Top Aspects of Islam that Inspire Non Muslims to Accept Islam

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The first question

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is, the person says, when I come when I come,

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if the Tamil word, which means hello, and hello to you, too.

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I believe the person is a Tamil asking the question, and he writes wasn't here. I'm a Hindu, residing in Bahrain, I am reading and getting knowledge about Islam for some time, but slowly, day by day,

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can you please tell top five aspects of Islam, which can inspire non Muslims, apart from the five pillars, as I'm aware of them, basically, wants to know the top five

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points that inspire non Muslim to become Muslim. Get them closer to Islam, besides the five pillars, and let me tell you that the major points that inspire on Muslim towards Islam are the five pillars. I briefly mentioned some of the points of the five pillars and then come on to the other five important points besides the five pillars. According to me, the number one point that inspires non Muslims towards Islam is Tawheed. It is oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. And the concept of God in Allah subhanaw taala. It is unique, unlike other religions, the concept that there is only one God

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and that we worship no one else besides Him alone, and he's the all powerful, he doesn't have any associates. He doesn't have any partners, this concept of pothead not merely monetarism Tauheed, that you worship Him alone and no one is it really impressive, the non Muslim and the definition of Allah subhanaw taala. I've given it brief in Surah class, chapter 112 was number one before we save, who Allah. See, he's a lover and only Allah has Summit, Allah, the absolute eternal law municipal Abdullah, he begins not noisy, begotten, well, a miracle look for that, and there is nothing like him. This today class, in short, is the touchstone of theology, given the definition of Allah

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subhanaw taala, in brief, and it makes it completely different than the other concepts of God. Whereas if you see in other religions, God can be defeated. God has got son, God has got wife, the wife gets abducted, the God can be killed. So all these are not the true concept of Allah subhanaw taala number one is for him. Number two,

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under the second pillar of Islam, that is Allah, that when a person of Salah he gets closer to Allah subhanaw taala, it is better than any meditation, it gives you peace of mind, it gets to Serenity, and it demonstrates the best example of universal brotherhood. And when the Muslim men when we stand for Salah and congregation, we stand shoulder to shoulder and fit to fit, irrespective of whether the person next to you is a king, or a popper, whether it's black or white, we stand shoulder to shoulder it demonstrates the best example of universal brotherhood five times everyday.

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I'm just mentioning some of the salient features of all the five pillars with a track or non Muslim. Number three, it is a card that every rich person who has a theory

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of more than than a sub level 85 grams of gold should give 2.5%

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as the cut as obligate to charity, to the eight categories, the poor, the Masakan, etc. And here the people feel the closeness and Allah says in surah Harsha chapter 59 Verse number seven, the cat prevents the wealth from circulating only amongst the rich and gets the closeness between the rich and the poor. So this aspect attracts a non Muslim.

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The fourth pillar is fasting it is some and we mentioned all the objectives the fasting, all these objectives, get a person closer to Islam. The fifth pillar

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if Hajj, or pilgrimage, anyone who has the means and the health

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and the wealth to perform Hajj should do it once and last time. And Hajj is the best example of annual universal method where more than 4 million people from all over the world from different parts of the world from Saudi Arabia from India from Pakistan, from Bangladesh, from UK from USA, from Singapore from Malaysia from Indonesia, they gather and the men that distribute two pieces of white cloth and soon and they only come and sell a big Allah Mala Bay Yahweh come at the service of the Lord. So this shows the universal brotherhood. It shows the equality of all the human beings all desktop into pieces of white unsold cloth. This demonstration of brotherhood impresses a non Muslim.

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This was just in brief about some of the salient features we can give a talk for several hours in reply to this question, the important points that attract a non Muslim towards Islam. Now coming to

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The main question What are the five top important points besides the five pillars which attract a non Muslim towards Islam? Number one besides the five pillar point to me, it is the Quran. The Glorious Quran is the last and final revelation of Allah subhanaw taala, the will to the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The Quran is the ultimate miracle. It's a miracle of miracles. And anyone who reads the Quran, even the translation if it is a good translation, it brings tears to his eyes, he realizes the beauty of life he realizes the purpose of creation, he understands Allah subhanaw taala he understands the dean, only giving the translation a

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good translation of the Glorious Quran to a non Muslim, it will do wonders. It is one of the major factors besides the five pillars, which attracts a non Muslim towards Islam. It's unlike any other book in the world unlike any other scripture. Number two besides the five pillars, it is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And according to Michael chart, homeless Allah Salam,

