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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the differences between Islam and other religion, citing examples from scripture and a book. They explain that Islam shows the way to achieve a state of goodness, while other religion shows a way to achieve a state of goodness. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following scripture and the Hadith symbol to convince people of answers to questions.
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Brother if you have any questions

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slowly, while it was on, brother recently I had, I had spoken to one person from this earth Chinmaya Mission. And he was talking to me and he was telling me that

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all religions believe in one God. So basically everything is same. All religions lead to one path.

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So how do I explain to him that Islam is different from the rest

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of the world ask the question, that you have been a person of tin man mission, one of the groups of Hinduism, and they agree that God is one. How can we differentiate Islam from the other religion does with the question

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the difference in Islam and other religions that I've mentioned several of my talks, that all the major religions, they speak about monotheism.

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And Angola, Islam speaks of it too. But Islam believes in Tawheed. Tawheed is different than monotheism. It's not merely monotheism. It's not merely believe in one God. And the I quoted earlier from Sterling Brown, chapter three, verse number 64, says, The Allah Allah can within Sawai environmental Come, come to common terms as soon as a new which is the first term in the law, that we worship, none but Allah, it's not that we believe in one but Allah, only believing in one God is not sufficient, besides believing we should worship Him alone and no one else, which if you analyze in the Scripture, also this is the basic, but now unfortunate part is that the follow of the

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religion, they have deviated from worshipping only that one God, and that deviated also believing in one God. So what we have to do that we have to get them closer to Islam by coming to common terms. And initially,

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if we analyze, that, when we come to comment on we have to prove to them that even your scriptures, they believe in God, even your scriptures of worship only one God, what we are trying to say, at least let us come to common terms on this aspect.

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The difference between Islam and the the legend is that Islam shows you away, how to actually worship with one God, which may not be found in other religions.

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The basic is the same. But as I mentioned, in my other talks, that most of the major religions, they speak about good things, but Islam besides picking good things, it shows you a way how to achieve the state of goodness, while talking about worshiping one God, the other religions to speak about one God and worshiping one God, but Islam shows you a way how to practically follow it.

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And that gives you other easy examples, that all religions say that you should not drop into the sense that Christianity says that Islam says the same, but the difference between Islam and the other religion this Islam shows you a way how to practically achieve a state in which people will not drop. Islam has a system of zakat, that is every rich person by the saving of more than than a sub level 85 grams of gold, he or she should give 2.5% of that saving every charity. If every rich human being gives charity give zakat, poverty will be eradicated from this world, they will not be a single human being will die of hunger.

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And after this, Allah says in the Quran in surah, Maya chapter five was studied that if anyone drops, beat a man or woman chop off his or her hand as a punishment for Allah subhanaw taala people who say chopping off the hands in this age of science and technology, Islam is a barbaric religion. It's a ruthless law. But I tell them that, do you know that America which happens to be one of the most advanced country in the world? Do you know it has one of the highest rates of robbery and theft in the world? I am asking a simple question that if you implement Islamic Sharia in America, that every rich person by the saving of more than 85 grams of gold, he or she should give 2.5% of that

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saving every lunar year in charity. After that, if anyone drops beat a man or a woman chop off his or her hand. I'm asking the question, will the rate of robbery and theft in America within Greece will remain the same? Or will it decrease? What will happen?

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It will decrease it's a practical law. You implement the Sharia and you get to those. That is the reason I say that Islam besides picking good things. It shows you a way how to achieve the state of goodness, when we talk about commonalities about the other religions, that does not mean there is no differences.

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We are saying that at least agreed to follow this commonality. And the moment they agree to follow these commonalities, then we can talk about the differences. That doesn't mean that all the religions are the same. It's not at all Allah clearly says in the Quran in surah noumenon chapter number three was number 19. In Vienna in the letter Islam, the only reason acceptable in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala is to submit a will to Allah subhanaw taala that is Islam. Examine Arabic means submitting a will to Almighty God

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So what is commonalities between the other religions we talk about it first, trying to get them closer because if you think about commonalities a person there to listen more than talk about differences the same way after about one God,

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talk about Tawheed our worshiping noumenon then talk about masala Salam, when stages you can go. So if we say fine I believe vulnerability for Hinduism Islam is at the Hinduism also said that believe in the last and find messengers namely Mr. Salam you believe it also says following the instruction that we follow the Quran

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the Hindus say that there's a talk similar to the Hindus and Islam it does trigger masala salah.

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This piece of articles Delta

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scriptures, scriptures say

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not the human beings. So if your scripture says you should follow the last and final messenger, the Kalki Avatar, the undimmed Rishi, you have to follow him. That means you have to follow the Quran and the Hadith symbol, but communities directly talk about mo Salah Salem, they may not like it, Musa Rama, Islam, Therefore Allah says first is talking about the one God and then come from a Salah Salem, then you can talk about the other aspects. If they have to believe that teaching last and final messenger, it means nothing. Don't say which time they slammed and they'll go beyond nothing but submitting a will to God. If you're submitting to your will to God it goes down their throat. If

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you use the word Islam, they may take a step behind. So therefore, who you're speaking to, and how you can read when you have to sometimes in Arabic sometime in English sometime in Hindi. So you have to say it in a way which will convince them of an answer question

Since All Religions Believe in One God and Lead to the same Path

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