Aarij Anwer – Don’t be Bitter – Lessons from the Story of Yusuf

Aarij Anwer
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of patient mental health and staying patient to achieve success in business and profitability. They share stories about individuals who were punished for their actions and caused their lives, but remained patient and strong. The use of Islam in prison, where one is punished for their actions and is punished with a life sentence, is emphasized. The importance of acceptance and respect when faced with difficult situations is also discussed. The speaker emphasizes the need for acceptance and respect when faced with difficult situations, and the use of Joseph as a symbol of pride and a way to overcome fear and anger.
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In the hamlet illa

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Billahi min Julien fusina Dr. Medina de la

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ilaha illa.

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alayhi wa he was heavy and rice, Paulo Tanaka, Tansy lrcs.

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Upon the regime, yeah you will Latina amruta la Hakata Hirata 11 Muslim.

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You will the de la have a coup de la

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la my elf in

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our pocket first of all son of Lima in my mind. Last month law says in Surah number six foot and

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he describes the plight of the prophets. He says Welcome to Cusco room in public for Sabo island with the woo woo had no sooner

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prophets were rejected before. They were vilified publicly, and they were harmed. They were harmed and hurt by their evil

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for someone who either good or evil, but instead of reacting to this, instead of lashing out in vengeance, for someone who could even be more patient with all these pains and rejections

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and they continue doing this hot uttanasana their patience continued until Allah help and victory came to them.

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Whatever de la liga de Mattila, there is no changing of last words, what are called the jack, I mean, it was sunny, and for sure the stories of the profits have come to you or profit or loss on them.

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Sir, on this one, number six, according to the majority of the facility, this was the last word revealed to the Prophet was alum, before he left for Makkah to go to Medina.

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And majority of the monken era that was

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comprised of the stories of the prophets of the past. So it's very fitting that at the very end of this before the Prophet needs maccha and starts a new chapter in Medina, last month law tells him, whatever but didn't you can imagine some of those words and allows wheeze do not change profits before or harmed. They were hurt. They were rejected. They were vilified publicly. Okay? Just like the prophets Islam at that time was experiencing. Okay, so much so, you know that well, ooh, like, they were hurt. The Prophet was almost hurt physically. When he went to fall if he was stoned, I feel he's lost a limb was bleeding. And when the angel came to ask the prophets Islam, should I slam

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the two mountains upon these people that encapsulate the city of Boise the prophets have said, Nope. that perhaps from their progeny from their,

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from the kids afterwards, people who will be born they will believe in Allah and the Last Day, the prophets of Salaam did not harbor that vengeance in him also, he harbored the mercy of Allah, Robert undeniably harbored the mercy in himself solemn. And he practiced that, so last month and reminds him that people before profits before had the same situation experienced the same problems, and they remained patient until a loss victory came to them. It allows words don't change, meaning. What happened in the past, will happen to you to

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the prophets in the past, eventually, one, you will to all profit if you are patient. And the same will happen to the people who are the followers of the profits as well. If we are to bear our difficulties with patience, and if you're patient long enough, that's the key part.

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They were patient had.

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No sooner they said Hector is the lawyer, right? It's like the word hacker signifies a goal. Okay, so they remain patient until they achieve their goal, which was a lot of help and victory. They didn't stop being patient. When things get got difficult, or when the suffering prolonged, they continued. So, if we are to be patient and patient long enough, our troubles will go away, relief will come. change will happen just like it happened in the past as well. This is what unless Papa tells the prophets also and guarantees to him and applies to all of us as well. If you look at the stories of the prophets and

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Today I want to share a little bit from the story of use about Islam to do two points in sha Allah from the story of use of it Salaam, how he was hurt, how he was harmed, and how he remained patient, in the face of that hurt. And until Allah made it easy for him until the Lord gave him, he gave him relief from a situation. I'll mention two things about his story. His His story is unique in the Quran, because his adversaries were not.

