Yasir Qadhi – The Strong Believer Vs The Weak Believer

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of strong image for one's own success is discussed, as well as the benefits of pursuing Islam, including achieving a halfhill goal of being a full-time creator and finding one's way to profit. Prayer for Islam's guidance is emphasized, and the importance of trusting in the church's history and not giving up on one's success is emphasized. The Profit System is emphasized, and praying for anything major in the Islam tree is emphasized. The importance of finding one's way to success is emphasized, and the church's marriage was a result of a divorce and difficult finding of a suitable apartment. Prayer for success and finding one's way to success is emphasized, as well as praying for good news and finding one's way to success.
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Amala como yo, la comme de Nova con woman in Nevada Sula, hongfa differs fosun Altima abide by the brothers and sisters in Islam. And today's we will look at a very beautiful and comprehensive Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrated by Abu huraira the Allahu taala and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in an authentic hadith narrated by Mr. Muslim in a

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minute, are we a higher on what I have bought it? Allahu Allah, I'm in a moment of life. The strong movement is better and more beloved to Allah azza wa jal than the weak moment. What if he couldn't hire and the both of them have good in them? How do you sada million farrokh be eager to obtain that which is beneficial for you have health be eager, be greedy, be determined to get what benefits you What's there in Billa and ask Allah to help you to get that thing, what charges and don't be lazy. When our solver cache and if something happens to you, meaning you don't get what you wanted, then find out a hole don't say low undefiled to cause that can occur. If only I have changed my plan, if

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only I had done something else, then such and such would have happened. Don't say that, but rather say what I can call a dental law Who am I shall file whatever Allah azza wa jal has willed has occurred, and whatever he wants to whatever he wishes to do, that he will do, and in one version, it is added, because when you say what if you open the door for shaytaan, for in the low def dibaba shape and when you say what if, then shaytaan will come into your mind. And this hadith is reported by a Muslim and other authentic books of Hadith. And it is a very, very comprehensive Hadith that has so much benefits, and we will summarize some of those benefits in today's hotel. But firstly,

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I'll move mineral coffee higher on water, boil Allah, human life, the strong mortman and by this, it doesn't mean the one who goes to the gym and bodybuilding that's not the strong over here. The strong is the one who's aemon is strong men and kawi. The one who's eemaan is strong, is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak men. And this shows us a reality that we know without any evidences, and that is not everybody's Iman is the same, some people's demand is stronger, and some people's demand is weaker. And this is a reality that doesn't need to be proven in the Quran and Sunnah. It is something we ourselves know and experience from interacting with society. In fact, our

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own EMA and at some times of the year could be strong, and then our own demand at other times of the year could be weak. And so I would process the numbers saying the one who's a man is strong. And how does one what know if one's a man is strong? All that you need to do is to look at your inner and outer deeds. How much do you think of Allah? How much do you remember Allah? How often do you pray? How much do you avoid the sins? When you look at your own lifestyle, and you look at your commitment to Islam, you will know how strong or how weak your Eman is, and this shows us a theological reality that we understand or believe and that is Eman increases and decreases. And this is something as I

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said, well known to all of us. So the Prophet system said that Allah loves the stronger believer more than he loves the weaker believer. And this shows us that Allah is love as well. various laws love to a person is not the same as a lost love to another person. And it is also possible that a laws love at one point in time is going to be different for the same person than it was before that point in time. When a person is not a Muslim when the Sahaba had not yet converted, no doubt their deeds and actions were not beloved to Allah. But Allah knew that Omar would convert abubaker would convert Allah knew that they would become better and so when they became better, Allah subhanho wa

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Taala as well loved them and therefore a laws love differs upon various people. And this should give us pause this

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It causes us to think does Allah love me or not? And what can I do to make Allah subhanho wa Taala love me and all of us we want a lot to love us and the Prophet system told us a minute away Abu Illallah you want to learn to love you then have strong Eman. Also notice the correlation and what mineral kawi how you run, hab, he is better and he is more Beloved. So the more better you are in your deen the more better you are in your deeds, the more beloved you will be in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala another point we can mention here, how do we know if Allah loves us? Look at the Quran. Allah azza wa jal has described around a dozen things in the Quran that he loves. That will

