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It's always a pleasure and an honor to join you on camera Linda

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam o Allah say you didn't want saline. So you didn't want to be you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was off, he was sending him to Sleeman Kathira Alhamdulillah. Our focus has always been awful and which to us as Muslims is the map that compass the guidebook that we tried to navigate life with, whether it's dark or bright, we always find that there is a source of illumination and further insight into the inner workings of that which surrounds us. We pray that Allah subhana wa Taala allows us to remain connected to him alive in our hearts, that we're able to see past that which is apparent with our gaze and sight. And

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one of the most powerful images that Allah casts in the Quran is the necessity of having a heart that is accessible, clean, alive and functioning well. And therefore what you find very early on in the Quran, in Surah, Al Baqarah, which is the chapter that and the Jews that we're looking at the very first section of the Quran is that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wants us to know that those who turn away from Him, it's not because simply their mind is not assessing or calculating Right and Wrong, Good and bad. What's righteous and immoral are what halal and haram have integrity. It's because their hearts have has or can have a disease. And Allah Subhana Allah says, What enough

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feeling led to FSI to fill out when it said to them Do not cause 110 corruption don't cause evil upon the earth, follow in nama nanomoles the whole they say no, we are those who are rectifying and in fact fixing it making it better. What we've done is improving on what you've provided us. Allah in that room homeowner moves to Dune, we're lacking NIOSH, a rune rather they are those who are corrupters and not rectifiers feel to be him moderate. Allah says in their heart, there is a disease. The very first moment we hear this statement called who do beat him in their hearts. Now the word heart in the Arabic language has more than one descriptive term. The Arabic language is a

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beautiful language and as we continue our journey to through the Quran, you will see this manifest in any ways. So whenever you see a word in the Arabic language, the first letter of the word already lets you know what the word is going to signify or what group of meaning it will be. So you know, if I was to ask you give me a if I was to give you a letter of the alphabet, the Arabic alphabet, if I say sheep, so you would say Shamis, you will might say shikon, you might say shujaa. Shem says the sun shape on the spreader of evil and Shudra is you know, a tree. But what do all three have in common? That concept of spreading so the sun spreads light, the shaitan seeks to spread evil, the

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tree seeks to spread its leaves spread its branches and to grow past its trunk. So the letter sheen in any word in the Arabic language that begins with that letter, it signifies something that goes beyond itself that increase it that goes beyond the point and it could be a negative or a positive. Have the heart in the Arabic language, there are three most used descriptions in the whole app. The first one is Saddam, the chest and this is where one's heart which is protected in the chest is righteous. So Allah Subhana Allah Allah says to the prophets, I seldom LM national laka Sodre have an eye expanded your chest meaning made room for your heart to grow, made your heart accessible to

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the truth. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, A woman cannot meet and not give them the example of the one who was dead meaning spiritually what to ice Na, then we gave them light meaning they gained faith when you're on that. And I placed light in his solder in his heart in his inner being that leads him in life. Musa Ali Salam used to make your art as we know in surah Taha color of visual Beshara Lee Saudi Oh Allah open my chest, show my heart Let it receive confidence and truth of faith. The second word in the Quran is

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is full AD which is the polar opposite of sub sub there is patient. The solder is ongoing in faith it's full of light of Eman it is steadfast and and instead and holding on to the truth. The other is to add Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in surah Al Jazeera in the summer when Basara you're hearing your site when for ad and the evil inclinations of the heart couldn't do that they can and much cooler all of it you will be questioned about Allah subhanho wa Taala says about the mother of Musa will us behalf of Musa Fatiha when she saw that his basket was flowing towards Pharaoh after putting them in the Nile in what she believed would save him her heart emptied almost of faith, and she

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almost ran to him and exposed him to danger. Lola and Robert now, Colin Behat had a knot tie down her heart. Now this is the next word Cardi B had the third word is now the heart that's in the middle. It alternates between righteous Southern and an immoral and inflamed and emotional for add the common means one that turns over or that is shifty or that is in balance your heart and that's the greatest description using the Arabic language the heart you can be angry one moment happy another you can be sad and joyful. You can be a moment of rising faith and something happens that causes you to question and doubt and plummet in your Eman that you're out of the Prophet so I sell

