The Mafia of The Jinn

Yasir Qadhi


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Another thing we need to know is that Jin's work in gangs, gins are the mafia. So the magician approaches the Godfather, the dawn dejenne approaches the dawn, the Godfather, and the Godfather sends its minions, generally not the one that is approached isn't the one that will go and do the sending. It's the the worker, the worker, class of the gin. They're the ones that are sent. Because the Godfather gin has an entire mafia under his disposal 1000s and 1000s of gin, and you just send a gin so that gin will then be persistent for years decades and live in your house cause issues, and that Jin is getting whatever recognition and I don't know their internal currency, but it's getting

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a benefit from the dawn, right? It's getting something from the big guy. And so it's doing what it does. And a lot of times it's also scared of the big guy, a lot of times is terrified of the big guy. Once I was doing nuclear, I said to the gym after a long time. Why are you still here just leave and the gym said I can't leave. I said why just leave and the gym said I'm scared. If I go then he will kill me who was going to kill you? The one who put me here, the one who brought me here meaning the head gin, whatever the dog would be, I'm scared he's gonna kill me. He's gonna hurt me. So I have to stay here. So internally, they're doing whatever they can, and they're getting it done.

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So bottom line, so head is merely the intersection of the world of men and the world of jinn. Once you understand the reality of this world, you should not be scared of it in the slightest. It is a nuisance, it is an irritation, but it's not something that brings about supernatural fear, also realize this, that the jinn is absolutely terrified of Allah and the name of Allah and the vicar of Allah and the speech of Allah. The Jinn is terrified. And that is why if ever in your life, you feel the presence of a jinn Do you see something supernatural, it will be terrified. If your bravery is manifested to it because of Allah subhanho wa Taala the fact that you have no fear, and I have

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experienced this and I know all of the Rockies in the audience know this firsthand. You stare at it straight. And you just say as the process I'm taught us to say memorize this phrase Bismillah Abdullah Rojo wala three phrases, memorize them. Bismillah in the Name of Allah, I'm not powerful. I'm not going to do anything. I am connecting with Allah Bismillah I am the servant of Allah. I speak with Allah's name. Now. I'm not speaking in my name. I speak in the Name of Allah, get out of enemy of Allah. You say this with firmness. And you will see, I hope mill protects all of your hope you don't see. But if that ever happens, now, the opposite.

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And I understand it's a bit terrifying. But put yourself now in the psychology of the jinn. If you start wailing, screaming cowering. What have you done brothers and sisters, what have you done to the psychology of the jinn

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empowered it, empowered it. That's exactly what it wants to see you groveling in the corner terrified. That's what gives it the power and that's why Hadith and Buddhahood our professor said there was a man who was on his camel and the camel for no reason reared backward and was about to throw them on off. And the man said, lambda to Allahu Allah shaytaan Allah's curse be on shape on the problems that don't say that. When you say that shape on, become so big, he's bigger than a house. Because you have mentioned him as the cause of your animal rearing upwards. rather listen to this, say Bismillah and shaytaan will shrink until he is smaller than an ant.

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This hadith shows us when you connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala what you're doing is you are shrinking

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