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lower your head boom attacking will allow you to solve it and Allah loves those who have Taqwa. Allah loves those who have patience, and Allah loves so many other people that are mentioned in the Quran. Similarly, Allah mentions in the Quran that Allah does not love other categories of people, while Allahu la you're a bull facade, Allahu la your head bull moose riffin. Allah does not love those who are extravagant, flashy, showing off their money. So Allah azza wa jal does not love the body mean, Allah does not love the philosophy. And so if you truly want to love Allah, and you want to learn to love you, then you have to be a better woman, and how are you a better woman? One of the

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ways look at what characteristics Allah loves and follow them. And look at what characteristics Allah says he does not love and make sure they are not a part of your lifestyle, with equal in height, and in both of them is good, meaning the weak believer, the strong believer, they both have good in them. And here we have the mercy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that making sure that the weaker believer doesn't feel that oh, my God, all hope is lost. How has that said that the processing has said that the higher believer the stronger believer is better. Not everybody is the stronger believer, some people don't have that strong Eman. So what did the process of say what we

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call in higher, both categories of believers, both the strong believer and the weak believer, they have good in them so that the weak believer does not feel negative, he doesn't lose hope, the process of saying, Look, there is good in you as well. But Allah loves the stronger believer more, but don't give up hope you have a kernel of good in you. And this shows us a beautiful, beautiful prophetic methodology that even if you must criticize or chastise or point out a fault, try to also look at the positive as well, that usually almost all the time when you want to criticize somebody, you're concentrating on one issue, but you're ignoring so many other issues. And here the process is

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giving us a methodology that even in criticism be fair, even when you have to point out a weakness, look at a positive that yes, the weaker believer is not as good as the stronger believer. But still he is a believer, isn't he? Well, if he could learn how he is much better than the one who doesn't believe, who doesn't have a man in a line is messenger. And this shows us that even in criticism, our profit system was fair. And just and we should learn this as well. It is Allah malyan farrokh be eager for that which will cause you benefits, be eager, be greedy, be enthused and motivated to bring that which will benefit you. And the meaning here is that you need to have an intention or

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resolve, you need to have a determination. Before we do anything you need to have in your mind. This is what I want. Look at the successful businessman, look at the person who went through medical school. That person, the both the businessman and the medical student before they entered in front of them, they have a long life. They know they have to go through eight years of schooling and then medical and this and that same with the businessman that he knows he's gonna go through a lot of turmoil. Nobody becomes a rich businessman instantaneously, you're gonna have a lot of suffering a lot of late nights, but what do they have drive determination. I'm going to do this. And this is

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what the hills is. And our profit system is saying if you want anything good, and notice here, he didn't just say anything good of the religion. He also said it is either a million folk He wants us to aim high. Look at that, which is the most beneficial both Indian and in dunya. Both in this world and in the next you want something good in Islam, aim for the highest aim to be a halfhill aim to be somebody who's righteous, you want something good in this dunya aim for the best degree, aim for the best education be greedy for that which will truly benefit you. And therefore the wise person looks at what is beneficial for my Dean and my dounia and he leaves that which is harmful. The wise person

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leaves that which is harmful. And so paddler brothers and sisters, so many people in this country of ours in this society of ours. They don't have a man in Allah and His Messenger, but they realize certain things are bad. Certain lifestyles are harmful. They're wise people and they're there. They're wanting to gain that which is beneficial. Look at how they

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Exercise, look at the foods that they intake, they want to be very careful because they want that which is beneficial. Shouldn't the person of a man be even more greedy, even more enthused to get that which will benefit him in this world and the next and so the Profit System is saying that the true believer he's always aiming for the best he wants that which is good. The true believer is a wise person. The true believer is a determined person that he wants his ideals he wants that which will benefit him both Deen and dunya. What's there in Billa? Once you have the determination, once you've made up your mind, that's my goal. This is beneficial for me. I want x i want y whatever that

