Umm Jamaal ud-Din – Aisha, A Role Model For All Times

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the struggles women face with emotions and emotions related to women, including jealousy and honesty. They also discuss the importance of not denying emotions and not giving up on others. The segment touches on the legacy of Aisha Radi, the influence of various narrators on their work, and the importance of being a woman to her father's success.
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Tonight I want to speak to you about look, honestly, she's my ultimate role model.

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From the moment that I first you know, learned about her legacy, I've always felt constantly inspired to try to you know, strive to emulate her example as much as I can insha Allah in like in basically every aspect of my life. To me, she was a woman who was not only like a mountain in comparison to the vast majority of other women, but also she was like a mountain in comparison to the vast majority of men as well.

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And how could she not be when she is our Aisha Radi Allahu anha as the D have been acidic, right? The daughter of our Baka Cydia Radi Allahu Anhu and Ron Romain are the Allahu anha. Aisha Radi Allahu anha, who was born into the * into a household of elec Islam. And you know, raised in the purest of households of Islam, by parents who were from amongst them or hygiene who first migrated from Mecca to Medina with the prophets that Allahu Allah He was sent them. I Sheva the Allahu anha, the one whom the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw her in a dream three nights in a row Subhan Allah, and he was told that this will be your wife. Aisha Radi Allahu anha narrates that the

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prophets that Allahu Allah He was said sallam said to me, yeah, I wish Verity dubrio alayhi salam came to me with an image of you Brett in a silken cloth Subhan Allah. And he said to me, yeah, we're so Allah, this is your wife. And so when I uncovered it, I found it was you Pernilla

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I shall it Allahu anha the one who was the most beloved of all people to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who imagined my dear sisters, when the prophets that are long Wiley, he was salam was surrounded one time by a male Sahaba and was asked who amongst people is the most love to you? Yo, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told them Anisha Radi Allahu unhand so they say, but you're a solo we met from the men. He said her father, meaning our buckles dear Raphael Allahu Anhu. And as in mana Doheny Rahim Allah said about his Hadith, he said, and this hadith is a proof that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved the best from amongst the men of this ummah, just as

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He loved the best from amongst the women of this OMA after Friday God Allahu Allah can I issue every Allahu Anka the wife who due to her high status with Allah Subhana Allah? Allahu Taala said down verses from Bach from above the seven heavens defending her honor and bearing witness to her purity and innocence until the Day of Resurrection. Aisha Radi Allahu anha the one who Juby Allah alayhi salam told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ya rasool Allah had his own jet to Kaffee dunya well as era ya rasool Allah verily this is your wife in both this world and the earth Iran.

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I assure you Allah Allah Allah, the One whom the prophets that Allah was sent said, Do not harm me with regards to Aisha for verily the ye the revelation doesn't come down to me while I'm under the same blanket of any wife, except for Aisha Radi Allahu Allah.

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And my dearest this is what I want to share with you tonight are some of the life changing lessons that I've learned from the legacy of buying share Inshallah, which has you know, helped me in my own journey of personal development and also inspire aspiring for higher in both this life and the next big nearly dialer

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because my dearest sisters, first of all, it's your Aisha Radi Allahu Allah that, for example, I've learned that to be considered to be pious, it does not mean that you have to be perfect. Right? And that you can't be real as a person. Right? And that even if you have certain weaknesses, even if you have certain aspects of your personality that you might struggle with, that doesn't mean you can't be righteous with Allah subhanaw taala believe me Lucky Tyler.

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Now one of the greatest, you know, struggles that I share with your loved one and I used to have was with her jealousy and her hero for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, that was due to how much she used to have love for the prophets that Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And it was due to the strong emotions that she used to have, that whenever the prophets that alone would have said and you know, would marry a new wife

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She would actually go and check out that wife, you know, to see how beautiful that new wife was, you know, try find out with that life be like a competitive competitor to her in seeking the attention of the prophets that allow salon, even sometimes you send money to other wives to go check out on her behalf, you know.

