Was Islam spread by the sword?

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I would like to end my talk by replying to the allegation

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of the media, that Islam was spent by the sod. And it's a common allegation laid down

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by the national media that Islam was powered by the sun. The reply to this allegation is given very well by a famous historian by the name of delicious or lady.

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He mentioned in the book Islam at the crossroad on page number eight, believes he already says, history makes it clear that the legend of fanatical Muslims sweeping across the world, forcing Islam at the point of the fault over conquered races is the most fantastic admit that history never repeated.

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I would like to repeat the statement of this old lady, the famous historian, history makes it clear that the legend of fanatical Muslims forcing Islam at the point of the sword over conquered races is the most observed fantastic myth that historian ever repeated. When we redistribute, come to know that we Muslims, the Arabs, they ruled the Arab lands for the past 1400 years. For a few years the British have came for a few years the French came, but as a whole, the Muslim Arabs, but the Lord of the Arab lands, yet today, there are more than 9 million Arabs were Coptic, Christian, Coptic Christian mean, that Christian fifth generation, these 9 million Arab Christians are giving shahada

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are bearing witness that Islam was inspired by the fourth, we Muslims, we ruled India for about 1000 years

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that India was the most powerful country in the world. The moguls the Muslims, if we wanted, we could have forced every non Muslim to accept Islam at the bottom of the sword. We didn't do it. Today, in India, more than 80% of the Indians, the non Muslims, these 80% non Muslim Indian, they are giving shahada they are bearing witness that Islam was inspired by the sword.

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Today the largest populated Muslim country in the world, Indonesia, I must mean the question which Muslim army went to Indonesia, which Muslim army came to Malaysia which has more than 50 Bibles and Muslims, which Muslim army which Muslim army went to the east coast of Africa? We thought

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Thomas Carlyle writes in his book, heroes and hero worship, he places our nubby mama Salah Salem, as is number one hero prophet.

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Number one.

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And he writes

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that every new idea originates in the mind of one in one man's mind, it was one man in the full world, it will do little good if he takes up a sword and propagates it. You have to first get your sword, the sword of intellect

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as Allah says in the Quran in surah Al chapter 16 Verse 120 502, ILA Sabina become hikma was mastered that has now been built the acid invite all the way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue with them, and reason with them in the ways that a bastion was gracious. Thomas Carlyle is talking about the sword of intellect today, Islam is conquering the hearts, not with the thought of steel, with the sword of intellect.

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To the sword of peace,

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there was a survey done, which was given in the Reader's Digest almanac book,

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in the nightmare before, as well as printed magazine, and this survey gave the increase in the major world religions in the span of 50 years, from 1934 to 1984, in a span of 50 years, the increase in the major world religion and number one religion, that increase maximum was Islam, to 35%. Christianity, only 47% I am asking the question Which war took place between 1934 and 1984, which converted millions of non Muslim to Islam which were which was today, the fastest growing religion in the world is Islam. The fastest growing religion in America is Islam, the fastest growing religion in Europe in Islam.

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However much they try to suppress Islam, that much it grows. Allah says in the Quran in Psalm one chapter three verse 54, macro macro Allah will Lochhead remarketing be planned and plotted Allah to plan Allah is the best of planners. You know, after 911 The media is saying Islam of terrorism Muslims are terrorists after 911 in a span of nine months in America alone 34

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1000 Americans accepted Islam

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according to you and deadly in Europe alone, in a span of 10 months more than 20,000 European accepted Islam.

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Today the media says Islam subjugate the woman. Islam does not give women the right do you know, out of the people accepting Islam, two thirds of the people a woman

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I must be who is posting the American woman to accept Islam who is forcing the European woman to accept Islam.

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Allah promises in the Quran

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in no less than three different places.

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Allah promises surah Fatah chapter number 48 Verse number 28. In surah, tauba chapter nine verse Psalm 33. And for a sub chapter number 61 was number nine. Who was the other fella Rasulo beluga? What didn't lose either what the Nikolay

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that Allah said his messenger with the religion of truth, so that it will prevail over all the other religions, all the other isms? Whether it be Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, socialism, atheism, modernism, Islam, is this time to suppose it all can master them all.

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However the most is unlikely, and the ending of the other ones is different. Allah says wellness he Ursula solo Buddha, what the new zero or the Nikolay Rabelais shaida Allah send a Messenger with guidance and during the flip so that it will prevail over all the other isms over all different regions, whether it be Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, socialism, modernism, Islam is this time to supersede all

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mastered them all. And enough is Allah as a witness. I would like to end my talk

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with the quotation of Dr. Adam PSL.

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Not Adam Pearson said

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that people worry

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that one day nuclear weaponry will fall in the hands of the Arabs. They fail to realize that the Islamic bomb, the bomb of peace has already been dropped. It fell. The day Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was born Walker Dharma and 100