Ibraheem Menk – Yusuf A.S Chooses prison over sin and faces incredible challenges

Ibraheem Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of Allah's name in relation to a deadly deadly deadly character. They mention a person being arrested and punished by being thrown into a well, but the person refuses to comply with regulations and refuses to comply with someone else's suggestion that they will die of a similar illness. The speaker suggests that the person was attempting to use their name to gain leverage and use it to gain power.
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Quit. What does use of Allah who salatu salam say at this juncture, but I'll be CJ, you have Bucha ILA Yameen Maria their own and he lay. Why? Tell slurry fun Nika either one, I'll smoothie like in our communal healing. Oh my Lord, the prison is better for me than that which they are calling me to, I'd rather be in prison than that which they are inviting me to. And if you don't turn this away from me, I will end up being from amongst them, I will end up being succumbing to the sin. So Allah subhanho wa Taala caused him to be imprisoned. Now, the point that I want to raise here today is that despite her being found out, she continued to try for him and the response of use of Allah who

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salatu salam was what his response was that I would rather be in prison. I'd rather spend some time in prison then succumb to the sin. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tested him by him being thrown into the well taken out of the well and sold as a slave and then he is tempted by the wife of the house, and he refuses all of this. So if circumstance and situation was an excuse for you to fail, then use

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