Was Persia Forced to Accept Islam

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Do we have a question from this mic here? Sure. I just first like to say thank you for coming here. And my name is Puya. So I'm a student drummer. And I come from Iran, not Iraq, Iran, the old name Persia. So, I come from a religious family, my father, I mean, my family are Muslim, but I born as a Muslim, but I didn't want it to be born as a Muslim because you know, so as a family I born but it's still I haven't accepted Islam because of substance and points.

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My main question was about, I mean, about the time like ancient time back to the 1000 years ago, when the time the Islam come to my country, and we become a Muslim. So as a reader in the history and those kinds of facades, I found it out that the Arab countries to the attack to my country, and they invade my country and abroad Islam by force, without my king accepted. So pressure was the old country and it was the most civilized country from the Asia Intermountain. Now, we believe a real God, we were worshipping a real God, and our religious was that Toshi. So he was a prophet also. So we believe in good deeds, good tout good words. So even Cyrus the Great, he was the king of the word

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and he was doing a lot of good things. Even some people they was confused that they call him Marcia mercy. He was doing many good things, but he was never said I'm approval on the gut. But even though that King when he attacked about the country, he never killed the civilian. He never raped a woman. And he never met him to change your religion. Even somebody was worshipping a cow who respect for them, even though he was worshipping a real god he can he can he could make them to worship also same as what is worshiping. But in the Islam way, if you're, if you're going to promote your religion, doesn't mean that you have to force it to somebody else. Or you have to make them to

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accept that religion. Because, you know, human being means freedom. So anyone should have the right human rights. So maybe those people that didn't want that religion so why they have to attack and you know, to bring it with force. That was the main question that make my heart a bit, you know, to make me to my belief go down. So,

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Poland, yeah, I'm from first parts. Are you a Parsi? You mean? Farsi? Are you a Parsi? Is arrestin not I'm not following any religion. You don't belong to any religion. I don't, I don't, parents. My parents are Muslim. But because of this confusion, stuff, I never tried to follow the religion I just believe in real God and doing the good things. We believe in your God and good thing, what are the good fever, good, the good things from good things like I don't harm the others, whatever I'm doing, not try to harm the others. That's the first thing as much as you can do the good is ever helping you others and believe in the real God not worshipping your stone or live or whatever. And I

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believe God is single. So but I didn't live your own philosophy.

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So you want to bring a new religion? I'm not gonna make any religion. I'm just following my brain because, as I know, God gave us a brain so I didn't make my mind busy by following the books. I always when I was 10 years old, was just thinking, thinking, thinking on

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search, right? Thinking Thinking he thing God along another stone, who told us told me not a god. Anyway, I'll also your basic question. The basic question is that Muslims came to Persia, and they conquered and they forced people to accept Islam. So no one should false at all I agree with you. Point to be noted is that today, the media, the media, media promotes that Islam was spread by the sword.

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I'm aware that there are certain black sheep in the Muslim community. And there are certain Muslim rulers who did wrong things, but as a whole, Islam was never spared by the sword.

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Islam was never spent by the Sun is picked by sword, sword, sword, sword, sword, me force forcing, like you said, no Muslims came and conquered Persia, etc. You see everywhere it's happening. There are wars taking place. But in Islam, it's clearly mentioned in Surah Baqarah, chapter two verse number 256, like Rafiq Deen, there is no compulsion in religion to Sandler clear for mirror what we see today, if we analyze that we Muslims,

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we Muslims, even the Lord of the Arab lands for more than 1400 years, for the past 1400 years, the Muslims were the Lord of the Arab lands for a few years. The Britishers came for a few years the French came but overall, the Muslim was the rural the Arab land yet today, there are more than 9 million Christians. What Coptic Christians that means that Christians generation if the Muslims wanted, they could have forced each and every non Muslim to accept Islam at the point of the sod in the Arab land.

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The more than 9 million Coptic Christians they are giving shahada they are bearing witness that Islam was inspired by the sod. We Muslims, we ruled India for more than 1000 years. We

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ruled India for more than 1000 years. If we wanted, we could have forced every non Muslim Indian to accept Islam as the point of the sod. Today, more than 80% of the Indian and non Muslims, these more than 80% non Muslim Indians, they are giving shahada, they are bearing witness that Islam was inspired by the sword.

