Yasir Qadhi – Seerah – 81 The Conquest of Makkah Part 6

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of the "by and large" rule and the return of the Prophet system. The importance of acceptance of Islam is emphasized, and the need for people to act with discernment and avoid mistakes is emphasized. The interviewer discusses the actions of the Prophet sallali alayhi wa sallam, who apologizes for killing some people and gives them a wealth of money to give those who have been killed. The interviewer explains that the Prophet's actions are considered a violation of Islam, and the interviewer will discuss the benefits of the conquest of Makkah. The speakers also discuss the controversy surrounding the definition of travel and the importance of staying within a time limit. The pros and cons of the implementation, including the need for patience and dedication, are also discussed.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi married Medina. So we were discussing the conquest of Makkah.

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And today inshallah, we will finally conclude the conquest of Makkah talking about some of the benefits and some of the morals that we can derive. But before we get to that, obviously, we still have to wrap up some of the incidents that we still haven't discussed. And I think the last thing we mentioned was the series of converts who converted right after the conquest, those who are delayed in converting, and we have just one or two left of those stories. And the first of them is just a simple story about the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, a female cousin, one of the daughters of a butadiene, and a full sister of the party. Her name was only honey, her name was

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omiana. And she had embraced Islam after conquest. So she obviously knows the process of him since his childhood, but she has remained on her faith until the conquest of Mecca and her in laws, her husband's relatives had a problem with it.

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And in the conquest during the conquest, they fled because they were worried it would extract revenge. This is a story not related to Islam itself. And so they fled. Then they had nowhere to flee. So they sent a message to omiana can you protect us from it? So they came to the house of Omaha, and Omaha is of course the full sister of Allie. And so she locked the door on Ali Abner butala and allowed them to to remain in their house, it became enraged, how dare you come between me and them, and he threatened to harm them. And it

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threatened to harm them. So O'Mahony The next morning, after they were protected on mahana, went directly to the Prophet sallallahu. It he was sent them and because she was a cousin, she was let into the tent or the chambers, and the prophet SAW Selim was taking a listen, he was taking a bath, and his daughter Fatima, was standing with a cloth shielding him. Of course, they didn't have showers in those days. Of course, they didn't have separate facilities. If somebody wanted to take a shower. Typically, you would get somebody to hold a curtain, and they would go to a corner of the tent and quickly take a hosel. So Fatima was holding a curtain in front of the profits of the

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LaGuardia he was selling them. And the President said Who is this and obviously he's taking a shower. So Mahalia said this is O'Mahony. And so he lowered the the curtain to see her and this is his cousin. So he said, might have been the only hand and welcome after so many years. Welcome on me, honey. And Omaha, Nick gave the entire story that Jada Solano, she's a Muslim rasulillah I wanted to protect my brother in law, my whatnot. And as he promised, he's going to threaten to to harm them. And I've come to you directly to appeal to you. So the Prophet says that I'm said, We shall protect anybody whom you want to protect, we shall protect anybody who you want to protect.

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And the of course, the story is interesting for two reasons. Number one, that from this scholars of Philip have derived that what we talked about a man or protection is given from anybody to anybody, everybody in the Muslim community, man, woman, child free slave, everybody has the right to give a personal a man a personal protection. And when omiana gave her personal protection, the profit and loss This is a very lacks law. By the way, imagine this is the laws of Islam, any Muslim has the right to offer protection to any individual. And of course, this is in a state of war, when Islamic Sharia is applicable, so any person can say so and so is under my protection. And all of the Muslims

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have to then obey that protection. It's a very open system. And it is unprecedented in classical times. So the President said we shall give you protection to whomever you want to protect. And then after he finishes the lawsuit, this is an interesting Hadeeth in a fifth point, not related to the conquest of Makkah. On my hand, it said, I saw him pray at rock art of salata, Doha, I saw him pray to god of sada to Doha, and this is the only Hadith that mentions the Prophet system praying salata, even though it was a regular habit of his, but he would pray it in the privacy of his house, and his wives for some reason did not report the details they expected or understood this, the only

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narration we have of the process of himself praying and how many look it prayed is this one and that is O'Mahony. And of course, the blessings of salata one has a lot to do, who can tell me when it's solid

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After fudger, half an hour after Shahrukh

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before sunrise

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before dawn

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so after she broke up until right before the right?

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No, no, this is you're talking very specific time, the general time of salata Doha, after shadow after the sun has gone to a meters length, it begins and it lasts all the way until right before the hot by 510 minutes, right. So you know every solid chart has a shock time this is one bullhead begins. And from each rock time it will last all the way up until the beginning the right before solo to vote. And this is at least three and a half to five and a half hours depending on the time of the year, correct. Three and a half to five and a half hours. And our Prophet system said the best time to pray is when the heat begins to strike you, which let's say over 1130 or so that's the

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best time to pray. But you can pray it at any time. And you can pray two or four or six or eight all of this is allowed. And in one Hadith the Prophet system said that Allah said, Whoever prays for a cat in the beginning of the day, I will suffice him till the end of the day. So four is the minimum of perfection. Two is the minimum allowed. In fact, it's sooner, it's nothing. So you can do anything you don't have to pray. You can pray two to four is the minimum of perfection. And eight is what the prophet system would typically pray he would typically pray to the God of Salatu, Doha and this hadith is interesting because it's the only thing that we learn about his praying Salah to

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Doha, he encouraged us to pray it, but we don't know how much he prayed until we get to the hadith of omit Hannah. So this is one more conversion the final conversion story before we move on to tie up some other loose ends and then talk about the benefits and the mess lessons of the conquest of Makkah. The final conversion story involves the official poet of the kurush, whose name we have not come across up until now. And his name was Abdullah Azad buddy from the tribe of Banu Sam and the Sami tribe was within one of the tribes of the kurush. The Busan was one of the many tribes have the courage, and the official poet of the horsh was Abdullah zaveri. And he would be the one who wrote

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poems against Islam and the Muslims before but after, either before or after or her. He was the one who had a one on one with his son had been sabbat he would write his son would reply, he would write his son would reply. So the two of them are going back and forth. Right. He was the one that one point came the process of Toad has said, Go and respond, and gibreel is with you. This is Abdullah zaveri. This is the poet Okay, now, he lived a very quiet life other than poetry, so we don't have much about him incidents that he's uneven before and after. So this is where his name first surfaces when it comes to his acceptance of Islam. And when the Prophet has some concrete Makkah, Abdullah is

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that but he fled, he fled to Nigeria and Nigeria is in central Arabia, and he fled with his cousin and his best friend, because he did not feel comfortable obviously, even though his name was not on the list. Still, he felt uncomfortable being around the professors and the Muslims. So he fled to Iran. And when he fled, his son, Eben Sabbath gloated, and he wrote a page long poet poem, which is recorded in his house, which is the most scathing personal attack against even as our buddy, What a coward he flees to Nigeria, on the whole world curses him, him and his children are crystal the Day of Judgment. And it's a very, very harsh poem against poverty, and even Azhar. But he when he heard

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this poem, when he heard it, this poem, obviously, poetry is the communication of the time. Poetry is how you send your propaganda poetry is what happens when you want to communicate and give your

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verdict or you want to smear somebody use poetry. So even as our buddy when he hears this, in fact, he actually feels depressed because he agrees with the sentiment, he agrees that I fled, I was a coward. And he actually begins to think of the content of the message of Islam. And eventually, in the next few days, he decides to convert to Islam from Magellan. He's a Nigerian, so he parks, his belongings, and he's going to come back to Makkah, right after the conquest, like a week after the conquest. And his cousin says, Where are you going? He says, I've decided to convert. His cousin says, We've come all the way here, me and you. Now you're going to abandon me here all alone.

