Yaser Birjas – The True Meaning Of Success

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of consistency in grades and achieving success in all manners, including being a great parent and worker. They also emphasize the importance of finding one's success in everything, including working for a company or being a merchant, finding one's success in a situation, and not trying to be successful. The conversation also touches on the loss of success in the Day of Judgment and the importance of passion and compassion in building a successful life.
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I'm gonna talk hola haka Ducati Walter. moeten. Ella Juan Tomas the moon. Yeah you Anessa taco Boca Mala the Halacha coming up so Wahida Ocala common huzzah Java seven Houma. dijeron cathedra one is what taka Allah Allah didn't sell maybe we'll have hum in the LA Galaxy MerKiVa Yeah, you will Edina I'm gonna talk Allah wa Kulu colon salida use de la Kuma Mala coma como la comme de Nova Khun warmer yo to Allah wa rasuluh forgot the first oppose and Alima la Mareeba de la a national Kalam Cunnamulla Tabata, Kota Allah, wa Hyrule howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or Sharla Morgan was data to have Hakuna Matata in Vida Aquila, without Andorra, la Wakulla delighted for

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Northern mama Brotherbrother Hola, my dear brothers and sisters. Last week, we spoke about preparing our children to go to school, and preparing our household to make sure that our kids succeed in this school year in sha Allah, terracotta Allah. However, when it comes to the concept of success, it seems that in our time, we always measure everything by grades, that you have to have benchmarks that you can accomplish and achieve. So therefore we think of success in this school year. As long as our kids succeed in their grades, they pass the grade level, and they achieve and accomplish what has been requested from them. That would be great. Some parents are very ambitious. They want their

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kids able to skip grades if possible. So have them in extracurriculars classes and AP classes. And before that, and after that, so they can finish as early as possible. And they might be successful. They become a shallot successful in this dunya engineers, doctors, whatever that is. And you could be a proud parent, because your kids you finish the school hamdulillah better than what you were expecting. But is that the ultimate success we need for ourselves and for our children is that the true meaning of success. But doesn't matter to me if my son or my daughter, they became much successful in this dunya they have a career and they have a high paying job and hamdulillah but they

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don't even know how to do better on holidays.

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They don't even know how to be dutiful to their own parents. They cut ties with their siblings.

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They don't need you to come to them as and they have absolutely no connection with their own community. What's the point of that success then? Brothers and sisters, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada wants us to be successful. As a matter of fact, he encouraging us to be successful in all manners. But for us to understand, what does that exactly mean we have to look into it. It is just by succeeding in matters of dunya. All in the akhirah as well to Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us a simple message about the meaning of success called a flow hull maroon, he says successful are the believers. Now the Arabic word AlFalah is actually a very profound deep word in temples meaning it's not like Naja

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because the translation for Nyjah is actually success. But Fela has no one English word for it. So they have to explain it. You have to explain with a sentence by saying it's actually the ultimate success in everything. And that means what's in this world and beyond this word Allah subhanaw taala says, and that's how human beings always desired success for Allah Azza wa Taala Surah Tirumala that way the other can NASA Rama, if we give the people the taste of mercy, meaning if Allah bless people with something photophobia they rejoice, and they become very prideful, prideful of that success that they have in this dunya however, he says God won't say yeah, but if Allah at FlexSim with a

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calamity, or something of hardship, be market demand at him because of what their hand has earned on either home yokomoto And they always fall into despair.

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No one wants to be this person, this dunya Gemma, no one wants to be always anxious and going through an anxiety and depression and so on. We need to be successful. How can we do this? If Allah subhana wants us to be successful in everything, look at these principles of dunya that Allah Subhan wants to be successful in Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam says God Manohara Saharsa even if you're a farmer, he says Mandara Saggers. And if you plant a chute, if you plant something in the ground alZahra as Iran for a tree or a shrub, or whatever that you do, factor them in who inside on our server and our dab, whoever is from that humans animals, whatever that is called, I will tell you

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remembered fella who sadhaka then you will get reward for that. Like for your success of planting this, this plan or this seed that people benefit from, they are successful. So your success has to translate into benefit not just to yourself to other people.

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If you would like to have a job the prophesy Sam says got a tabula rasa, do a 30 also do a businessman, a business person a merchant, who is suddenly which means truthful al Amin, trustworthy Nana, you know Sadiq, you know shahada will be within the ranks of the Gambia and Saudi Hain and the righteous ones. Why is that as your man

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Why is this truthful merchandise going to be at that level? Because money tempts people.

