Yasir Qadhi – The Origins of Idolatry in Pre -Islamic Makkah

Yasir Qadhi
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If the Arabs had a prophet, and if this Prophet is Ibrahim and Ibrahim is teaching Tauheed Where did paganism come from? Simple question. Ibrahim is upon Tauheed one God, he doesn't have idols is smile, one God, where does paganism come from? Our Prophet system told us so then we have a historical fact because the prophets have said it our Prophet system told us when and where paganism began and how it began Hadith in Sahih Muslim he said

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I saw amor even lo hace el Jose, he mentioned one person on the new Hey Allahu czar a wandering around in the fire of * with his entrails cut open behind him. It is a very severe punishment. I saw somebody blow hail because I've been punished in a humiliating manner. Why? The Prophet says that um, said he was the first to but della Dena is smile. Notice he said Dean smile is Maria is religion. Ibrahim and Ismail. They had a dean they had a religion that is Islam. The first person to change it was Ahmed ibn Aloha, Aloha, sorry.

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And he was also the first person to introduce superstitions. Allah says in the Quran, Masha, Allah, remember he wrote in well, assignability Well, I will say that in waterhemp, these are four types of animals. And I haven't even memorized them because they're so complicated. If the seven female of a seven female camel is born, these types of weird superstitions. In other words, if you have the second male from a third female, something like this weird permutation, that particular animal has to be killed for the gods. So you work out superstitions, you work out charms, you work out all of these paganistic stuff. He was the one who began this. And it is narrated that I'm able to know Hey,

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traveled to Syria, and the Syria they had the armory of the Amalekites, the family and the ammo Keiter mentioned in the Old Testament, and they are an ancient civilization. And they are a civilization. The Old Testament calls them of giants, meaning they were tall people, and they had structures and they had a civilization. And when he visited the family of the Arabic is called American English or in western languages called the Amalekites. When he visited the family, he found them worshipping idols, and he found them to be this powerful civilization. So he said, What are these idols? So they said, these are our sources of power. When we're in drought, when we're in

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hunger when the enemy attacks, we pray to these idols and miracles happen. So he said, Can you give me one of these idols, I'll bring it back home, I want to take it back. So they gave him an idol by the name of Hoba.

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And so who Bill became the first idol of the Arabian Peninsula, and it also became the main idol of the Quraysh. And that is why hundreds of years later in the Battle of Muhammad, when Abu Sufyan thought that they had won, he screamed out or a Lubell Hoebel has won because he's fighting against the Muslims he mentioned the idol that unrebutted Jose Hubel has won. So the prophets ism said respond back to him Don't let this go by.

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respond back to him. So I remember the photos and how to respond back so the prophets ism said that say that Allah is our protector and you have no protector Allahu Molana wala Mola Lacan. Now the point being that I'm rib noodle Hey, brought back to this Hoban and he put it in front of the camera, and this was the first time that paganism started. It has also said that I'm going to go hey, change the Tobia for Hajj and some people say it was changed a few generations after him. So what was the lb what is still BIA we all know tell beer we should not sell beer. Love bake? Allahumma bake this is what we say when we go for Hajj. What is the bake mean? Love bake means I am

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responding Oh Allah, I'm answering the call. Why? Because Allah from the time of Ibrahim, Allah announced Hajj, what are the financeable hedge there's an other than for edge calling people for hedge. So there's that eternal call come to hedge when we go do hedge we say the Bake. I'm responding to the call. I hear the call the bake. So Ibrahim Allison was the one who began the bake Allahumma the baker Baker luxury Calacatta bake. When this gamble of noodle head came along, he changed it. He has to change it because part of the Tobia says the baker luxury kalloch Well, he's changing the religion there are Shediac Schoodic means partner. There are shitty canal so he changed

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it he modified it. What did he say? And this hadith is assigned Muslim that the Quran had a different telopea What was their tell via the bake Allah Humala bake the baker la sharika

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luck. So far, so good. And then they say ill. There's an ill. Except this doesn't make sense here. What do you mean? Except How can you have an accept? Do you have no partner except, except what in Sherry can who are lactam Liqua, who Mr. Malak, except for a partner who belongs to you. And you control the partner, and you control all that he controls, you have partners, but you're the big boss. That's according to them. Just like ancient Greek, ancient Rome, there's the big boss, Jupiter's or Jupiter is used. Here's the big people, and then you have the minor gods. So the Quraysh invented this new fangled interpretation. Now, how many of you know Hi, when did he live? I

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tried Allah to do research about we can can we find the date or not?

