Vandana Asks , “If from 6,000 Verses of Quran, 1,000 are about Scientific Facts

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Salaam Alaikum This is on behalf of a non Muslim sister, Vandana. She says, I'm new to this concept have limited knowledge, therefore asking a basic question. If out of 6000 verses 1000 are about scientific facts, then what really is the essence of the Quran?

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Which is a very good question. That if the Quran contains more than 6000 verses

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and more than 1000 speak about science, what is the essence of the Quran?

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Sr as I mentioned earlier answer the basic essence of the Quran is tawheed, believing in one God and worshiping Him alone, and no one else, and the Quran, as I mentioned, is not a book of science, sci fi, it's a book of science, as big and as it's a book of is, the Quran

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is a book which shows you how a life should be led.

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And man had a debate with Sheila Shanker, I said, this is the best book on art of living.

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If there is any book on Art of Living the best, it is the Quran,

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best book on art of living, and it has a membership of more than 1.3 billion people. So this book shows you how to lead a life. Now many times you understand that because the Quran is the word of Almighty God, one verse of the Quran has got multiple angles, not the same 1000 verses which are speaking about science. It doesn't mean it only speaks about science. It speaks about various other aspects also, that's the beauty of the Quran.

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When a layman sees it, he understands it. When a scientific man sees it, he sees it a different angle, it satisfies both. So that is the beauty of the Quran. That does not mean the Quran is the book of science. Yes. But there is not a single verse of the Quran, which goes against established science

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because it's a book of Allah subhanho wa Taala Almighty God. So this book is a book of guidance, how life should be led. It shows a person to believe in oneness of God, how to worship Him and how to lead the life, the pros and cons, the fries what a human being should do. And the habited thing that is represented from it's mentioned in the Quran. Hope that answers the question.