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They're in a strange land a strange, strange tribe. And now he's going to return back. And even as everybody responds, why should I not convert? Why should I remain with this strange tribe? Should I not to go back to my own kith and kin? My own cousin, meaning the profit zone because they were in the end of the day, you know, the same tribe and he is the best of all mankind? Why should I then go back to my own kith and kin? My cousin is

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My own abode and house so he decides to come back. And the profitsystem is sitting in front of a cabinet with the Sahaba. In the distance they see a figure coming. And the processor said that is even Azhar buddy. And I see from him the news of a man from the distance he's walking as I see from him the light of a man coming. And so when he does that, but he comes nobody says anything because the processing has already said I see the note of Islam and before the processing could say anything, even Azhar but he says As salam o Allah, Rasool Allah, Allah is right there is a Muslim, right as salam wa Alaykum Yasuda law, eye shadow, Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow unlocker.

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Rasulullah so he accepts Islam officially. And then he says that Alhamdulillah All Praise be to Allah who guided me to Islam, I was your enemy for so long. And I incited through poetry against you. And and even his language, by the way, I'm translating to into English, even his language is it's pregnant with meaning it's so profound. And and even when you listen to this translation, I wrote on horses and traveled on camels and walked on foot, to oppose you, meaning I did everything I could my tongue, my efforts were all done to oppose you. And I even fled to Iran to avoid you. But Allah still wanted good for me. This is an amazing and you really sense genuine Islam, you really

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sense a genuine embracing of the fate, that the faith that I did everything to oppose you. But still Allah wanted me to accept Islam, and I have now come to you as a Muslim, and he has caused me to realize how ignorant I was worshipping that which cannot think worshiping a stone that we sacrifice to, we venerate, but the stone or the idol does not even realize it is being worshipped Alhamdulillah, for having guided me to Islam. And so the Prophet says, and welcome to Islam, and told him, Islam wipes away all that you have done in the past, all of the sins you've done, are now wiped away and clean. And so even as a buddy for the rest of his life, he composed poem after poem,

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in praise of Islam in praise of the Prophet. So I said them as an explanation for what he had done. And for some reason that I don't understand, much of his poetry has been lost. Unlike the poetry of Hassan, which has been preserved, maybe because he lived in MK and his son was in Medina, and Allah knows best I don't understand why, but much of his poetry is lost, we only have fragments of his poetry after Islam. And the scholars such as Toby and others, said that he wrote much poetry for the Prophet system after his Islam. And through it, he cancelled the evil that he had done before Islam. And he was a great pro child on Majeed. And he was a great poet. And it is narrated as well, that

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after one poem that he recited in front of the process of the process of took off his cloak and gifted it to him. And this is what the poets would honor the most when the leader. And of course, in this case, the profitsystem gives you his personal cloak. So he gifted him his personal cloak, this was even as a buddy and that is an honor that rarely, the profitsystem gave to anybody. And this clearly demonstrates the status of even as a buddy the process and remained in Makkah, some reports say 15 days, some say 19. Some say 20. Bahati says 19 so we'll stick with that even his Sham says 15. And poverty says 20. But Bahati says 19 days, so we'll stick with bodies report. And he the

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question came up, where would he live?

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Whose house would he occupy? And so Ali wanted to regain the house that he grew up in, which is the house the process I grew up in, and that is the house of, I will call it the house, everybody had his house by the process and grew up in that house. As for the house of Khadija.

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Allah knows best, but people had taken it over after the process of them left. So the house that remained occupied by the extended family should have been the house of Bhupati. So it said Yasuda, Lowe messenger of Allah, why what Aren't you going to go back to our house? Meaning the house he had him to the process of because it is houses his father's house as well? And why don't you go back to our house? And the Prophet system said and did he leave any property for us to live in now pause here we need to explain what what is this reference to a Buddha they've died? a mushrik. And he had many sons. He had of course, who is his oldest son?

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This is a trick question. Who is the eldest son

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of the sister knows.

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Smack yourself in the face. What is what is the acronym for that SM h Is that it?

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Will Bob's eldest son is positive don't you all feel smart now?

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Okay, so his eldest son is thought it thought of an athlete after him was outdated. So those of us that athlete is the second eldest, these two, when the process was in Mecca, they did not embrace Islam. They did not embrace Islam who embraced Islam.

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Ali and Jaffa these are the four sons Ali and Jaffa embraced Islam. Okay, now, when I will call them died, bodied and LP the word not Muslim, Jonathan and Ali were Muslim. So who inherited a body of his house,

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body of an athlete,

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body of an athlete inherited the house, Jonathan, Allah did not get anything. The process of migrates to Makkah for live dies, the eldest boy live dies, hockey decides to sell everything for the money. So he sells all of the property. Now, he wants it back. But it doesn't belong to Him. So he's asking, Can we go in like, let me get it back. But the process of his affair obviously, he's not going to acquire some somebody else's property. So he then is a bit critical of actually, it didn't leave anything for us. If he had left it for us, we would have. But after he sold it all. So what this means here and from this, we derive the benefits that

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the machinery is inherited by Muslims. Muslims don't inherit from mushriks. So when a father died, who inherited it and Jaffer did not get any share of the house. They don't have any right to do anything with it. And the Prophet says I'm approved of that because a Muslim liar. If you recover this idea, then after you sold it to somebody, that's a legitimate transaction, and the profitsystem has no right to then confiscate that property back. So he's critical of it like a clean acted, whatever he you know, it's a bit of a disappointment to him. I don't even have a house anymore. Alcohol, sold it away. An athlete By the way, did except to some of the conquest. So appeal becomes

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a Muslim, and he lives a very quiet life, he doesn't really get that much involved in the affairs and he just, you know, passes away without really doing much other than just living a quiet life. But because of this, the process of did not have an abode house to stay. So what does he do? He sets up a tent in his own city of Mecca situation has changed now, he sets up a tent to live in for the next 19 days. And the place that he chooses is the famous mini Valley close to the Kaaba, literally five minutes walk away is called June. And every person in Makkah, who lives in Mecca knows where June is still to this day, if you tell any Macau we any person from June he'll point this is June.

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Now June is very symbolic, of how June was the place that the Quraysh gathered together to enact to the boycott.

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This was where they had the secret meeting. And they signed the document, remember the document, remember the boycott, right? This whole June was where they gathered together to sign the treaty or the document to boycott to the the Muslims and this was the worst that the Quran ever did. This was the lowest of the low and no doubt there is an element of symbolism here that the Prophet system is now coming and living in June. Now he is the highest of the high and look at how Allah azza wa jal tests people and then blesses them. Allah azza wa jal test him through what happened June and now he is living there as a conquer as the undisputed leader of Mecca. So Allah Xhosa demonstrated His

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perfect justice from where to where this place was where the worst atrocity the Quran ever committed occurred. And now in the same place, our Prophet says is being given the greatest honor. So he lived in Mecca for 19 days. And during this period, he prayed all of the prayers in the harem in the cabin in front of the Kaaba, and he did poseur for 19 days. He prayed for God to we'll get back to this point later on. You obviously understand this causes a huge issue and you all understand this point, right? For 19 days, he stayed in Makkah, and he prayed, shortened Salah for 19 days, all of the five, but he prayed them on time. So all of the five prayers he prayed them at the right time, but

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he shortened the four into the two. And this will get to in the end when we summarize the benefits. And during these 19 days, he gave many small sermons. He taught the people of Mecca the basics of fifth that they needed to know. So we have dozens of ahaadeeth reported about what he said in Makkah, most of which deal with teaching the new Muslims, their religion of Islam, giving them the rulings of dia of so many things. So we'll summarize some of the things that he taught the the Muslims in Mecca, the new Muslims of the first things that he said was he reinstated the sanctity of Makkah. He wanted everybody to understand how holy the city of Mecca is, and of the first speeches

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he ever gave.