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Of course, the reality is, we're not going to find the date because the Arabs did not record things in dates. The Arabs were like the ancient Chinese, they recorded things in occasions, the year when the elephant attacked the field, right? This is how they record things. They didn't have a calendar. They didn't import the Roman calendar. They didn't import the Persian calendar. Of course, they didn't believe in the Jewish calendar, until it would have been a hotdog began the Islamic calendar. The Arabs did not have a calendar, when you don't have a calendar. How are you going to demarcate dates by big events. This was the year when we had that battle. So we remember that year. And then a

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few years later, something else happened. So remember that year in between, they can say two years after the big battle three years before the incident of the elephant. This is how they would have dates. So obviously, when it comes to translating, when ambilobe No, no, hey, Jose lived, it is impossible for us to fully comprehend. However, what I did was I went back to figure out what generation did he belong to. And he belonged to a generation which is basically around the generation of Pharaoh who is the original founder of Koresh. So assuming that every generation is around 40 years, 45 years, rough guess I'm ready to Ohio because I was in the first century of the

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Christian era, the first century of the Christian era, and our prophesied son was born in the sixth century of the Christian era, right 570 Or so this is roughly the date see when he was born. We'll talk about that next week in sha Allah, the day and the year he was born, and the Christian equivalent around 575 71 C of the Christian era, our processor was born. So around 500 years before the coming of our profit system around the dibutyl Hey, introduces Hoebel so it takes five centuries of pure paganism to spread to all of Arabia. Now, question arises, how could one man single handedly change the religion of Ibrahim in May? This is a question that we should ask ourselves and benefit

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from in order not to fall into this trap. One man can change the religion of their forefather Ibrahim is made how so?

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Allah who are numbered I think that we can summarize it in two factors. First and foremost, the inferiority complex that Amitabh Newlaw Hey had towards the advanced ammo crates Armada because the ammo crates were a powerful civilization. They were civilization that had history, writing, architecture, large buildings, they were known to be undefeated. And that's what the Old Testament also mentioned that the Amalekites are the feared this is the the the the nation that is indestructible. everybody's scared of them. And they're described to be giants meaning probably they're maybe six and a half seven foot tall, the average person amongst them there are a generation

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there's a group of people whom the world looks up to. So I'm going to have no high felt a complex that these are the mighty nation, we should take from them in everything. So because the Syrian society the IMO, kites were so powerful, I'm a liberal, hey, assume they must be correct in everything. And it is very important that we take from this lesson,

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things that we benefit from in our times, simply because a nation is powerful, doesn't mean it has the correct morality, the correct ethics, the correct theology, simply because a nation has technology or civilization or architecture, doesn't mean it is better in everything. Yes, it's better in some things, but not in everything. So here we have Amitabh No, he was so astounded that these amulets can never be defeated, they have this and that surely there must be upon guidance, so he took from them their theology. Now, suppose he did, who is he to be accepted amongst his people? Here we get to the second factor. So the first factor was that the animal kites were considered to

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be so powerful and mighty, there was an inferiority complex. The second factor

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Um, we didn't know he was not just a layperson. He was the chieftain of Husa. Who is bizarre. You remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned very briefly the history of Makkah for 500 years, very briefly, just a few paragraphs. And we mentioned that the descendants of a smart eel were for a period of time kicked out of MK until Jose came and re conquered Makkah. Right. So for this period of time, who was in charge of Hua So, in a way, there's an amount of Iza. Here, the Quraysh did not introduce idolatry presided. However we say Koresh followed them. So there's a negative there, but always did not introduce idolatry, because I did, because that is another tribe not Quraysh. So

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because I was in charge of Mecca, not decoration, and Algrim Dil Hai was their chief Tim. And this chieftain was considered to be one of the most respected chieftains of Arabia. And it is said that he had a lot of power that he won a number of victories that he defended Maccha against foreign invasions, that he was a generous man. So his people loved him. So when his people loved him, and he imported a theology, then the people followed, and we can add a third reason here, and that is that there must have been at least 2000 years since the time of Ibrahim to unrebutted, or, Hey, at least 2000 years must have gone by between Ibrahim Yunus Marine and unrebutted. Okay, so we have now there

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for a long time, where there is no guidance, there's no prophets, where the message of the prophets has become diluted, where ignorance prevails, and these are the three factors then, number one inferiority complex, you think that a civilization is better, everything must be right about them. Number two, the person who says it has credentials, his prestigious and number three ignorance that will Allah He these three factors, we need to understand them right now as we speak in 2011. Because Wallahi our religion is being bombarded by a lot of people. And we have the exact same three factors, people are saying very strange things, people are wanting us to accept complete variations

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of our religion, why will lie the exact same three things number one is in far too complex towards another civilization, which might indeed be the most powerful technologically, militarily might have the most civilization in some aspects. But that doesn't mean that morally, theologically, ethically they are the leaders of the world we have is through our Quran and Sunnah. And we have the truth. And simply because a nation is more powerful than us militarily, it doesn't mean that they are more close to the truth in us. Number two, we have people with lots of credentials, people who are being promoted by others as being the reformers and whatnot, that these are the people we need to listen

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to. These are the Martin Luthers of Islam that we're being told, right? And they have mashallah PhDs and whatnot from the fanciest universities and they have the gift of the tongue and they have publications and they are famous and they're very intelligent, just like Ameer Abdullah, I was accepted. And number three ignorance, the average Muslim does not know his religion inside out. And then when somebody comes and speaks in generic slogans, then it's very easy to be mesmerized, it's very easy to fall prey. and wallah it might not be maybe as bad as Shrek but still, we're facing an onslaught of changing of the faith and that Hamdulillah 100 other people that are talking about this

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and against this and correcting these misconceptions, but I think it's very pertinent to discuss these three factors of amber Ibn lui alcazares.

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