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But look I showed you one night she tells us that, you know, there's been some funny incidents that happen due to these emotions that he used to have. But one of them was that you know, one time the profits are low, Sam was gathered at her house was some of the Sahaba and on Sonoma ready a lot more and had sent a dish of food for them to eat together. Now, for those of you who don't know, on Salama, who's another wife of the Messenger of Allah, she was extremely beautiful, right? And no doubt her cooking would have been far superior to the likes of Aisha Radi Allahu anha. Because, you know, I'm sorry, it was a Simon was a lot older, she's more experienced than Irish, ah, you know, an

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OSHA wasn't exactly known for her good cooking skills, okay. So when I shot found them, you know, sitting there enjoying the food that Onsala has made, her emotions, you know, overtook her, and she actually came and hit that dish, and it broke into to Subhan Allah. And so the prophets lawyer, so he realized, you know, what was going on with OSHA. So he simply just smiled, you know, started picking up that food stuck in stuff picking up those pieces of clay. And he just told us to harbor Your mother has become she's become jealous, you know, and then basically just taught, I showed you send one of your place to you one of your dishes to replace that for almost seven months, and no

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problems would happen between them, right? So they covered it up.

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But look, this is one of the things I love about Aisha was her boldness, you know, her rawness, her honesty, in you know, narrating many of these funny incidents about herself, you know, and this panel, this, this actually really helps us to relate to her in even a greater way.

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You know, you see how she never tried to present herself as being that perfect image of, you know, a pious woman who, you know, never faced ever, you know, never faced even one struggle in overcoming her naps. So, I think that's such an important, you know, lesson that we can take from her life support a lot.

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But the one thing I do want to mention here, too, before I move on, is that even though she had these emotions, but you know, and even as you have like, minor conflicts with some of the other wives,

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the thing you need to notice is that, that that never prevented her from, you know, being just in the way that she would speak about, you know, those other wives behind their back and in acknowledging their good qualities, right. And, as we know, as women, this is something that women in particular tend to struggle with a lot, you know, especially if there's any jealousy with a woman or bad feelings towards another sister. Many times, you know, if a sisters asked about another sister, they've had some problems with right, you'll find that it's very hard for that person or that sister to you know, basically speak about that other sister with justice. You find often they

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end up as you know, backbiting them and stuff like that, right? But you know, if you look at the example of Aisha Radi Allahu anha. You know, how did she speak about one of her greatest rivals? Who great his competitors competitors? Who was Dana had been Josh.

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You know, it's probably the way she speaks. She goes, I did not see any woman who was more faring of Allahu taala. Mostly see in her Eman and more generous in the giving of charity than Xena read your loved one.

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This one, my dearest sisters, you know, one of the important lessons that I've learned myself from Aisha is how to try to have integrity, especially behind people's backs. And you know, the reality is if someone has true Iman and Taco in their heart, that not itself should help that person in being just in the way that they speak about others behind their back, you know, me has had a problem with that particular person, right? Because, as we know, ultimately, is that it's not about words. You're right. A Dean, you know, like the dean is my Munna. The dean is, you know, interactions when we interact and treat others.

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Alright, so also for the other, you know, greatest lessons that I've learned from the life of Irish, nobody alone, ready, Allahu anha is that no matter how good or perfect, you might try to be, but there's always going to be someone out there with a sick heart who's going to try and make fitna about you. All right. That's something we should always learn. And if you look at the incidence of risk, okay,

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inhaled those people with sick hearts created that slander about Asha. Okay. And, and look look at her level. Look at her caliber. Look at how pure

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In Chase she was and despite her being brought up in the purest of households, you know, despite her being married to the purest of all mankind, so a lot while he was selling, but you know, but what it shows you is that sometimes a lot of time is going to test you with people speaking about you.