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Perhaps even he gave this on the day of conquest, if not then the next day after conquest. We call obviously we don't have a detailed chronicle of which speech goes when. But one of the earliest speeches he gave maybe the next morning after the conquest of Makkah, is that he gathered all the people together. And he said, Yeah, marcellinus Oh people, Allah has made MK sacred in the law, how to rameka we all call MK harem, right. And we have said many times, what does that mean? How long means it is sanctified, and how long means it is holy, how long means things that are permissible outside of Mecca are not permissible inside of Mecca. So the Prophet system said Allah has made

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Mecca sacred, the day that he created the heavens and the earth, and it shall remain sacred until the Day of Judgment of Makkah is a how long from the beginning of time it shall be how long till the end of time, it is not allowed for any believer who believes in Allah and the Last Day to shed any blood, human or animal, you cannot fight in Mecca, you cannot hunt in Mecca, you cannot shed any blood meaning you cannot even hunt in Makkah and it is not allowed for people to pluck the leaves so we know even the plants of Mecca and the trees of maca should be left as is everything that allows the widget has put shall remain over there, then and he goes on that muck was never halal. When he

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says hello in this context, it means non sacred. maca was never non sacred. And even for me, sorry, Makkah was never held before me, nor shall it be held on after me. And even for me, it was made Hillel just for an hour of the day. Because what did he do? He conquered Mecca. How did you conquer Mecca by wearing armor. He didn't fight he didn't you know, but he did quote unquote, attack Mecca didn t and it is not allowed to attack me. And for anybody else, obviously. Then he said, MK was always sacred before me, and it shall be sacred after me. And as for me, a law lifted its sanctity for me to attack just for one hour of the day. He literally he said, Sir 10 minutes, one hour of the

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day. And now when this hour is over, it has returned to its sanctity as it was before. So if somebody says and this is this is the hottest thing. So if somebody says, but the Prophet system fought in Mecca, or attacked America or is the * america he lifted the sanctity, you respond back to him, this is an amazing ad. He's telling us if somebody tells you I did this, you respond back to him. A law has made it hard for the Prophet, and he has not made it harder for you. That's the end of the Hadith. So the point is, he's emphasizing to the people of Mecca, the extreme sanctity of the city of Mecca, and that is why some of the Sahaba some of the companions, they would go to such

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extremes that even if a pigeon landed on their belongings or on them, they would not even shoo it away. They would not even get rid of it out of sanctity out of worrying that we are disturbing any creation of Allah subhana wa tada in Mecca. And Allah says in the Quran woman unit fee bill hadden, whoever desires to commit a sin in Makkah, just desiring one may youdid. whoever desires to cause fitna and facade to cause problems in Makkah, Allah says we will give him a punishment. So merely intending to harm the city of Mecca, brings about Allah's wrath. So this is one of the things that he he decreed, in the early stages of the conquest, also of the things that he decreed as well. And

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the famous Hadith is a body that the Prophet says that um, said, Allah and His Messenger forbids you from selling alcohol and selling carcasses and selling idols. Now, where did this thing come about from so obviously, of the first prohibitions in Makkah, is what? No idolatry and no drinking, okay? Every house in Makkah is going to have

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idols and drink and drink. Obviously, every house in Macau is going to have alcohol, and every house in Macau is going to have idols. In fact, the people of Macau had a very lucrative business, what was the business, they would just take any wood and stone painted and make an idol then sell it to the people that came from outside of Mecca? Why?

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An idol from MK would give prestige to the idol. Right? So quite literally, they would gather some wood or gather some stone painted and whatnot and then sell it. Right. So an idol for MCI is going to go for a higher market value, isn't it? So

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there's so many what a

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souvenir from Accra. Yes, it's a it's a shidduch souvenir from Morocco. Okay, so the people of Makkah had a lucrative business selling idols to the innocent.

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Since pilgrims, no judge the Bedouins coming, and the Prophet system forbade them, you have lots of idols stocked up, you have lots of commerce. So they said, so the processes that you cannot worship the idol, you cannot drink alcohol. So what did they do? They began to offer it for cheap. Get rid of it. So the Prophet system then said, Allah and His Messenger forbids you from selling that which you cannot, you know, do. And there's another Hadith that says, When Allah has forbidden something, Allah has forbidden you to sell it to others. You see, we have a clear Shetty simple law here. If something's not right for you, it's not right for somebody else. If you're not allowed to drink, you

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can't have an alcohol store and sell it to somebody else. So I'm not drinking alcohol. No, if it's not good for you, it's not good for somebody else. We don't have this type of stuff that Oh, it's not allowed for me, but I can give it over to you. Generally speaking, generally speaking, and there are some minor exceptions, for example, silk, because silk is hella, let's say, for the women and whatnot. But generally speaking, alcohol and idols are the two biggest example, these items are impermissible to use to acquire to sell. They are not allowed for any Muslim to get involved with. And so they had to destroy the idols literally smashed them up. And they had to pour the alcohol

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into the streets because they're not allowed to sell to other people. And this is something that was adopted in Makkah, and after this, now, it is a standard part to fit all of the students of filk. When you're studying football, you learn this principle, that which is how long to use and benefit from is how to sell to others. This is a principle of film. If you're not allowed it, you're not allowed to sell it to others. And we go Where do we get this from conquest of Makkah, also in the conquest of Makkah, another prohibition as well. And this was the prohibition of zenwatch Muhtar, zenwatch, Muhtar. Now we know what the word motor is. You don't know you want me to tell you what it

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is, you know very well what it is actually, you are, you know very well, you're the one saying why isn't it Hello, I remember that.

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So what is the word motor? Now zenwatch motor is a controversial issue, as you know, between the Sunni and the Shia groups, and from the perspective of Sunni Islam,

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by and large, most of the bulk almost all of the Sudanese is that it is not allowed. And there is a controversy, when was it prohibited? So Amendment No Are we and other scholars say it was allowed twice and prohibited twice. So it used to be Highland, then in the Battle of high, but it was made, how long then it was made Helen again, then in the Battle of Mecca, or the conquest of excuse me was made how long again, so this is one opinion. And other scholars such as IBM, are very much opposed to this opinion. And they say no, it was made, how long and it was only made out on once, and it was made out on the conquest of MCC. So the both of them agree was made, how long is just a matter of

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how long, how long, how long, you know, once or twice of this nature. And,

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of course, as you know, non Sunni groups, they don't accept these prohibitions, and it is even attributed to us and Allah knows best about this position. But by and large, the standard Sunni schools all adopted these prohibitions of the fact that we learned as well from the conquest of Makkah. And by the way, a lot of these things are known to you. But most of you didn't know they occurred in the conquest of Mecca. of the things that all of you know sitting here, but I don't think many of you knew this occurred in the conquest of Makkah, was the famous ruling in Islam that you were all familiar with, that you're only allowed to leave one third of your money outside of

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your will, outside of the people that Allah has allocated chairs to, as we all know, in Islamic law, you have to give your money according to the chart in the Quran, according to the fractions in the Quran, the wife, the son, the daughter, the husband, they all get shares in the Quran. What if you have a friend, a distant uncle, a cousin? What if you have somebody who's a benefactor? How do you benefit them in your will? We know we all know the maximum you can give is how much one third where do we get this from right here and now sadly, nebby will cause fell ill and he thought he was about to die. Even the prophet SAW said him and the Muslims, he's about to die seriously ill and he's on

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he thought he's on his deathbed. turns out he's gonna live another Mashallah decade and a half, but he thought he's on his deathbed. So he says Yasuda Allah, Allah has blessed me with lots of money. And I only have two daughters.

