What Really Attracts People to Islam

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Very good evening, doctor. My name is Reva and I'm a psychology student as well. The 911 question was from my sister.

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But I'm not talking about 911, I have a separate question, and I'm having a sore throat. So I'll make the question quick before I run out of my voice. I actually I went to a Christian school. And there I'm surrounded by a very good number of narrow minded people. And they are the narrow minded people's beliefs. Anything except for Christianity is devil worship. So according to them, everything is devil worship. And for them, Islam is as well as devil worship. But I don't see it that way. Because if this is devil worship, it won't be the number one religion in the world. So

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clearly, there's something in Islam that Christianity doesn't have, which is why it's such a achieving and very, a lot of people are in it. So my question is, I want to know what that something is.

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The question that she went to Christian schools, you're surrounded by Christian, who she calls narrow minded. Here, you're surrounded with broad minded people, Mashallah.

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She said that Christianity does everything without a shadow, the devil worship, but she says that Islam is the fastest growing religion maximum followers. So what is it the thing that people are inspired towards sister, I've been in the field for our for more than 20 years. For the 20 years, I've been in the field of Dawa, and I've met many people who have reverted to Islam, from Christianity, from Hinduism, from Buddhism from Sikhism, and each one is inspired by different things. But the most common factor among the people who accept Islam in my survey, is the belief in oneness of God.

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The other people theoretically say, each word equal Mothma. But practically, they don't call it

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Christianity, they believe in one God. But there's a Father, Holy Spirit, and the Son, they talk about one, but the practically believe in Trinity. So Islam is the only religion which speaks and practices Tawheed monotheism, for this inspires a person about the one true God unity, and unlike other religion, where you can see that you know, God fighting among themselves, one God is taking help of another God, and the devil can defeat the God. All these things a normal person thinks is illogical. How can God be defeated? How can God die? In some religion, God dies also, God dies, who rules the world? So when you see all these things logically, people normally blindly follow. These

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blind beliefs are not there Islam.

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Therefore, Quran says, that, do you not understand? This is for men of understanding even my talk, I said, that God Almighty made different than the other made in colors and languages. Verily, it's a sign for those who understand Quran is a book which convinces the logic

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in spite the media today being against Islam. You can imagine the power that the amount of a billions and trillions of dollars they're pumping against Islam to degrade it, yet it is the fastest growing religion. So that's a miracle.

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Allah says in the Quran in surah, Amnon chapter three verse 54, Makoto Makoto, Allahu Allahu remarking the plan and Prophet Allah to plan, Allah is the best of times.

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So this way, the major factor is that Islam is the most logical religion. There may be certain things with them, if you Lord that it's like that. But when they come close to it, like today, today, Islam is maligned. One thing is terrorism. Second is that there are no women's rights. If there are no human rights Islam today, out of the American accepting Islam to a woman, so why the American woman accepting Islam out of the European accepting Islam to set a woman, if Islam is a religion does not give rise to the woman, then who's forcing the European and American woman to accept Islam because they find the security they have been and seen the world and lived. Talking

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about liberalisation and modernization. They realize the real spirit is there in the region of Assam. So when they really practice some people merely get inspired, okay, because there's bound to accept Islam. Some people only hear the asana and accept Islam. So people have different thing, but the main thing, the core factor is the towhee. So whatever they're inspired by, when they come to Tawheed, the oneness of God, He is our Creator, He that was Sustainer. He that cherish which was the core factor of my talk today, then

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And these people who accept Islam, they become more practicing than those people are born in a Muslim family.

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Sister Do you believe that or not?

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Yeah, I do believe there's one. Worship is wrong. Excuse me, you believe idol worship is wrong? Yes. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God? I want to

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Why don't do because I'm not inspired yet. I want to be inspired.

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Like inspiration. If you say you won't do it, somebody stopping you from myself, I want to be inspired. I want to know that that is the truth. And maybe you come into the lecture not enough inspiration.

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You come into the microphone to ask this question is enough inspiration for you since you believe that one God since we believe either worship is wrong, and if you believe in Quran, have you read the Quran? No, I would request you to read the Quran. And if read the Quran, you'll understand more about Islam. And I had given the talk yesterday, Muhammad Salah Salem, in the various religious scriptures, and I give quotations of Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the scriptures, in the Christian scriptures, in the Jewish Scriptures, in the Buddhist scriptures, only if you read since your background is Hinduism, I believe Christianity Christianity, if your background is Christianity,

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have you read the Bible? Yes, it was a subject in my school. I'll just give you the references. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him has been prophesized in the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the Old Testament. He'd been prophesied in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 18, verse number 18, in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 18, verse, Psalm 19, in the book of Isaiah chapter number 29, verse number 12. In the Song of Solomon, chapter number five was number 16.

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For details, we're going to go to my video cassette. He's also prophesied in the New Testament, in the Gospel of John Chapter number 14, verse number 16, in the Gospel of John Jack number 15, verse number 26, in the Gospel of John Chapter 16, verse number seven, as well as Gospel of John Chapter number 16, was number 12 to 14, I'll give you one prophecy to make it short, Jesus Christ peace be upon himself in the Gospel of John Chapter number 16, verse number 12. To 14 He said, I have many things to send to you, but he cannot bear them now. For him in the Spirit of Truth shall come, he shall guide you into all truth, he shall not speak of himself, all that dear Shall we speak?

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He shall glorify me. So this prophecy of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, I have many things to say unto you, but he cannot bear them now. For him in the Spirit of Truth shall come, he shall guide you into all truth, he shall not speak of himself, all that dear Shall we speak, He shall glorify me, this refers to no one but Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, because it says, He shall not speak of himself, all that do, shall we speak and you know the history of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that Almighty God gave the revelation to Prophet Mohammed, most of it through Archangel Gabriel, what are we going to repeat verbatim? And he shall notify me if you see, there is no messenger of

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God. No person who claimed to be a messenger has ever glorified Prophet Jesus, accept Prophet Muhammad peace be upon.

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So it's mentioned in the Bible, that this man to come, He will glorify Me and all the other references I gave you. It is pointing out the coming of the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and even the Quran says, it mentioned the Quran in surah chapter number 61, verse number six, that Jesus guys peace be upon him was sent as a messenger to the Bani Israel to children of Israel to the Jews. And he said, I give you glad tidings of a messenger to come, whose name shall be Ahmed, and embodies the second name of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is not prophesies only in the Bible, Old and New Testament is

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even prophesied in the Vedas, in the Puranas in the Indian scriptures, in the Parsi scripture in the Buddhist scriptures, as I was saying earlier, that even though the scriptures have been changed, even if the scriptures have been men who pleaded yet, there are remnants in the verses of that scripture, about the oneness of God, that Tawheed and about Prophet Muhammad being the last and final messenger.

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Now Doctor, since that I've never actually read the Quran, may I humbly requested Can I have a translated version of the holy

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request man, address my wife

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to hand over a translation of the Quran, she will shall handle the transmission and I request you that please read the translation. And Inshallah, if you have any question you can either ask to local Dow organization, or you can ask to Islamic Information Services, or you can write to us email, it's a global village. You can send the email to Islam at irif dotnet. I rf.net is the short form for the organization is some experimentation, and inshallah we'll try my level best to clarify your doubts. Thank you, doctor.