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in his book of 100 most influential people in the world from Adam, peace be upon him till today. Number one he plays with being a non Muslim as Prophet himself Salam. If you read the seed of the Prophet, as the Quran, it says in Surah, Kalam, chapter number 68, verse number four, that thou art standard on the highest standard of character. That means the character of the Prophet is so superior, it is the best standard. And Allah repeat the message in sorry Aza chapter number 33. Because number 21, that very early in the Messenger of Allah in Providence, Salah Salem, you will find the most beautiful pattern of conduct, his conduct his lifestyle, his behavior was the example

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so much so that even his enemies could not deny calling him Allah mean the trustworthy, the honest person, they respected him. So if you read the seed of the Prophet, there are high chances that if a non Muslim reads with an unbiased mind, though there are 1000s of books written against the prophet, but if you read the Sierra, you will find that he was the best example. Best exemplary human being that Allah has sent on the face of the earth.

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Number three,

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top reason besides the five pillar that a non Muslim, accept Islam and get attracted is the concept of life after death.

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That is believing that life after death, because when you look around us, there is so much of wrong happening. There's so much of criminals, so much injustice being done. And you wonder how is Allah subhanaw taala allowing this injustice even not capable of topping it? Allah gives the reply in Surah Imran chapter three verse number 85, that every fool shall have a taste of that. And the final recompense will be on the day of judgment.

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And this life is the meal amusement, if you enter Jannah, you have achieved the objective of this life. Because this life is just mere tools

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of deception.

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Yeah, we know that the final recompenses or any of that, but imagine if you have to think of Hitler, the person who we know who has killed the maximum number of human beings in the world. History tells us 6 million, even if you catch it live today, what management gonna give him? Maybe that that will compensate for one, what about the remaining 5,999,999 Human beings have killed?

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The only reply to this is Allah will give him

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the final punishment of the Day of Judgment. Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter four, verse number six, that as to those who reject our signs, we will cast them into the hellfire. And as often as the skins are roasted, we shall give them fresh skin, to that they shall feel the pain that means in the next life.

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And today, we have come to know that the feeling of pain is based on the pain receptors which are present in the skin.

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So if your skin is burned, and the pain receptors are destroyed, you cannot feel the pain. And that's what happened in this life. A person has 100% burn injury, and it's been receptors have been destroyed. You cannot feel pain. But on the Day of Judgment, Allah save as often as your skin, they're roasted, we shall give you fresh skin so that you should feel the pain. That means if Allah wants to incinerate burn Hitler 6 million times 10 million times 12 million times you can do it. We can give him such a punishment in this life. So there has to be a life after death for justice in this world. And the fourth point

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that attracts the person beside to the five pillar of Islam is that this life that we are leading is a test for the hereafter Allah says in the Quran is Surah Mulk chapter number six in verse number two, a lovely colorful motto will have a Leslie to death and life to test which of us best in deeds. This life is a test for us for the hereafter. Many of the questions that we ask that how are millions of people dying of hunger? There's so much of it.

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It can't Allah subhanaw taala give them food and Almighty God, there are so many people dying in diseases, the dying in earthquakes. What is the reason? The reason is this life is a test for the hereafter. Allah subhanaw taala test different people with different things. Some people test with wealth, some people report it. Some people help some people with diseases and Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter two, verse number 155 that do you think Allah will not test you before you go to Jana last to Tetra Allah says we will test you with hunger or with fear of life

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or with the property that we have acquired. Allah will test two different ways. And the fifth reason

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that tax a person decided the five pillars. It is the repentance

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that the concept of repentance of taba in Islam, that irrespective how many sins you do, you may do a sin as big as the mountain shutting the sky. You may sin the whole day whole night. But if you truly repent, and you ask forgiveness in Islam, Allah will forgive anything even you have learned the worst of the sin. So this gives a hope to a human be that now he's bad. And now he reads a book he knows about religion. So Can he turn into a new leaf very well he can. He may be the worst human being in the world if we sincerely repent. And he asked for forgiveness. He does Toba Inshallah, Allah will forgive him and the beauty of Islam is if a person who has a non Muslim, the big thing he

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does and after he repents, the bigger the thing he leaves, the bigger reward he gets. So imagine if a person is the biggest sinner anything's Okay, and if I accept Islam, all my friends will get converted to the good deeds. Mashallah. So these are the five points that I can think of the top in Priority besides the five pillars of Islam. So hope this answer. It's a very brief answer you can pick for us on this. But because it's a question answer session, I don't want to spend more time because there was a non Muslim asking your question. I gave a reply in more detail.