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So what if I give two thirds of my wealth to people that I want to? The President said no, too much. So he said, Okay, how about half of it? And still the problem said no, too much. So I said, How about one third? Then he said a thorough thorough, thorough focus here. Okay, one third, but even one third, you're pushing it. It's okay. But one third, you're pushing it. Then he said, Where are you to leave your descendants, your heirs, rich, it is better than you leave them poor having to beg others for help. These are your daughters. These are your family. It's better than

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Are you on the general side with them rather than other people? So from this hadith we all know the famous rule. And we all practice this rule that you're only allowed to give a maximum of one third to people outside of the list found in the Koran. And this also occurs in the

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story or in the conquest of Makkah. Another fifth point that involves a famous idea that you're all familiar with. This was also the famous incident that you have already heard about. When one of the woman of the tribe of Banu muck zoom the bernama zoom tribe is the tribe of Abuja, what is the tribe it's very famous tribe, one of the women of the tribe have been home of zoom was caught stealing. And they spoke to Osama bin Zayed, who was the Beloved of the Prophet system who sama bin Zayed because his father was eight and his mother's amen and Osama was physically born in the house of the processor in Makkah, Osama has grown up as a baby as a young man the process and loves him

00:31:00 --> 00:31:40

immensely, he loved his father, his mother took care of the process of as a baby. So this is Oussama is called the Beloved of the process of hipbone to be the one whom the process and love. So the the men of the bedroom of zoom, they want to Osama because they knew the process was a soft spot for him. And they kind of convinced him, why don't you just suggest to the process and to forgive this lady? She is a noble lady from amongst us, and you know, just let the punishment go. So Osama entered in and asked the prophets I send them that Yasuda love she's a very famous and noble lady. Why don't you just let her go. So the process of them he became enraged, and he said attached

00:31:40 --> 00:32:17

Pharaoh he had demon who do the law. You want to intercede when it comes to a head of the root of a lie, want to intercede? And then he said the famous line that we're all familiar with that will la he will la Hilo, Fatima bint Mohammed Salah hot, the Qatar to Yoda, my own daughter, if she committed this part, I would not forgive her. It's not we don't operate this way that the rich and famous get off the hook and the poor and the lowly will be punished. Right? So and he gave and he called all of the people of Mecca has another hold but that he gave and in front of all of them. He said that if my own daughter Fatima bint Mohammed committed a crime, then I would establish the

00:32:17 --> 00:32:51

punishment on her. I'm not going to forgive somebody just because they're rich and wealthy, and the Mozu, Mia was a rich and wealthy lady. And so the relatives wanted to do that for our missionaries, that this lady after the punishment was done, this lady would regularly visit me afterwards. And she would petition the processor for other matters of hers. And I would raise her petitions to the profitsystem to grant her to grant her her requests. And this also shows us this interesting tidbit. This also shows us that once the punishment has been done once a person has been punished, you're not treated like a criminal for the rest of your life, once you've done your time, once you have

00:32:51 --> 00:33:32

been punished and how long okay? And the story move on. So the same lady who was caught stealing, she also continues to ask the process for other favors. And she gets those favors because you're allowed to petition and ask for favors when you're not breaking the law. But the first petition was trying to break the law just for her. And in our religion, we are allowed to intercede for noble causes, we're not allowed to intercede when it comes to protecting those who should not be protected. Also one of the fifth rulings, very, not quite that important in our times, but the general ruling is relevant. And that is there was the case of a child that was born in dubious

00:33:32 --> 00:34:17

circumstances, ie, you understand some type of affair was a legend. And the person who was involved in all of this, of course, this child is born, there is a married couple, and somebody alleges that this child is mine. Now Now this occurred before Islam by the way. So all of these crimes and sins are occurring before Islam. Now the both of these are famous Muslims. And as we know, Islam forgives all previous sins, so we should not think about them. This is all happening in the past. And the two people involved were sad, they've never cos and Abdullah bin Zuma, the both of them are famous Sahaba sad, said this child is mine. And Abdullah bin Zuma was married to the lady who gave birth.

00:34:18 --> 00:35:00

And so he's saying the child is born in my marriage. So they complain not now that they conquered Makkah. Now this child is now a young boy. And so they're both contesting who should have custody of the child. So the profitsystem escaped the famous verdict and what to do, Lil feroce voila, Harry alhaja This is a famous Hadith that every student of film studies and whether doodle feroce which metaphorically translates well literally translates the child is to the bed it was born on and metaphorically This means any time a child is born, we shall assume without question that the child belongs to the parents.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

who are married? And what to do in frosh, we don't delve into rumor and whatnot. We don't do Tina will call you understand, we simply base it on the verdict of who's married, and what to do the rush, the child will be given to the bed it was born on meaning whoever was married, we will consider and if somebody is proven to be an adulterer, then they will be punished with the punishment of adultery. So this is the verdict of Islam, that when a child is born, we do not question anybody who says anything. We don't we don't question it. We try to cover up false and since we don't pry and we don't probe, and we assume children belong to the parents that gave birth

00:35:43 --> 00:35:47

to him and what to do little Farage, this is a famous ruling in Islam as well. Now,

00:35:48 --> 00:36:18

this is another issue. Let's not get involved in this right now. Now, one of the main effects of the conquest of Makkah, one of the main effects what happened after the conquest of Makkah, you see, Arabia, as we all know, was disunited Arabia did not have a central government, and each tribe has its own mini province mini city. So the conquest of Makkah, is taken as a symbolic conquest of the central nervous system of Arabia,

00:36:19 --> 00:37:03

and the other tribes and this is well documented in many books of xfc and Hadith and Sira, the other tribes who did not get involved in the conflict between the origin and the prophet SAW Salem, we're waiting to see who wins. I'll go through and others they explicitly mentioned this that the other tribes were waiting to see what happens that if the Profit System eventually conquers Mecca, this is an indication that there is no stopping him and we must embrace Islam, and one of them remarked as a whole to be mentioned that Allah had protected MK from the people of the elephant, you all know how will feed right? The Allah protected macro from the people of the elephant. So if a law allows this

00:37:03 --> 00:37:05

man to conquer it, what does that show them?

