Zakir Naik – Does Eating Non-Vegetarian Food have any Effect on Human Mind

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The caller is asking about the effects of non wage foods on the mind of humans, particularly on their body. The agent explains that animals are allowed to eat, but not humans, and that humans can cause problems related to alcohol, tobacco, and vaccinations. The agent also explains that vegetarian foods are not restricted to certain foods, but can be harmful.
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My name is JP Cartier.

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My question is short relating to the earlier question pertaining to the non wage foot what are the effects on the mind of the human being

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will ask you the question what are the effects on the mind of a human being by having non veg food and there are various researches done scientifically it says the effect on the body good muscles good body healthy can be longer many you can see my debate on is non veg food permitted or private for human being. As far as the question I think you may be trying to hint that there is a research which says that what food you have had an effect on your behavior. So, if you eat animals, then you start giving animals is that what you mean? No, no, no, I am asking what are the effects on the thinking of the human being that's what I'm trying to tell you that there's one research which says

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that if you eat animals, you start behaving like animals mean the effect of animals there is a research which says more to eat has an effect on our behavior. To that the reason we Muslims we are allowed to eat only peace loving animals like go cheap because we are peace loving human beings. We are not permitted to have the ferocious animals like Tiger Lion leopard because we don't want to be violent. So even if I agree with this research, I would like to say that Muslims are peace loving as far as health is concerned, it is very healthy. If a person has some medical problem having certain non veg food is problematic like that even makes food is problematic. The food the food that causes

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maximum death in the world. It is alcohol either I call major non rich whether

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I'll call his major non wage

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wage, I call it non wage.

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I'm preparing vegetarian for I call it Veg or non wage brother

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alcohol is vegetarian or non vegetarian food.

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Bad food the maximum death in the world by any food it is by vegetarian food alcohol, number two that maximum is because of smoking, smoking tobacco, Veg or non veg

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that is the non veg tobacco Belgian on marriage. cupboard cupboard cabinet veg not cabbage tobacco, tobacco, the non veg tobacco non which you get from

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visit a vegetable vegetarian correct. So maximum that take place in the world is because of alcohol number one vegetarian tobacco number two vegetarian so there's more problem and vegetarian food in the world than non veg food. If you have certain problems medical there may be certain non veg foods which will be harmful but more harm in the world is because of vegetarian food. So what is harmful Quran save ban Quran doesn't matter. All vegetables, Quran bans I call from either chapter five verse number 90, and even smoking Surah Baqarah Chapter Two was 195 because it is slow poisoning. So whatever is wrong should be banned. Quran does not banned all vegetables. For more details refer to

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my video because it is non veg food permitted or prohibited for human being hope that answers the question

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