A Believer Can Be Bent, but Not Broken

Rania Awaad


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because we're human, and

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it's a lot, it's a lot. And these tears have to find their place.

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tears don't decrease Iman in any shape or form. We know prophets, our own prophet Sallallahu, wasallam cried intensely.

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We know that there were prophets who cried so much that their eyesight was affected.

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And that does not make them any less of profits or any less the believers. Human emotions have their place anger has placed sadness has this place, even a feeling of, of being crushed, has its place. It doesn't take away from our belief.

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But a believer can be bent, but never broken, bent, but never broken.

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We can hear terrible things and see things that are beyond human comprehension.

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Right before I think it was because right before I got in the car, I saw a clip it was Martez you know, the journalist

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crying crying. I just an every day, you know, every day, we're like, is he still alive is so and so's still alive? These family members, these cousins, these friends, these neighbors of ours who have family are they?

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Two months, two months of this and who knows how much longer

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and you're only human. So that so when you feel this way? You're bent. But you're not broken.