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is benefit to you. What's the next step? Once you've made up your mind and you're determined, you have to seek help with Allah subhana wa tada before you lift a finger before you step out of the house before you actually do anything. What's the in Villa, make sure that you seek a last help yaka yaka nest in you're the one we ask for help yeah canister in and there are many types of help of them is to our to Allah subhanho wa Taala that Oh Allah bless me in this endeavor. Oh Allah make this endeavor easy for me, Oh Allah, I'm about to undertake such and such a, an issue, please, Oh Allah. If you do not give it to me, nobody will give it to me. And this shows us the attitude of the

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believer that after he's determined to do something, he realizes without a law, there is nothing without a law, he won't get what he wants. And therefore, before he even does it, once he's made up his mind, I want to get an education. I want to start a business. I want to get married, I want to do whatever I want to do. I want to build a bigger house. I want to gain knowledge, whatever it is the very first step, he will make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada, what's in Billa. And another step that is a very essential step is asking for Allah's guidance, asking for Allah's guidance. And that's going to be the second part of today's homework. And that is the issue of praying is the

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hora. And this is something that we'll talk about in the second half. And this also comes seek Allah's help before you undertake anything major, ask Allah is this the right choice for you? Ask Allah should I do this even and make dua to Allah that Oh Allah if this is decreed, then make it easy for me and make it good for me ask a lot of xojo was there in Billa and realize that Allah azza wa jal, if you don't have him on your side, you're never going to get what you want. No matter how determined you are, no matter how much effort you put in, if the one in the heavens has not decreed this for you, and He will not give you what you desire, then you will never get it. So the attitude

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of the believer is I need to make make sure that Allah azza wa jal blessings are in this deed. And of course other things that need to be done is that you make sure the deed is done islamically so if you want to do a business, it has to be done in a halal manner with Helen income. You cannot ask Allah for help as you're doing the Haram. You cannot cannot ask Allah for help. When you are selling out on an eating, how long and living how long know what's the end Billa automatically necessitates that whatever you're going to be doing is going to be held on because it is the height of arrogance and the height of sarcasm and mockery that you are doing the harem and then you open the shop by

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saying Bismillah and the shop is selling alcohol you are doing something haram and you say Oh Allah, your Baraka, Masha Allah, the hotel Villa is the plaque on the wall, but inside of that house or inside of that place is nothing but sin and evil. So when you're asking a lot for help automatically it's understood that your lifestyle and your methodology will be that which is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore before even beginning our process, Adam said have the right intentions and make dua to Allah This is before you do anything and think brothers and sisters When was the last time when you had a major project that you did it in this manner? Well, like the most

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of us we jump we dive in, without having these two preconditions. And that is have the noble goal have the right intention? Why are you doing this? Have your intentions right? It should be beneficial for your deen and dunya together, not just for one, everything that's beneficial for your religion is beneficial for your for your for your deen for your dunya but not everything beneficial for your dunya is beneficial for your deen right. Everything that's beneficial for your religion will benefit you in this world. You want to memorize Quran Allah will bless you in this world as well. You want to pray Allah will bless you in this world as well. But not everything that's

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beneficial for your dunya will be beneficial for your deen. You want to do something how to gain a lot of out on money. You think that's going to benefit you in this world? In fact, it will harm you. So next time you want to undertake something before even you begin the two preconditions have the right goal the right frame of mind the right intentions and then make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. What is the third step?

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This idea tells us three steps, what charges, don't be lazy. Don't give up what attaches. And this leads us to the third pillar, after the right frame of mind. And then making the art to allow what do you do, there is no substitute for hard work. What attaches, don't just sit back and say hello us, Allah will give it to me. What I just means don't get lazy, don't just give up, you have to do the work. You have to plough the field. Before you plant the seeds. You have to read the books before you pass the exam. You have to go through med school because before you get to become a doctor, you have to toil in your factory or in your business before it is a success. Why not I just

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don't just give up. And this shows us brothers and sisters, that Allah will not give us anything until we strive to obtain it. Blessings don't just fall from the heavens. As this every society says money does not grow on trees. And this is an Islamic saying as well. Money does not grow on trees, you have to earn your money. After you have the right frame of mind and you make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala, then you toil you struggle for whatever your goal is, whether it is to be a better Muslim, whether it is to memorize the Quran, whether it is to be righteous in practicing, practicing, whether it is to make sure you never miss the photo slider, again, whether it is to have

