What Khabib Nurmagomedov has to say – Daniel Cormier gets BEAT

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You know what I love about Kobe is that he was always proud of this really look could be because he's very proud of his faith and he's never shied away from it. So we're meeting here this is he saw the

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Translate Jesus, welcome to Dearborn. If you guys need anything, please you know we're here for you. Okay? Are you guys my son?

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My father told me, We are leaving on this slide not to become good athletes not to become like, like good teachers or something. We're living this life to be good Muslim.

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Voice for us. The advice I have is to always honor your guests. And you have honored me by contacting me and having lunch together because I got lucky. Thank you so much. Really? I've enjoyed using for pointless years wrapping wrestling. Just like you mentioned seven years ago in Vegas. I cornered guys in the UFC also. What can you say, to motivate more Muslims out here and these kids do jujitsu like the proctor used to wrestle? I think us Muslims. You guys are complaining of all this stuff. But why don't you guys grappling and wrestling and building that confidence that I had to be had. But I think more Muslims should be training jiu jitsu and wrestling and sambo. I wish I could

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learn Sanborn Chicago, but we don't have it. But what can you say to motivate the youth and the deen show still waiting for you?

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I think I think I think this is all about PILOTs. We have to we have to teach them how to compete because this is this is teach kids you know it's just residual income on your budget. You can handle this sooner for sure. Because of how much awesome he was although of course he was

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with COVID and it's made this is ridiculous. And this is sort of for sure. And I think this is very good for kids. If they got training every week like people time for God.

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Even judo. Sambo This is my this is illegal for this very paper rocks in the shoe. And they want Yeah, right. It's like a paper rock scissors shoe. Yep. White.

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Paper rock scissors, shoot. Got one. That's why three out of five. Whenever you want to go paper rock scissors, shoot. Oh, alright. As soon as two paper rock scissors shoot

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I think I keep on saying

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she motivates you to keep paying you guys butts off. Yeah, train hard. I'll see him tomorrow. Take care man. Just call me Bruce guys, but a big shout out to everybody a team resume. Okay. Do it good. Do it strong. Train safe. Train hard. Be tough. What's up team rhetoric? keep kicking some butt