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AI: Summary © The importance of living a life that aligns with one's purpose of life is emphasized, with examples given on fulfilling this goal and aligning with one's life center. Personal growth is also emphasized, with personal growth being centered around people's needs and personal growth being centered around people's parents' opinions. The host emphasizes meeting the needs of one's center and respecting one's parents' opinions, as well as planning for potential threats and dealing with people's needs in a centered environment.
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Most of us human beings,

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what is our purpose of life? Number one purpose of our life is

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how to earn a living. majority of the people, you ask them and you inquire with them. Number one,

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the main concern is to earn a living, they're more bothered about earning a living, then how to lead a life.

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And depending upon how much they earn, their lifestyle revolves around it, what will they eat? What will they were? Where will they live? Which school will they're studying.

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With graduation cars, they'll take up everything revolves around the earnings. And

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these people think that if I can earn good money in this world, they have achieved the purpose of their life.

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You know, I gave the example of being focused, you know, most of us what we do, instead of focusing on the eye of the bird and shooting, what do we do, we shoot and then we draw the bullseye around it,

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we shoot anywhere

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we take any course of graduation, then when we ask, why are you taking this course?

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I haven't thought of it. Then you do speciality, then the two super speciality. And then they try and justify why they have chosen that cause, you know, people fault the thing, how much will they earn? And based on what will they earn? They decide how will they lead the life? This is just an example of shooting in the air and then drawing the bullseye.

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First we have to identify what is our center

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on which Act does our life revolve around.

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Different people have different centers of the life. Some people, they are self centered. everything for them is themselves that leaves bother about anyone else in the world. They only bothered about themselves, how they lead their life, they are least bothered about others, they are self centered.

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Some people they are family centered.

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Their whole life revolves around that their family is happy, they are ready to break and make any rule irrespective whether it's right or wrong, to make the family members happy. The main aim in life is to make the family members happy.

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Some may be

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parent centered,

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some may be spouse centered, bystandard, husband centered, some may be children centered.

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know some people to make the parents happy, they will go to any extent.

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The whole rules and regulations of life are based on what the parents like and don't like.

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Allah says in the Quran

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and Israel, Oman chapter 31, verse number 14, that we have enjoyed on the human beings to be good to the parents in travail upon travels that the mother bought them and in pain Did she give them birth? immediate next verse three, Look, man, Chapter 31 verse 15, says, but if your parents strive, do jihad,

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strive and struggle to make you worship somebody else? besides Allah subhanho wa Taala,

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of which we have no knowledge, don't obey them, yet, live with them with love and compassion.

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That means our Creator says, you have to love your parents, you have to respect them, obey them, but if they tell you to go against the Creator, against Allah and His final messenger, you don't have to obey them yet. live with them with love and compassion. There are limits.

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Some of us, we our spouse centered, we want to satisfy

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our wives

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or we want to satisfy our husbands.

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And suppose

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the man's wife, she wants a very expensive diamond necklace. The person he can't afford it.

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What does he do? He begs, borrows and steals, but buys that expensive diamond necklace for his wife.

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His goal is to satisfy his wife.

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Some of us

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we are children centered. We want to satisfy our children.

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There are cases

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where sometimes the son wants to go abroad for studies.

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The course in which he's getting admission is useless.

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It will not help him in the akhirah won't help him here also, but yet

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Because the son wants to go abroad, this person mortgages his property and sends his son to America. And then faith, mira beta America Maple Ah, hey, as though

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the objective of his life is to send His Son to America to study.

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What are the objectives? What is the center of your life?

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Some of us

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we are society centered. We want to know what do the other people outside our family think about us. So a full life revolves around the society.

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Some people, their neighbor centered.

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They're having competition with the neighbor.

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That reminds me of an anecdote.

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Once an angel,

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he comes and tells the man, I'm pleased with you, whatever you ask, I will fulfill your desire. But

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there's one condition

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whatever you ask, I will give it to you, but I will give your neighbor double.

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So the man says, I want a Rolex watch. So the engine gives him a Rolex watch, but give the neighbor two Rolex watches.

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The man says, I want a Mercedes car. The engine gives them a Mercedes car, but gives the neighbor two Mercedes cars.

