Tips to Prepare for Ramadan

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My friends out there Ramadan is coming and you need to prepare so I'm going to give you a few tips. The first thing is don't try and prepare when Ramadan comes don't try and prepare one week before please try and prepare many weeks before couple of months or two three months before start preparing. How do you prepare slowly See if you can get into the habit of starting to eat less on certain days it will help you in Ramadan. Don't get to Ramadan and the first few days you're fasting and is killing you inside and you thinking La hawla wala quwata illa Allah, I wish there was no Ramadan. Okay, so stop all your burgers and your chips and your other things that you stuffing down

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your throat and cut down because as a Muslim you're supposed to live healthy anyway. Okay, so start start with that one second is start to take out just 15 minutes a day. Do some Vicar, do some Vicar just remember Allah. Do some tilava start to read the Quran. Now start with a page a day, a page a day, a few months before Ramadan, build your stamina, try and do one and a half pages a day, two pages a day, three pages, four pages one quarter of a juice a day get to that level get to half a juice if you can a day if you can't stick to a quarter juice, I know you're busy stick to a quarter juice or whatever it is. Don't let go. The whole point is if you can build that stamina up up to

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Ramadan, you've got quoted us you've got a bit of thicker going on. However you want to remember Allah with lightline Allah Subhana Allah Al hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar, Allah whatever you have 10 minutes, five minutes, 15 minutes whatever it is placed on top and a bit of drama. If you can put that together Alhamdulillah you're going you're going in the right direction don't try and put it on slubby on in one goal. If you slept with only one goal you will end up not doing any of it you'll you'll flop so build the stamina stamina slowly slowly and then if you can do this in the nighttime when a shy shy is late anyway you're just going to pray you're shy you're probably tired I know that

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Yeah, just pay an extra two recursive calls to make the near of tahajjud extra four cards make me up to 100 that's all that's all don't do too much. And then when Ramadan comes in hopefully the habit is there your your Ramadan is there with 100 but build yourself up for it so that you've got a few extra cards I know you're going to be doing taraweeh and it's going to be long, but guess what, if you start to engage yourself with the Quran is going to really good. Another tip I'm going to give you is if you don't know how to recite the Quran, now's the time go out there go to an imam of your local Masjid. Go to a course con find someone who's going to teach you the how to read the Quran. If

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you got to know one, go to Skype there are people who are teaching coda on Skype, go and learn the Quran you got no excuse learn the Arabic learn how to read it won't take you very long once you master that Ramadan will be joyful. You know why? Because every letter you read of the Quran outside Ramadan, you will get 10 rewards and every letter you read off the Quran inside Ramadan, you will get time 70 which is 700 reward so Alif Lam Meem outside of Ramadan is 30 reward and Alif Lam Meem inside Ramadan is 2100 rewards now go on learn the Arabic get your tilava started, go learn how to read and if you still got more stamina for that preparation would be start to reread a bit of the

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translation of the Quran and consider the Quran little by little and try and finish it by Ramadan if not try and finish it over the whole of the year. But you know what, this will give you a booster of knowing what Allah azza wa jal is saying to you. Allah is saying to you because that's what we're supposed to do know what he's saying change your life according to that. Okay, and the final thing I'm going to say to you, brothers and sisters is if you can before Ramadan, the best thing you can do to yourself is start to control a bit of your tongue or a beard of your eyes. If you can't do any of that as in controlling cutting down how much you speak start cutting down the things that you're

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watching cut down slowly don't do all of a sudden slowly slowly inshallah by Ramadan you know watching any haram by Ramadan you know speaking in haram and after Ramadan know what try and keep all this up. If you keep it up after eight years tilava carries on you liquor carries on your to speak eyes on you your your your tahajjud carries on or your extra cards carries on and your control of your tongue and control of your eyes carries on hamdulillah next Ramadan you can give it an extra boost the next Ramadan you could an extra boost and inshallah Bismillah You are a Muslim that is a Muslim, a real Muslim and inshallah beating that you will love yourself on the Day of Judgement.

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Look forward to it, because Allah azza wa jal is your reward on the Day of Judgment if you do your fast properly. Allahu Akbar Allahu Dhawan and enhance the life of Vladimir Hey