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his adversary was not around. his adversary was not a will not.

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Not go for tyrants, and oppressors, and evil people, that those were not his adversaries. In fact, his adversaries were his own family were his own brothers. And they were not actually evil people. They were not evil, I would not have as an example is described in the Quran. As the

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as somebody who was completely destroyed,

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and the seal of destruction was put upon him even before he passed away. The only person by the way, in the Quran, named to go to the fire of *, while he was the

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only person that's how evil this man was. So Pamela,

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the brothers of use of Islam or not evil evil, they were describing the dream that use of seeds as a lever to Aha, the Ashura coke oven 11 stars, they were like the stars in the dream. They were people who eventually redeemed themselves, but they were good people who made bad decisions. There were people were good, that made bad choices. And that's the unique part of the story. And that's where I think it's very applicable to our situation, in that we are always dealing with each other. And when people do things that are wrong and inappropriate, the tendency is to start labeling them as completely, completely,

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completely useless.

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And that is not the right thing to do. As you'll see from the story use for of usefulness around he did not completely write them off. He had not completely Alicia's is punishment upon them, and he had the opportunity. He treated them with love and respect and dignity, and forgiveness. And through that brought out the best in them. In that lies the story on in that life lesson for us as well. Just like the lessons, right, the prophets were hurt. But Ooo, they were hurt a lot.

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But they remain patient until the victory of a law came. Same thing here.

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If we are hurt by somebody or a group of people, but we remain patient long enough, the

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same thing will happen. The story of us about Islam is unique, because he was he was betrayed by people who were supposed to protect him. He was betrayed by the very people who were supposed to be in the house.

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Supposed to be guardians over.

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In fact, they lied about that and they betrayed his trust. And that hurts. It hurts to be betrayed. It hurts even more to be betrayed by somebody who's supposed to love and protect you even more usable Islam.

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Lesson number one that we can take from his life is how do we deal with that pain? Should that pain of betrayal? Should that make us bitter? Should it make us faulty? Or

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should it make us people upright character? Should they bring out the best of our character, the best of our forgiveness in the face of this pain. That's the lesson in his from his story in his life. If you look at his story very quickly, he was a young boy when he saw a dream. In the year two I had Asha Raghavan, for shamsul Amara to whom Lisa Judy says that I have seen these stars 11 stars and the sun and the moon became such that to me. And this was his father, who was a prophet realized right away that this is a sign that this child is going to be a prophet as well. Continue in the in the lineage of prophethood Eve the next one,

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but being afraid of jealousy, and envy

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of the brothers, Yahoo told his son don't tell this dream

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for your keyboard under Qaeda. They'll do something against you bottom line against you before I continue vegans as requested by others to make space because there's a few

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people standing in the back, kindly just fill in the gaps ahead of you about

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the, despite not knowing the dream that you've had seen, the brothers still plotted and planned against you, plotted and planned against him to the point where they took him under the false pretense of going out to have, you know, fun in the park. And in fact, took him and tossed him in a Well, basically leaving him, leaving him there to die.

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If that's not like, you know, immediate death, it's, you know, poor long suffering, leaving him there. So panela, he's in the well, he has now been taken away from his family. He's been robbed of the most precious experience a child has, which is building the bond with his parents, when he's young. He's been robbed of that, for no fault of his own. The

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group of travelers came by, they fished him out of the world,

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and sold him into slavery. Now he's robbed of his freedom as well.

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doesn't have the freedom to do what kids his age do. He's a slave. He acts he just obeys the order of his office master. No questions asked. But somehow I lost part of me ease in this difficult situation for use. And he said to him, or rather, the person who bought him,

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treated him really well. He said to his wife, he said to his wife, that a creamy Martha, who I saw in your environment,

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this young man, well, treat him well, and make sure that he's comfortable, perhaps we'll adopt him as a son down the road.