00:37:07 --> 00:37:52

It shows us a profit. So there's a theological symbolism given by the people of Makkah to the conquest of sorry, by the Arabs, not the people of Makkah, by the Arabs who are not caught up by the people who are in Central and South in. In far north, the entire Arabian peninsula is subservient to the to the city of Mecca. When it comes to holiness. There is no other competition. And everybody considers Mecca to be the bastion of their race, Father, Ibrahim, and this made right I denied all of them, they go back to Mecca. So the heritage that they all have with mcda, the association that with the conquest of Makkah translated for them the victory of Islam over paganism. And therefore,

00:37:52 --> 00:38:34

when the Prophet system conquered Mecca, this is when tribes that were neutral so far, and whose names we have not even come across because they did not get involved. They began from now up until the death of the process and began sending delegations that they have converted. And this is exactly what Allah says in the Quran. What are at NASA here the whole Luna feeding Allah He of Raja, you will see people embrace Islam, like armies coming, they're not coming to attack they're coming to embrace. And therefore with the conquest of Mecca, the Arabs one by one, the tribes, one by one, even the majority of women, this is a very interesting point here. Look, our Profit System did not

00:38:34 --> 00:39:16

fight over 90% of the Arabs of his time. He's only fighting the Quran and the few tribes that allied themselves with the whorish like how was in like the thief and whatnot? How about the rest of Arabia? How about central Arabia? How about South Arabia? How about far north? How about the eastern and western provinces? Nothing. There is no direct battle. How did they embrace Islam? See, this was the wisdom of choosing the grandson of Abdul muttalib to be the Prophet. This is the wisdom of choosing somebody with the most impeccable lineage. You cannot compete with the grandson above them with buddy. You cannot compete with somebody born and raised in Makkah with somebody who has the

00:39:16 --> 00:39:58

symbolic victory of the capital literal victory of the Gabba. You cannot compete with this person. So Allah azza wa jal, Allah knows as Allah says in the Quran, Allahu Allah Mohave reach out to the Salat. Allah knows whom he is going to make his prophet. Allah chooses Allahu yester feminine America, a lot chooses from the man from people who will be the prophets. So Allah chose this man for a reason. Allah chose our Prophet system for a reason and of the most obvious reasons, his lineage, his city, his circumstance, nobody could say anything about him wanting more higher status, more higher power. He's coming from the best of the best, and he's coming from the cream of the crop

00:39:58 --> 00:40:00

and he's coming from the holiest of all city.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

Now he comes back to his own city. He's not conquering a strange land. That's another point here. Imagine how the roads would have felt if another tribe conquered Makkah. Here's another reason here. He is Macau, he's from Mecca. This is his city, his own people have expelled him. Now he comes back, and he conquers his own city, which happens to be the holiest city on earth. And the Mk and the court and the Arabs all agreed to this. So now with this conquest, and they all know for 15 years he's been battling his people. They all have been watching on the sidelines. Now with the victory of the prophets of some of over the conquest of Makkah. This is when the people began to embrace Islam

00:40:39 --> 00:41:19

and from this point onwards, there is a non stop trickle of tribes sending delegations inshallah, in two, three weeks we'll talk about the what is called the year of delegations. What is the year of delegations the next year and the year after this? Two years, actually, to be to be more precise. Some people say it's only the ninth year No, it is, in fact, from the eighth all the way to the 10th year, the next two years are called the year of delegations. Why? Because every second, third day, a new delegation would arrive from another tribe, embracing Islam, no conquest, no army sent. No, it's just literally people are realizing this is the truth. And it is truly an amazing miracle that

00:41:19 --> 00:41:44

paganism is eliminated completely from an entire land, hundreds of 1000s of people. paganism no longer exists anywhere in the Arabian Peninsula. And all of this is done in the span of less than 15 years. This is what Allah has predicted. In the Koran, you will see people embrace Islam, like armies. And of course, Sugata Nasir, either, Jonathan, whether all of you knows who that or not So, and it's an interesting story about sort of the Nasir as well.

00:41:45 --> 00:42:05

That later on many years later, in the caliphate of romanova, top Roma would have a senior meeting with the elders of the kurush, the elders of the world, the elders of the Muslims on side and quarter sheet, and the youngest person to be admitted was an Ibis, the cousin of the Prophet so setup, so some of the other and he was at this time, probably 15 years old.

00:42:06 --> 00:42:18

1715 1617 years old, and the other Sahaba objected. And they said, Yeah, ameerul momineen, old leader of the faithful we have sons older than him.

00:42:20 --> 00:42:29

And you don't allow them to come to this gathering. Why are you allowing this man to come? So if an Ibis narrates the Hadith Hadith in Bukhari, he narrated himself even adbusters one day or more called me.

00:42:30 --> 00:43:14

And I think he called me just to test me. And when all of the people were gathered, he asked them, can you explain to me either jhanas robot he will refer to what I ate and NASA. Yeah, the whole lunar feeding of Roger facetted baby Hamza, because if we don't get into wahba, which translates as that when you see the victory of a lot when you see the blessings of Allah, the conquest of Allah come, and people began to embrace Islam like armies at that point in time, praise your Lord and glorify Him and seek His forgiveness. Verily, He is off Forgiving and Merciful. So this is sort of the origin of the Nasir. Now, Omar asked them explain this to me. Some people offered this

00:43:14 --> 00:43:54

explanation others gave generic, Allah is saying when he blesses you, thank you for the blessings, then return to even a bus, the youngest 15 year old 70 year old kid, and a bus is the cousin of the processor. And he asks him, you interpret it had been a bus says they have not spoken correctly, the elders are not this is not right, rather. And this is the tough seat interesting to see. Rather, a law is informing the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that when Makkah is conquered, your time on earth is about to come to an end. So prepare to meet a law by increasing your worship and seeking His forgiveness. Verily, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

00:43:55 --> 00:44:05

And Omar said, this is the only knowledge I have of the pseudo meaning you have spoken, all that I know. So sooner than not, sir, is the beginning of the end.

00:44:07 --> 00:44:51

So that the nozzle tells us for the very first time, death is close by you have reached your Pinnacle. You have the conquest of Makkah, you only have a short time left. And even abus understood from suta Nussle that our Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem is being told, death is near. Now you have achieved the and this shows us the importance of the conquest, quite literally, the conquest is the pinnacle. That's it, you have now reached at the high point and you just have to wrap up a few last things before Allah will cause your mission on earth to come to an end. So he's being told this and as we know, barely two years after this, our prophet SAW Selim passed away also by the way from the

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

sutra. Think about it My dear brothers and sisters, our Prophet Muhammad was and being who he is, and Allah tells them to prepare for meeting me by extra

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

worship, and extra is still far. How about me and you? Are we ready to meet our Lord? How about me and you where's our is too far and where's our worship? Our Prophet Mohammed says in the best human being the most generous, the least sinful, he is told is still fit who he is told submitted to him the topic to prepare for death. So we as well had better take a lesson and heed and increase in our worship and increase in our his default. And we never know when our death will come. Our processing was given some premonition, we will not get that premonition he was given some hints, we obviously will not get those hints. So this is sort of the nozzle. Now, he stayed, as we said, 19 days and

00:45:40 --> 00:46:26

maccha. What else did he do during these days. So he sent a number of mini expeditions around Makkah, primarily to invite the neighboring tribes to Islam and to destroy the major centers of idolatry. So there's two types of idols. There's the personal home idol. And then there's the idol, that is the temple idol. There's an idol in a temple. This is the public idol that people go to. As for the idols in your homes, he gives a general comment everybody destroy your own, I'll get rid of them. As for the temple idols, he will send people to get rid of those as for the idols that are venerated, you know, out in public, so he sends a number of Sahaba to get rid of the most largest

00:46:26 --> 00:47:08

and the most famous idols around Makkah. And he sent hot similarly to destroy and Rosa and of course others as mentioned in the Quran. Also, he sent a delegation or a group to destroy Illuminati also sua all of these famous idols close to and around Makkah. And it is reported that when Khalid arrived at the temple of Elisa, and of course they were the, what do you want to call them, the the, the people who take care of the idols, or the the, the custodians of the idols, or the clergy of the of the pagans, I mean, whatever term used for them, there were those people that when they saw Khalid coming in, they realize what would happen. One of them, flung an axe around the neck of a

00:47:08 --> 00:47:55

loser, and said, Oh, loser, you protect yourself, I have to flee. So they all left and a loser did not protect itself, and how to destroyed a loser. So, within the span of a few days, basically all of the idols in the vicinity of the Hejaz in the area of the hijas region, were all destroyed. Now, all of this greatness was marred by a mini tragedy. But it was not something our Profit System did. It was a mistake done by one of the companions. It was a tragedy, a mini tragedy. And it was, and this also shows us that some handle humans are always prone to error. No matter how much greatness you have, there's always going to be some, some marring some deficiencies, right? In this world,

00:47:55 --> 00:48:09

there is no perfection. This is the greatest time of the of the religion of Islam. Still something trivial is going to happen that Mars this, but it wasn't from a profit system. It was a mistake made by hot in the middle of it. Now remember, how did they lead? When did they convert?

