Zaid Shakir – What Does It Mean to Lead Others?

Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The history of the United States is discussed, including the rise of the Hbrekaist movement, the decline of the Hbrekaist movement, and the rise of the Hbrekaist movement. The speakers emphasize the importance of humanity and the need for leaders to follow guidance and be fit for leadership. The challenges of leadership are discussed, including the importance of history and the need for leaders to remember the history of the United States. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being truthful to others and being a community, as well as false accusations and accusations made against people.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala CD mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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and the Eid, the Hajj,

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the sacrifice, the pilgrimage, all associated with the story of Ibrahim and A salaam, Abraham, the great prophet of God,

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the Father of the monotheistic faiths and our great forefathers. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in that regard, well Edmondson nursing haven't had much yet to carry gel on water cooler down. Yet Tina man could the surgeon army

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to proclaim the Hajj amongst humanity. And this command was given to Ibrahim Ali salaam to Abraham

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Edmondson nursery Ben Hadash proclaim the pilgrimage amongst humanity yet to carry Gela and they will come responding walking by the Coulee Dam

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and on every means of conveyance, yet teen in coolly fetching army and they will come from every deep and distant mountain pass.

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Ibrahim Ali Salam

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peace be upon him when given that awesome command.

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Realizing his human frailties, his limitations, what does he say? Yara cares, the Obon neocon Ness was faulty, learn civil.

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How can I proclaim this to all of humanity when my voice cannot reach all of them

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all as well Jen nadie

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you make the proclamation. Why Nene and bed out and the responsibility of your voice reaching them is upon us. We will make your voice reach them.

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So the story begins with this proclamation this declaration that has given T Brahim Ali Salam and Allah Tala is related caused the mountains to fall down to humble themselves, so that the earth was rendered a vast, expansive plane and his voice traveled to the far corners of the reach of the earth. Reaching not only everyone alive at that time, but everyone who was destined to respond to the call and make the pilgrimage until the end of time responding that bake Allah Malema bake that Baker lash Erica like Ella Baker, we're responding

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at your service our lawns

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and everyone

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who was destined to respond has responded to that call that Ibrahim Ali Salam Avraham, peace be upon render

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it behooves us to ask who was Ibrahim who was Abraham who was this great patriarch of monotheism,

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peace be upon.

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Allah Tala gives us a description of him. In the Quran, there are many descriptions but one will focus on because of its

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conciseness and the limitations of time. Allah Tyler says in Ibrahim I cannot met Connie tell me

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how honey fellow when I'm Yoku, minimal shrieking shirt, you're all Rumi,

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who had who either co authored

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that Abraham was a nation and enough for himself, devoutly obedient to God

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naturally inclined towards monotheism.

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We chose he was thankful for the blessings

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that were given to him. We selected him and he was not amongst those who are and guided him to a straight path. So Ibrahim three

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The basic characteristics are mentioned him in that you brought him I can imagine that he brought him was an old man. And amongst the meanings of this term is that he was an imam he was a leader who's example is to be followed. The important thing for us to understand is that in this regard is no different than us as an ummah.

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Allah Tala amongst the prayers that were instructed to me, which I didn't then

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emails, make us leaders, whose example is to be followed by the righteous wedge

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Lynmouth Lapena Imen make us leaders

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whose example is to be followed exemplary leaders.

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For those who are righteous.

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Well, John lemon, who's

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gonna be Emelina LEM, now Father, we're Campbell. Yeah, Tina, you know, Allah says he may leaders

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from the children of Israel, He raised up prophets amongst them. And he made leaders for the generality of humanity. And he has passed the torch of leadership to this community. Gautam higher often met in Oconee, that when the nets, cat Moon is in my room, with an Hona, and the moon cow will put me in a villa, you are the best communities raised up

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for the service of humanity for the leadership of humanity for the guidance of humanity, you enjoying that which is right, you forbid that which is wrong, and you believe in God?

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It behooves us in that regard, as we reflect in these days on the example of Ibrahim, on the example of Abraham to ask ourselves, are we prepared for leadership?

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Are we exemplary individuals, communities and exemplary nation who is examples fit to be followed?

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This is a great challenge for us. And this is a question it behooves us to ask ourselves, for the people

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who claim to be following divine guidance are not fit to lead men who is who's fit to lead.

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The people running the corporations that are * and destroying the earth.

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The people who pledge that the ultimate allegiance is to some vague philosophical context or concept described by the an as the national interest on whose altar every principle, every concept of decency, every idea related to fairness and justice is willingly sacrificed are those the people fit to lead humanity those people whose only concern is how well their stocks are doing, or how much power they can impose on others.

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Quantum Hira aqui gentleman Ness, Ibrahim Ali Salam peace be upon him was fit for leadership. His example was an example fit to be followed. His example was an example that inspired nations inspired communities and example that is talked about and reflected to this very day.

