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Muhammad Salah


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The speaker discusses the beautiful horse called Masha Allah and its symbol of the whole body of the beast. The horse is described as being a pure Arabic breed, with a beautiful combination of black and white elements. The speaker also mentions a video of a horse riding on a bus and a photo of the driver's seat.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. There is a beautiful Hadith that links the appearance of the believers on the day of judgment to the appearance of the beautiful pure Arabic courses in this dunya. When the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him was asked, how would you recognize your followers on the day of judgment? He said in Matthew downer, yarmulke Matthew or run Maha Jolina in Sri Lulu,

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which means my own man will be resurrected and called upon on the day of judgment and there will be some white spots on their faces and on their arms on their feet. Similar to what you see here. It's not that visible on this beautiful horse. This is a pure Arabian breed, Masha, Allah, Nakata, Albula, very expensive, very amazing, beautiful creature, and very friendly for now.

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So when you see an exceedingly black horse, and a white spot on the forehead, it makes this horse very distant. Likewise, you see it on the on the feet as well. So when the prophets Allah said and said, This whiteness, it will not be like a disease or this pigmentation, it will be pure light, there will appear on the faces, on the hands, and on the feet on the arms of the believers on the Day of Judgment. Why? Because of frequently, making OBU the effect of ablution and purity the forehead, of the horses have been mentioned in many Hadith for instance, when the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I'll hire you, all the horses marcou don't fee and I'll see you I'll hire a young male

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Kiana and you're not Almighty put blessings on the four lakhs of the horses, not during his time only offer a few generations after but until the day of judgment. And I'll tell you why. But whenever you find Hadith that talks about there is baraka

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albaraka moku, Marco the tone fina hacia el hierro Macedon phenol see her blessings on the forehead of the horses, or the higher the goodness, it doesn't limit the blessings or the goodness, truly the forehead. But this is an Arabic metaphor, which refers to the entire body of this magnificent creation. So and while all are full of blessings, why not? It's mentioned in the Quran several times in Surah Tina the Almighty Allah says while while our will be Ivalo and Jaime Rowlett, our caribou was in. So when he spoke about the horses are the means of rights and transportations He began by the horses and hi al Bilal, then lesser degree the mules then al hmil. The donkeys there are means

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of transportation and to ride on the backs was in an adornment you know like women like to wear their bracelets and necklaces and all of that golden silver position and own in such a beautiful horse is a Xena is an ornament Masha Allah.

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while I was riding on the back of the horse, I was asked, we need to record a few words. So can you hang on? You just sit tight on the back of the horse? I said no. Why not? Because there is a Hadith that forbade that. When an interview Salah Salem passed by some people, they were all sitting on the back of the horses, and they were talking to each other. So the Prophet SAW Selim forbade that he said these beautiful creatures will not create it to be seats or chairs for you. That means of transportation so if you're riding Okay, taking you from point A to point B, or on the battlefield, all of that is beautiful, but to sit and to talk or to film or sittin on its back. There's something

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that the Prophet SAW Selim forbade and he disliked.

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Finally, the beautiful verse of Surah Al Imran Chapter number three,

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in which the Almighty Allah says, zoo unit in the whole Busha Hawa Timonen is you will burn in our corner to Uriel Muqaam Pora Weill Cornell to Uriel Muqaam talathi Mirza, have you all feel both body oil hyaline MUSAWAH material and oil health?

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The early Camerata and when you hire duniya walawe Who are you

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And who knows.

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This is a beautiful idea that describes and equates the beauty, the ornament and the Zener of Heaven horses, like many other things, that people

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were made to love, beautified for people the love of what of things that they covet women, children, plenty of wealth,

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abundant gold and silver. Well Halal Musa wama

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and highly MUSAWAH they learn horses that train horses, if you can see what this beautiful creature can do, you will be very impressed and I'm sure you've seen it on the racetrack. So Allah subhanaw taala praise these horses, and then praise specially I'll hide and Musa wema then well an animal horse. And by the end, the Almighty Allah said all of this is in the dunya but in the Ashira in the hereafter Allah has much better than all of that. So let's enjoy the beautiful creation of Allah in this dunya and hope for the best pray that in sha Allah will get much better in Jannah in the hereafter love you buddy or by the name his name is Marwan Masha Allah

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