Yasir Qadhi – Only Islam Can Defend Us from Immorality

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the responsibility of Muslims to answer to Allah's subhana wa Tada and testify to the truth. They emphasize the importance of morality and standing up for the religion of profits and morality. The speaker also mentions the need for legalization of Muslims' laws and the importance of not allowing children to be caught by their actions.
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we as Muslims have a higher responsibility than any other faith tradition. We as Muslims have to answer to Allah subhana wa Tada. We as Muslims have been appointed by Allah to be witnesses unto mankind. We are shahada are the nurse we are witnesses to mankind. What does a witness do? A witness speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A witness speaks the bitter truth. A witness does not care about the repercussions the ramifications of speaking the truth, the witness must testify to the truth regardless of what happens at the trial. Regardless of what the verdict is, the witness must testify to the truth. And Allah has given us a truth. And that truth is the

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religion of Islam. And embodied in the religion of Islam is morality. It is a HELOC. It is Hyah. It is decency. And we are and I say this bluntly, the last religious civilization that is sticking to its roots here, and not capitulating to the whims and desires of modern society. It is sad to point out that the bulk of other Abrahamic religions, we say this Wallahi with a sense of sadness, we say this wanting them to have stood up because in the end of the day, they have more right to this culture than we do. That is a fact. Yet they have capitulated. And they have acquiesced, and they have surrendered by and large. So if they have surrendered, well, then even more, so we are going to

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stand up. And by Allah, we shall never surrender on this reality. We are going to stand up and preach the truth, no matter how bitter no matter what the consequences are, this type of hedonism, this type of sensuality, this type of life, sensuousness and animal illness, this type of foolishness, we need to stand up and preach loudly. And clearly enough is enough. And we're not going to allow our children and our families to be corrupted by what is happening in their broader society. And yes, that is your laws you do as you please, but we will speak and we will tell you what you're doing is wrong. Even if it's to yourselves, even if it's to yourself, we have no right

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to stop you. We have no right to legislate your own laws, but we do have the right to stand up and preach. And we have the God given responsibility to be of those who are preaching the religion of the profits and morality as enshrined by all Abrahamic religions

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