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How will history remember our community when the history of these days are recorded? What will be the ethical principles that are associated with our mission? What will be the lofty principles and concepts that are associated with our mentioned when our names are mentioned, and our community is mentioned by those who came after us?

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And if we don't acknowledge that far from being fit for leadership, that will become the example of vile characteristics and vile practices.

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Then what is what is left is one small example to give an indication of where we're headed as the community

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was last week.

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Amongst the spate of kidnappings

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Bad enough.

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When a female writer for The Christian Science Monitor who's trying to tell the Muslim story who's trying to convey objectively the suffering of the Iraqi people is kidnapped in Iraq.

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That's bad enough.

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Even worse than that, where it happened and Philistines

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were the parents of Rachel Corrie.

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That young lady from Evergreen Washington, who stood in the face of an Israeli bulldozer, and was crushed to death, trying to protect the home and family of a Palestinian Muslim. Her parents were kidnapped and Philistine last week,

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and to be rescued by Palestinians have higher principles.

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And then apologizing is saying that their kidnapping is a disgrace

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to the Palestinian nation, but that's what we've sent to

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nestle Allah Allah,

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Allah Who Matthew Massena, when was the minute you

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are unattended.

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So Ibrahim is described as a needle in the Ibrahima can on it and he's described as oniton, the left devoutly obedient to Allah.

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The lexicographers they say, for our carnate

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will dare women, either Pietila one who was consistent

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in his obedience to God,

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and we have to be a community is no different than us. Allah Tala describes the righteous people in the Quran.

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I saw the Rena was sada Aina was a carny Deena will move the painter, one Mustang theory in a business how

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those who are patient who patiently persevere or saw beauty was saw their pain, those who are truthful, and we are to be people of truth. People are truthful to ourselves. Yeah, you Hello Xena Avila Taku Allah will Kunal Masada people are truthful to others and our interactions with others.

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People who are truthful to Allah subhanho wa Taala will even mean even

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a minimal mini region saga

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saga, I had

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the mid men and also women who are truthful in that which they are convened with a lot

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of far beauty and it was soggy. Akina was a colony Tina, and those who are consistently the end humbly, devoutly obedient to God

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when Moon Filipina and these two

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go together, l carnitine. 115.

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Righteous righteousness which is embodied

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in elocon at

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its greatest its greatest sign is the ability to spin free

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men tenerlo

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had three vehicle minute hit boom.

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Want to sell Coleman shades in the lobby here Eileen, you will never attain to righteousness until you spend from that which you love.

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One will start feeling a bit as * and those who humbly beseech the forgiveness of God in the latter part of the night when no one's around to witness no one to show off for no one to shed crocodile tears for the worshiper alone with Allah subhanho wa Taala in the reaches the latter reaches of the night besieging His forgiveness. Well mustafina been a star.

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So every quality, that Ibrahim, that Abraham is praised for that we remember him for that history chords, his virtues for all of those characters.

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They should be articulated in us.

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And the law Tyler says, Have you thought oh Olivia Coleman and was she king. He was naturally inclined towards monotheism and he was not amongst the idolaters

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we should be upholders of the monotheistic truth

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in a world as being inundated with idolatry and idolatry has many manifestations is not just worshipping Gods a substitute for ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Wamena nursemaid yet Taheebo min Duni Lehi and adding Bono who you have Bono whom to help build.

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So it's not just talking about that

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money becomes an idol

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taster Abdul to Dean or up to Durham. We're up Doohan Isa. Roland is the worship of money. DNR, we're about to do

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the worship. Of course, we're Abdul Hamid Issa.

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This the human being himself or herself.

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In this first in this narcissistic age we live in can become an

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aide to Lady

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Illa. Who her well, have you not seen the one takes for his dad, his very self,

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the inclinations of his soul.

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We should be witnesses to the oneness and the worship of God.

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Shakira Lee and Rumi thankful for the blessings bestowed upon thankful for his blessings for the blessings of God. Shakira only mentioned one thing this should be our characteristic also. Allah tied Almighty God orders us says Guney as Coco remember me I will remember you wash cruelly Weather Tech phone, be thankful for my blessings wash como li wallet phone and do not reject those blessings by failing to give things sufficient to impress upon us the magnitude of things is that so many people,

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so few people rather are thankful. Well, Carlito Monterey Bay Area show Shaku

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fuel are the thankful ones amongst my servants.

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Sufficient as an indicator as as as to the magnitude of thankfulness is that those who fail to give thanks or threatened was the punishment of God was the epicenter of bucola in Chicago law as he then whether Interpol tune in there the law shall be and when you're proclaimed, if you give thanks for the blessings I bestowed upon you, I will increase you on those blessings. And if you fail to give thanks, you should know that My punishment is severe.

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