Virtues of the Day of Arafah

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The next question is from Ahmed shake Chicago, USA, what are the virtues of alpha?

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Due to limited time, I did not cover the more details of RFI except one important detail. But the next question is asking me to mention the virtues of alpha. So hamdulillah I love giving you more time to spend on this topic.

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Again, the virtues of alpha, you can spend hours together discussing it, I will just mention seven important points of the virtues of Allah.

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Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter five was number three,

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what shall I do when my shoulder by the witnessing day and by the witness T, your ally sticking out of the witnessing day referring to Friday and the witness day referring to Yamanaka and if you read that deed,

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in JAMA tirmidhi, or number 600, number 3339.

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The beloved partner Salah swim said

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when Allah speaks about the Yama should, the witness day, Allah referring to Yamanaka, and when allies referring to ashamed, the witnessing day, Allah referring to Friday. So according to this hadith in geometry, we realize that when Allah says in Surah, Chapter 85, Elijah he ought in verse number three, by the witnessing day referring to Friday, and by the witnessed day, Allah is referring to Yeoman arafa

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unless the oath of Yama arafat,

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further, as mentioned, in the hadith of Muslim Ahmed added number 2455,

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that the Prophet said, that Allah subhana wa Taala brings out the children of Adam from the loins on the day of arafah. And he asked them the question that, who is your Lord? And then the same thing is mentioned. Allah says in Surah iraf, chapter number seven, was number 172 173, that Allah brings out from the loin of Adam, the children of Adam, and asked them that Who is your Lord, who is Europe

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and all the children of Adam, they bear witness that Allah is Tara. And the law says, so that on the Day of Judgment, you will not say that I did not know who has been not or you will not say that. My parents, they used to do idol worship, so this excuse will not be accepted. Your it's mentioned in the digital cinema also hasn't the Quran in surah, chapter seven, verse 170 273, that Allah subhana wa Taala brings out from the law and the children of Adam, and ask them and they bear witness that Allah is terrible allies cannot.

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It further mentioned

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in, say Buhari, or number one, number 45, that once a Jew approaches how Omar Abdullah won,

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the second Caliph of Islam and faith, or chief of the believers,

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if what was revealed in Scripture was revealed in our scripture, we celebrated it as an IED at the festival.

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So Omar Abdullah was asked to do, which was referring to the Jew courts, sorry, chapter five was number three, on this day, have a perfected religion for you. And I've chosen for you Islam, and I've completed my favorite Do you

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have the tomorrow the 11. He says, this day we know it was revealed to the Prophet on a Friday on Yama, arafa. That means each day,

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the day the fourth was revealed for the mother, chapter five was number three. And most of them for some say, this is the last verse of the Quran that was revealed, it was revealed to the Prophet on Yama arafa.

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it says that this they have a perfect religion for you and have chosen for you Islam and complete my favorite on you.

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It further mentioned

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and so on without point number three, or number 241 name

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that the Prophet said

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Yama, arafa, Yamuna, and I am a tertiary that means the ninth day of village Yama Latifah

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and Yamuna, the other and the three day following a Yama tree are the days of festival and the days of eat.

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It is of eating and drinking those people who are doing Hajj for them on the Yeoman arafa

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You're more RFR is hedge fund to the profit and it is like

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it is the day of feasting and drinking and eating. And people are doing hedge they should not fast from Yamanaka. The first thing which I mentioned early answer is only for those who are not doing hedge, but those who are doing Hutch. It is not recommended for them to fast it did the day of it, they have eating and drinking.

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And further mentioned

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in Solon and

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added number 3006

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that the Prophet said

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that there is no day

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in which Allah subhana wa Taala free the slaves, male and female, more than the day of arafah. That means, on this day, Allah subhanho wa Taala frees the maximum of the people from Hellfire, male and female.

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And this day is the best day of forgiveness. So Yamanaka the last 10 days of julija are the best days in the full year. And normal alpha is the best day of the year. Without doubt, like the best time of the year. It led to the best day of the year is

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Yamuna Allah free, the maximum mostly from Hellfire military, is the best day of forgiveness

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is for the mission.

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In jumped meeting, heading number 3585, where the Prophet said

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that john would prefer if the best day and the best dua to be done on this day is law law in the law, while the hula,

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hula, hula felician that there is no God but Allah, he has two partners To Him belongs everything

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all praises are due to Allah subhanaw taala and unless power of all things this do according to the Prophet is the best boy

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and during your one alpha during this door as much as you can do,

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you can do during all these 10 days, but during your alpha specificly this go out the Prophet recommended and said that if you do this semester

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and the seventh what you the last which had mentioned earlier and also that it's mentioned

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in say Muslim woman number three, how did number 2747 that

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the Beloved Prophet masala Some said that fasting on the day of alpha expects your sins of the previous year and the next year, your previous year and the next year thing the Forgiving if you fast on your alpha. So inshallah the tender donnager will be starting very soon after four or five days and no modify inshallah will come after the two weeks and see to it that we do as much as the sooner and will arrive the sooner you do the good within the 10 days of the ledger, as well as specifically on your law firm.