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The man says, I want a big beautiful bungalow. The engine gives him a big beautiful bungalow. But next to his bungalow. There are two big beautiful bungalows given to his neighbor.

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So the man phase engine, lead fulfill my last one desire. What is it? Please break my one I saw that I cannot see which one I

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He is more bothered about his neighbor than himself. He's not bothered whether his life is simple or complicated. Whether he lives in poverty or luxury, he's more bonded that he should lead a better life than his neighbor.

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So much so that he tells the engine brake my money, so that my neighbors, both eyes are broken.

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This is how we our neighbor centered.

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He's not bothered whether he's happy or you can see or not see, as long as the neighbor is completely blind. I don't mind losing one neighbor centered.

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Some people are friends centered.

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Some people are enemies center, they are more bothered what are the enemies doing? What is my enemy thinking against me? So the plan strategies, if manometers this I will do that full time, the full life goals in thinking what the enemy is doing. And you find this in various you have businessmen thinking about the enemy, you have politicians thinking about the enemy, you have students thinking about the enemies.

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What are they planning, so I will counter plan.

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They spend most of their time in planning to counter the enemy.

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I would like to give a piece of beautiful advice to them, which I follow in my life. If someone throw stones at you raise yourself so high so that the stones don't reach you.

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If someone threw stones at you raise yourself so high the stones, you know teach you. So where is the question of competition? Where is the question of the enemy planning against you?

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And then otherwise, if

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someone throws bricks at you use those bricks to build your house.

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When I was in school to learn martial arts,

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karate, Judo

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and if a big man comes and pushes you, what do you do? You take a sidestep use the Force to throw him over. Use this force.

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someone throws big set you use that big to build your house.

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Some people are fame centered, they want to get famous. The main aim is to get famous, they can break any of the principles they can break any of the rules and regulations.

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Some people

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they are materialistic.

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They are material centered.

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They are more bothered What do they own. What do they possess, what do they wear.

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And this is common, very common amongst people who are rich and when they meet their friends. They start discussing

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What band of watch are you wearing? Is it tiger?

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Is it omega? Oh, it is Rolex. What is the strap? Is it metal strap or leather strap? What is the bezel? Or what kind of style do you have? Is it gold plated? Or is it diamond studded or design a watch? Party Phillip.

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And most of these people who are rich, they don't have one watch them multiple watches, then they start planning. Okay, this watch I bought today, next time and not wait for the same watch when I meet my friend. So they've spent that time in planning which was to wait for which function?

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The same people then start discussing about cars.

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What car do you have? BMW, Mercedes, Porsche a

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Rolls Royce

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may back Bentley designer,

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this is a pastime.

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And very often as though this is the identity, if they don't wear that watch, who will recognize them?

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If they don't travel in the car, if they don't dial in Mercedes or BMW like an estimate, this is an empty

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This is common amongst people of big cities. On a higher level you go they start discussing what do you what do you have? What kind of ship Do you own? On a higher level? With jet? Do you own a private jet? How many engines?

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People may be wondering how come I know all the nitty gritty of the watches of the brands through the profession, then I'm in an umbrella. Fortunately, unfortunately, the profession that I'm in, I'm mixed around with all types of people, right from purpose to the kings.

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Allah has blessed me. Fortunately, unfortunately, I mix around with people of purpose to the kings. And every opportunity I get. Whenever I meet a person

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who's materialistic, I try and convey the message. And that will them you know your watch, maybe costing 1000s of dollars, or 10s of 1000s of dollars, or hundreds of 1000s of dollars my watch that I'm wearing, it costs only 1400 rupees less than $30.

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I have it for several years, yet. It gives the same time accuracy as your watch.

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Simple watch 1400 rupees

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Alhamdulillah. Allah has blessed me all these brands that I mentioned, most of these brands, I've got gifts.

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I've got gifts of these brands, all these omega Rolex, many I got. And

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I always follow the guidance of masala Salaam, I give it to other days. And I give it to my staff members so that I'm away from different watersheds and

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there have been occasions there have been occasions where my host they send their private jet plane, the private jet plane to get me into the country.

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There were few occasions imagine the cost of the fuel of the private jet plane just to get one man

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the salary of the pilot

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the salary of the air hostess, the salary of hiring the airport.

