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In the history of Islam, we have several role models, like the example of Al Azhar MOBA, Shara, the 10 people

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who were promised Paradise by the prophet

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mentioned tsunami de

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molen number 400. Number 1171.

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Where the Beloved Prophet promised 10 people paradise

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over acidic Omar bin Al Khattab Osman been a fan.

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I live in

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Tel Aviv obey the law,

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where a bomb of the Roman men of

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sabmiller be because sidebyside abou

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Abner Jara.

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These 10 people, they were promised Paradise by the Beloved Prophet, no masala Salam.

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They are the role models if you read the life history, time did not permit to speak in detail. We have the example of women who are role models. The best example is

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Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. Allah says in the Quran in Solomon, chapter three verse number 42. Why scholars in America to Morocco, and behold, the Indian said don't marry in Mullah hasta faqih, what the hierarchy was the faki Allah salamin. Allah has chosen D and purified D and chosen D above the woman of all nations. by Melissa lamb. She was chosen as the woman above the woman of all nations.

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We have the example of Asya mela Peter was the wife of Iran.

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Allah says in Surah him chapter number 15 was number 11, that she prays to Allah subhana wa Taala that I pray that I would like to exchange for a mansion in Jana close to Allah, in exchange for everything of the Federation, and his deeds. That means she prays that she wants a place in Jannah, close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. In exchange of all the wealth she has, she was the wife of the richest men in the world that time the most powerful man in the world that time fair on

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the example of Khadija mela Peter was the first five of Prophet masala Salam. We have the example of Fatima Malawi Peter was the daughter of a masala Salam. These were role models for the woman.

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We have examples

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of best couple, best husband and wife that masala Salam and Viva mela visitor.

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We have the example of vast couple vast has been verse five,

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Abu lahab and his wife, Allah says in Surah, Allah chapter 111, that both of them they will burn in hell. We have the example of best husband and verse five. Allah says in Surah. Number six, he was number 10 that we have the examples in the wives of Rutelli Salaam and Nola Salaam, that they were righteous servants of Allah subhana wa Taala. But their wives, they do not follow the husband and Allah subhanaw taala put the wives in Hellfire

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that the example of best wife and the worst husband, which I gave earlier, as chairman Lupita was the wife of Iran. Iran was the worst husband. She was the best wife. And the prayer she gave in chapter number 16 was number 11. I would like to have a place in Jana, close to Allah subhanaw taala in exchange of the wealth of the world, all the wells of Iran.

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We have felt like temples

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and our beloved Prophet Musa Salim said

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that Allah loves a strong believer, more than a big believer