given to Moses peace be upon him. The Buddha is over here the revelation given to

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David peace be upon him in the lives of the revelation given to Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. And Quran is the last and final revelation given to the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. But Quran also says in Surah, Rod, Chapter 13, verse number 13, it says, the Coulee Kitab in every age have within revelation. There were several revelations and now but all the revelation that came before the Quran, and all the messengers that came before Prophet Muhammad, they were sent only for those people and for that time, that there is an almighty God did not think it fit to preserve it. But since Quran is the last and final revelation not only sent for the

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Muslims or the Arabs descend for the whole of humanity, and Prophet Muhammad, he is not sent only for the Muslim of Arabs. He has been sent for all of humanity, that the reason he has been prophesized in all the major religious scriptures.

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And this book, The Quran, Allah says in Surah chapter number 15 was from a nine we have rebuilt the Quran and we shall guarded from corruption. So what we realize that Almighty God sent messengers to preach only one religion that is

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submitting your will to Almighty God in Arabic, I say Islam. Jesus Christ never came to preach Christianity. The word Christianity doesn't exist in the Bible. Do you know that?

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In the full Bible, the word Christianity is not there. He didn't preach Christianity. The word Christian was the nickname given to the followers of Jesus at Antioch mentioned the book of Acts. nickname for Jesus Christ preached Islam. It's mentioned the gospel of john chapter five of someone today, just as people said, that, not my will, but my father's will.

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God's will, in Arabic, he preached nothing but Islam.

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Similarly, if

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she Christian said, that you have to submit a will to God, he founds in Arabic, he says that you have to accept Islam.

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But what we realized that all the messengers taught nothing but submitting a will to God. That is the reason the Quran says in Solon embrun, chapter three, verse 19, in Deena in the slum, the only way of life accepted in the sight of God is submitting a will to Almighty God. So what we have to go back to the origin scriptures, go back to the commandment of Almighty God and submit your will the commandment of God and then you will be following the straight path for them. So the question

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