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He was, he grows up in this house. And as he's growing up in this house, the lady who is supposed to be like a mother figure for him, she is the one who betrays him, how does she betrayed him? She is so in love with him, that she wants to have an affair with her, betrayed her husband, the trust of her husband by having an affair with him. And she plots this very, very well. Well, why not? In other words, closes all the doors locks them up completely, no way for anybody to get in a call at eight o'clock. And she's, you know, inviting him.

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But useful, Islam responds to that he says polymerize a lot in the hora beat us and

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he says I seek a loss protection, I seek a loss refuge, Mirage is, you know, from is the either right is when you say our energy does focus the either in Arabic, which is to seek a last refuge and protection. And my eyes is is the first city describe it, as you know, isn't the rule.

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So it's like a place or it's in mechanical place, something that describes a place. So it's a he's saying, I seek lush shelter, I seek a place where I can be protected from this temptation, literally.

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In order.

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He is my Lord, he has treated me really well. Allah is my Lord, he's treated me really well. And your husband is my Lord. He is my master. And he has treated me really well as well. I cannot betray his trust by engaging in this action. So why not have

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justice was served where he was declared innocent. And she was declared guilty. But he was treated like a guilty person. He was told us to do an iron has a use of a normal, he doesn't the download, don't let people know about this. Nobody needs to know about this. This has happened to be new and this woman

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treated like someone like as if he is guilty. But he's not. Eventually like anything, news gets out. people heard about this, people are talking about it. And to the point where it got so loud, the conversation got so loud, that the people decided the only way to hush this conversation is to put useable way in prison, get an out of sight, out of mind. And now here he is again. So panela for no fault of his own,

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not guilty at all. Not in the least. But imprisoned, robbed of his freedom is named solid.

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Again, he is betrayed by people who are supposed to protect him. The people who are supposed to watch out for him are the same people who ended up betraying and he is in prison for many years but Louisa Sydney with us in many, many years he stays in prison and continues to languish in prison. Eventually though, the opportunity to come out of prison presents itself Alhamdulillah useful Islam comes out of prison, but before he comes out, he makes sure that his name is cleared.

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And what his name is cleared last month of finally gives him the honor dignity that he deserves, which is the position of HIV, Allah hawza. In and out, he is responsible for the agriculture of all of the land.

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So he has all the power. He is the one who holds the leverage in any discussions, any business discussions, he's the guy who goes all the leverage, because all of the agriculture is under his authority. And when he's in that situation,

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for the holiday, he Ferrara for him.

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At that moment, his brothers walked in his brothers, who threw him out down the world, robbed him of his relationship with his father, got him sold into slavery, his whole life that he suffered, started just that one incident, those people who did that the data are finally in his court, and he holds all the cards, they don't hold any hearts.

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And this is the lesson brothers and sisters from the story of usefulness.

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He had all the power to punish them, to humiliate them, to take them to task. Because he was, you know, fully in charge. He Gianni Allah has on his own. It was his decision, whatever he says goes.

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But this is where the beauty of the character of usefulness shines. This is where the, the beauty of this character really shows, instead of being bitter.

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Instead of being bitter about what has happened to him, he responds to his brothers. We all know that he is used by them, they don't know that Joseph sitting there, he responds by treating them really well. Giving them a very good deal. In fact, giving them free stuff for their wallet doing business.

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In the middle of these transactions and business, there is a slander made against him. He has set up a whole level problem. And again, instead of lashing out, and Alicia is vengeance upon the brothers, he stays silent.

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Even though he has all the power, you know, it's two different things. If you are powerless, and someone does something to you, and you can't do anything to them, you're not really being forgiving, right? You're not like magnanimous here or something. You're just powerless. Okay? It's a completely different ballgame, where you have all the power in the world to extract revenge. But you don't.

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That's the use of an Islam was he had all the power, but he didn't do so controlled himself. He let it go. And eventually, finally, when everything became known that he is useful, he is the brother throne in the world. This is all we're in the in the calendar use of color.