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them yarmulke label to do BM with some detail KHUDOBIN different rewire Oh Allah who is the Turner of hearts who makes the heart setback separate can be entertaining, make my heart steadfast make my full AD make my subject you know, hold on to the truth. May our last day be the day our heart has turned back to faith. May Allah Subhana Allah allow our last day to be the day where our heart recoils into Islam and into Iman and into Toba Allahumma Amin. So when you consider this the halal therefore is a statement in the Quran, you will hear of it. Allah tells us to use our heart in thought. Now this was something that perplexed a lot of people. All of us we kind of assume hey

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don't I think with the brain isn't the brain just simply were all thoughts are the electromagnet add the electrochemistry of my brain. That's where you know thoughts. It's all chemistry, isn't it? And when now you dig a little bit deeper social scientists, psychiatrist, people who study consciousness are beginning to understand that hold on a second, there is a separate, there is a separate mode of intuition and understanding that is referred to as a greater consciousness than just the thoughts that we have in our brain. So when Allah speaks to us in the Quran, to human beings, he will say Flm yaki Loon, do they not use their outcome? The outcome is meant to be something that restricts you

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hold you back stops you from selling, doing seeing acting in a way that will bring you or others injury. So if somebody does something wrong, you say, what were you thinking? Did you lose your mind? Don't you have a brain, your immediate thought is you didn't use your brain to stop you from what you said, from what you did, from how you acted from what you spent from how you hurt another, the brain becomes important. But there's also another human quality that oh human beings, ancient and into our moments today, and certainly into the future. They understand that there is a conscious instinct, there is a gut feeling, there's something that tells you what your brain may not detect.

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And this is where Allah says,

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those whose hearts are alive. Allah says in the Quran, love them and you don't lie absurd on their behalf. I gifted mankind eyes that they see with but do not perceive. They might see light and detect and sense what's around them. But they don't have insight with their with what they see. Whenever they're knowing, yes, my own behalf, that I have gifted them ears that they may hear something but they don't listen to the truth with it. While I could do one live on their behalf, and I've given them 100 A heart that they do not understand or rationalize or used to detect right from wrong with.

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The heart therefore is stressed early on

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Not an Allah warns us that those who will cause corruption, it's not that they didn't calculate. It's not that they didn't estimate, they might have done scientific calculations, they must, they might have attempted to think about things. But when there is imbalanced when corruption arises, the failing is not necessarily of the calculation, but of the intent of the heart that preceded it, or what would come of it thereafter. Allah warns you and I, as individuals, and all of us as a collective society and humanity in general, to be careful with how we let our hearts lead, or sadly worse, that we remove the heart and consciousness from the very ideals of our decision making.

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Anytime you make a good decision, your heart will feel good by it. There is even if it's a tough decision, you know, a mother she loves her child. But if a doctor says listen, you need to let go, you we need to perform the surgery, we're going to amputate the section of their body. This is what is best for them. We've calculated the risk on balance. This is what's best for them that mother she would never allow anybody to hurt her child. But in that moment, it's not just about the thought. It's now about her heart that she understands something that goes beyond just the risk and that which is calculated. May Allah Subhana Allah give us wakeful hearts, in Surah, Al Baqarah. And we

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continue, we get to the section where Allah condemns those who are vile and wicked, he says that their hearts hotset boo boo, their hearts became hard to hear can be Jarrah should do because one, the hearts became harder than rock like granite, or in fact more, we're in them in a generality. LeMay have a gentleman who will enhance and sadly out of barren rock, there could be good things where water fractures it and a spring may pool of it and waterfalls may irrigate the land, but with these hearts that have become harder than hearts, they become symptoms.

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I was really actually into that. I was using my

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So I pray that Allah Subhana Allah Allah grants a success that we have an opportunity to continue this journey with the Quran, may Allah subhana wa to Allah allow us happiness and stability and ease Allahumma me