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a good education while to adjust. Don't be lazy, don't be lazy. If you sit back, do you have nobody to blame but yourself, you want something good, then don't give up what attaches. And this shows us brothers and sisters that our religion combines the spiritual and the bodily, the dean and the dounia, the inner and the outer, we're supposed to have the right frame of mind. But we're also supposed to give it all that we have our body and soul has to be dedicated to the effort. And my dear brothers and sisters, these are the three necessary conditions for success. Number one, you have the right intention, you do it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada, you do it and you have

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the determination. And that is it is how do you want it without that motivation, you're not going to do anything. Number two, you need to make sure that you have the prayer that you are that connection with Allah Subhana, WA Tada. And number three, you then start digging the trenches, you get dirty in the field, you have to do the deed and there is no substitute for doing the deed, but you need all three in order to be successful. And without these three, you will not get what you want in the proper manner. Without these three, you will not get what you want in the proper manner. Suppose you did all of these three things. Suppose you had the right frame of mind, you may do out to a lot and

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you put in all the effort. You wanted your business to be a success. You took the right precautions, you have the right attitude, or a lot. I want that income for my family or a lot. I'm going to dedicate the next two three years for running this business and you gave it all that you had. And you're making dua to Allah constantly. Lo and behold, the business is not a success and you have to end up selling it what do you do then? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam clearly said what in our saw bokashi if something else happens to you, not what you intended. If you had another result, the outcome was not the outcome you plugged in. Suppose you that all three conditions right? If

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something happens to you, so there is no guaranteed success brothers and sisters is a part of life. ultimate success is not in fulfilling your goal. It is in making the remeeting reaching the pleasure of Allah. ultimate success is not your business flourishing, ultimate success is that you die and Allah is pleased with you. That is the ultimate success. So if something else happens to you, with your business with your degree with whatever plan that you had when a Saba cache, then do not say fanatical, low undefiled to cut Allah Kanika. Don't go back and rethink every single step. You know what I invested in the wrong merchandise? You know what I did this? I did that. No, it's too late.

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It's a done deal. You can do everything right. But perhaps a law has not decreed this goal for you. Because Allah knows something else. alando something you do not know. So don't go back and go into a bout of self doubting, double guessing depression. Oh my God, why did I do this? No, don't say no. undefiled ukata Allah Kanika rather, you need to trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala rather than blaming yourself rather than going into a bout of depression, trust that Allah subhana wa tada has a better plan for you. And really this headache. Honestly, it is a profound Islamic psychological headache. It's a headache that goes into the psyche of the mind. Before you do something as you do

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something. When you finish doing something, what should your frame of mind to be and our profit system is telling us in the beginning, be optimistic, aim high while you're doing it.

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Strive toiled struggle, make dua to Allah. And then guess what? If it doesn't happen, then don't go back and double guest yourself, don't go and say, Oh my God, why did I do this? Why did I do that? Why not at all do not save if I had only done this, this would have happened. What should you say? Why not can call a de la hamartia. Rather, what you should say is, I've done a lot when I shot a file, and that means that whatever Allah has decreed has taken place. I've done Allah, Allah has decreed. Allah has decreed that this business is not meant to be success. One shot a file, and whatever Allah has decreed, that is what will happen. And what you do here is that you say, look, I

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tried my best, and Allah knows I wanted this, but I believe in

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and I believe that Allah knows what I do not know. And Allah has another plan that is better for me than my own plan. I don't know what now, but eventually that plan will be made clear to me. And this is something that shows us really the the fundamental pillar of our theology, the sixth pillar out of the six pillars of m&e, autocannon. Eman. The sixth pillar is what one two minute bill Cody Heidi he was, he held Louis, Missouri, he is the head if you believe in the good and the bad, the sweet and the sour. This is what our process that I'm said, You believe in all other the good and the bad, the sweet and the sour. And what this means is the one who believes in other The one who truly