00:48:11 --> 00:48:55

Just before he's a brand new Muslim, right? So he makes a very, very serious mistake. And this mistake hurt our profit system. And he had to personally apologize to the people involved and and make up for it. And it is a mistake that involves one of the tribes that so hard it is sent on a number of expeditions or one after the other dude, he has a checklist basically, he has a checklist do this, do this do this. Now, one of the items on the checklist was to go to the tribe of the Blue Jays EMA, which is a days distance away from Makkah, and as well invite them to Islam. Now, generally speaking, all of the tribes around MCC embraced Islam. Because it's understood with MCE,

00:48:55 --> 00:49:41

there is no point of posing idolatry. Now, Holly dibner Walid had a personal history with the tribe of bonucci azima. In the days of Jah helia this tribe had killed his uncle, and there was some blood between the two of them. So when hot it now appears on the horizon with an army behind him. What did the Volusia deema think? They thought war, they thought attack. So the brugia deema. Initially, a group of them took out their swords and they led an attack. This led Khalid to attack and he was a new Muslim. And he made a very big mistake which is that when other members of the tribe now obviously if you're attacked, you're gonna attack but but other members understood what's going on.

00:49:42 --> 00:50:00

And they announced their submission to Islam. They announced no we have we're along with the rest of the people. And we know in our religion, we know this from the idea of nebuta the story of the man who spat on him and then you will all know this right? Even on the battlefield. You give up right then and there. If somebody says

00:50:00 --> 00:50:38

Hello Hola Hola. Hola masala right then and there. We all know the history of Alibaba partnered with the sword pulled out, and the man at the very end. He does this right and he's still and the story of Osama bin Zayed we talked about this as well, that the man who embraced Islam right at the very end, and Osama still ended up killing him in the process of became so angry at him and said, Did you open up his heart? And did you see why are you in charge of of his heart now heart It didn't know any of this stuff. Carla did not know any of this is a brand new Muslim, he put put in charge. So when he when a group attacked, he attacked back and he attacked according to the customs of Jay Lee,

00:50:39 --> 00:51:20

which is no mercy. No mercy, you attack me and the story, we're gonna kill all of you. Now he didn't end up killing all of them. But he did kill a lot of innocent people. He ordered the other Sahaba to attack and the other Sahaba said no, we're not going to senior Sahaba amongst them Abdullah bin Omar amongst them Abdullah when they disobeyed a leader, because in Islam, you're only allowed to obey your leader when he commands you that which is allowed, right. And this is a clear instance of them disobeying a leader. And he got irritated at them that I am your training commander. Right? Even though they were senior to him in Islam, but because he was militarily senior, you understand he was

00:51:20 --> 00:51:50

appointed as the military leader said I'm your commander and they've been said no, I'm not going to attack and so he became angry at myself and he gave him a vile curse and whatnot. And one of the causes for confusion as well appears to be that the tribe of Banu Jemima did not say the appropriate phrases even they didn't say a slum now they said Saba Saba Anna Now if you remember from our Mexican class

00:51:51 --> 00:51:58

the Arabs would consider the new religion of Islam to be sabian ism

00:51:59 --> 00:52:47

assault they own and they would call Islam. Saba Jani sebata you have you have embraced sabian ism, right. So they would call Islam sabian ism. So this group said saw that NASA BATNA and the other Senior Companions understood the reference and they didn't do anything. But Harley Davidson Waleed already angered because of the attack, did not take this into account. He didn't understand he didn't know the sanctity of of this. So he did end up killing some of the people who should not have been killed. Immediately news reached back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this headers and body and Muslim is well known. These are all well known Howdy, the first thing the

00:52:47 --> 00:53:30

process him did, he stood up, he faced that guy, but he raised his hands, and he said, a llama in the upper la Coronavirus, hollywood or LA, I absolve any responsibility for what Khalid has done. I didn't command him to do that, Oh Allah, I didn't command him to do that. That's basically the thing a lot, I absolve myself of the actions of highly limited, worried, I did not command him to do that. And he sent it immediately to resolve the issue. And he gave it a large amount of wealth to give the blood money, the compensation money to those who had been killed. And so I live near before they went to resolve the issue. And he gave very generously to each and every person, he apologized on

00:53:30 --> 00:54:14

behalf of the profits of the law, it he was setting them. And when I met him now came back, he complained to the Prophet system as well about what Khalid had done. And he listed for him what he had said on it. And you remember how it is a new Muslim? Remember this right? So he Islam and the etiquettes of Islam still haven't been taught to him. So after I heard him now, he was one of the earliest converts, he complains to the process of them. And the process gives that famous Hadith that all of us know love the suit, boo us Javi do not curse my companions for will law he, if one of you were to give the mountain of offered in gold as charity, you would not be equivalent to what one

00:54:14 --> 00:54:25

of them gave with a handful or even half of a handful. Now, this Hadith, we always call it and this is our reason for respecting the companions. But who is it being said to?

00:54:28 --> 00:54:59

Harley dibner, well, it is being set to high demand at another Sahabi and Harley Davidson what it is being told you had better not curse the Senior Companions. Because if you were to give the mountain up or her than gold, it would not be equivalent to half of what they gave. If this is harlot. Where do we stand on that scale? Think about that. If this is hardly being told that you cannot reach other than 100 now you cannot reach a worker in Oman. You cannot reach this man and it

00:55:00 --> 00:55:44

Imagine where do we stand on that skill, right? So the context of this hadith actually makes us respect the Sahaba even more, even more, because it is being said to a brand new companion, which has continuity, and we know how to then lead even to his a brand new companion, he is still a highly respected companion, eventually he becomes a very respected Sahabi. But at this point in time, he's brand new, and he's being told, do not curse my companions. And as we said, for the profitsystem, remained in Mecca for all of these days. And the main point here is that he consolidated the immediate vicinity, but there was one major center left close by and that major center will talk

00:55:44 --> 00:56:13

about inshallah, In our next lesson, we're going to finish up with the, with the benefits of the incident of Makkah, what is the next major city thought if and thought if was the city that had expelled him, I thought it was the city that had tortured him, I thought it was a city that had pelted with stones, I thought it was the city he had the opportunity to destroy. If Allah, Allah gave him that opportunity, and he forgave now, thought if could not be attacked with an army, even though he had 12,000 men

00:56:14 --> 00:56:52

thought if was a difficult city to attack, and we'll talk about the reasons for this next time. But briefly, because it's on the top of the mountains on the plateau, Sana plateau is difficult to get there. Once you're there, they have a thick fortress, they have rainfall, they have plenty of water, they have vegetation, they can last out a siege. And up until this point in time, the Muslims have not developed any way of getting past a fortress, they don't have the mechanisms, the weapons, they don't have the weapons to destroy thick fortresses. Remember, in high bar, they had to literally wait it out. And hybrid. Remember, they literally just had to wait out, but in hybrid, they could

00:56:52 --> 00:57:17

cut off the supplies but and if they cannot do this, so five will represent a big challenge. So we will finish up with some of the benefits of the benefits of the conquest of Makkah. But the next lesson is going to be renamed and thought if we will do that in our next lesson. Let us conclude by summarizing some of the benefits and then the primary theological benefits from the conquest of Makkah.