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Which Muslim army has come to Indonesia, Indonesia today had the largest number of Muslims in any country, more than 200 million Muslims in Malaysia, more than 55% of the citizens of Malaysia are Muslim. I'm asking you which Muslim army came to Malaysia.

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Your country which we'll see mommy came, which Muslim army went to the east coast of Africa. It was the business it was the traders when they came here people accepted this religion. It is the media hype, which talks about Islam was spread by the sword. Yes, there were a few people. There were a few black sheeps of the Muslim community. Whether you have the question you're listening by raising their hand. Okay, sure. Sure. You asked the question, you give the background and listen to it. And now you can raise your hand. I have not completed my answer. Okay. Sure. Continue. If you have the question you should think because if you're thinking something, I'm a doctor. If you're thinking

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that you're here, man, say I've asked you to repeat you won't be able to repeat 25%

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So when you listen, you should give attention. I'm a doctor.

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I've been psychologist.

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this is the media hype.

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If you read Thomas Carlyle, Thomas Keller historian, he writes in his book, heroes and hero worship,

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he puts number one hero profit. As per masala salaam, he's a Christian. He says, if every new idea originates in one man's head, one man that dwells around in the full world, it will do little good if it takes up a sword and propagates it.

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You have to first get your salt. He's talking about sort of intellect. There was a survey done

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in the Plains Food magazine, a survey in the increase of the major world religions in the span of 50 years in a span of 50 years.

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From 19 134 to 19 184. In a span of 50 years, the increase in the major world religion it came in either digest or manager book 1984. Number one maximum increase in religion, Islam 235% Christianity, only 47% I'm asking you which war took place between 1934 and 1984, which forced the non Muslim to accept the sandwich war? Which war

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today, today leave aside the past today, the fastest growing religion in America is Islam. The fastest growing religion in Europe is Islam. I'm asking you who's forcing the American to accept Islam who is forcing the European to accept Islam.

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You will not be born but you present in the past Arabs came to my land and forced wherever you present. They see this

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many things initially false.

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Okay, okay.

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A very famous historian dilithium Alarie. He writes in the book, Islam at the crossroad with number eight, he says, history makes it clear. History makes it clear that the legend of fanatical Muslims flipping across the world, forcing Islam at the point of the thought is the most fantastic observed myth that historian ever repeated. Who said that? The Laci O'Leary, history makes it clear that the legend of fanatical Muslim forcing Islam at the point of the thought over conquered received is the most fantastic observed myth that historians have repeated. This is just in the media today. Muslim terrorists, Muslim terrorist. I'm asking you did any Muslim attack you in this country? No, never.

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But the media is a Muslim the terrorist Yeah, media just nonsense. Yeah, same me your history goes on on 10.

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is also nonsense. Some mistake, something's wrong, that very than if you're the answer, I'd like to end my answer with a quotation of Dr. Adam Pearson, to Adam psnc Is that people worry that one day nuclear weaponry will fall in the hands of the Arabs. They fail to realize that the Islamic bomb has already been dropped.

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The bomb of peace it fell that day Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was born.

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Good thank you doctor for your answer. But the point is, I didn't get the right answer because that's not my idea. That's his story. And his story is not something that can be written the false way because if we write written a false way it can be changed. But that was the true history and all over the world.

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and is written every other day. My quotation of delay or lady can you repeat it?

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Repeat while repeat delays your lady's condition?

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I said it twice, not once, twice. Most often the answer was once. I said twice now repeated repeatedly 50% So what's the point of repeating that word? I want to know whether you it went into your head or not? No, because that's what is in my head is that is a historic first thing I'm asking you can you repeat the statement answer which I gave earlier? If you cannot repeat that myth is useless me repeating the answer. You're not listening to me. You're thinking something? No, I'm listening to you. Just made

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the statement of DLSE O'Leary, a very famous historian. No, I can I can. I'm thinking for third time listen,

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listen to it and go be in the queue.

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DLSU O'Leary says that history makes it clear

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the legend of fanatical Muslims forcing Islam at the point of the third or what conquered races and the most fantastic, observed myth. That historian repeated the less God says history has been telling falsehood and you're saying history I believe in history. The lesson earlier is saying that what history says that Muslims are forcing Islam at the point of the sword is the most fantastic myth that historical repeated so you have got influenced by the myth. So not think it's a myth and forget it and believe in the fact the fact is you read the Quran and inshallah won't you to revert to Islam. They will battle the religion of your parents inshallah.