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believes in other his Eman will not be shaken when and we'll see what happens because he will know he will realize that Allah subhana wa Taala knows what is best. And therefore the heart of the believer because it is attached to a law and it is not attached to his own goal. The heart of the believer will never go into a depression. Because the believer will realize I need to have trust in a law that Allah has something else planned for me. And brothers and sisters, how many times in our own lives. Every one of you brothers and sisters, every one of us. We have had calamities and misfortunes, we have had setbacks, we have suffered calamities in our own lives. And when we look

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back at them years down, we realize you know, that was a great blessing for me. Something happened then when it happened, I was traumatized, I was depressed. But now that I look back, I would not be here and be who I am, unless that calamity had happened. I had to take a U turn. I had to turn left or right in my in life. But that turning left and right I had built the road to that destination, but allow will die turn right. And guess what where I ended up is far better than the road I had initially had in mind, then the then the goal that I initially had in mind, and I swear by a lot every one of you sitting here knows this as a reality for something that happened in your past. Yet

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when it happens again today, you forget that past reality and you think why is this happening? But the Mothman puts his trust in Allah, the Mothman realizes what Allah has decreed is better for me, perhaps that business would have been your destruction, and allow wanted you to do another business or another, or another occupation. Perhaps you thought it was med school, but you something whatever happened and it was better for you to go into another occupation. A law knows that what you do not know and Allah knows where your good and your hair lies. And therefore rather than double guessing, backtracking, why is this happening? You say a dental law who won I shot a five and so the moment

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that believer is always optimistic and putting the trust in a law as long as he did the right elements and those three elements have to have been done. You had the good intention you may do our to Allah, you strive your hardest and your best. If those three conditions were not met, then in this case next time you attempt it, you have to make sure those three conditions are met because you didn't do the job right. But if you did the job right and you gave it everything you could and you realize this is now beyond me then God De La Hoya Masha Allah and the Prophet says and I've said and do not say what if what are low? Don't say what if and what if? Because what if opens up the door

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for shaitan and the meaning here is that when you open up this door shaytaan will cause you to go into this maze game in your head shaitaan will cause you to double guess yourself what swass will begin and this was was where will it get you suppose you wanted a job and you'd strived your best and everything you didn't get it okay and the story move on rather than living in the past which is what what if does the what if opens up the past and the past you're always going in your mind? What if I had done this What if I had done that and the story life goes on you need to move on as well. Don't dwell in the past because

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Because this will lead you down as well. It's gonna make you pessimistic. It's gonna make you dreary, glum pesta very depressed and this is not the attitude of the believer. Okay, you tried your best something else happened God De La Hoya Masha and notice your brothers and sisters. One of the fundamental benefits of other is that other is used to justify calamities. It is not used to justify sins or a potential laziness in the religion. Something in the future you don't use either. You go to Muslim say, Okay, why aren't you praying? Allah? That's why I don't pray. No, this is not just ridiculous. It is a type of gopher, you're making fun of other. If you wanted to pray you would

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stand and pray. Don't blame color you want to go to work, you go to work. You don't just sit at home and say, Alaska, this whole camp. This is playing games with the shediac we don't use other for justifying sins. But we do use other for justifying calamities, calamities. muslimahs Masha Allah De La Hoya Masha in de la who were in Delhi Roger on in the Mercado de la Hema Otto we justify calamities with other Why? Because when we justify more seabass with other our hearts feel at ease alone new best what is best for me. That doesn't mean we just live in the calamity. Of course we work we strive we get over it. But something that happens in the past, we say call us it was a

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better law. It wasn't meant to work out that job, that person, that institution, whatever was the most labor Havas. It wasn't meant for me. It wasn't destined. But that'll lahoma chef I'll move on. And this had he shows us one of the biggest problems that we have as humans, we dwell in the past. We think too much about what happened five years ago, three years ago, 15 years ago. So panela brothers and sisters, you're thinking about it is not going to change what happened. And this is exactly what the process of saying for in low def that I'm in a shape or a watershed on when you say what if you're opening up the door of shaitaan? Because Satan is going to come and he will take

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control over you. You're just going to live in depression live in what if? And what did you gain when you opened up the door of what if brothers and sisters in Islam, this beautiful Hadith, this this succinct to this profound Hadith, what does it teach us? It teaches us to have a positive attitude. It teaches us to understand that if we want anything we need a laws help along with our actions. It teaches us that if we get that Alhamdulillah and if we don't get that, well then we put our trust in Allah we hand over our faith to Allah and then we move on to another project. Our religion is a proactive, it is a progressive, it is a religion that that is an optimistic religion.