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So I told this man,

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that would have been preferable that will give me an economic class

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Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed Allah bless my family

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that Mashallah we can own all these cars.

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We can travel first class Alhamdulillah but imma die. So I told him instead of spending such a big amount, you preferably given me an economic class a ticket out of COMM And you could have given the difference in charity in the view of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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my host also Mashallah been very clever. He told me that Who can I send my private plane to pick up who is a better person than a diary of Allah.

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I told him inshallah,

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inshallah we'll get the reward, his nearest was

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to give a servant of Allah, the best of treatment, Allah will reward him.

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The point to be noted is

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I am not telling you that all these material things are Haram.

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They are not always wrong. You have to know your objectives of life, they can become Haram, they may not become Haram.

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Let me give an example. Suppose you belong to category one

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in which

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a person cannot afford these things.

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Expensive watches expensive cars, expensive bungalows, yet

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he begs borrow Lynch tedious.

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It takes a loan and eventually expensive watches.

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It doesn't expensive cars, it is called as a strap it is haram.

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We are second category of people who are alive given them the means, as Allah says in the Quran, in Surah, chapter number six, verse number 71. We have bestowed bounties more freely on some human beings than the others.

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But Allah says in Surah Nam chapter six was the 165 that Allah has raised some people in higher ranks, and giving gift to others so that he may test you.

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So if Allah has given you the means, and if you have all these things, expensive cars, expensive watches, expensive bungalows, and if your life is revolving around it, that you cannot do without it. It is your center. It is your purpose of life, yet it is haram.

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We are the third category of people who are alive given the means.

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They own these things, but they aren't dependent on them. They own it. You have examples of Prophet Solomon, and Salam was rich, and you own but he wasn't dependent on it.

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So if you own these things, and yet, you follow the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala. You aren't dependent on these material things, then it is MOBA.

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It's optional. It is not Haram.

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But the best category is the fourth category, that Allah is giving you the means.

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And yet

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you don't use it. You don't acquire it, like a beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah salam, a beloved prophet masala salam, the power he had.

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The fame he had,

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the command he had, he could have become the king of the world that time. You could have all the riches. But whenever you got a gift, most often, almost all the time, he gave the gifts to the service.

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Not that Rotherham donut, if someone gives a good gift, you can keep it it's not Haram.

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But the prophet, he gave it to others. The fourth category Allah has given you the means. But yet

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you spend those means in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We have to identify our center, what is our center, the most important center for the human being, if he should be Allah centered,

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his purpose, his goal should be Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the last and final message mamasan. And believe me, if you're Allah centered, that does not mean that you neglect yourself. You neglect your family, that neglect of society. If you're Allah centered, Allah says

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that take care of yourself.

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sleep at night.

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Allah says, that take care of your family.

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Allah says about the parents in Israel chapter 17, verse number 23, and 24 that Allah has ordained that you worship man but him that he be kind to your parents, and if one of them or both of them reach old age, don't say a word of contempt, don't say off to them.

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But address them with honor and load them having of humility, and pay to the Lord, that cherish them as the judgment childhood. That means if you are not centered, you have to love your parents. You have to respect them. You have to obey them. Only when they go against Atlanta, they're a fool, that the time you don't obey but live with them with love and compassion. Through look man chapter 31 verse 1415.

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If you're Allah centered,

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that does not mean we don't take care of your wife.

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It is the hadith of a beloved prophet masala Salam mmm humble. habit number 79 six. A beloved partner masala Salam said, the best of the believers are those who are best to the family, especially a wife.

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Allah center doesn't mean neglecting a family neglecting your society. Allah says in Surah mount chapter 107 was the one to seven that you provide neighborly needs.

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Help you enables

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a beloved Puffin Han Solo Salaam said.

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If added in to hurry by number one book of 800 number 13. that a person is not a believer, if he does not wish for is better. The same thing what he likes for himself.

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That means take care of the people. So by being Allah centered, it doesn't mean that you're neglecting

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that you have to lead a life of a popper.

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Your focus should be Allah.

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If Allah has given you will see to it that use your wealth for the cause of Allah. If Allah has given you fame, use that fame for the way of Allah.

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If Allah has given you quality, if Allah has bestowed gifts on you use it for the cause of Allah.