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And then often what they say about you will be the one of the hardest things for you to hear being said about yourself Subhan Allah, that's how you know it's a real test from Allah right. But one of the most important lessons we also learned from this incident of if is that as long as you are a patient you know and put to trust the loss of POUND DOLLAR, and your Zeke need is to allow Tyler through that test like a show when you're alone and hunted, then inshallah you'll find that Allahu Taala can in fact actually raise you in status higher than you were before that trial, but you need that heater either in both this life and the the next to begin, Nila. So we see how you know if you

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look at the house, she was in the peak of her trial right? Despite how alone she felt the whole community is speaking about her behind her back there suspecting Jani everyone's suspecting her almost everyone's suspecting her, to the level that even those closest to her like her, her her father, her mother, even the prophets or exam that I noticed data has Pamela and despite how much she cried Also, due to how hurt she felt, you know, thinking about how these people can speak about me like this. How can they think even about me like this right? But in her heart she had that your pain that Allah azza wa jal is gonna get me out of this trial. Right? So look, the fact of the

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matter is she was tested. She had strong human but this is stupid from crying. She's still cried plenty. Okay, so crying is not a sign that you're not being patient. As people always tell you that don't be patient. I see one t come down, be patient, right.

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But we noticed what does she say in the peak of her trial? She says the same words as Yakov Alayhi. Salam when he was tested with a loss of use of Allah Islam. She's She says to Sadhguru Jamil will law who Stein who Allah net of the phone, she says for me, patience is you know, for me is the beautiful patience. And you know, she basically said in a lot is the ultimate helper in everything that is being asserted about me, right. So Subhanallah we see how Allah to Allah then goes to reveal to the prophets that Allah what is said about her innocence. And he says down I get to be recited until Yokoyama testified to her innocence and purity. And I shudder your mind has said about this

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she says Pamela she said I had European that Allahu Taala would reveal something about my innocence. But I never imagined that he would actually reveal a yet about me. She says Pamela I found myself far too insignificant that Allah would reveal verses about someone like me. All I hoped is that maybe Allah would show the Prophet so long ago said something in one of his dreams.

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So these verses if you look at them in certain newer verse 10 and 11 I'll just quickly recite them sha Allah

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along with the fact that says but there will be letting a shutdown of our gene

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in Medina Jaya will be your spare tomb being

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led let us Sabu SHA one LeBron the Lua ye will love the Colibri

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let Tessa Domina

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when gladiator will let you know who mean whom now

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now we

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it's the same year to move on

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Milou Vaughn

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me know now Mina to be foresee him for you are

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one let me know now let me move Mina to be foresee him for you

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all who was all you had.

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Mubi Sultana just quickly what he says in these AR is Verily those who have come with this if this land up are a group from amongst you do not think that this is short walakum don't think this is something bad for you rather than who a hiatal Lakhan rather is something that is good for you. Liquid libre min max Tessa diamond and if every single one of them

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I would take a share in the sin of that of that if there are of that slander one levy it's a one leg people who meet whom the one who started the most they will have the biggest share and they will have the they'll have the greatest punishment now protect us then allow that assists Lola insomnia to when you heard that slam dunk. If only if only you had thought about the believing men and believing women like to think about yourself and think about them in the best way. Well, all you have is a movie and you say that very this is a clear this is a clean disk is please land up.

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So adherence. This is due to these verses in certain nor that the scholars said that whoever abuses Aisha Radi Allahu anha, after Allahu Taala declared her innocence from above the seven heavens that have no share in Islam, and if they stand to her in her purity, then they're disbelieved in the clay I answered the Quran, right? So be very careful when they speak about it in particular, very Allahu anha well Baja

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Okay, so also from the you know, also from the lessons I've learned from the lives of Aisha is something that I think sister hooter, yes. She was speaking about before is that how, you know, we need to be, you know, being concerned about the OMA being skipped concerned about the deen of Allah Islam. This is something that's not only yummy, it's not only for men to be concerned about, you know, many times as women, we can't so like, of course, you know, obviously our home our husband or don't those things, they are a top priority for us. But that does not mean that we shouldn't also be thinking outwardly and being concerned about the affairs of the OMA and thinking about what can we

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contribute also to Al Islam and to the fears of the OMA right? You know, and often we forget the legacy of the Sahaba you know, how much they sacrifice how much they, they strive for Islam and for the OMA thinking that I showed you along Radi Allahu Allah, she's only 11 years of age sisters. And already she was out there on the battlefields of life. And she's carrying water backwards and forwards to the wounded in the in the battlefield.

