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Why are the Muslims not Allowed to Sing Vande Maataram

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Assalamualaikum This question is from a non Muslim sister, her name is Apoorva and she is a student. Her question is why are the Muslims not allowed to sing one day Mataram?

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This is the question that why are Muslims not allowed to save one day Mataram?

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Before I give the answer this is a common question Why are Muslim not allowed to seven day Mottram, which was even asked in the press conference beginning of the conference by the press media? Before answering that, I would like to tell you that even the Hindus even they should not have a name matter.

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Because if you know the song, written by Bankim Tera Vaada. One day Madarame means I bow down to my motherland, one day mataram it occurs thrive in the full song. And as I mentioned earlier, according to the Veda, it's clearly mentioned in graduate chapter number 32, was number three, and philosopher Upanishads chapter number four is number 19. Notice the majesty of that God, there is no prathima there is no image there is no photograph, there is no picture, there is no portrait, there is no sculpture, there is no idle.

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So where is the question of worshiping the land. So any Hindu who has knowledge of his VEDA will never agree with one day Mottram. If he does not know scripture, he may say it. But if we know the Scriptures, well, there are three lines, three stanzas. Whenever it says when they martyrdom, I bow down and worship to my motherland, he is going against his VEDA.

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As far as the Muslims are concerned, there are 12 lines,

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which are against the Quran and the Hadith.

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It says that about onto my motherland, which is prohibited in Islam, we only bow to our Creator, Allah subhanaw taala.

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We Muslims,

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as long as the law of the land does not go against the law of the Creator, we are for the country. We love the country.

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We want to support the country, we want to bring the country if required for the truth, we're ready to die for the country, but we are not ready to worship the country.

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Because we worship only Allah subhanaw taala

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he alone request to be worshipped and this land who is the creator of this land, Allah, Almighty God. So why should we worship the creation? worship the Creator, not the creation.

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And furthermore, there are stanzas. In Monday, Mottram, talking about divine giving attributes, talking about Lakshmi, talking about Durga, all these things, they go against the concept of the Quran. That the reason and if you go back to history, this became a political issue. There's a couple of years back, you know, it was written in 1800 and 60s or 70s. But Hmong came to the idea. It was more of a political motif.

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And today, they want to make a political gimmick,

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not realizing it is going against their own religion.

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This song, one day, Mottram is going against their own religion. So my advice is not only Muslim, my advice to the Hindus is that even you don't save on the matter.