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When you start becoming wealthy and rich, and you see that you trade martial arts becoming successful, sometimes we lose focus, we lose the meaning of this we fall into the dunya. So much so that you remain steadfast and remain patient and you stay rich and still grateful to Allah subhanho wa taala. It is a hard work. There's only a like a level of that level of Ambia and so he can handle it can handle it.

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The prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam says in the Hadith man Akela Myakka had a mentor arm there is no food that you eat, that is more worthy for you to eat from that is better for you, men and yet coolamon Amelie edit that you eat from what you handle, earn.

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Like you go and work and earn money. Like Subhanallah yesterday, had a conversation with some of the brothers. And he got to the subject we discussed on Friday on Wednesday class, but damn it bucola Mallory book like leave what what? What you're doubtful about what you're certain about. And one of the matters, we said if someone has an opportunity to work for Walmart versus to have to live on welfare, which is better for them? Because Walmart has haram elements in it? Or should they just live off of welfare and that will be better for the masses? Absolutely not.

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Because the objective of the Sharia is not for you to survive. That's not what the objective Sharia it's actually to work this to be productive. That's what purpose of this so sitting down there and taking money for free and level of it just because I don't want to work, why bother? That's not what the Sharia wants from you. So it's extremely important for people to understand that success is not to cheat the system. Is not to claim that you clever because you can success is that you do it right. And you do it with the anticipation of the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala before anything else, brothers and sisters of Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us the success of this

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dunya you need to utilize that for the alpha, gamma Carlota baraka and the story of Cameroon. The wealthiest man ever walked on the first surface of the earth. God worked as a female attack Allahu datalocker What about Allah subhana wa Tada bestowed upon you in this dunya utilize this for the ultra like seek the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the reward for the Accra what Athens merci beaucoup Amina dunya but don't forget about your share from this world.

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Do not forget about the share from this world like still be successful in this dunya pursue that which is right and watch that makes even inshallah wealthier. But don't forget about the meaning of it. It's the first to be a plant you planting your seeds here in this world, you earn the reward for them darker and sha Allah Baraka Wattana. Brothers and sisters.

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When it comes to the concept of success, obviously if you don't succeed, you're gonna lose.

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And that's what bothers people in this dunya no one wants to be a loser in your mind. And that's what we're always trying to escape that. Whether it's on a personal level, like in your marriage and your marriage, and your parenting skills with your children, in your work at work in your personal life and in your spirituality. No one wants to feel they're losing or they're not performing the level of success.

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But what does it mean to be a loser? See Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us it's all about that principle. If Allah Hamza, look at Harbor, Mendoza,

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the successful one, the one who is truly successful, is the one who purifies himself and purify his soul. Look at Cobham and the sahaba. And Doom is the one who corrupts the soul.

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So the ultimate success is in purifying your nerves and your soul, another transited the deeds and the ultimate loss is when people corrupt themselves corrupt the fitrah their innate natural innate and their soul and go and that's when the person is completely doom. They might be successful in this dunya but in akhira, the losers, God Allah Azza Baraka Wattana called Hello Nabil, Camilla Serena, Amara, Shall I inform you he says, Panama, shall I tell you about those who are the worst the biggest losers? Allah The Biggest Loser, this is Hannah Wattana Alladhina de la si and we'll hire to dunya when we are serving on MSN Asana. Those who struggle so hard, they work so hard in

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this dunya like they great they make a lot of achievements. In this world. dauntless I will hire the dunya

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sooner, they think they're doing well. But in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala the biggest losers. You see, sometimes people just sit down and start boasting about how many cars they own, how many houses they have, how big this is that they have accomplished or how much you know they earn from this transaction and so on boasting about all these matters of dunya

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and don't forget that they're going to be standing before the Lord subhanho wa Taala to be questioned about the meaning of the success how

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How does this translate into their personal life for the dunya and for the Acura. So it's extremely important to realize that the biggest loss, not in this dunya you might not be the most successful in terms of dunya measurement. Maybe you're not maybe the highest, let's say,

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tier of leadership. You're not the most successful parents with raising your children. You know, you're not driving the fanciest car, you're not getting the best pay. But guess what? Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with you.