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Are you Joseph? are you sir? Yes, I am. That's me.

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And he said to his brothers on that day that the three bollock William, there is nothing I have in my heart against you. I have no grudges in my heart. I hope nothing I have forgiven you.

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And I pray that Allah forgives you yellow food, Allahu Allah, I pray that God also forgives you for your mistakes. So upon this, my brothers and sisters, is the lesson

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that we learned from the story of use of an Islam, the story of Joseph in the Quran, which is that he was betrayed by the most the closest people to him, the people who are supposed to watch our friend, but instead of becoming bitter, and angry at life, instead of being upset at everything that has gone wrong in his life, instead of blaming everybody, you have the right to blame them because it was their fault. It wasn't his fault. instead of blaming those people, he chose to figure he chose to bring out the best in them through his love and kindness and generosity. And this is a very easy thing to say. It is an extremely hard thing to Akuma tomorrow.

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when the profit of a loss the loss on them

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in the seventh or eighth year after migrating to Moscow

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realizes the opportunity to overwhelm the people of makup by bringing in an army of large numbers solarz to the people of Morocco stand no chance, and they will be a bloodless conquest, the prophets of Allah does so he marches into Makkah with humility

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and the people of Makkah

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surrender to the Prophet of Allah.

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And at that point, the profit or loss on them, holds all the cards. He has all the leverage. He has all the power. There are in front of him the criminals who killed his uncle Hamza, and there are the criminals who tortured benign. And there are the people who torture to my ear and our mouth. And there is the person who did this the profit and here are the people who kicked him out of his own city.

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20 years the profits are some suffered at the hands of these people.

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And now he has a chance. It's his decision the ball is in his court. What is the profit of a loss of some say at this point? He says to them even

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he says to them, I will say to you what my brother used to said, I will say to you when my brother Joseph said to his brothers, which is that the three volley Coolio I have no grudge in my heart against you. Yo through Lola calm I have forgiven you, May Allah forgive you as well. If I move on to boo, boo, you are all free.

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That beauty of character, my brothers and sisters, that is what true. This is what the guidance of the prophets. That's what it's supposed to bring out. It's not supposed to bring out vengeance, and a desire to hurt others. It's supposed to bring out in us the desire for bringing out the best in others, even when those very people have you heard us personally have caused this great pain. This is the lesson or one the main lesson in the story of Joseph and the story of us about Islam. This is from the the same implementation we find in the life of the Prophet Allah Allah, like he conquered Makkah and this level of suffering that they suffered, none of us have suffered this much all of us

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put together would not have suffered as much. So if their response was so beautiful, so perfect, then what should our response to things that happen between us? Should it be a response of bitterness and anger and hatred? Or should it be responsible of that is the guidance Well, I can live in an era of the Buddha hopefully, those are the people whose prophets they're the ones that Allah has guided. So follow the guidance so you can be guided as well. We have a lot to give us the ability to follow the guidance of the prophets, lots of them and follow the guidance of all the prophets mentioned in the Quran. We have a lot of give us the trophy to understand the Quran and the

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Sunnah and implement them lives in the law, who also do not intervene yard you will

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have a different

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slightly different manner in Ireland. You know, we did a lot of mocking our lesson that he made Marla miletti Russia assume that he was still I mean how the yellow banana mean? Well, I'll send you prayers and blessings upon the profit or loss of them and allow us to live and die like him and resurrected in his company in the day of judgment and give us a drink from his pond on the Day of Judgment along with dunya Hassan perfil. Cerro de hacer la Okinawa na our master he was the best in this life and the best in the next life and save us from the torment or the fire of * monkey Masada.

Yusuf (AS) was betrayed by those who were supposed to love and protect him. That did not make him bitter or thirsty for revenge. We need to act the same way when someone hurts us.

Khutbah delivered at London Muslim Mosque.

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