00:57:20 --> 00:57:38

As for the benefits derived from the conquest of Makkah, they are numerous and will only list maybe 15 of them actually, they're much more than this number one of the filk benefits derived from the conquest of Makkah, it is allowed to break your fast during Ramadan for a legitimate reason. Where do we get this from?

00:57:40 --> 00:57:41

Where do we derive this from?

00:57:43 --> 00:57:45

One When did they break their fast

00:57:47 --> 00:57:59

when they left Medina, it was the month of Ramadan and they broke their fast all of them none of them were fasting and it is the month of Ramadan and it is the eighth year of the hijra when was Ramadan obligated?

00:58:01 --> 00:58:22

Second year so Ramadan is now an established law but in the eighth year when they go for the conquest of Mecca all of them break their fast right so that's one fifth benefit you're allowed to break your fast in a travel we all know this another fifth benefit traveling begins outside of your home city not outside of your home

00:58:24 --> 00:59:06

traveling begins outside of your home city not outside of your home When did they break that where did they break their fast outside of the Khalifa they did not break it when they left their houses. So in our times where does also start and when can you break the fast not when you leave for the airport not even in Memphis airport not even when you're driving down I 40 or whatever when you're getting out of the city only when you symbolically leave the city when you feel that there is enough distance now that Okay, I have left the city limits and of course in our times it's like a guesstimation you get a rough idea you use your common sense and judgment here. When you leave the

00:59:06 --> 00:59:33

city limits then you can break the fast then you can pray bustle you cannot break the fast in the morning of Ramadan when your flights at 4pm. No. You can break your fast after the flight takes off and you leave the city if you want to. You can even though it's 4pm. A few hours left but anyway, besides the point, it's up to you if you want to or not. You're allowed to do that. So traveling begins when outside the city. Okay, the next fifth points. So that

00:59:34 --> 00:59:59

should be a tracker that's perfect. But because it's enough to solder, it doesn't matter to Raka forager six worker but a tracker is the perfection and this is the Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam The next point it is recommended for them wasafi for the traveler, to pray all for record prayers as to the cause of this is encouraged

01:00:00 --> 01:00:20

And it is strongly encouraged. In fact, one can say it is very strongly encouraged. How do we know this? Because our profit system is in the holiest of holy places where every single prayer is equivalent to 100,000 other prayers, he is in front of the camera, and he is still praying for a goddess to

01:00:22 --> 01:00:27

so if anywhere in the world you shouldn't do casa, they should be MCE. But

01:00:28 --> 01:01:05

our processes and prayers are not obviously this is because he's the Imam. We when we go to Makkah, we're praying behind the Imam we will follow the Imam. But if suppose we don't pray vote in the harem we missed we come. Now we have to pray Lord, we pray to the God as visitors clear, right we if we're praying by ourselves, we will pray to the gods even in the harem. You want to pray more pray extra nothing. But the for record are all prayed to Casa is an established sooner for them to soften for the traveler. Okay, the next fifth point for how long.

01:01:06 --> 01:01:44

This is where the controversy occurs, there are over a dozen opinions, I have written a very lengthy article that I referenced you online, it is called the Islamic definition of travel by so called just Google it, you will find a three part series over 20 pages. But it isn't shallow, easy reading. It's simple enough. And I go over each of the opinions and the evidence as you can find this online on Muslim matters. So I don't want to go over all of that right now. The majority opinion, the majority opinion is the three day one or three and a half days. And the Hanafi say 15 days, right? So the three months I have the sharper is the molecules and the hammer is they say that if you want

01:01:44 --> 01:02:01

to stay beyond four days, they want to stay for days and beyond, then you have to pay full if you say four days or less, right, so three days plus so if you're staying 20 rakata humbly say because that's what four days is, if you're staying 19 record, you will

01:02:02 --> 01:02:33

do casa. And if you do more than that you will do long. However it mitanni argues based upon this incident of the conquest of Makkah, that there is no time limit, that you may remain wasafi as long as you are most often. So there's a huge controversy over this issue. And in my humble opinion, it really depends on your circumstances. If your circumstances are such that you are a traveler, and you're living like a traveler, then you may pray.

01:02:34 --> 01:02:37

But if you decide to follow the safe opinion that is better for you.

01:02:39 --> 01:03:16

And if your circumstances are such that you are living like a temporary resident, so I've given many examples in the past, for example, your company sends you for a training and the training is one week long. And you're living in a hotel, and you're living out of a suitcase. It's clear you are a massage, in my opinion, even if it's more than four days. And if you pray, then not a problem you are following with the process of did however your company sends you for a six month training somewhere. Now you have to get a car you have to climatized yourself you have to know where the you know, halaal stores or the mosque is you have to so you kind of settle down even though it's six

01:03:16 --> 01:03:45

months. You know, it's six months, but you're not a moussaka. So where is the cutoff point, there is no date cutoff point. It's a psychological frame of mind. Right? It's how you're living your life. It's what you're doing, and how you're living. So this is where the the gray area comes. And if you want to err on the side of caution and follow the four day rule that is better. If you want to err on the side of caution as a simple rule than that is better have the fixed positions that we can derive from this is

01:03:46 --> 01:03:50

converts one day convert to Islam

01:03:52 --> 01:04:30

and their couples, the marriage contract shall remain valid, regardless of who converts first for a period of time. And this is very important for converts to know. How do we know this because in the conquest of Makkah, we had a number of men embraced Islam, then their wives embraced after them. We also had a number of women embrace Islam and their husbands come a week or two later. classic example is it couldn't have been Abidjan. Remember he fled to Mecca. So if one wanted to commit suicide, remember, right, he ran away and he said, fellas, I'm not going to live anymore. His wife was the one who's like converted and begging. And so we have a number of cases of women who

01:04:30 --> 01:04:52

converted first, their husbands are still pagan. Then when their husbands come back, they're not asked to do a new nikka ceremony. Right? They're not asked for a new model. New witnesses. No. What does this show? This shows us that when a person converts to Islam, a timeframe is given how long is that timeframe? Most people say three months or

01:04:53 --> 01:05:00

three months a timeframe is given that and there's an effort with the length of time when we don't want to get involved right now and that but the

01:05:00 --> 01:05:04

Point being, if after this point in time, the other spouse converts.

01:05:06 --> 01:05:27

Then the marriage contract even though it was done pre Islam, and even though for a time the two could not technically be married, so I'm a Muslim man with a pagan lady, can we have this? No Muslim lady with any other men? Can we have this? No. Yet in the conquest of Makkah, the both of them happened for a while.

01:05:28 --> 01:06:03

And the Prophet system allowed the marriage contracts to become realized if the both eventually converted in a short timeframe. And therefore from this, we derive the ruling that the marriage contracts of other people who convert to Islam will be valid and remain valid after Islam for a period of time of the things that we learn. We learned this from the hadith of hynd, the wife of Abu sufian, that women love this point here, women are allowed to take money from their husbands without their husbands knowledge,

01:06:04 --> 01:06:06

like that unconditionally, or what?

