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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Illa Allah al Amin wobbliness. There in Orissa, Leona Sally Moraga, Tamil Ambia, your Emmanuel mousseline, Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine Allahu melesa Illa Illa Medanta who said hello to John who hasn't either she does a lot of BS 02 and zero attention bill here will be considering we thank Allah horrible is that he will Jellal for having gathered us here once again. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to surround us with the mullah ICA and to cause his mercy and his Sakina to descend upon us, and to raise us with the MBR alayhi wa Salatu was Salam and those whom he has mentioned with them, I mean,

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Allah horrible is that you will Jellal brought us into existence, he is the one who fashioned us He is the one who made us He created us and then he placed us on earth and he gave us a purpose. That purpose is to worship Him alone to establish La Ilaha illa Allah on earth and to leave and go back to him. Now Allah horrible is that he will Jalil gave us this purpose and he gave us the reason why we are on earth. We are here to worship him, but not only that, he puts us through trials, tribulations, problems, difficulties, hardships as we go along. But remember one thing, remember one thing as you go through through these issues, through these problems, difficulties, Allah horrible

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is that he will Jellal treats you in the manner that you assume of him in the Hadith good see, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says from Allah subhanahu wa taala and are in the learning of dB. I am with my servant as he is with me as he assumes of me in 101 for high yield. If he thinks goodness, then there is goodness we're in Ghana shall run for shall and if he if he thinks evil and if he thinks bad, then there is only bad that is coming to him. So Allah horrible is that he will Jalil treats us in the manner that we assume of him, Musa alayhis salatu salam, his people are oppressed by the tyrant around he is claiming that he is the law the most high but what does he say?

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Bala Musa niccone History No. He was being in

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Bali. You recently

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Shah Abadi, one cubit ruling king, he said Have patience and seek the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala the earth belongs to him, Rob bull is that you will Jellal and he gives it to whomsoever He wishes. And the outcome is for none other than the believers. The outcome is for the none other than the believers. Then what is it? were enslaved in that land, yet not long after because they believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala because they trusted Allah subhanho wa Taala because they assumed the best of Rob bull is that you will Jalil Allah Allah bool is that you will Joanne tells us what I want off Mel Coleman Medina Can you stop by foon I measure you can measure your call the UML arriba

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team Nafi what met Kelly Majula being Kelly who's na Allah Danny is ra e Bhima. Also about whom and Allah who believes that you will Joanne says that we inherited the earth to them, we gave them the earth which earth the earth that they were enslaved in just prior to that we gave it to them. Why? Because they assumed the best of Allah subhanahu wa taala and the good word of your Lord came true for Banu Israa eel it was completed for Ben who is ill because of the patients that they had the patients that they had, why them murmur canaille snarl fear our own walk oh America and the schoon and we destroyed your own and his people and that which they were building they thought they were

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haughty they thought they were powerful they will mighty Allah Akbar Lisette evil Jalan, destroy them

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Why? Because of the assumption of Musa alayhi salatu salam and his people of Allah subhanho wa Taala they assumed the best, they knew that this cannot carry on forever. So Allah subhanahu wa taala gave them the very land that they were slaves in. They were slaves. They will now rulers, Allah subhanho wa Taala actually says, Masha, Allah, the east of the earth will now arriba and the west of the earth that which we blessed of it. Not everything that which we blessed off it Allah horrible is that you will Jalil gave them the best of land, the best of land. Yet these were people who were enslaved just prior to this, what changed the mindset, the mentality, there is no even mention in

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these two out of a DUA, that Musa alayhis salatu salam made, or no even mentioned of a dua that these people made. It was just their thought process, they changed it. Allah will do good for me, Allah will do good for us. Allah will remove us from this. And not only did Allah remove them from the, but he placed them to be the leaders of the land. Maria Mala has Salam, she leaves her people. And she goes to a place that is further away. Why? Because she is carrying a child. And she has no husband. So she's worried what will the people say this woman is X, Y and Zed. She has done this and done that. So she is worried to the extent that she says, Yeah, eat any meat to Cabela Heather

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Welcome to Nexium. Men See, I wish I had died before this. I wish I had died before this. And I was forgotten. She was ready to accept death. But she was not ready to accept the damage of the reputation that she would take. When she went back to her people. She was, in fact you prefer death over life at that point. But not long after Allah subhanahu wa taala says, We're just having our own man who

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and We made the son of Mary and his mother a sign a sign for who a sign for us for the generations to come such that we are here in the masjid today talking about what happened to her. Maria Maria has salatu salam ala has Salam. What happened to her was a source of haste, her salvation, a source of her honor, and her raising amongst the people, a means for her to be mentioned until the day of piano. At that juncture. She didn't understand. She didn't know all she knew is that I have a Lord who is most kind. I have a Lord who is most generous. I have a Lord who has not forgotten me. So Hola. Hola. Buena, is that you will GLL raised her and her son. No. alayhi salatu salam.

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He is building an ark in the middle of a desert. an ark. In the middle of a desert. There is a drought, there's no rain, there's no rivers, there's no lakes. There's nothing. Why are you building an ark? So the people pass by what coulomb ama Rolla email?

