Zakir Naik – When you are a Man of Peace then why are People against you- Why has the Home Secretary Excluded

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller asks Dr. Knight why his message is so controversial and why his message is still seen as so controversial. Dr. Knight explains that most people in the United States are against him, and that the home department of the UK has found that the most popular Islamic satellite channel is TV, while the most popular Islam channel is peace TV. He also mentions that the home department is not trying to stop the message from being used against them, but rather use it as a political move.
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Dr. Knight thank you very much for your talk. The question I have is you profess to be a man of peace. You've spoken very eloquently about the idea of peace and Islam pieces rested in front of your microphone, as you stand there. And I agree with you in in many senses that my question is why then is your message still seen as so controversial? Why other figures within the Islamic world why their fellow Islamic clerics who see your message and still believe that you are wrong? Why you've claimed that the Home Secretary has banned you from this country because of sort of media conspiracy? But why is that a broader sense of discontent with your message? But that's a very good

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question. That why if I'm a man of peace, and I speak about peace, some people are against me, some Muslims or non Muslims are home security, but they have to understand that any person who's popular, they're bound to be people or against him, irrespective whether the popular person is doing good work or bad work. And the best example I can give you that today. According to Michael H. Hart, he wrote a book saying the 100 Most Influential People in the World History, though is a Christian, he put number one most influential human being as Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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Today, do you know do Muslims consider him to be the most important and the most influential person in history? There are many non Muslims within the same but today we analyze the maximum books written against any human being on the face of the earth. It is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon

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the second person he named his list for Isaac Newton, but because he not a common man for common human being, he's a scientist. The third person on his list was Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. If we analyze today, the second person in human history who has maximum books written against him, it is Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. Based on this argument, do you have to agree that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, they were not good. What we have to realize when a person gets popular, there are bound to be people against him. And according to the home department of UK, when had come in the year 2009, I was informed by lab resources that

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according to the home department of UK, the most popular Islamic satellite channel in the world is pitch TV, and the most watched Islamic satellite channel in UK is also peace TV. Not only is it watched by Muslims, but even watched by non Muslims. The same report said that the most popular Islamic speaker in the world is Dr. Zakir Naik. And the most popular Islamic speaker in UK is also Dr. Nine that there is in the home department was requesting me that can I reach out to those Muslims, which the UK government cannot, but not because the change of government what I feel it was more of a political move, rather than a legal move. And as maybe they wanted someone popular so that

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they could pass the message that we are tougher as Muslims. And that's the reason what we feel that we have more faith in the judicial system, rather than the political system. I think it was mainly because of popularity, and it was mainly a political move, rather than a legal move and inshallah God willing, we feel that this exclusion order would be reversed by the court of appeal, hopefully

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