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So, and so Panama sisters, especially after her beloved, the Messenger of Allah so Allah when he was seven passed away, we see how for almost another 50 years after his passing, she spent her life striving in the part of and striving in the path of knowledge, teaching, right passing down the knowledge of the Sunnah of the Prophet so long as salam giving fatawa. And that's why one of the greatest lessons we also learned from the life of Aisha by the Allahu anha is she showed us that, you know, being a scholar, that's not just something limited only to men, right? Because her level of knowledge was so extensive that scholars such as email Zuccotti Rania Rahim Allah, he said that,

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you know, if you were to take the knowledge of Arusha and compare it to the knowledge of other women, even including the women or the other wives or the prophets that along with a certain, he said, the knowledge of Asha would be more

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and another of the Imams Who the heck al Hakim, he said, Rahim Allah is the one quarter of the Sharia one quarter of the Sharia and the can the rulings that we have today are derive from what was narrated to us from Aisha Radi Allahu Allah has this is the legacy that she's passed down to Pamela that's what I was saying before that she you know, she is like a mountain even in comparison to the majority of men as well right.

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You know, other Walsall ash it from the from the sahaba. He said that, you know, there was no matter which we will confused about regarding a particular Hadith, and we would go and ask her about it, except we would find some knowledge of that with our Aisha Radi Allahu anha. Now, as for her contribution to the science of Hadith, right, she was from the top seven narrators of Hadith, right. Altogether. She narrated a total of 2210 Hadith of the prophets that along with it was Selim, only Abu Hurayrah. Even Omar and Anna's narrated more Hadith than than our Isha Rhodiola. Han has a Shih Tzu the top narrators of the Hadith of the prophets that along with a sudden now as something that's

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very unique to the hadith of Aisha, is they tend to be about the inner affairs of the prophets that along with it was said in that Subhan Allah he may never have known about these. We may never have known about these habits had it not been for a lot causing Aisha to preserve these hotties for us.

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When it comes to getting

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metabolize and make judgments. She was the seventh most reliable for a half a month of the companions, right? To the level that the whole affair was 3d. We're talking about Omar, we're talking about both men. We're talking about anybody a loved one one. If they weren't sure of something, then go and seek the opinion of Aisha Radi Allahu Allah and we're talking about even in things like complicated matters to do with like, you know, inheritance. All right, so as for her students, this talk about her students. In another heavy Rahim Allah he says that, you know, there were at least 100 people including women, who narrated a Hadith from Aisha Radi Allahu anha. In

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fact, she had so many students from amongst the Sahaba Entebbe that a man and his son and his grandson and his great grandson would all be from amongst those who had learned that hadith of Arusha from from Aisha from the Prophet, so Larson I'm right.

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As for the eloquence of her speeches that she would give right now have been vice from TV, he said, I heard the football of a buck, but he used to listen to different kutak of the, the Federal Washington right. I heard the good part of our block the speeches of our book, I heard the football Omar with men and ally and all of the full effect until this day, but Subhanallah he said, I never heard speech from anyone else, which was more eloquent and better than from the speech of our of Arusha Radi Allahu Anhu. Well go ahead.

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As for her virtues, my dearest sisters, she was we can say, the embodiment of every virtue to be possessed by a pious woman. She was the greatest role model to us in you know, in her level of Eman, her level of Taqwa her height, a flat her height character, her Zot you know, her announced the Ation of renouncing of worldly, you know, worldly things, her her yak and modesty, you know, forgiving for the sake of Allah hurry beds up, you know, she would spend her nights praying and crying to Allah until her scarf would become wet from her tears.

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She would fast by the days is, especially after the the messenger will have passed away, she would fast so many days, it was if she only had a look, she didn't pass the two A's. That's how she would foster right? And you should go for HUD after HUD on raft or whatever she had, she would give it away for the sake of Allahu Taala to the level that she wouldn't even often forget to leave something for herself.

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You know, she was the best and most pious wife to her husband, so long ago said and she was the best and most pious daughter to her parents. Everybody who knew her they knew her for her immense, immense goodness and Lea sang, right? And this is exactly sisters, why she was the most beloved wife to the prophets that Allahu Allah said, and because the prophets that a lot of what was said and only loved that which was good, and like you can only love that this is pure and pure yet and that's why the sisters whoever hates the one who the Messenger of Allah so I'm loved. They deserve to be hated by Allah. May Allah protect us from that.