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Our religion is not pessimistic. Our religion is not depressing. Our religion is not something that tells us to sit down and do nothing. No brothers and sisters, this beautiful idea tells us to have the highest aims and to put your trust in Allah make dua to Allah and then strive for that aims and these are from the worldly and from the religious things, whatever project you have, whatever goal you have, these are the three conditions that need to be applied barakallahu li Allium wonderful anyway y'all come see him. He was declared Hakeem akoto mata Simone was tough with a lot of the muddy water come what decided we could examine first of all in the Humala photo Rahim.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he was Allah. Allah had a sama de la mirada, mula mula Hakuna had to can ask the brothers to move forward we already packed in the back. So we said that one of the ways that we ask Allah subhana wa tada for help and blessings is that in Villa one of the ways we do this is what we make do staccato and salata, istikhara and Salatin istikhara is my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, one of the greatest blessings that Allah has given us, and yet sadly, it is one of the most neglected blessings. It is as if Allah has given us one of the most useful gifts that we can ever imagine. And that gift is sitting in our house unwrapped. It's lying there in front of us. It's

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on our sofas, it's on our beds, it's right there, but we never care to unwrap it and take advantage of it. And it is really sad brothers and sisters It is really sad. What a beautiful gift that Allah has given and how neglected it is in the oma ask yourselves and I asked myself when was the last time you pray salata this to her when was the last time you prayed this beautiful Salah, this Salah that is meant to be undertaken for any and every major decision. Our profits are seldom said either hum hydro combi Ember, if any of you desires anything, anything that's a major thing at all.

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Obviously, it's understood we're not praying as to harder for trivial matters. We don't press the harder for which shoot which shoe should I choose? What church should I choose? We don't pray but you want to move house, you want to change jobs, you want to change careers. The classic example where everybody praises the fathers when they're getting married, right? But salata sada isn't just for marriage is for anything major, any major decision, what should you do? Our Profit System told us when you have this desire for something, you have any thought on your mind you have a plan, I have a new plan, I want to change my careers change my jobs petition for getting a different post in

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my own company, anything of your of your dunya now, by the way is taharah is not prayed for something that is religious that you should be doing you do not pray istikhara Should I fast Ramadan or not? This is logic for you. However, however, if there is an element of the dunya in the religion, for example, should I go for Hajj this year or next year? Because I have young children because this because so you have your your issues that are worldly matter. You have to go for Hajj, you know, pray is the harder Should I go for Hajj, but should I go for Hajj this year or next year? Right? This is a decision that has worldly factors. I have young children I have this I have that

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these factors are not religious, these are worldly factors, right. So sometimes something that is somewhat religious you prays to harder for only to decide when is the best time to do it. However, anything that is of the dunya anything that is of this world, and it is major and it's important, then you should pray his taharah for it, and yes, even something like should I sell my car and get a new car. This is a major decision. It's something that really does have an impact and it's a big financial investment, anything that is a serious decision and you will be the judge what is serious and what is not serious, what is major and what is trivial. Then you should pray salata istikhara

00:31:53 --> 00:32:29

and ask for the details of how to pray and the dua itself, I cannot give it an ultimate here, but you should memorize the app or you should look up the dua it is in every book of the law you're supposed to pray to look at at any time of the day or night that is held to pray. So anytime in the early morning or in the late afternoon you don't pray before they'll hold you don't pray after also any other time you pray today, above and beyond what you usually pray this is a special Salah so that is the higher you pray it above and beyond your father your usual prayers you pray to look at and any two suitors but the scholars say that it Clawson Catherine and a glossary good but any two

00:32:29 --> 00:33:11

students when you finish a lot of the staccato you say the solemn you Those are the two other guys then you read this. And if you haven't memorized it, then you look it up in the book you have the book in front of you, you open it up Allah homogeneous the hero who was talking that is a paragraph long and we don't have time to go over it word by word, but it is an every single book of da and there is a particular phrase there that says and every book will alert you if you don't speak Arabic that or law if you know this matter is good for me. And this is what is taharah means further bullhide you want to ask Allah which one is better for you. This is what salata is staccato means,