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Come up, sell his room in and every time they passed by they made a joke at him. They laughed at him they mocked at him. You are a fool. Why are you building this arc? There is no water for the arc to move on. So what is the point of this arc? No highlight his Salatu was Salam had one answer? But test karumi mean the madness call boom you come karma just caught on fire so fair to mourn that in the same manner that you are laughing at us today. You are joking at us today you think that it is funny today we will laugh at you and soon you will know we will laugh at you and soon you will know is it the water that know how to use salatu salam so all around him No, there was no water. There

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was no sign of any water at all. There was nothing to give him hope except for Allah Robles that you will gel on except for the belief that my Lord has promised me and my Lord's promise will come true. Not long after Allah Allah Buddha is that you will gel and says well to

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do well I am chemo Aquino is

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only while he

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woke up and was still at darlin Judy.

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Working for Dell Lenovo, Milan II mean that it was said to the earth to the rain to stop. So the earth was told to stop gushing forth water. The clouds was told to stop raining down. And we all know the story of Noah highlight his Salatu was Salam and how the flood had come. And the ark was told to come to a rest on El Judie the mount of LGD it came to rest there.

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No Allah here salat wa salam had no hope besides Allah subhanho wa taala. What happened as a result because he acted on his belief, Allah Allah Buddha says that you will Jellal brought about change Allah who believes that you will Jalon cleansed and purified the earth of those who are transgressive. Those who disliked Allah subhanho wa taala. Those who had no time for a bull is that you will July they may come but he had no sign. He had nothing there was no water until Allah subhanahu Attallah sent it down. But up until that point, he even built the ark because he knew that the Promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala is true. They are Brothers and Sisters in Islam. We sit at

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times and lose hope. And we think that when will the help of Allah subhanahu Attallah come I've been sick for so many years. He has tested me with this ailment. I keep suffering struggling going through problems. Remember Allah horrible is that evil Jalil says Anna in the oven near appdb I am with my servant as he assumes of me in vana Hiren for haev if he thinks goodness, then they will be goodness. Allah is a Shafie Did you forget that? Allah is the One who will send that cure down the doctors can only try the treatment can only perhaps do it will of course it will only do that which Allah subhanahu wa taala decrees for it to do so hold your hope in Allah Allah is that you will

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Joanne are you ballyhale salatu salam what happened to him same story. He was sick. It is said that his some narrations mentioned that he had gangrene, his body limbs were falling apart. He lost his children. He lost his family and Allah subhanho wa Taala returned all of that to him. Why? Throughout the years he had the best assumption of Allah herbal is that he will Gelatt he knew that the fact the opening is coming. The mother of Musa alayhis salat wa salam.

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She was told to send to leave Musa alayhi salatu salam in the river. You see if Iran was killing the boys of the time, because he was told by some of his people that there is coming a time where someone from amongst Ben who is rajeem is going to lead to your destruction. So he started killing the boys off. And then when they realized that that is no more boys in the community, how is the community going to continue? Then he decided to kill them in one year. The newborn babies, the boys, the males, and then he would leave them the next year. So when he decided this Musa alayhis salatu salam was born in the year that he was actually killing of the boys. So the mother of Musa alayhis

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Salatu was Salam hidden him for some time from the people that were going around looking for the boys, the male male children, she hit him and hit him until she began to fear for him and for his life. Now he's growing up the people the gods of Iran are going to go around and find him What are we going to do? So Allah horrible is that he will Jellal gave her a form of inspiration, where our hyena yella Musa and

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either 50 or naive looking

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while at a coffee while Zuni in

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do Eli EQr Jaya Illumina almost selling that we inspired to the mother of Musa that throw him into the river let him go into the river. And don't lose hope. Don't fear we will return him to you. We will return him to you. He floats along down the river and arrives at none other than the doorstep of the pharaoh that was killing those children. None other than the doorstep of the pharaoh that was killing those children. What does what happens? His wife picks this child up and falls in love with the child. Look at the planning of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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He picks up the child and says let's keep him and she manages to convince me around to keep the one child that was going to lead to his destruction. Allahu Akbar, at the end of the day, Allah subhanahu wa taala says, for dinner who isla? me can you tell Tara i While Daxon and we returned him, we returned Musa to his mother so that her eyes maybe maybe cool and she will not have any grief within her heart when he died, and now our drummer he has and that she may know that the Promise of Allah is true and it is coming to pass. We don't receive why, from Allah subhanahu wa taala we don't get any form of inspiration from Allah horrible is that you will gel on that ended

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with the Gambia, Allah hemos Salah to set up with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but let me confirm and reaffirm for all of us here today that we will one day he need to Allah Hara Bullis that he will gel and we will one day come to realize that the Promise of Allah subhanahu Attallah is most true. So don't ever lose hope no matter what happens whether it is sickness, whether it is poverty, whether it is financial difficulty or your children are giving you problems, don't lose hope. Always assume the best of Allah subhanahu wa taala and remember that he treats you in the manner that you assume him to be May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us the ability to think the best of Allah

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horrible is that you will Jelena I mean what SallAllahu wasallam albaraka ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Adjumani