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So my dearest sisters, woman, woman, woman in Arusha, rhodiola man had, she lived all the way up to during the villa for us. Wow. Yeah. Right. And she spent her life passing down the knowledge of the prophets that along when it was set up to all of those generations that had passed by for men and women, until the month of Ramadan came in the fifth, it was the 58th year after the Hydra, and Aisha where the Alana radiola more and had she became sick, that so sick that she could no longer leave her bed anymore. And you know, all she was thinking at that time and dreaming about Panama was how she'll finally be in there being reunited with her most beloved in Jana, after being almost 50 years

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apart from him. So long ago, Salem

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and for those who came to visit her in those final days

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was even our bus ready Allahu Allahu Anhu. And you know, he came he sat close to her head and he said to her, Oh, my mother, Verily you are from the most beloved of the wives to the Prophet so long when I sit down, and the prophets that Allah is and only loved that which was good. And Allah Allah to Allah revealed a yet about your innocence to be recited until the Day of Resurrection. So received the good news of being reunited with the Prophet SAW isolated in the next life being alert. And supine a llama does sisters despite the color bar, and despite the greatness of the Aisha had read

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reached when she heard those words. She said, Well law he by the one in whose hand is my life. I wish I had only ever been a tree that just glorifies Allah.

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Or I wish I had only ever been something forgotten and never known Subhan Allah, this was due to her extreme humbleness and fear of Allah and how much she's looked down on herself and her achievements in this dunya Subhan Allah. So my dearest sisters, the 17th night of Ramadan, of that same year came, and some shouts could be heard in the streets of Medina.

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And Subhan Allah when Simon was sitting in her house, and she heard about that, she asked what's going on? You know, she heard some noises. They told her, it's Aisha, she's passed away Spinalonga and circumstellar McBride, and the Muslims cried, and all selama all she could say when she said, Subhan Allah, she was the most beloved to the Prophet. So I said, um, besides her father,

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and on that night, the people came out from all the districts of Medina. And in fact, the people said that we had never seen so many people gathered, like the people were gathered on that night. And they said that there was so many women who were gathered on that night knee Adelphia right. It was as if it was like an eighth.

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And so after the Muslims had, you know, finished paying total Yeah, because forgets Ramadan, right. I've already a long radiological animal was the one who paid the funeral, pray for Arusha.

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And then the nephews of Aisha and her grandsons and the grandsons are obok they carried Arusha and you know, they placed her in her grave Subhanallah so my dearest sisters, you know, this was only a very small snapshot of the life of Aisha, right? And that just, you know, just contemplate and look at her legacy.

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And also, just imagine that every time one of us reads or listens to one of the Hadith of the prophets that are longer than that she narrated, right, that she helped to preserve, right? But those Hadees are all like a testimony and witness of the greatness of all meaning. Aisha Radi Allahu anha, and you know of the beneficial knowledge that she left behind her, that will go on to benefit her continually while she's in her grave and in the elf era, being delayed to Allah. So we asked Allahu Taala I ask Allah Allah to Allah to first of all, I asked him Subhan Allah to help us to live just to be like a fingernail of our Isha ready alone that in in our legacies in sha Allah, that I

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asked Allahu Taala that he gives us the opportunity to meet Aisha Radi Allahu anha in Jana and I asked the Lord Allah that He allows us to actually give her a hug, you know, Inshallah, in the same way that we hug each other. Now, as long as we repeat, we meet each other, but you're laughing to Allah. And I asked her the whole dollar that he forgives us, and He guides us and kisses upon the Serato who's the pain and these are our role models, my dear sisters, if we want to be with them in Jannah, we need to take them as our role models and try to you know, emulate them in every aspect of our lives as much as we are able and always ask Allah you know, to rectify you and to try to make

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you to be as much as you know, living your life as much as possible in the footsteps of these righteous women, especially on the Hudson what meaning and may Allah forgive us all? Insha Allah May Allah help us all to enter jungler safely in Allah, while guru only had what I stole from law when he will at home was to panic. Allahumma will be handy Nash headwear La ilaha illa and gusto Fluka when a tool like Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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