00:33:12 --> 00:33:54

you want to know which of the two options is better. So when you pray a staccato, there will come one phrase Allahumma in Quinta, Ala Moana has a llama has a number means this matter, or a lot if you know that this matter. And if you speak Arabic, or no Arabic, you can put it in here. And that is changing my job or marrying this person or moving my house. And if you don't speak Arabic, then just put it in your heart that the matter I'm thinking about is this matter. And Allah knows your heart, right? Oh Allah, if you know that this matter is good for me in my Deen and my dunya in this world and the next, then decree this matter for me, and make it easy for me and make me happy with

00:33:54 --> 00:34:33

it. But if you know that this matter is not good for me in my DNA, and my dounia in this world and the next, then turn it away from me and turn me away from it. Oh, Allah, decree for me good wherever I am. And allow me to be pleased with that good. This is the artist, the harlot in translation. And of course, you should say it in Arabic. And it's available in every single book, as I said of us. And what then is the way of figuring out what is the response? And how does one decipher that is taharah. Brothers and sisters in this regard, there's a lot of superstition and myths that occur and our culture has added too much to the religion. And our culture tells us so many things that we slip

00:34:33 --> 00:34:59

on this side and don't turn around and we see green and red and red and blue and our dreams. All of this has fairy tales and myths. There's no reality to all of this. And the responses to horror is mentioned in the dawn of istikhara. Read the draft. The text of the law tells us what will happen over law if you know that this matter is good for me in this world and the next for my religion and for my dunya

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

Then decree it for me, and make it easy for me and make me content with it.

00:35:07 --> 00:35:12

And if you know it's bad, turn it away from me and me away from it.

00:35:13 --> 00:35:21

So, once you have prayed is the heart of hearts, you put your trust in Allah and you go do what you want to do.

00:35:22 --> 00:35:39

And if what you want to do is not in your best interest in your deen and dunya you will find the doors shutting in your face. And you will realize this is not working out. And you will remember while I pray this taharah and so Allah knows this is not the best for me.

00:35:40 --> 00:36:20

And if you find the doors opening for you, and things being made easy for you, then you realize this is my istikhara being answered, this is my istikhara being answered, and voila here brothers and sisters nobody prays is staccato, except that they end up with the best decision possible. Nobody praises to kata except that they end up with the best decision possible. And I just want to give you a small example from my own life not that I'm any extra pious or holy. Every one of us is the exact same in this regard when it comes to istikhara that once I when we were in Medina, we were looking for a place to move we had a new child another on the way and we want to have now we were living in

00:36:20 --> 00:36:56

the same apartment since we're married and really it was a very difficult place and apartment. Now we want to find another one. So we're looking for months it's very difficult to find an apartment in Medina that is appropriate looking for months Finally, the perfect one that my family loved it I loved it everything is perfect. So the guy agreed he agreed to a price and he goes I said let me just praise the car. Let me just go home praise the quarter I'll call you up. Literally I said I'm just gonna call you up. And I went home I pray to Dr. staccato called him up. And voila, he my wife and I the whole family is super excited because this is the perfect match. 10 minutes prayed called

00:36:56 --> 00:37:35

him up. And the brother said I'm really sorry. But as soon as you walked in my cousin realized that his first for rent and I can't say no to my cousin that added up please. I'm sorry, but I have to give it over. Well ah he's such a disappointment for months we have been waiting. But I said Hollis. I pray this the hotter right now. Yeah, Nicholas, it's, you know, we'll have a look. And the next day brothers and sisters driving around three minutes from our old house, a new apartment opened up. Brand new, absolutely gorgeous. The exact thing that we wanted, and immediately walked in signed the deal and Bismillah we had the new apartment. Literally, this is the result of his two brothers and