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What is best than that? I'm content where Allah subhana has given me I'm not gonna cheat or steal just because I don't have like everybody else. I'm content. That is a big success that Allah Azza Baraka wa Taala but those who lose he says called when my yoke for Bill II manufactured habito MLO will fill retinal caecilian like those who deny and reject faith habit I'm gonna order these are in Las whoa Villa de Mille caecilian and is the Biggest Loser on the Day of Judgment. Tala Tala in Castilian Alladhina Hassan Busan Paul, in the HA serene Alladhina Hassan for some the biggest losers are those who lose themselves in this dunya by distracting themselves from where they're supposed to

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be. They're lost in the midst and indulgence of this dunya Baal Hassan Fusa li him yo multi Amma they are gonna lose themselves and their families on the Day of Judgment. The Nicole Hassan will be in India this is the greatest loss. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from Majora banana mean, brothers and sisters. Remember Allah subhana wa Taala is reminding us when it comes to success. But after Muhammad Amin success for other believers, Allah the Rumphius rot in classroom, those when they pray, they pray with cashew and concentration, God Allah Tabata, Katara Alladhina amanu those who have faith were hydro and are migrated from the path of Kufa to the birth of guidance wotja

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Haddow visa vie the Allah and they struggled on the on this for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala be Amara Imam Fuson they sacrifice their wealth, they sacrifice their time and their effort, God other modalities and Allah these are the people who will have a highest degree with Allah subhanho wa taala. What would I call a Zune? And these are the winners The most successful people may Allah make us among the miserable Allah Muna guru Cody ha That was tougher Allah Allah the mighty welcome with a certain Muslim investor Pharaoh in hula photo Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Baraka Veera Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira mama bad about Allah my dear brothers and sisters, to be successful, you have to have a drive for it. You have to have a drive for when it's in dunya AKA, what is your drive? What's driving you in this life? Ask yourself this question. What is driving you as a parent to push your kids towards success? What is that? Is it the grade? Is it the shame of loss in front of the people in the families? Is it you know, the picture the party you're going to do for the family to know that your son or daughter did this and that and so on? What is driving you towards

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success? Ask yourself this question. It was driving me towards success as matters of this dunya the Prophet says I'm certain the Hadith man candidate dunya Hama, who whoever makes the dunya their biggest concern? Allah subhanho wa taala. For Rocco Allah, he has an Allah who will make their efforts dispersed all over the place, like they're going to have to struggle to fight for that kind of concern they're looking for in this dunya was ALLAH fucka Holbein ini. And he puts the poverty between their eyes. And they're not going to get from this dunya except what Allah has written for them. But those are the Accra between their eyes. That's the drive for them. That's what drives them

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because they want to please Allah subhana and every aspect of their life. Allah subhana wa Taala will bring the refers to them, put it under their feet, that dunya is going to come under their feet and they will get more than what they even anticipate and expect. Brothers and sisters in the Quran. Allah subhana wa Taala gave us a specific rule a specific rule or a law for success. And as mentioned when I uncertain and sort of unfettered call Allah Tala wealthy Allah wa Sula, Walton Azhar first up show that every hokum was below three things.

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Please teach your children these values as they move on into law into this life in shallow Tana. He says Subhana wa Taala to Allah Allah Sula, that for you to succeed, you need to obey Allah and obey the messenger.

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What other kids say what teachers tell them in regards to what values Allah Subhan and first and foremost?

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If that's what my teacher is teaching me today, would that please Allah azza wa jal Is that okay? You need to measure everything by the by the command of Allah and the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah Salla Khan wallet

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Another perception, whatever it says as now, this is between and Allah subhanho wa Taala the second one between you and the people, teach your children to be compassionate, to be loyal, you know, to the communities, to their families, to the people around them, like they have the passion and the compassion to be good citizens and good humans. That's what it means. Otherwise, if you they if you build them on awful competition and evil, you know, competition and what kind of value are we teaching our kids? And then it says Subhana wa Taala was Biru in Allah Hamas Savarin persevering patience, which means you tell yourself and your kids, this path requires lot of patience. You can't

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have it looks like in an instant, it takes time to build the character. May Allah subhana wa Taala make us among those who listen to the speech and for the rest of our Biller, Al Amin, Allahu maluna, man phantom one finally my alumna in Atlanta Alleman Hakeem Allah who met in person at Aqua was actually on the elements until you hum Allah but Allah in the la mala Casa Luna and maybe yeah, Yola, Dinamo. Salalah was selling motors Lima, la masala was selling robotic and Avena Mohammed while early wasabia Jemaine what Allahu mancala. Russia didn't be back from La Mara was man on one side of Sahaba Tasmanian woman terbium SNM, Dean Walter masala

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