01:06:08 --> 01:06:10

The men are very uncomfortable right now.

01:06:13 --> 01:06:14

What are the conditions?

01:06:16 --> 01:06:18

That's why we don't have any money. Okay?

01:06:19 --> 01:06:22

What are the conditions? Remember what the conditions are here?

01:06:23 --> 01:06:38

If it's done build my roof, if it's done for legitimate causes for the family, that is that the husband is being extra stingy, and it is done? for the cause of the family? Obviously, wives cannot just buy a $5,000. What is it?

01:06:40 --> 01:06:41

What is the person name? The

01:06:43 --> 01:07:04

what is the purse? The I just found out their purses of 40 $50,000. Like, it's just mind boggling, like, wow, anyway, so wives cannot just go and charge the credit card for 50,000 other person say, Oh, I'm allowed to spend your money. No. Islam allows the wife to take her husband's money. If the husband is being stingy with the family.

01:07:05 --> 01:07:29

If the husband's being stingy with the family and the needs of the family are not being met, the habit of Hindu that we did last week is clearly demonstrated in this a well known principle that the wife can then take and go grocery shopping, purchase the clothes for the kids stuff that needs to be done, it can be done. Without even the permission of the husband of the physical benefits we learn is that when an item is how long then it is how long to sell the item.

01:07:31 --> 01:07:57

When an item is nudges, or filthy, or how long, we cannot make a business out of the item, we learned this from the conquest of Mecca, of the benefits that we learn that it is so now it is Mr. habit to for a person for an elderly man or woman that has completely white tear, what is it so not to dye their hair to dye their hair, and this is we learned this from which incident

01:07:58 --> 01:08:38

Boca Boca offers conversion to Islam, of the physical benefits. We learn here, the permissibility of visiting Makkah and entering Mecca without a harem, the permissibility of entering Mecca without a harem for a reason. Now, this is a bit of a controversy amongst the scholars. Some say that this was only for the profits or sell them, but others say no. And the reason they say this is because imagine going to Makkah for a reason other than Ramallah or hedge. They feel this is not befitting. And while I understand this, but at the same time, think of those people whose businesses involved things in Makkah.

01:08:39 --> 01:08:42

Think of taxi drivers between Jeddah and Makkah.

01:08:43 --> 01:09:24

Think of fruit sellers that purchase their stuff in life and then come and sell it in Mecca. Right? Think of the people there. Don't think of us in Memphis. It is a big shame if one if you were to go to Mecca for any reason and not do it on bronto correct. That is honestly pathetic. After spending so much money, and you went to have a business transaction with somebody in makalah Hola, hola, Bella, we say you have lost the plot, but somebody who's going to make five times a day five times a week, whatever. And the taxi drivers between Jeddah and macoco 10 times a day. So and hamdulillah they can use this incident of conquest of makup to say it is not mandatory to do tawaf and Ramadan

01:09:24 --> 01:09:31

sorry, yeah, to do too often or every time you enter Makkah, it's not mandatory to wait around, because how did the process of enter Mecca?

01:09:32 --> 01:09:41

He was wearing the armor, he wasn't wearing it wrong. And of the final the final point I mentioned here, about the fifth benefits is that

01:09:42 --> 01:09:59

some scholars have derived from this and this is a bit of a controversy again And fifth, the scholars are breaking one condition of a treaty is tantamount to breaking the entire treaty. Because how did the profitsystem conquer Mecca in the first place? The arrest broke

01:10:00 --> 01:10:06

One of the clauses when they broke one of the clauses the process of consider the entire treaty,

01:10:07 --> 01:10:51

null and void. Okay, so this is another point that is derived as for the theological benefit than it is pretty obvious. It is pretty obvious what the theological benefit is. And that is that, in the end, victory will always be on the side of the truth. In the end. Allow people to them attain victory will always be given to those who have Taqwa. The theological benefit is obvious. Allah says in the Quran, Khattab, Allahu Allah, Allah Libin, and crucially, your Lord has decreed that he shall always be victorious in the end. In fact, he doesn't even speak in a second person. Khattab Allahu La La Banda anniversary. Allah says your Lord has decreed I shall be victorious along with my

01:10:51 --> 01:11:01

prophets and messengers. And this conquest of Makkah, clearly shows of course, we as Muslims, obviously believe this to be a miracle. And truly it is a miracle for us journey after

01:11:02 --> 01:11:45

the persecution of Mecca after being expelled after an assassination attempt for him to come back a little Arsenal in eight years, and to conquer the capital of the Arabian Peninsula without any war without any bloodshed, a peaceful conquest, which was simply I mean, it truly is an amazing point here. And then this conquest to precipitate the entire embracing of Islam of the Arabian Peninsula. Obviously, for Muslims, this is a divine gift from Allah, it is demonstrating that when you are patient, when you persevere, when you do not falter in the path of Allah, eventually Allah will reward you with the victory at the end. Our prophets are some demonstrates this, the ups and the

01:11:45 --> 01:12:21

downs. And frankly, most of the Sierra so far has been the downs, right? So much we have talked about, you must suffer in the path of a lot before you will get the rewards. Even the profits have to put in the effort. Nobody gets the reward. sitting at home and thinking a lot is just gonna throw the blessing down at him. You have to stand up and strive. You have to do what you can. You have to show a law, your dedication, your strength, your determination, and you will suffer, how much has our profitsystem suffered, how many battles have been fought, how many loved ones have died? We just talked about the Battle of motor recently that the process of himself is in shock and he's crying,

01:12:21 --> 01:13:03

and he's lost so many of his loved ones. But in the end, when you put in the sweat and the toil and the effort, Allah subhana wa tada never causes the efforts of the righteous to go unrewarded. And we see this in the conquest of Makkah. After all of these difficult years, our profit system is rewarded with the greatest victory imaginable, and that is the return of the holy city of Mecca to its rightful owners and that is the descendant of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis, salaam insha Allah in our next lesson, we will continue from where we left off and talk about the incident of her name and a thought if and before we conclude there are some announcements to be made.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi sets the tone for the conclusion of the series on the conquest of Mecca by sharing the benefits, morals and Fiqh in this regard. The conversions of two people are discussed in the start and they are Umme Hane and Abdullah ibn Za’bari.

During the 19 day stay of the Prophet ﷺ in Mecca, he taught a few important things:

  • The sanctity of Mecca was reinstated.
  • Prohibition of sale of alcohol, idols and carcasses.
  • Prohibition of zawaaj mut’ah.

In this time,he also sent a number of expeditions around Mecca to spread the message of Islam to the neighboring tribes and destruction of all forms of idols. The temple idols were destroyed on the instruction of the Prophet ﷺ to Khalid Ibn Waleed RA.

Khalid Ibn Waleed once made a serious lapse of judgement and committed a grave error and this involved the tribe of Banu Jadeema. He was entrusted with the job of inviting them to Islam. But a misunderstanding ensues. What was it? What prompted Khalid RA to kill them? Listen intently and discover.

When the sad news reached the Prophet ﷺ, he stood up, faced the Ka’bah and raised his hands. What did he say?

A few Fiqh benefits we derive from this lecture:

  • Women are permitted to take money from the husband without their knowledge if done for a valid reason.
  • Sale of a Haraam item is also haram.
  • Salatul Duha was prayed in 8 rakaat by the Prophet ﷺ.


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