00:37:35 --> 00:38:08

sisters and I'll never forget this. The swiftness I told the brother I just want to give me 10 minutes I'll go home I'll call you up and I called him up and he apologized and I'll never forget big disappointment but we said hello us called De La Hoya Masha. Allah knows best we don't know what is better. And this is the point of his Takada brothers and sisters, that indeed, it might appear to everything and we lived in that apartment, by the way, until I finished for five years, we lived in another apartment until I finished and we even left it with the best memories that that apartment over there sipan Allah, Allah knows and you don't know. And Allah has a plan and you don't have a

00:38:08 --> 00:38:33

plan. And so brothers and sisters, next time you're facing any major matter, anything of importance, pray is to harder to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And now somebody says How about the issue of dreams are what if I see something, look, dreams are not the main source of the responsive is too hard. It is possible maybe that perhaps you might see something in a dream, sometimes they help but the main source of a staccato basically is a loss other

00:38:34 --> 00:39:11

that's what will respond to you. If it is in your best interest it will happen. Now, what if somebody praises to harder and they open up the business and lo and behold the business becomes not to success it goes bankrupt. Then he will come to me say I prayed is too hot. suppose somebody you know got married and they prayed is too hot then ends up in a divorce chef I pray this the heart of why did the divorce happen? Right. So Pamela, once again, you're thinking short term. Yes. Your Business failing after three years, your marriage failing after five years? Yes. This was the result of positivist that was better for you. Didn't your marriage maybe give you a child? Didn't your

00:39:11 --> 00:39:48

business give you the experience that you need for the next business? So don't think that just because you press too hard, you'll become a millionaire? No, it was good for you. And it was for your best interest except that you're again being narrow minded here. You're only thinking one step ahead. Brothers and sisters this Hadeeth of Abu hurayrah and along with the Do I have is to harder look at how merciful our religion is it's teaching us what to do when we want this dunya Allah is helping us out. We want to get married. I want to change houses. I want to get a car Allah is telling us what to do. Put your trust in me, aim for the best. Make sure you do it how to make drop

00:39:48 --> 00:40:00

prayers to how to strive your best and then if you get it Thank Allah if you don't get it also thank Allah and say, but that Allahu wa Masha Alhamdulillah we thank Allah for this beautiful religion. We thank

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

ankola for telling us how to live in this dunya and in the next we thank Allah azza wa jal for having guided us to Islam a llama in the dying for a mineral a llama lotta then if you had an army Gemma Illa Fatah wa Manila for Raja wala Dana illa kobita Wanda Maria bond Elijah feta wala I see on inla softer Allahumma fildena what is one in religious about a man what a teacher if you could even as a Latina Amano robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allah who is an Islam and Muslim in Alabama Aradhana ora Islam and Muslim Mina be suing for whom enough see which acted Mira houfy to be de PUE as is regards a law in the law to either

00:40:43 --> 00:41:19

Amala can be in better behavior NFC within the medical you produce a with a letter B Can you help me when I'm in Germany we're in C for the semicolon edema in no law home la casa de Luna de nebby Yeah, you already know Armand was solo la he was suddenly motors Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik one of the coral silica Mohammedan while the early he was like a big marine over the law in the law to Allah yeah mobility with the Oba Vienna and in fascia it will moon Carnival Bali Yeah, it'll come la la come to the cardones own guru la de mer guru comm watch guru he has come to LA he to Allah Akbar. Welcome is Sala.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi embarks on a journey that aims to highlight several aspects of our Deen.

A strong believer is the one who has strong Iman and he is better than a weak Mumin. Not every believer has the same degree of Iman.

  • Allah will love a strong believer more than a weak believer.
  • A strong believer should adopt those characteristics which Allah loves as mentioned in the Qur’an and stay away from those which He hates.
  • The Prophet ﷺ has instructed us to aim for the best of Deen and Dunya in intent and resolve and that is the sign of the strong believer – he is wise.
  • A strong believer will always make Dua to Allah before embarking on any path because he has the realization that he needs the help of Allah for everything.
  • A strong believer is never lazy but instead will be hardworking in the quest to achieve strong Iman.

Three necessary conditions for success:

  • Intent
  • Dua and Prayer
  • Right action 

A detailed discussion on the topic of Salat Al Istikhara is also one and it is indeed enlightening to listen to the Shaykh motivate us immensely to always seek Allah’s help before attempting to make new beginnings. It is the only right way there is.

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